Milky Way over the Pinnacles in Australia - Image Credit, Michael Goh.


The illegal poo dumping, as seen above, happened on Australia Day 2019. They come to Australia for our money, take our jobs and our houses, control our governments, literally piss on our mended fences and literally dump their own shit into our backyards so they don't have to deal with it like a reasonable person would. This is they type of recalcitrant people who SHOULD be deported.


In case its missed your attention, the Australians responsible for the inhumane kidnapping of children in an attempt to commit genocide on the Australian first residents were actually Freemasons, elected Australian politicians and other government public officers (GPOs) under the patronage of the head of the Church of England and the British monarchy. We wouldn't want you to continue go through life totally clueless about the criminal Freemason element that remains the foundation of Australian government to this very day. They're commonly called 'the stolen generation' in an attempt to make it appear as if it happened for a short while only and that sort of shit doesn't happen any more. As if. 


In our Australian culture started by Freemasons, GPOs are just as happy to fuk over their own race if the effect will conceal their own crimes or crimes of their political idols. In this website is info on one white family Australian GPOs prepared earlier.


According to my grandmother's description of Jane McGregor her great grandmother, 'A short Scottish woman who wouldn't take any guff from anyone” apparently I'm just like GG Jane McGregor, (1842 Kilmarnock - 1932 Charters Towers) 3rd great granddaughter of the Scottish hero Rob Roy McGregor.  So if you've got Scottish or Irish heritage you shouldn't expect or want anything less from me. Jane McGregor arrived with her husband James McLachlan and the balance of their children who didn't die on ship during the journey in 1864. I'm not sure when father-in-law arrived, Robert McLachlan, (1816 Derry Ireland - 1864 Rockhampton) can't find any of his family in Irish records, for obvious reasons. So I'm thinking, 'what's wrong with the rest of you?

I'll buy into the marijuana debate with this INTJ personality observation based on my personal evidence:- The evidence says that the reason the political parties through parliament won't legalise the growing and personal use of the herb is because then they can't control the population with pain after they've surgically raped them or tortured them in some other clearly evident political way and they do this to a small percentage of the population harming or killing a much larger percentage in the same way as the TGA monitors implants – because they don't give a damn about the people, its all about the power. To Australian Labor and Liberal political parties, the individual citizen is a disposable political asset. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself, open your eyes and engage your brain.

"moving forward" means stop thinking about the negative aspects.

Chantelle from Melbourne Australia has a Medtronic SynchroMed Infusion Pump, its designed to carry medicine to the spine via a thin catheter tube. Chantelle says her pump is located next to her belly-button and that she had an experience where the pump flipped and was poking from her skin and looked like what she thought the foot of a fetus would look like poking from your belly. There is no record of the total number of implants inside people globally. Not even Medtronic the manufacturer know, they estimate approximately 200,000 people have these implanted pumps, its connected to 10 deaths in Canada and 1 in Australia.


Associate Professor Barry Rawicki rehabilitation specialist Monash children's hospital (Melbourne Australia) claims he has more experience with the Medtronic SynchroMed Infusion Pump than any other doctor in Australia. In a recorded statement to an ABC news journalist he said, “My first pump in Australia went in, in 1987 … for the first 5 years we were the only people putting pumps in”. The pump has a an electronic “wand” that can establish a wireless connection. Problems with the pump include causing spinal fluid leakage with potential of serious injury or death. Symptoms are being weak in the legs, and severe tiredness and lack of concentration.


I have what I can only describe as several illegal implants, because I don't know what they consist of. On 5 May 2005 during an MRI scan of my head one of my illegal implants poked from my skin near my belly button in the area where you'd only expect to see intestines. Its size was what I describe as the size of my thumb. On another occasion when I was at the shops an item of the same size was poking from my belly but this one was visibly vibrating. The illegal implants in my belly vibrate constantly, sometimes more than others. I can stop the vibrations totally by placing a large magnet over my belly button another one of my pubic bone and another on my left ovary. The purpose of the illegal implants appears to simulate the mechanics of male penetration during sexual intercourse. They cause a constant cramping in my uterus, when they get up to full speed they cause what feels like electrical sparks coming out my anus and farts from my vagina that, (intentionally) hasn't had sex for almost 3 decades.


My illegal implants first started being inserted without legal excuse in my waist area in 1987 and the last in my mouth in 2002. My illegal implants appear to be specifically designed to perpetually sexually rape me. My illegal implants appear to have their transceiver connection on top of my skull an in left side of my neck and left shoulder, with the rather intrusive and cruel aerial wrapped around my torso at my bra line, around my arms, and around my legs, where hair has stopped growing and themselves vibrate along constant tracks that after at least two decades are hard and raised and easily felt under my skin that's pock-marked with a multiplicity of microwave burn scars. When I lay on my left side in bed I feel the cable just under my skin crushing my skin between my soft mattress and my hip, that went in when I was heavily pregnant in 1991, (when government employed Freemasons risked my baby's life for their vanity) along with the one on my bra line through my sternum area and my anus leaving bloodied holes and dissolving stitches. All the evidence is insitu, inside me. Guess which Freemason was prime minister when my surgical rape was ordered and funded.


The arm aerials appear to have finals in both index finger and thumb tips. The leg areal have their finals in my big toes and appears to pass over the top of my vulva from its way from my belly to my legs.

That Freemason police in government falsely defamed me in 1989 calling me a murder victim then claim I faked my own death based on their own false defamations, and my surgical rape occurred in parallel with their false defamations indicate prima facie, its people from within our Australian governments who planned and carried out my extensive surgical rape after I was a witness to, and complainant of child sex crimes of Freemasons to Freemason police circa 1982, and me and make sure they fail the rest of the country via the TGA to conceal all their linked criminal activities.


In a letter dated 12 May 2010, from our federal government's Therapeutic Goods Association and Pam Carter from TGA they wrote to me to say, “TGA can only investigate problems with medical devices if the name of the device is known. You have not provided the name of the device(s) that you are concerned about therefore the TGA is unable to investigate your complaint.” I was detained under my State Mental Health Act for complaining about illegal implants 32 months later, after lots of reasonably strong letters to politicians and other in authority.


Which means the federal government in concert with all State governments or the Council of Australian Governments, are not interested in preventing or monitoring to occurrence of illegal implants in Australia. TGA's big boss says potentially faulty or outdated implants won't be thrown away due to economic reasons. Which is the federal government's admission that profits come before people. Aiding the problem of ineffective controls over medical implants is the fact that despite that every implant has a serial number, not even TGA are recording the number of devices manufactured and the number of people implanted, therefore anyone can be illegally implanted in secret, as I was. It also means that when the device is found to be faulty through their cruel 'trial and error' use of the devices the government can't recall it.


Legally under tort law of negligence, that's federal government negligence by omission, which is what I'd written to many politicians. We have more control over faulty toys and car parts than we have for medical implants. TGA lets manufacturers investigate faults. I know no one investigates illegal implants as that was my last unanswered question to my state health minister before he ordered my illegal imprisonment under his Mental Health Act at state election time in 2014.


Derek Beech was head of TGA until 1996 then became a medical device consultant, he says there is no official prior testing of implants, all trial and error come from use. Medical doctors are not required to report faults or illegal implants to TGA and rarely do. In 2016-17 financial year there were about 3,000 complaints to TGA about faulty items, only 2% came from medical doctors. Its medical doctors who have literally mocked me in the first instance when I say I suspect I have illegal implants. Which is prima facie evidence that government officials are criminally stalking me and bribing me consulted medical doctors to refuse to diagnose the very obvious symptoms of my very extensive surgical rape keep their dirty little secret about their illegal implants and their implant rape. Its high time someone with balls pulled the plug on this rather sadistic crime instead of perpetuating their primary school mentality into their senior age.


I've got a stack of documents proving within them multiple illegal actions from government public officers. I've got significant existing medical evidence in radiology proving in pictures the presence of obvious unreported foreign items inside me. I've got the illegal implants by possession inside me. What have the government got to say I'm wrong? Nothing more than a stack of documents proving within them multiple illegal actions from government public officers.


If I don't say so my-humble-self, I'm just as bloody clever at the tactics of battle as all my famous royal ancestors were, all rolled into one perfect package. Me.

26 Nov 2018 ABC news reporters published their findings after a year long research on legal medical implants called 'The Implant Files: Deadly devices' published day after the one on the right. As you can tell its poorly edited, was probably done in a hurry on political grounds. They say they found no-one is monitoring the problems with implants, in the past decade 83,000 people died from faulty implants, 170 in Australia. You can bet our government was hoping I would be one of them which is why they refused me penicillin in 2011 and 2012 and arrested me in election time 2014 on the false claim of being a nut-job because I complained to police and health minister. I'm still (not) left wondering why ABC journalists REFUSE to publish my Australian Political Crime story.

30-40 years ago medical implants were specifically marketed to the voting public as being funded, researched, designed and implanted to give much needed medical benefits to individuals who are chronically ill. Reality is they are not living up to the promise. Additionally they're actually giving concealment benefits to the criminal element that walk amongst us in our medical industry and inside our own governments including our parliaments, who refuse to enact fail safe measures to strictly control, monitor and address general and personal health issues directly caused by inappropriate medical implants. A negligence that has cost the lives of at least 170 Australians in the past decade. Many thousands more continue to suffer in physical agony their cry's for help fall on the greedy power-hungry political parties, Labor and Liberal.


The numbers of needlessly physically suffering Australians Include myself. Being a perfectly healthy individual, I've been campaigning medical doctors for some 13 years, (since 2006) to have illegal implants removed from me after they were seen in MRI (above left) and CT radiology images, and from the outside in my forehead (below left) this item can be seen to move under my skin and causes microwave burning across my eyes making the WHITES of my eyes excessively hot and a constant hue of red and yellow. How sadistic is that! What benefit is that? Can THEY see from MY eyes? The large non-biological item in my head seen in the MRI is in the EXACT location I feel constant abnormal vibrations.

(Other evidence see images on other pages on this website)


The government's response to me, as a victim of crime, was to create false government documents that claim I have mental health issue - without any supporting evidence. Inferring all people with mental health issues are Australian government sanctioned medical experiment targets - back to the 1950s we go.


I've lived in South Australia since 2004. From 2006 to 2018 the Labor Party was in power in South Australia state parliament. Labor Party were also in power in Federal parliament and New South Wales state, where I was born and lived until 2004, and where I was criminally defamed then criminally surgically raped in 1980s and 1990s. However the Liberal Party have shown us they are also of they mindset that they don't want to rock the medical implant money-boat. Even if its bulging with proceeds of crime or perhaps because its a fine revenue raiser. The two political parties are accessories to these blatant criminally negligent medical crimes the prima facie evidence irrefutably proves they jointly gave the criminal nod. Herein in evidence of the two elements of a crime - their guilty minds mens rea; and their guilty acts actus reas.


Perhaps this is genocide of the politically undesirable.

We in Australia, we have an island separated from the closest mainland by a huge body of ocean, we shouldn’t allow our island to become a corrupt shithole like the rest of the world, by allowing immigrants to become part of the criminal organisations that are allowed to flourish in government due to past immigration predominantly from the United Kingdom. But that's exactly what's happened. Personally, I believe all the current immigrant criminal shitheads should be shipped BACK to England, prefably in chains.

If you’re real clever, after reading these two black-rimmed BALLS (left) you'll notice that Janette’s false defamations in the South Australia health department started soon after 2 May 2008 when Janette sent a “PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL” registered Australia Post letter to our Adelaide based SAPOL commissioner. The registered letter was unlawfully intercepted; opened; then destroyed by police detective Ms Alison Bee at Christies Beach police station, in breach of FEDERAL law. Ms Alison Bee immediately complained to her fellow Labor Party public officers up the road in Noarlunga, (1 minute by car) asking the mental health department, (yellow PDF page 110) to forcibly detain Janette under the Mental Health Act because Janette asked the police commissioner to arrest Ms Alison Bee’s fellow Christies Beach police buddies for their ALREADY court proved criminal assault. That’s all that it took to start this Adelaide state government criminal bullshit off - harboured by inbred South Australia hillbillies funding this serious federal offence with public finances after its illegally rubber stamped by four, (4) consecutive parliaments so they don't uspet their extended family.

ABOVE: In the government funded war against Australian born private citizen Janette the double bruise on back of this woman's upper leg was caused by boot of Timothy Cooper in the process of a crime funded by Christies Beach police, on day after her 51st birthday in 2007 when she accidentally intercepted a drug deal between two police persons. After she was falsely arrested Attorney General's department claimed to the effect that because it's LEGAL for police to do drug deals with each other, Janette's false assault by Timithy Cooper and her criminal assault after arrest was also legal and her physical injuries from the assault would never be corrected. Then they fabricated claims Janette had mental health issues. 12 years later she's still waiting for due process of law. To make sure she knows she's hated her immigrant neighbours poison her plants in her garden and lie about her for government criminally fabricated mental health records. Her crime? She witnessed child sex crimes. 'Children of the Corn'