Being deported back to your country after you apply for political asylum saying you have proof that you'll be murdered if you return to your country but the authority refuses to look at your evidence


– is the same as –


having your medical record at your local GP marked with claim's you have a mental illness on the basis that you told the GP you have proof of being surgically medically raped involving government officials and the GP refuses to look at your evidence.


Both have happened in recent history in our modern Australia.

It is in the best FINANCIAL interests of pharmaceutical companies and government public officers in mental health industry, to force drugs on people who have no illness at all, and to make people believe they are mentally ill when there's nothing wrong with them apart from a lack of confidence in themselves.


I've weathered the storm of the blanket of government lies and deceptions to prove beyond any doubt that I'm the one with the only TRUE story; because I am mentally stronger than 99% of the population thanks to my life-long companions and a remarkably perfect set of DNA sequences which makes me 100% incorruptible with a memory like a jigsaw puzzle.


Hearing 'people' talking to you who you can't see doesn't necessarily mean you are suffering an auditory illusion and mental illness. There are multiple probabilities that involve hearing the voices of 'people' that really do exist, you just can't see them.


You may be hearing the voices of people linked to the illegal medical research implants in your mastoid air space, (see mine below criminally inserted through my left ear circa 1997)


Or you may be hearing the voices of people whose origin is still unexplained but are usually falsely identified as 'spirits of the dead' or 'gods' being a realist I'm more inclined to believe they're neither spirits or gods.


I'd love to be able to publish a photo of my paternal grandmother, but some arsehole stole it from me in the 1980s when they stole my photo for the criminally false police publication, BROTHERS IN ARMS to publish my visual identity as a murder victim they had fabricated as in the 1980s the government KNEW as substantiated FACT what I'm about to tell you about my paternal grandmother's 1972 death and my 1977 motor vehicle accident; and a bunch of other equally related and proved 'other world' facts. I ask, what's the best way to discredit someone, like me, who can singlehandly tear down the multi-billion dollar mental health industry?


I was 16, it was either 4 or 11 June 1972, I had just kissed my grandmother goodbye after a regular Sunday visit, (her youngest son, my male parent, made a point to visit her every or every second Sunday. His dad, (Arthur Francis) died in 1925, the year he turned 2.) as I moved away from her I heard my life-long unseen companions tell me just about these exact words, One said “You'd better say a proper goodbye because you'll never see her again.” The other ticked off the first for being so blunt then added “You won't see her for a long time because she's coming with us but you will see her again.”I went back and kissed and hugged my grandmother, whispering into her ear that I loved her and would miss her.

My paternal grandmother Ruby (Reid) Francis was born in 1882, she died on Wednesday 14 June 1972, I suspect as a result of medical shock after she broke her hip or something like that, by being pushed over in anger by her second oldest daughter who lived with her most of her life. The daughter also named Ruby had been blind since her 20s. In those days adults turned a blind eye to elder abuse. My aunt was a bully and a thug. I will never forgive my aunt.


Sometimes my life-long companions had told me things to save me from danger. Like screaming at me repeatedly to tell me to put my seat belt on before seat belts were law in Australia minutes before a semitrailer laden with steel construction girders rammed into the back of my stationary Holden HR shunting me about three car lengths forward stopping inches short of a busy intersection in peak hour traffic in January 1977, long before modern auditory implants existed. Clearly we are NOT the most intelligent species on this beautiful planet.


The bottom line is that I told those around me about being 'imstructed' on future events that came to fruition. I could literally feel the prenence of the entities in my car in 1977. Logically the only alternate to the postulkation we share this planet with more adbanced bniungs is a complicated set of beliefs that are far too illogical to contemplate.


The bottom line is that, all my life I've told those around me about being 'instructed' on future events that have always came to fruition. In my car in 1977, I could literally feel the presence of the entity between me and my closed driver's window. They can make physical contact with us, that was proved when they tossed a picture off the wall onto Julie Tursky who ran out my house in 1978/1979 screaming that she thought I am a witch. Logically the only probable postulation is that we 'share' this planet with more advanced beings than us, not our dead friends and relatives. What's the alternate belief? That the government have brainwashed us all and they secretly have time machines or can make their 'agents' invisible and formless? That's crazy.


Creepy as it is, we KNOW 50 years later in 2019 modern technology rapidly and inexplicable advanced with 'wifi' so that just because you can't see someone doesn't mean they can't see you and be heard by you. Isn't it time PARLIAMENT and the medical industry grew up?




I have no 'religion' but my favourite 'devil's advocate' question from another is, “If humans evolved from apes why didn't the apes evolve too?”

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