The male & female I spoke to in 2003 at 44 Delaunay St, Ingleburn electoral roll address for Rex John Walters & Lorraine Leslie Walters, were same male and female who spoke to me “grinning” at Bunnings Seaford SA return desk Dec 2019. Being 1,359 klms apart & about 3 klms from my abode since 2004 means they're criminally stalking me. Proving they're lying scheming sadistic parasitic terrorists

ph 03 9114 7116.

Australian State and Federal police are the largest organised crime network in Australia. Parliaments became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against the Commonwealth enabling police to cross the line from law enforcement to crime many years ago when they gave police “discretionary powers” to investigate "what police deemed" crime. That as we know has created bad government in breach of the Constitution of Australia instruction to “make” laws for peace order and good government of Commonwealth ss 51 and 52. Checkmate.

All you need to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is linked ABOVE.

unplug from the Matrix


Infection around the illegal implant in my head next to my left ear is a silent killer. All I’ve ever felt when it’s been infected is mildly dizzy. I feel that now and am faced with the unreasonable task of finding a doctor to give me a script for antibiotics for the infection around the illegal implant the medical community refuse to publicly acknowledge due to pressure from our psychopathicly sadistic TERRORIST Australian governments in 2020.

I started my Adelaide Supreme Court civil lawsuit in May 2019 Proving her participation in the conspiracy to murder me, Judge Katrina Bochner decided in about October 2019 she would refuse to acknowledge me as a human person with rights to integrity of person and refused to acknowledge my evidence that I've been surgically raped with illegal implant in my brain and had infection in my head.


The court appointed a junior judge to this important human rights anti-terrorism civil suit against their own government, proving the Chief Justice's own participation in his government's  conspiracy to murder me.


THIS LINK Janette Gail FRANCIS v Alison Barbara Jane COLE and Gpaxis Pty Ltd. stored in the 4 folders are my documents JUDGE KATRINA BOCHNER unconstitutionally REFUSED to acknowledge, in her document and the documents put by the defence that were baseless which she criminally accepted, as a participating TERRORIST inside government, as ALL the facts she needed to decide my application under Australian law to the highest State Court.



Synopsis: People illegally "protecting" governments from exposure and responsibility for these crimes in this website  are doing exactly what Cardinal GEORGE PEL is in prison for protecting their organisation from exposure for decades of  CHILD SEX CRIMES the only difference is the paedophiles weren't clergy - they are FREEMASONS and government public officers. On 6 March 1990 the only Camden NSW Australia long-term Freemason (male) and Local Court FREEMASON Magistrate made a State court order for me to mediate with the man who raped my 3 month old baby son and kidnapped my 14 year old son - both Federal and State governments were and still are “officially” OK with that; because the CHILD SEX CRIME offender was a FREEMASON, before the court was my application for an Apprehended Violence Order against my male parent. 14 years later in 2004 a FREEMASON Goulburn NSW Local Court Magistrate imposed a 5 year AVO on me for reasonably complaining “in writing” (with NO violence from me) that Goulburn government officers was acting like terrorists in breach of Australian law. Prior Camden NSW area child sex crimes had occurred on 24 April 1988 and 29 Nov 1988 but Camden NSW police refused to take my statement despite knowing there was a history of CHILD SEX CRIMES from the same FREEMASON offender.

Historically "FREEMASON led" parliaments and police departments have and are historically covered up for blokes who don't know when to keep their dick in their pants. The Campbelltown Community Justice Centre staff have always covered up FREEMASON CHILD SEX CRIMES agreeing with the FREEMASON Magistrate that my only option was to medicate with the infant's FREEMASON rapist only they illegally added my mum to the letter. Again in 1997 State government insisted I mediate with the creep who sexually assaulted me after he forced his way into my bedroom when I was sleeping during the NSW Local Government Conference in Port Macquarie Australia NSW police claimed I "must" have been at fault and refused to take my statement, news journalists and editors and producers have ALL refused to expose any of these crimes because they’re historically linked to FREEMASONS (aka Masons) in Australian government public office who “worship” the old ancient Egyptian gods I know as I used to regularly hear my male parent reciting his next Freemason meeting “lines” - you know FREEMASONS use ancient Egyptian symbols as their own. FREEMASONRY is an ancient cult that literally “secretly worships” incest and CHILD SEX CRIMES and should be outlawed in Australia. Above entrance of Adelaide Grand Lodge Audi Vide Tace from Latin proverb Audi, Vide, Tace, si vis vivere in pace (Hear, see, be silent, if you would live in peace). Now you know the FREEMASONRY death-pact kept "secret" - FREEMASONS included ex PM BOB HAWKE.

Conspiracy to Murder Me

You know when you’re being “targeted” (fuked over) by an Australian State government with terrorist assaults when the State health department and the State court says its ok for doctors NOT to follow federal government protocol for medical examinations.


This link is COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA health department’s expected outcomes when you have nerve pain; and this is my saved PDF of the page in case it changes.

In 2019 went to a Seaford Heights SA doctor (Ms) Anh Mai Duong, I had extreme nerve pain in my back forcing me to walk with 2 walking sticks, when I was able to walk. I had numbness in my foot, she discovered I had no nerve reflexes in either knee and ankle, she thought I was faking it so I looked away as she bashed my legs looking for a response and found none. Still this sadistic bitch did nothing apart from scripts for mild pain relief and telling me off for taking them as she directed when I went back for another script. I asked her to refer me for a MRI but she refused. She wanted me to have Xrays or CT which is stronger Xrays but I refused on the grounds I have already been overexposed to Xrays by other equally criminally negligent medical doctors in Adelaide.


This link is COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA health department’s expected outcomes when a doctor examines your mental health; and this is my saved PDF of the page in case it changes.

In 2018 I was "ordered" to the Seaford Meadows SA doctor (Ms) Alison Barbara Jane COLE for medical examination or loose my driving licence if I refused. COLE told government she believed I had mental illness, but she did that without conducting even this basic test. She conducted no test at all. She just looked at this website and claimed she couldn’t see anything abnormal in the images of me on the outside and in MRI in the header of this page. COLE “diagnosed” me as “delusional” because I “believed” I can see abnormalities in the images. COLE was a UK doctor on an Australian work visa. I suspect she has full citizenship buy now after having agreed to participate in terrorism against this Australian citizen. You don't need to take my word that COLE didn't examine my mental health as the federal governmentb expects, COLE filed copy of her examination notes via her lawyer, LINKED HERE she's the 1st Defendant.

South Australia government illegally and permanently cancelled my driving licence I’d had since 1973 with no incident because I “believe” I have had an unreported infection around an illegal implant and an illegal implant and that can be seen in MRI and I “believe” I have other implants as evidenced by my nerve pain in my spine and lack of notable nerve signals to my knees and feet.


As you can see from the FRANCIS v COLE, folder link the South Australia government also illegally supports TERRORISM, TO ADVANCE THEIR POLITICAL CAUSE.


Under Australain law a "terrorist act" means an action or threat of action where (that): 

  1. causes serious harm that is physical harm to a person; or
  2. causes serious damage to property; or 
  3. causes a person's death; or
  4. endangers a person's life, other than the life of the person taking the action; or 
  5. creates a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a section of the public; or
  6. seriously interferes with, seriously disrupts, or destroys, an electronic system including, but not limited to:
    1. a telecommunications system or;
    2. a financial system; or
    3. a system used for the delivery of essential government services; or
    4. a system used for, or by, an essential public utility; or
    5. a system used for, or by, a transport system. 

THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.