With a mentality akin to the graverobbers of the 19th century modern doctors are hacking up healthy living people to install microwave accessing illegal implants because in their psychopathic mind the end justifies the means. There is no other deduction from the evidence, where no medical doctor I’ve consulted will concede that this vibrating foreign mass inside my skull near my ear even exists, (see red circle above) they all claim it’s a figment of my imagination. Their friends in politics agree because like prime minister John Howard said soon after I was illegally implanted, “Every government needs their secrets.” Their coordination proves I’m NOT their only victim for their secret political cause. Their Supreme Court REFUSES to make a decision on whether the illegal implant exists because it wasn't noted in the report (Francis v Cole ANOR SCCIV-400-2019, Adelaide hearing 26 June 2019 judgment reserved). These things combined ARE an act of terrorism pursuant to Australia’s Criminal Code (100.1 Definitions.)

I'm Janette Gail Francis, born 1st May 1956 in Cooma NSW.

This was my teenage philosophy or mantra, Desiderata (should be "be cheerful" not be careful): the effect of which I passed onto all of my five beautiful children who 'political-criminal psychopathic and sociopathic public officers' in Australia sought to destroy along with me simply because they could.

Janette’s website (this website) holds irrefutable evidence from multiple government’s own records of what 21st century government public officers do the children who witness child sex crimes committed by other 20th century government public officers. They ARE living breathing BOOGEY MEN.

Australia is

a country of criminals in public office

Circa 1990 when my (defacto's) last name was “Hall” I ordered a full copy of my NSW birth certificate, but it never arrived. I’m guessing the Wark (spelling unknown) police family psychopath Rhonda Halls stole that as in 2009 SA government (falsely) claimed my own birth certificate belongs to someone else. Goes without saying Rhonda's same age as me, same height and body shape including square shoulders like me.

In opposite contrast to Janette - deranged psychopath & whore Ronda Wark was a beer swilling compulsive liar when she was expelled from high school circa 1971, just like the freemason  multi-government faked “Leanne Walters” (2012 version of the book linked at right after they removed Janette's B&W photo of her adult face aged 28 & mother of 3 boys aged 6, 8, &10 defaming Janette by claiming Janette was a the only female "murder victim" a "bikie moll" aged 14) from the Fathers Day 1984 Milperra (Beaconsfield NSW) shooting chronology of massive pedophile freemason supporting government bullshit.

FYI: 1984 Labor party prime minister Bob Hawke was a pedophile supporting freemason in the 1970s.

These (majority) Australian (state & federal) government public officer actions establish that they pride themselves in being the worst possible version of themselves that they can be because they can. When you or me point that out to them they only get worse proving they have a majority of psychopaths in their ranks.

So, where non-government organisations may have their employee of the month awards, I’m quietly confident government departments have their wanker of the month awards complete with a public pat on the head and secret doggy treat; I guess you are what you eat.

Your Australian Liberal and Labor governments have NEVER investigated or charged anyone for any of the multiplicity of physical crimes against people that I personally witnessed as an adult or child; so now you can't rightly say you didn't know. The truth is 'out there' you just need to be willing to look.

This is what I would say if I were to file a summons covering things I can prove 100% in 2019 covering all the illegal things public officers in Adelaide and their civilian accomplices have done to me since I came to Adelaide in 2004, no its not proofread:-

2019 A Statement of Claim About 21st Century Australian Government Public Officers.pdf


These crimes were born in an era when homosexuality was a crime and raping children was also a crime but socially acceptable to government public officers and their clergy. Its not just me whose been harmed by these criminally inclined Australian citizens or non-citizen resident immigrants, its my entire extended family; my children; my grandchildren; my siblings; my nieces and nephews; my mum; and her mum.


Below are some indicators our Australian governments of people are needy, incompetent and mentally unstable. Needy means they need to justify their employment (or election) by being incompetent to create more jobs to address their own incompetence; thus, the circle of incompetence perpetually regenerates itself. 

I'm sure every NON government person has their own extensive list of premeditated government incompetence. So why are we putting up with this shit? The simple answer is the needy are in the majority and its bipartisan, supported by both sides of government. Its more than a little shocking, its terrorism according to this no reply email letter, its supported by your current Liberal party state government, or is it?

In 2003 I got a response from the prime minister's office that intentionally spelt my first name wrong, that PM's wife and myself have the same first name spelt the same way, its only pedophile supporting freemason NSW police and NSW court clerical staff who persist in spelling my first name wrong (Jeanette) in official NSW court records, right click on extract of the "illegal" Goulburn NSW 2004 police charge sheet at right, or left click for the full 2004 PDF proving these crimes supported by your elected politicians their silence is painfully deafening.


2010s: I complained about being surgical raped, to pedophile supporting Adelaide SA police.

So they arranged for my drivers licence to be unlawfully cancelled indefinitely.

2000s: I sued Adelaide SA freemason supporting politicians for protecting those who surgically raped me.

So they had their underlings unlawfully and secretly deem me schizophrenic in government record so they didn't have to investigate anything I said, despite my evidence.

2000s: I complained to Goulburn NSW police, about my house being broken into by a freemason supporting police family.

So they arrested me their crime supporting magistrate imposed a 5 year AVO on me to silence my words and sentenced me for offending police I have a criminal record for matters that are not crimes in Australia, still your government remains supportive of their criminal mates in police uniform.

1990s: I reported child sex crimes, to freemason supporting police in Campbelltown NSW.

So Medicare Australia sanctioned criminal actions of surgical rape to me.

1982, I reported child sex crimes, to freemason police in Nowra NSW.

So police identified my face internationally as a deceased person.

1971, I punched Rhonda Wark (Mrs Brooks in 1980s, Mrs Halls in 1990s) the daughter of a freemason policeman in the upper arm once after months of her punching me in the stomach as she walked past me at Campbelltown High School, NSW .

So she had me raped multiple times and spent the rest of her life telling everyone it was me who bullied her at high school to enlist the (majority) psychopaths in Australian governments to assault me from time to time for no reason at all. 

1967, I witnessed the pack rape of 2 boys and the murder of one of them inside the meeting of an Australian freemason pedophile cult (Campbelltown NSW) which included police and other government public officers.

I told every adult I knew, I thought they all ignored me, clearly I was wrong.

News Flash: It's the same in every country across the globe, there's only 3 types of people: those who happily expose the criminal

activities in, (our Labor and Liberal) government; those who are too stupid to see it; those so evil they support it.

At the risk of insulting the majority - there is no 4th option; 'don't care' is either stupid or evil.

Who are you? Happy Stupid or Evil.