PDF Human Rights & Public Interest 

violations known to police qualifying civil litigation v NSW Crown, SA Crown, and Federal Crown.


Many human rights protections for Australians reside in federal law via Schedule-The Criminal Code Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH.) Considerable document based evidence establishes Janette's constitutional right to sue for human rights deprivations since 1966 include, but not limited to:

PDF International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Articles 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27.


What isn't reckless indifference is gross negligence (tort law) and/or a number of additional torts; trespass to person (assault and battery) and/or unlawful imprisonment and/or private nuisance and/or trespass to property and/or conversion and/or defamation, are torts that spring to mind instantly. Who are the biggest politically motivated bully-boy-cowards of all the universes and for all time? Australian authorities.


The trick is to find a legal team who won't favour either Labor party or Liberal party, in Australia that's virtually impossible. Australian political parties hold Australian law to ransom released only for the chosen ones, in breach of Australian law.


Research report, The Australia Institute, 

Canberra ACT Australia malfeasance pandemic

AGS Tom Howe Misfeasance in public office Aus.

I think we can safely say a 'political party' is Mr Milhouse's 'power structure' I'd have much rathered to have been living my life than spending over half of it pleading with sadistic politicians in their ivory power structures, to allow me my legal rights and stop their spineless parasitic creep comrades from torturing me.

In 1960s Stanley Milgram from Yale University (USA) scientifically proved well over 50% of regular educated men are sadistic psychopaths. He didn't test women.

Actions of 21st century Australian Government Public Officers confirm Milgram's findings.

When Janette Gail Francis initially suspected she had been the target of multiple; land and property theft, serious assaults, and false criminal defamations, all created by Sydney NSW Labor and Liberal party members and supporters, she was only 33. Turned out premeditated politically motivated crimes by Janette's fellow Australians were specifically designed to disenfranchise her and had started much further back, they included assaults on Janette when she was an elected politician in local government. Their criminal attackes caused Janette minor permanent brain damage circa 1998 they use that to mock her.

Their illegal refusals to allow Janette access to her legal rights were/are specifically intended to destroy Janette's reputation, for their greater good, and prevent Janette from having any personal wealth so she can't afford lawyers to sue them in civil court.

Janette had/has no criminal record, no criminal associates, no addictions no illegal habits. Before their illegal criminal vendetta started Janette was considered of excellent character.


Janette was a witness to child sex crimes linked to influential persons employed or elected to multiple Australian governments who considered Janette was/is their personal property to harm and destroy as they choose.


Their actions and inactions prove their intent to sadistically continue to torture Janette - for the rest of her life. Like some sort of a politically enforced informal prison sentence. Despite Australian law.


Refer malfeasance in public office, misfeasance in public office, (Sydney Law Review)  both intentional torts.

"importance of mankind lies in the importance of every single human being, and not in the State or in a power structure"

  • 2017: Sam Duluk MP Liberal party opposition story Ministerial Responsibility quoted 'The Liberal Movement' Robin Millhouse 1929-2017 former Attorney General South Australia.
  • 2017: Morry Bailes Liberal party member, managing partner at Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers, president-elect of Law Council of Australia, and past president Law Society SA, published his own story on Ministerial Responsibility.

Interestingly Mr Bailes' Tindall Gask Bentley have refused to represent me against Labor party crimes herein. From my personal experience Liberal party opinions on 'Ministerial Responsibilities' shifted in 2018 after their long dry spell Liberals hold SA state government now their Ministers also refuse to take responsibility.

Where as Manus Island detention started in 2012, my consecutive years of human rights violations inside Australia started over 30 years ago. Our own left wing activists snub me evidently as I'm a whiteskin and born in Australia. Our Slater and Gordon refuse to represent me and my equally innocent Australian born children against our Australian government. Wouldn't be due to party politics would it fellas? Appears hypocrisy and hypocriticalness are quite fluid in Australia depending in your position of power. Same old same old. 

Janette Gail Francis.

Evidently Australia's Labor and Liberal Party politicians in Adelaide believe Janette's criminal assaults are a great source of personal entertainment which is why they both refuse to represent Janette in parliament even after she informed her parliamentary members she'd been illegally refused penicillin for severe ear infection by medical doctors inside their electorate, falsely claiming Janette 'faked' her infection in 2011 and 2012. Janette's complaints to politicians resulted in her unlawful imprisonment (etcetera) in South Australia pre-election time, 22 January 2014. That's politically motivated violence which is the Australian definition of a terrorist act and serious organised crime or transnational crime.

2011 and 2012 Australia's 'Party Faithful' registered general medical doctors in Seaford, Morphett Vale and Christies Beach saw streptococcal puss in Janette's ear along with evidence of infection on her face, but in their expert medical opinion they called puss Janette's self-applied make-up. That's premeditated intent to murder Janette, being aware of her chances without penicillin, when suffering advance stage infection. - Refer to photo card (left) where you can see in 2012 Janette's (advanced stage) infected ear canal is swollen shut. Some doctors from out of the area refused to give Janette an appointment after she told them of her infection, indicating high probability of the criminal organisation of Janette's penicillin ban.

Janette was treated for her severe ear infection for several weeks, by a specialist medical doctor without a referral, and without fee. If she had followed the expert opinion of local Adelaide general medical practice doctors in 2012 Janette would be dead now, just like Rita Anne Broadway in 2015 Adelaide.

Janette has been more than reasonable under the circumstances and given recidivist governments every opportunity and more than enough time to make amends for the errors of their top-down recalcitrant Government Public Officers.

NB: incase you're contemplating destroying Janette's Medicare Australia GP records, Janette videoed the consultations. 

2017 Janette Francis started as Trimester 1 UniSA mature age law student, she's not related to the 2017 Trimester 2 starting UniSA state government Law School lecturer with the same name 'Janette Francis'.

There are no coincidences in Australian politics .

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