All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

unplug from the Matrix

P is for Paul the Dim-witted Stalker


THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.

LINK HERE about some of my nosy neighbours and only some of the shit I've silently put up with from my east front neighbour while keeping to myself, and one south side neighbour -> see image and text at right.

Australia has a corrupt system of government. Any claim to the contrary is a blatant lie. I’ve even experienced blatant corruption in the office of the Independent Commissioner/s Against Corruption in Sydney and Adelaide. The only place where there is minimal corruption is the court system however its still infiltrated from time to time by people who have clearly taken a criminal bribe to act illegally, Camden’s 1980s long-term Freemason magistrate, active alcoholic Judge Lloyd Dengate Stacy Waddy, Magistrate R Rabbadge, and Judge Mark Griffin spring to mind. All four know I can prove that defamatory inference, they all acted in criminal breach of Australian law and on the take when they dispensed their form of illegal justice in criminal breach of the law they were claiming to uphold in Camden NSW 1989, Parramatta NSW in 2000, Goulburn NSW in 2004 and Adelaide SA in 2010 respectively. Australian corruption comes in an unlimited number of forms. In 1997 I won a claim against real estate agent staff who provided a lease on a property on Moss Vale Road in Burradoo NSW that was rat infested in the kitchen and declared unhibitable by the local council health inspector, full of junk, declared electrically unsafe by the electricity authority, and not been cleaned in the years/months since the last occupant complete with pubic hair in the shower you couldn’t use as it had and totally blocked sewerage and drainage system. Tribunal ruled LJ Hooker had breached our contract and released me from the lease. In her twisted vendetta Patricia Percoli, (not sure of spelling) property manager at Bowral’s 1997 LJ Hooker lodged a false and criminally defamatory strike against my name with TICA, (Tenancy Information Centre Australia) a private group who real estate agents paid to use their one-sided database of complaints by real estate agents against tenants. In breach of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) no tenant interaction was allowed, so other real estate agents could look up perspective tenants and make decisions based on the false and defamatory rumours held by TICA. Italian and twenty something Patricia Percoli, (Labor party faithful) also spread more false rumours claiming I was a working prostitute based inside Wollondilly Shire Council, when I was an elected councillor on that council. Despite that I had the tribunal order in my favour TICA staff refused to lift the false and illegal strike making it hard for me to rent. So, in Australia, I can prove beyond any doubt whatsoever, we have more than our fair share of low life scum who don’t deserve to be in positions of authority.


When I was an elected councillor on Wollondilly Shire Council, council provided phone-fax machines to all 9 elected councillors. The phone-fax they gave me had a feature that you could phone the number and enter a 2 digit pin to use the phone-fax as a listening device. In my next house in Bowral my phone socket was in my dining room. In the 1990s callers couldn't block their number from digital displays. When anyone rang my phone-fax their number was displayed. Despite that I changed my pin several times the same person was constantly calling to eavesdrop on my family during meal times. Despite that I had all the details and tried to make an official complaint Bowral police refused to do anything. Being denied protection from police I was forced to take the law into my own hands. So I looked scanned the phone book for the number that had a pattern like a business number until I found the Mittagong listing. It was the people who sold the phone-fax machines to council who had Labor party links that led straight to fellow councillor and video store owner, Michael Banasik, the person who subsequently indecently assaulted me during the Local Government Conference in October 1997. I took the phone-fax back to council and demanded and got one without the eavesdropping feature. At the same period of time I had our milk home delivered. I had to stop that as someone tampered with the milk bottle lids which caused us all to vomit. When I say us I mean me and my then very young children. Bowral-Mittagong police refused to investigate that and refused to charge my then ex-defacto with attempting to steal my car, despite that they found him inside the car in my driveway and despite that he was trespassing in my yard when I wasn't home. These attacks followed me telling my ex-defaco that I knew of his involvement with drugging me and raping me to video tape me being raped when he lived together, police refused to investigate that too despite that they had possession of the rape tapes. Evidently their reluctance to investigate anything linked to me stemmed from the fact specific police were personally involved in my rape and the distribution of the rape video/s. Its more likely than not that I wasn't they only rohypnol-rape target. I was forced to relocate the 1,400 kilometres to Adelaide reluctantly leaving my adult children behind in order to get away from the influential Government Public Officers protecting those who had rohypnol-raped in the Macarthur district where I'd lived for 30 something years. With the subsequent criminal involvement by Government Public Officers in Adelaide, (YELLOW card) illegally creating false records to make me look like a mental health patient, that proves its more likely than not the rohypnol-rape group are an organised crime group whose members are high profile government officials.


The beginning of the criminally illegal totally false record, (YELLOW card) compiled by Noarlunga and Adelaide mental health Government Public Officers is still unclear the earliest incident to my knowledge was the stalking and criminally harassing calls and letters in 2010 from the Noarlunga organised crime group at the mental health unit. The alleged 2010 "report" by a claimed "doctor Alexander" and an alleged "Monique clinic" is fiction - there never was a doctor Alexander or a Monique clinic, they are 100% false - a figment of their criminal imagination.


I had consulted a doctor Gavin Nimon an orthopaedic specialist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital on the day they claim I consulted the factitious doctor Alexander at a Monique clinic per their persistent telephone calls to my telephone answering machine. I showed Government Public Officer medical doctor Gavin Nimon irrefutable evidence of the illegal implant cables in my legs. He criminally responded by threatening to have me detained under the Mental Health Act. The entire Adelaide situation is an unlawful defamatory criminal vendetta based on pure lies, however state Health, state Housing and state Police staff in Christies Beach and Noarlunga (southern Adelaide Australia) have acted so criminally abusive in the implementation of the Australian law they’re employed to enact or oversee that they overtly appear as if they have absolutely no understanding of them. Under the same laws, ignorance is no defence. Every party to a court action, every lawyer representing a party, every other judicial officer have ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE (s25 Defamation Act) in what they say in that court process. Which means police Health and Housing staff named in the government record/s documents (not limited to the ones linked in the YELLOW card) acted in criminal ABUSE OF PUBLIC OFFICE, (in breach of state criminal law (section 251) in assisting my across the road residential neighbour, (Paul Shilldaren-Henly, alias Paul Henly, alias Alexander Paul) in his multi-year s257 Criminal defamation vendetta against me based on the simple fact I referenced him as my neighbour in an application to the Christies Beach civil court in 2016 to get an order for state Housing staff to provide me his name so I can sue him because Chritsties Beach registry staff told me I had to get his full name to be allowed to file a document to sue him for illegally stalking me and unlawfully keeping me under surveillance in breach of Australian law.  In doing what they have done, (conspired to criminally defamed me) they have also breached various parts of s5AA aggrevated offence, noting I'm a 'future' witness to court as stated in the YELLOW card, and committed offences linked to s139 Deception, and s140 Dishonest dealings with documents, and s142 Dishonest exploitation of position of advantage, and a host of others including (aggrevated) s23 assault causing or intending serious harm involving a person over 60 years of age. Its like music industry piracy, the retards think if everyone else does it its somehow magically legal.


Australian law isn't the recipe you use as a guide, it’s the recipe you MUST follow or be prepared to suffer the disastrously life changing dire consequences.


Above video is intended to specifically address the false stories in defamation I've suffered at the hands of my nosy neighbour calling himself 'Paul' this week and is permitted under Australian Defamation law for that purpose being the absolute TRUTH.


This Paul has participated in an unlawful conspiracy to defame me in government records since 2008 - see this link


This Paul made false reports to police falsely claiming I distribute large amounts of drugs from me residence - without legal excuse.


This Paul made false reports to mental health emergency services falsely claiming I attacked him with an item when I was at work creating multiple complaints in secret (behind my back) in 2016 and 2018 - without legal excuse.


This Paul made false reports to our joint landlord, state housing, falsely claiming he and his family were in fear for their safety from me - without legal excuse.


This Paul has publicly defamed me illegally retaliated because I started court process in a neighbour dispute because he erected a video camera specifically to point down my driveway at my front door to illegally stalk me - without legal excuse. Forcing me to erect a huge privacy screen that makes me look like I'm the crazy one.


This Paul has attempted to conceal his illegal actions by having copy of the above video removed from the internet - without legal excuse.


You're encouraged to copy and upload this video elsewhere on the internet to send a message to stalking men they can't bully women and get away with it. I will not be silenced.


  We will not be silenced  


Living in an Australian community is like colouring in back in infants school. So long as you stay within the lines you keep the teachers happy.


If everyone has a 'spirit animal' mine would be a big-cat predator. I can happily wait for decades if necessary for my prey to step in my trap so I have enough to prove they're one of many lying sadistic psychopaths stalking me in my life by pretending the opposite is true.


With reference to the document on photo card (right) headed CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY;

Absolute privilege apparently doesn't protect people in Pakistan (Paul Shilldarien-Henley) but it is a solid defence in defamation, and totally protects Australians when they say something inside a court room in the process of a court hearing when they are the judge, legal practitioner, juror, party to action, or witnesses. Ignorance of the law is no excuse after breaking the law. The State had no legal standing to aid Paul Shilldarien-Henley (alias Alexander Paul) in his retaliation of Janette on matters that were discussed in the process of a court hearing, in doing so they have abused their public office, which is a crime under our state law, and falsely defamed Janette in the process as what Paul Shilldarien-Henley (alias Alexander Paul) is credited as saying about his neighbour across the road, (Janette Gail Francis) in her State housing record and her State health record, is malicious defamatory false hearsay. It can't be proved because it never happened. Moreover as Paul Shilldarien-Henley (alias Alexander Paul) has/had video cameras installed specifically pointed at Janette's house at a 90 degree angle to his house, then any alleged misconduct of Janette would have been recorded by this arsehole, but he has nothing on every count. Janette had NOT threatened him or his family, and Janette had not mentioned his name in court as the court process was specifically intended to discover his name to sue him for private nuisance, (see link) clearly the damage caused by his private nuisance is clearly proved by his insistence to falsely attack Janette without any legal excuse in his two year conspiracy involving the State Government Public Officers who (all) also have/had no legal excuse for their 10+ year conspiracy to falsely defame Janette. 


In 2004 Janette had her state housing rental in 53 Gibson Street, Goulburn, New South Wales illegally broken into by the relative of a police person (Sydney defective detective Bob Bradbury) who stole Janette's photo for the BROTHERS IN ARMS book. When Janette complained to police and others in writing about the POLICE FAMILY criminal break and enter, Goulburn police arrested Janette and applied for an Apprehended Violence Order against Janette claiming she had caused the (break and enter) public housing employee criminal to be afraid (Leisa Maree Bradbury). Janette took legal action in Residency Tribunal against the State and gave a document to a crown solicitor acting for State housing in New South Wales, the crown solicitor gave it to Mr Shannahan, the area Manager, in public housing located in Canberra. Shanahan faxed it the the (break and enter) public housing employee, (Leisa Maree Bradbury) on that basis the police prosecutor and Goulburn police claimed Janette had breached the interim AVO by causing the document to fall into the hands of the (break and enter) public housing employee. No bullshit. Despite that Janette was protected by absolute privilege (from Residency Tribunal) she was illegally penalised for breaching the AVO which the magistrate approved for a five YEAR period. All because Janette complained about POLICE FAMILY criminals as Government Public Officers. So you can see the modus operandi is similar to the state Government Public Officers in Health and Housing in Noarlunga, South Australia.



You don't need to “believe” you do need a free thinking brain and be able to read words and pictures. Twenty years ago a lawyer told me I was trying to fight a war with a feather. That comment prompted me to compile evidence against the Australian governments who had been dominated by the brotherhood of Freemasons (Masons) even before the Federation of Australian states. The head of the British royal family is the patron of Freemasons globally.


For press and others to hint a "conspiracy" is a deluded person's irrational thoughts I remind them that under Australian criminal law, a conspiracy can be a crime, and under Australian Tort law, a conspiracy is an offence that is financially compensated. Herein is the government's own evidence to establish both criterion and prove the government themselves are the offenders.


Religion and party politics are just as much a multi billion dollar industry as medical science research. Neither want the general public to know the whole truth, so they'll stop at virtually nothing to ensure their dirty secrets are maintained so the money keeps rolling in. In this website I prove all three are fronts for crime and swindles and you're the target of their confidence tricks. I suggest that's why I was constantly being protected (see below) since childhood. Its not a delusion of grandeur and not a conspiracy theory if you can prove a huge scam exists, I've proved the conspiracy right her in this website, and many others not otherwise related can testify to the events that I told them about after I was told would happen before they happened and the telling saved my life so I could grow up and have this evidence to expose these lies.


How many billions of dollars have governments expended on space exploration? As you read Australia is planning to join the over funded space race whilst we have millions of individuals and whole families who are homeless or living and dying in total poverty. That's a trait of greed and misappropriation of government money. Yet government public officers refuse to accept we already have made contact with an as yet unexplained group of entities many across the globe call "spirit guides" instead they label that as mental illness. I say the Feemasons are into illegal medical research, me being one of their targets. I say poor Jesus was just another messenger and no son of any god.


The YELLOW CARD PDF link is all the hearsay documents the ADELAIDE Australia government claims is all of their evidence to support their (false and defamatory) claims of my mental illness, you will note the absence of any proof whatsoever a link to the state HEALTH record that proves the government's TEN YEAR criminal conspiracy with state HOUSING and my (over the road) NEIGHBOUR (who appears to be pretending to be a member of local Rebels Motorcycle Club the group who (falsely) claim I'm their (1984 dead) bikie moll in the BROTHERS IN ARMS, Freemason book) all intended to falsely defame me in another criminal conspiracy with FREEMASON government public officers (and police) in the 1980s. FYI in my opinion Billy Idol was the wanker of the century.


Let me say this, in the past 34 years since this hateful and totally false REBELS MC association was made about my character, NO member of any Rebels Motorcycle Club (or any other MC) has ever approached me angrily, or said anything about me or done anything hurtful towards me, despite that I pushed quite a bit to see what they would do. Its only been POLICE and other government public officers. So if my neighbour is pretending to be a Rebel MC member for real, he's a rat for the government, as evidenced in the photo card above right and the YELLOW CARD PDF. He's been nasty to me and behind my back for no reason. Its all his doing. On a linked topic, while I've not EVER had any actual affiliation with any MC, I am aware that someone has retaliated on my behalf behind my back. I noticed this after one government public officer had a black eye for lying about me to police or conspiring with police, causing me to be falsely arrested circa 2004, after which the police prosecutor, Mr Winter I believe, made the (false) allegation that I was 'protected' by a motorcycle club in the face of the court also 2004. I have no knowledge of the identity of the modern day 'noble white knight' or knights plural but I do thank him or them sincerely, none the less.


Note to recalcitrant recidivist inattentive government public officers, an Australian birth certificate recorded name is not an alias.


Heidi Rankine, Renee, Rachael, Toby, and Operations Manager, are all Housing (South Australia government) public officers illegally participating in this recorded criminal conspiracy with (South Australia government) public officers at Noarlunga's Emergency Mental Health Service along with the person named "Paul" and "neighbour" this document admits (in 2016 to 2018) Paul's participation in this criminal conspiracy to commit murder is also associated with this secondary conspiracy to defame me in Government Public Officer's many attempts to conceal the fact I've been surgically raped its apparent they believe to deny me proper (physical) medical services will (in the mind of Noarlunga mental health persons) most probably cause my death thereby provide a cover up to the fact I was surgically raped. Which is the definition of "s12 Conspiring or soliciting to commit murder" What are local police doing about it? They're participating in the conspiracy, proved on the documents.


Janette's prior civil court preliminary matters involving "Paul" in a neighbour dispute as I took exception to Paul keeping me under unlawful surveillance with his video camera pointed down my driveway at my front door, (2015 and 9 November 2018) I note retaliation by my across the street neighbour Paul Shilldarien-Henley (alias Alexander Paul) or any other as a result of any court issue (past or future) is another criminal offence of "s244 Offences relating to witnesses." Paul was never “named” in that court appearance.


Australian registered medical doctor Mr Angelos Giannakoureas, a Noarlunga, (southern Adelaide) Australia government public officer and self claimed senior consultant psychiatrist for South Australia's State government has delusions of grandeur in so much that he believes in his own mind that he has the legal jurisdiction to usurp and totally dispense with the trivialities of the state Supreme Court and High Court in deciding the truth of a statement under a tort in defamation, even without bothering to waste his time on such trivialities as looking at all the evidence to support such a civil suit, refer PDF p107, document p106. Ms Francis was attempting to provoke litigation as her attempts to bring the matters to Adelaide courts had been illegally dismissed by the clerical staff in the South Australia's Courts Administration Authority (family linked to NSW police who stole Janette's visual identity in concert with Ronald Stephenson) on the grounds that Janette's right to protection from or redress after physical assault “has no legal merit” indicating their stance that Janette was/is an outlaw upon whom any illegal or cruel acts can be directed by order of parliament.


In globally established psychiatric observation Mr Angelos Giannakoureas, someone, like yourself, who forms a belief on any issue, lets say about the claims made by Janette Gail Francis, then sets about insisting his postulations are correct despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is the personification of the global medical definition of delusional. Moreover, a sane intelligent scientific mind who forms a hypothesis based on a set of facts, sets about to attempt to prove their theory wrong on order to establish its validity.


Considering I attained a high distinction (highest mark) in a recent defamation tort assignment, I suspect I'm more of the expert in defamation law that you particularity by your indication of the total lack of knowledge on the defences in defamation, with express reference to the “truth” of a statement is a court supported legal excuse for defaming a medical practitioner, like yourself. You might like to learn what malice means in defamation considering it appears to apply to your 26 August 2014 letter to the guardianship board, (PDF p107, document p106) and your associated diagnosis. January to August, that's 7 months of unlawful imprisonment aided by your maliciously defamatory publications Mr Angelos Giannakoureas. Malice trumps qualified privilege.


1. Truth or justification

If the imputations are true, then the defendant has a complete defence. Regardless of what was published, the plaintiff loses. And it is the worst way to lose. The allegations are repeated at trial, over and over and possibly reported on by the media. The jury then declares that the defamation is true, exacerbating the defamation many times over. Then there is the matter of having to pay the defendant’s costs…. The statute also provides that if the imputations are substantially true, then the defendant has a defence of justification.

2. Fair comment or honest opinion

A defendant is allowed to publish a fair comment or honest opinion. For fair comment, the comment must be based on facts that are truly stated (or absolutely privileged) and the comment must be fair. For honest opinion, all that is required is that the opinion be held honestly (almost regardless of what it is!), that the opinion was based on proper material and that it was on a matter of public interest.

The next step is that the fair comment defence can be defeated if the publisher is actuated by malice. Malice is proven where a person makes a statement for an improper purpose or has an improper motive.


The VIDEO with my 1981 yellow TE Gemini rear ended twice by a soil truck (smashed) on 30 June 1987, as a result of the criminal conspiracy (attempt) to murder me involving Sydney Australia FREEMASONS (my dad's best friend, police and politicians) government public officers. Reference to "Clinician" is the tattooed male senior citizen seen in my video security recording as the person who illegally gained entry to my residence on 21 February 2018 by jumping my front fence, described in the yellow card link used the words "Clinician found access point to front yard ..." (page 91, paragraph 5, under "comment".)


STEPHENSON FREEMASON VENDETTA: In the 30/6/1987 attempt on my life the car's sub-frame was bent in the collision, despite that I had the steering wheel facing forward with my arms fully stretched pushing my shoulders into the back of the seat, the car abruptly fishtailed after the truck hit me the second time on the gutter rear quarter. My TE Gemini spun violently 180 degrees into oncoming traffic in an 80 kilometre zone, my car stopped as if someone put downward pressure on the roof of the car, it skidded in the dirt at the edge of the road and stopped abruptly about 2 inches from the steel railing at the side of the road, an oncoming car swerved to avoid hitting me and impaled its radiator in the end of the rail a few inches behind my car, totally missing my car. I walked away unharmed. In their documents police claimed the totally undamaged front of my TE Gemini swiped the front of the large soil truck, ripping off the truck's bull-bar and front bumper. After a roadside conspiracy between police and a local drug dealer, (Dean Kitchens / Kitchener) police charged me with negligent driving and upheld the (false) charge in a court hearing. My defacto had my TE Gemini towed to a repairer in Graham Hill Road, Narellan NSW. At the time I didn't understand the significance of the local Rebels Motorcycle Club connection with that repairer. They all tried to get me to pay for the damage to their vehicles caused by the negligence of the then 30 something year old sandy red haired truck driver linked to the owners of the truck, MH Baker & Son, Leppington NSW. 


The RED CARD is proof that a Seaford Meadows GP AXIS medical doctor criminally lied in a (false) document in a criminal conspiracy with a ADELAIDE Australia state TRANSPORT government public officer specifically to falsely defame me and illegally deny me my right to drive.


Stay strong kindred spirits. Be safe.

I always look for the logic in everything. Since I first heard Desiderata in the top 40 chart on 1970 Australia radio, I have lived my life to this end. The claim Desiderata was found on a scroll in a church is totally false. I was christened in the Church of England by my parents, but I have no religion for myself and forced none on my children. I believe we are all equal, we all have the right to believe whatever it is that makes sense to us without forcing those beliefs on any other. I know there are many people who target people they think are weaker than themselves. I've never attempted to prove myself to anyone and let people be who they are up to a point. Max Ehrmann's Desiderata is the only 'religious instruction' anyone needs. Desiderata is a Latin word that means: something that is needed or wanted. 


While I was enthrawled by the message of Desiderata the rest of the world around me in Campbelltown NSW were still prime arseholes banking on the fact that my good nature would prevent me from retaliating against their cruel attacks on me, which is why they rendered my 4 sons estranged from me, in a brain fuck that makes them believe that I inflicted on them what my Freemason criminals dad had actually inflicted on me and them when each of us were children.


I can't help it that I'm a seer. Just as I can't help having pale skin or blue eyes multi-coloured hair and horrible shaped legs, because I like many of us in the wide world I am what we as a species call a seer, or a clairvoyant, but unlike others who commercialise their said 'talents' I've never commercialised my link to future and past events I've never had any prior knowledge of. Mainly because I feel stupid people might think I can turn it on in an instant, and one of the many psychopaths who stalk me might challenge me by threatening my life. However at 60 something I don't give a shit anymore, I've evolved as a person, become much wiser with the passage of time. Mind you I was wise as a child and young adult but still very gullible due to the constant brainwashing of the Freemasons who evidently were afraid of my seer abilities after I'd proved myself to my parents many times. Literally saving them, and me from imminent disaster more than once. For want of a better label, I was born a seer.


I don't use the terms clairvoyant or psychic as to me it screams charlatan. That's my personal opinion. I prefer the simpler term seer. I never told my best friends or partner's I simply told them I knew things, or it was a lucky guess. Intentionally avoiding attention. I don't need to close my eyes and concentrate, I see future events with my eyes open. I'm not sure as I've never wanted to test it but I feel I can literally feel and know what has or will happen to a person by being near them, when just walking past them in the street. Which is why I try to avoid as many people as possible. Its common knowledge that we 'work' as a species because we have mild amounts of electricity working our nerves, you know that. I feel that electromagnetic field we all have. Some have a stronger field than others. From that electromagnetic field I suspect that's why I can read others past and future.


The government have tried to suggest that being a seer is a mental health issue. But believing in a God is not. Go figure. I'm pretty sure the industry of psychiatry is just as charlatanistic as being an honest elected member of the Labor party or Liberal party.

My speciality, if you want to call it that, is seeing someone's death. Which is why I avoid telling people anything. When you're number's up nothing you can do will change that. Its best not to know.

One death premonition involving strangers was the son of a female teller at a bank in Camden New South Wales in 1990s. As I approached her as a customer I told her, her son was in danger. Often the words come out before I've had a chance to filter them. Think its because I'm excessively empathetic. I actually care about human suffering. I didn't know him but I knew I saw him in a car accident, because of my proximity to her, I couldn't tell her where it was. I heard later that he was killed in front of her as he drove away from their residence. Probably recorded in local press.


Another was a 1990s coal miner in Burragorang valley. I was at a council meeting and was near his wife, they also lived in The Oaks near me. I told her that her husband was in grave danger and I suspected someone was going to murder him. I saw the murderer but only in silhouette. My partner was illegally drugging me at this period of time. I heard he died inside the mine in a one person accident soon after. Probably recorded in local press.


I stopped getting close to people but life has other plans. I dropped my child off at their friends place and sensed the little brother was in danger of a traffic accident. I told him he had to hold his mummy's hand when he crossed the road. His mum suspected I had a premonition (can't fool some people) she asked me what I saw. I couldn't answer her. I told him his mummy loved him lots, and told him to hold her hand when he crossed the road, and always look. He died a few years later in Seaford Rise South Australia after being hit by a car as he ran across the road in front of a car. Fate had me walking past the scene of the accident a few minutes after it happened. It was like I walked onto the set of City of Angles. Probably recorded in local press.


I suspect my criminal assailants thought if they created an excess electromagnetic field around me from inside me I wouldn't be able to see the future. The excess electrical field is in place sadistically sparking me from an initial reception point on top of my head (as seen in radiology) but I can still see into the future. Failed again you losers.


I try not to remember and try not to get close to anyone. This works well for the government public officers and other creeps who falsely claim I've done or an associated with various people. I have no support group to back me up, not because I have a psychiatric disorder, merely because I can see your future and I just don't care to.


The ones with the mental illness are the idiots who actually believe I'm evil because I have the curse of seeing death and other things before they happen.


Maybe we all have the ability to see into the future, and it’s only those of us who truly possess an open mind and true compassion for others who actually do see. I literally feel other's pain. Which means I can tell whose fake crying and who is not. Rex John Walters.


Some events I see happen like a huge powerful slap in the face causing me to shudder then I see what is going to happen to them or what they plan to do to someone else in the future that may be next week or even several years away.


However, just before my paternal grandmother died in mid 1972,

(Ruby Ethel Ann (Reid) Francis you can check on NSW death record number 50592/1972, (in the end we're all just a number) deaths over 30 years are public.)

I was 'told' to say a long goodbye to her as it would be the last time I saw her for a long time. I'm not of any religion. I do believe we are not alone in the universes. I don't believe in heaven and hell. I do believe we simply don't understand the true link between us and the whole of what we call the cosmos. So I can't and won't put a label on it. But I will say, we're not alone as a species and we're not the most intelligent species.


Within the week my Aunt had pushed my grandmother over in an argument. Think grandmother injured her hip. Grandmother died in hospital soon after. I never saw her after I was told to say goodbye. They, plural, told me aged 16 words to this effect, "We're taking her, we'll look after her, don't worry you'll see her again." I loved my grandmother, she was religious, I am not probably because of my knowledge. I know the is no one God. No father. son, and the holy bloody ghost, no Allah, no Buddha, or whatever they present in all manner as another species. I've no idea what they look like as they've always been invisible to me perhaps they have no physical form which was suggested by the fact that one was between my face and my closed driver's side window yelling at me to put my seat belt on just before I had a major car accident in January 1977. The seat belt saved my life. I was ignoring them up to the point one went between my face and the car door window as I looked out the window, ignoring them. LOL.


Circa 1980 I was sitting at my kitchen table in flippant conversation with a neighbour when 'they' yelled at me, “Jump up, turn around and put your arms out.” I followed instructions, within a split second one of my children fell into my arms. They'd been on the stairs. We had a concrete floor with only lino covering. The child would have died had I not followed their instruction. These are some of probably hundreds of like events that became a common from time to time. I have no delusions of grandeur. I kept it to myself. I didn't even run al election campaign, any time I ran for council. I have however had medical doctors in Adelaide falsely claim I had never been elected in Wollondilly Shire using my 'belief' I had been as their evidence I had mental illness. Neat trick eh!


I am a private person only exposing the other events on other pages as completely provable fact, or established on balance of probability. I just think its time to speak out, considering all the events that have transpired providing evidence in the many failed attempts to seriously harm or kill me from time to time. In both the car accidents (left) in which I was rammed up the rear by a truck both times, I literally walked away unharmed despite the odds.


For those who claim they or I believe its them talking to me through implants, let me say this in response - the ability to implant devices wholly within the human body that would emit sound in the target's ear was not developed in 1964 when I told my parents they had to move the car as we were in danger, minutes before they did move the car and only after a gust of wind blew open all 4 car doors I had left ajar, after which a huge tree branch fell exactly where we had been parked when I was told to tell my parents to move the car.


No, I've not been given a use by date on the end of our planet. No, I'm not Jesus reborn either. No I can't move things with my mind. One hilarious and mildly scary thing happened recently when I channel flicked onto the TV screening of an early (really bad) movie of Drew Barrymore, Firestarter, and watched it for a laugh, I saw Drew's nose bleed then instantly my nose started bleeding. Didn't bleed before or since. I'm pretty sure they can do physical things to us to get our attention when they so choose. I've seen that more than once and no psychos its not me.


When I was councillor in Wollondilly Shire, (1995-1999) as I was sipping a coffee while looking that the General Manager Graham Taylor, and he momentarily looked at me, 'they' told me to look up. I did as Taylor was still looking at me. In that moment a section of the office ceiling panel fell on his head mildly injuring his face. Naturally I burst into spontaneous laughter, as you would. He blamed me. Wasn't the first time I've been called a witch. This was after Taylor had 'politically' stabbed me in the back, however at that point in time I was still unaware of that very relevant fact. Isn't that right Mr Taylor Made! About their Charter and being respectful, they still refuse to take responsibility for what they did to me, there's NO respect in that.


I upset New Zealand born same age Ambervale NSW resident, Julie Tursky, fellow employee at Johnson & Johnson circa 1978, when she was at my residence in 19 Lincoln Street Minto NSW and told her, actually had to yell at her cause she wouldn't move, that 'they' didn't like her and she had better move, split second before a, (Home Sweet Home) picture fell in the chair she'd been sitting. She drove off literally screaming, "You're a witch." LOL. That was a bit harsh, surely I'm a good witch, I've only ever witnessed or prevented, never instigated. That's me at left Halloween 2018.


No aliens have not implanted me, they were flesh and blood Australian registered medical doctors who included self professed Muslim and hypnotist, Mohamed Ahmed from Mount Annan near Campbelltown NSW and German educated Fred Uehlin from Camden NSW, with another also linked closely to the State of New South Wales, Crown government public officers.  Wiki says "The word sycophant has its origin in the legal system of Classical Athens." Its also relevent of politicians and party faithful in this situation.


So. A message to the party faithful, like the Irish character Stephen said to the other actor playing Great+ uncle William Wallace in Braveheart the movie,

'I'll be alright ... but I'm pretty sure you're fuked.'


To answer the doubters, if these horrid things hadn't happened to me, all of which I can so totally prove, I would not have had the evidence to prove, on the balance of probability, all the earlier child sex crimes I'd personally witnessed, (rape and murder) dating back to when I was a child, (and probably when some of the murdered motorcycle club members were also children) all linked right back to Australian political parties, Australian government public officers including police politicians and judiciary, and my dad, all members of Australian Freemasons. Boom. Boom.

When I asked Housing SA circa 2010 if I could buy my rental I'd lived in since 2008 they said no. Yet in 2011 they sold the house next door to two people who already jointly owned a house in Adelaide since 2008 at a third of the cost on my house in 1993. People whose job description suggests they're potentially linked to my surgical rape with wireless mobile phone network communication implants.