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just up from South Australia's willy behind that big old boot east of the bight

If elected to our council, I will devote my time to be the very loud 'reasonable' voice of my constituents in the interests of the betterment of our community, regardless of any political persuasion but not because of one. My time will be devoted to seeking out and identifying corruption in Onkaparinga City Council administration. As previous councillors know full well its up to the elected members of any council, as a group, to take appropriate action, and its up to the State government to legally enforce our laws without prejudice or favouritism. One person is powerless to enforce Australian law without any other, the ones doing the best job have the largest numbers of vocal haters. Beware the politician who is publicly loved in their community and always in the local newspapers, under Australia's current political regime the news media's most popular person is more likely than not corruptible for the benefit of the 'party faithful'.


Remember that playground fist fight over who was to ride the see-saw that's what Australian politics is like.


I came from the outer south Sydney region in NSW to live in the Onkaparinga council area in 2004. Since 2006 I have been tirelessly tackling the problem of criminal corruption in your governments that is prevalent in my current life in this area. I have irrefutable proof that prominent citizens controlling the events from the government who controls our local council in Onkaparinga are an unincorporated group of organised criminals whose sole purpose is to commit crimes. If elected I will have a better position to continue my fight against this steady undercurrent of government crime. My goal is to make our area a safe place to raise a family, pursue any interests, and retire in peace free from the types of criminal government interventions I've endured in Noarlunga.


Its true I have been guilty of calling out area Oinkaparinga, I had good reason. Circa 2007 Onkaparinga council staff attached an infringement notice to my car when parked in the car park near council. The fine stated or inferred the unreasonable claim that I took up more than one car space. My sign-written family sedan had anti police corruption slogans on it and a standard box trailer attached. Hence Oinkaparinga.


In about September 2018 an unidentified person linked to the Facebook page of 'Onkaparinga Council Watch' (administered by ex-councillor Yvonne Kirsten Wenham) made a formal complaint about my statement that I was “illegally dismissed from my elected position in Wollondilly Shire Council (NSW) in 1999” this complaint was made to Electoral Commissioner Mike Sherry, on behalf of the State of South Australia pursuant to s 28 Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 (SA) which states in effect that: a person can be fined up to $5,000 for making a statement of fact that is inaccurate and misleading to influence an election. Thus far staff at Commissioner Sherry's office have unconscionably and unreasonably refused to take my evidence that I was indeed “illegally dismissed”.


For the benefit the Crown I make this “statement of fact”: everything on this website can be proved as fact using the commonly recognised standard of proof used in civil or criminal law courts in this our Australia (its not just yours);


(balance of probabilities) “A fact is proved to be true on the balance of probabilities if its existence is more probable than not, or if it is established on the preponderance of probability, (Rejfek v McElroy (1965) 112 CLR 517) or to the reasonable satisfaction of the tribunal of fact, taking account of matters such as the gravity and inherent improbability of the allegation, (Briginshaw v Briginshaw (1938) 60 CLR 336; Neat Holdings Pty Ltd v Karajan Holdings Pty Ltd (1992) 110 ALR 449; 67ALJR 170; Evidence Act 1995 (NSW) s140(2))” (Standard of proof) “In criminal proceedings a defendant's case is proved if the court is satisfied that the case is proved on the balance of probabilities: R v Carr-Briant [1943] 2 All ER 156, 158-9. There is provision to this effect in the uniform evidence legislation Evidence Act 1995 (Cth) s 141(2).”


Source: Finkelstein, Ray., Hamer, David., Howie, Rod. and Butt, Peter. (2015) LexisNexis concise Australian legal dictionary, Chatswood, LexisNexis, 56, 593.





Not too long ago in our Christian history if a woman told police she'd been raped by her dad, the (all male) government had her deemed insane and locked up in a mental asylum. NSW government had a "Lunacy Department" these days it'd probably be named simply parliament. See also Ten Days in a Mad-House, written 1887 by American author Nellie Bly, an exposé of asylum abuse that's still relevant of psychiatrists in Australia today 150 years later.


Over a decade ago I told police I've been surgically raped by

doctors, and had the proof, instead of investigating my crime report the government had me (illegally) locked up in a mental asylum (2014) on a bizarre claim I had harmed myself by a dentist extracting my teeth in a government hospital when I was under general anaesthetic - some 40 years prior. Our barking mad Government Public Officers in Noarlunga and greater Adelaide Australia have been (illegally) defaming me ever since at least 2006.


What mikes me “special” is that I have the legal proof to put some (many) Australian GPO's in prison and prove they're the lowest scum on this planet. Some of the good ones are published here in this website (and elsewhere).



Janette says:

If the government that gives your
local council legislated power is corrupt
then your local council  is more likely than not
to be corrupted.

Politics brings out the primal savage in
your favourite prominent citizen
if it doesn't they're not worth your vote.

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