At the root of everything that's harmed me is the fact at age 11 (1967) I witnessed ritualistic child sex crimes and murder occurring inside a southern SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Freemason meeting when their membership were drawn from government public office and the major Australian political parties. They'll do “whatever it takes” to keep that Freemason “political secret” which would otherwise harm the reputations of the Liberal and Labor party in the 21st century. Freemasons are much worse than the Christian churches they worship the ancient Gods of the Egyptians - Osirus, Isis etc., created from incest and other sex acts. But that's only the tip of the masonic iceburg. My dad was head of his Freemason lodge in 1973. When it comes to “custom of practice” Australian government and Freemasons generally are closer to radical Muslims than they are to mainstream Christians; they're also worthless parasitic scum whose goals are to 'feather their own nest' and trick the voters into thinking they 'care' about Australians generally.

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THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.

On 17 November 2005 Janette was struck with a massive force of what appears to be microwave energy. It impacted at the back of her neck where, ever since, it’s been the centre of a massive amount of sparking energy raging inside her radiating to ***all parts of her person.

As the abnormal "sparking" energy went up into her brain from her neck it caused her the natural long-term response of not being able to trust the government or medical doctors who obviously did this to her.

Three weeks past before she had the courage to seek medical assistance. She was violently micro vibrating during the CT of her head. Janette's CT scan image shows an unexplained “artefact” interference, but the State employed radiologist claimed there was nothing abnormal.

Also December 2005, Janette went to Christies Beach police station to report the attack as an attempt on her life. All she said was “I think someone has tried to kill me.” The police officer told her to go away and seek psychiatric help. On 17 December 2005 the threat was started by a person using the name “shooter” a username you’d expect to be used by someone with access to a gun or the weapon that shot Janette with the massive amount of sparking energy on 17 November 2005.

*** Janette's eyes remain so abnormally hot that her eyelid skin dries out and splits. The whites of her eyes are always red and yellow. The energy sparks in a radius around the item behind her left ear seen in above business card link photo. If she puts a strong magnet over a prior illegally stitched site over her tailbone it feels like something is trying to exit through her skin.

It appears the energy gains "power" through Janette's circulatory or respiratory system as it slows when she sleeps and excites when she moves first thing after waking. From the evidence it can also be randomly excited externally to give "extra" torture effect when Janette is motionless on the whim of the “fat controller”. Which means it was designed to be "parasitic".

Only insane psychopaths with an endless supply of resources would do this to another living creature let alone a person knowing they’ll never be prosecuted for torture and other crimes against humanity. Only a government; and most probably NOT only in Australia.

The evidence against Australian governments and medical persons in this website proves who has bribed them to silence and who employed (them) my GP Mohammed R AHMED and my other NSW GP Fred UEHLIN and others when they first surgically raped me when I was heavily pregnant in 1991 right up to Feb., 2002 refusing me the right to say NO and the right to have these illegal items removed.

Section 116 of Australian Constitution carries a human rights “implication” that its unlawful for any Australian government to dictate an opinion or a activity on an Australian.

This means forcing me to endure these illegal implants because that's what government public officers want me to do, that's unconstitutional. Likewise for forcing me to “believe” there are no illegal implants when the multiplicity of evidence compels otherwise, is unconstitutional on the same grounds expressed by implication in s116. If you can't legislate to do it you can't legislate to indirectly allow any "policy" to do it. I'm quietly confident I'd get unanimous support for that "law student" interpretation from the High Court of Australia. Additionally, action or inactions contrary to visually obvious evidence put before you is NOT acting in good faith; isn't that right chief justice Christopher John Kourakis ?


1) Greyscale link to defamation.

2) Colour link to Australian law on CONSPIRACY. For all the wankers who believe or claim despite knowing unlawful "Conspiracy" is illegal in Australia.

Even if I was nuttier than a “fruitcake” as super refined “TheBigKeg” put it (page 40) its reasonable to presume, on the balance of probability that  after all these and many more “terrorist attacks” targeting me in every aspect of my life and my own Australian residential government have participated in them (admitted by their refusal to stop them despite Australian criminal law) then its reasonably deduced the government's own lack of appropriate action actually “caused” me to be as nutty as a fruitcake. Boom boom.

The ‘thread’ titled AUSTRALIA SUX!? was started by "Shooter" (user 96962) on 17 December 2005. The last entry after dated 27 April 2007 penultimate entry was "Procedural Fairness" (user 470577) the last entry was Janette.

Janette threatened "Bulletproof" the publishers with a defamation lawsuit if the post wasn't removed. Bulletproof’s moderators refused to remove the post claiming it was not defamatory and that it was the truth. Then Janette followed the forum demand with a letter and email to head of Bulletproof at their head office in Sydney NSW. Then they removed the post. It took several months to have the post removed once Janette discovered it. No Adelaide lawyer would assist Janette with a defamation lawsuit. Knowing the past cases denouncing hate speech and defamation on Facebook, you can now understand how politically corrupt (terrorism inclined) most people in Adelaide, South Australia are, not just their lawyers.

“The Brain Doctor” (user 31077) insists by inference Adelaide police have never been criminally inclined which indicates he’s probably from a police family. You can tell how he treats (user 39938) “WIZz” after he relays his girlfriend’s experience with criminal police in Adelaide region.

Anyone who appears to be supporting Janette is either equally ridiculed or their post deleted.

As I wrote previously, I reasonably suspect “Honey Bee” (35120) is Christies Beach police detective Alison Bee who falsified police records and (page 110) gave false statement to mental health department in 2008 in her criminal defamation of Janette and an attempt to have Janette unjustly and unlawfully imprisoned which is itself criminal breach of Mental Health Act 1993;

  • QUOTE: "Offences in relation to authorisations and orders section 31 (4) Any person who by fraudulent means procures or attempts to procure any person who does not have a mental illness to be received into, or detained in, an approved treatment centre or to be treated pursuant to an order under this Act is guilty of an offence. Division 5 fine or division 5 imprisonment."

“Damo” (user 39510) Only type of person from Goulburn who’d didn’t like what I had written on my car were the criminal police from Goulburn police station and the NSW State police academy in Goulburn NSW. Only reason he'd be ‘accidently’ at that threat would be as his fellow police mates were there, or he’s lying and he was never in Goulburn just wanted to help his mates out with a bit more male bullshit about Janette. Goulburn is quite a small town.

"Shooter" (user 96962) is someone who probably owns a pistol or rifle. Someone like a cop or ex-cop security guard. (He) wrote like a ‘bloke’ openly spouted hatred of women in inference and many entries that are criminal defamation (false and or reckless) something that is the truth can also be defamation if its capable of holding the person up to unjust ridicule as was done here; or taken out of CONTEXT as its been done by the Whirlpool mob and most of the public officers in Adelaide. (He) was also inciting others to criminally stalk Janette and her (minor) children inciting violence and hatred towards Janette and inciting forgery of government documents. (He) should get a prison term to “rehabilitate” him with a little respect and his/her identity should be revealed publicly to understand his underlying criminal motive or probability he's involved in the many harms that Janette has experienced as an innocent victim of Australia government funded crime in Australia that started with the criminal actions of Australian Freemason police in the 1980s. Or maybe he's one of the Campbelltown NSW cop sons and daughter who raped Janette in 1970s.


Considering the criminal elements of these posts were what Christies Beach police refused to investigate gives you a clue about its origins.


So Janette started a law degree after no lawyer would take any case for her. Take note "Loser Fukheads" Janette got a HIGH DISTINCTION in her 2018 defamation law assignment.

I’ve known for past 20 years that high ranking government public officers were involved in these Freemason crimes. Their "political cause" so not having the evidence I needed I’ve been tossing them (proverbial) crumbs so they'd give me the evidence I needed to prove it.

They walked into my own traps, clueless, like lambs to the slaughter because of their arrogance, the natural psychopath cop trait government looks for in their police; and they're not very intelligent.

I was amused how easy it was. My male parent was a high ranking Freemason. I was never scared of him and I’m not intimidated by any creep who needs a bunch of his mates behind him before he tries to bully a woman into silence.

There's so much crap tarnishing my reputation because government officials know I have the goods to put them or their mates in prison. The only question left is, how corrupt is the High Court of Australia?

To Whom It May Concern,


RE the act of "political cause" terrorism demonstrated with "actual bias" and blatantly obvious lack of seperation of powers by Adelaide Supreme (Civil) Court Judge Katrina Bochner in FRANCIS v COLE and GPAXIS PTY LTD (2019) SASC 179. It’s the grown-up version of “I’m taking my ball and going home” if you can call what Katrina did “grown-up” I don't, because grown-ups in the 21st century are by law forced to play fair. Doing what Katrina did is an act of spiteful terrorism used when you know your "political" team is going to lose if you play by the rules. Judge Katrina Bochner is a "political cause" terrorist, who by inference of her actions intended to provoke me into acts of violence so her political cause TERRORIST comrades can arrest me as the terrorist, or is expecting I'll give up and go away as they think I have done before when in REALITY, I’ve been accumulating evidence against them since about 1989. Wankers.

Let’s put it this way so you have an insight into my train of thought. Soon after I started high school in 1969 I wore glasses and kept to myself, as an INTJ making new friends is not a strong point. Unlike most people I don't "need" friends, but as a friend I'm my friend's protector, I'm a faithful friend just not a clingy one. An older girl came up to me and asked me if I was Alan Francis’ sister. I answered yes. Without explanation she grabbed both my hands in both her hands and started spinning me like the Scottish Highlands “hammer throw” and I was her hammer. At first I was amused as this was a favourite game in primary school. Then I realised she was trying to scare me, so I grabbed her hands tight so she couldn't let go became the hammer thrower and took over control of the spin then after I saw the fear in her eyes I flung her and told her to piss off. She never bothered me again. I’m not an aggressive person because I don’t want to be aggressive. That doesn’t mean I can’t be it just means I have 100% control and I always play by the rules. I’m a rock for the rules and that's the way I roll. If I were a bloke I'd be called the strong silent type. As I'm female I'm deemed timid. Go figure. No I don't know her gripe and I don't need to know she had no right to blame me for anything my older brother did.


We all know Australia's criminal laws are loosely based on the Christian 10 commandments. What we all don't know is Australia's government public officers enforcing those laws rarely if ever apply them to themselves because they silence the press to prevent them publishing the truth about Australia's atrocious history of human right violations that aren't mere limited to indigenous people and refugees. Why do you think they're so horrible to indigenous people and refugees? Answer because that's business as usual.


You would think that Cardinal George Pell and myself live in different countries, but we don't. The evidence that convicted Cardinal Pell is weaker than the evidence I have against the fraternity of Australian Freemasons and repeatedly asked police to investigate since I was a child. Like Cardinal Pell's accuser I'm an upstanding citizen, I've been university educated, I've never been in trouble with police, unlike his accuser I've even being democratically elected into local council and run my own computer repair business back in 1990s. Yet my child sex claims against FREEMASONS gets no acknowledgement by Freemason police and no hearing in the Freemason founded courts that convicted Cardinal Pell because the police and courts and governments generally across the globe historically unite to conceal the CHILD SEX CRIMES of ALL FREEMASONS. The public disgrace of Cardinal Pell is merely political subterfuge, its utter bullshit.


From childhood to womanhood I personally have a long-standing (50 years) human rights issue in my country that is perpetually compounded by being suppressed and invisible in government and their press on criminal political grounds (as acts of terrorism despite being a crime in my country since 1995)


So I'm wondering whether it would be worthwhile contacting you with my proposal. Law mentioned is our Australian legislation which I've been unable to access due to the political crimes and have been arrested many times for trying to assert my legal rights. Australia's "good" human rights history is fake history.


I have a groundbreaking case I'm wondering if you are interested in pursuing with me. I am a student at law and understand the law on these issues very well, but obviously would benefit immensely from the expertise of someone like yourself.


I tried to take related issues in State Supreme civil court as a test to see how the State would react, the court acted without separation of powers and actual bias by refusing to acknowledge my evidence in Affidavit and exhibits; and actually lying by blatantly false claims about the content of my affidavit evidence in the Judges reasons for judgment to dismiss my claim on defendant's first interlocutory application. The judge was a master of the Supreme court so I had no appeal there.


So, now I have a federal court matter involving breach of my irrevocable Australian Consumer Law service guarantees.


The matter involves elements in tort being extensive conspiracy; defamation; assault and trespass; trespass to property; unlawful imprisonment; and invasion of privacy.


The torts have criminal elements of conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity torture and other inhumane treatment,

conspiracy to murder,

conspiracy to commit terrorist acts as they also have a “political cause” motive.


Highly probably can prove unlawful purpose conspiracy; but definitely can prove unlawful means conspiracy.


The matter involves a number of medical doctors (GPs and specialists) refusing during consultation to prescribe me antibiotics for infection near my brain; and

refused to prescribe me any drugs as treatment of radiology &lung function test diagnosed emphysema; and

they refused to identify (foreign matter) large infection seen in MRI radiology diagnostics of my head; and


refused to identify (foreign matter) a large non-biological foreign item seen in MRI radiology diagnostics of my head; and


refused to identify (foreign matter) a large non-biological foreign item seen in CT Scan radiology diagnostics of my head.

I have Freedom of Information documents that prove 100% the private medical doctors participated in conspiracy with State governments of South Australia and/or each other.


I have a Medicare document that says by inference State government of SA health public officers participated in the unlawful 2014 conspiracy with New South Wales health public officers; and a private NSW doctor who I'd consulted before I left NSW circa 1997.


There is evidence to establish Commonwealth Health public officer identifying as TGA-Health "Pamela Carter" participated in conspiracy with the States but its less obvious so best left alone for now perhaps.


All medical services were funded (informal contract) with Medicare Australia fee only.


Regarding the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) breaches the State Consumer Commissioner is wilfully blind to include:


ACL Chapter 2—General protections

Part 2-1—Misleading or deceptive conduct s18;

Part 2-2—Unconscionable conduct s21;


ACL Chapter 3—Specific protections

Part 3-1—Unfair practices s29 False or misleading representations about goods or services,

s34 Misleading conduct as to the nature etc. of services,

s36 Wrongly accepting payment.


ACL Chapter 3—Specific protections

Part 3-2—Consumer transactions

Division 1—Consumer guarantees

Subdivision B—Guarantees relating to the supply of services;

s60 Guarantee as to due care and skill,

s61 Guarantees as to fitness for a particular purpose etc.,

s62 Guarantee as to reasonable time for supply.


They have all (by their actions or unconstitutional lack of action) forced me to accept “unsolicited goods” being the “unidentified foreign items in my head (and elsewhere)

ACL Chapter 3—Specific protections

Division 2—Unsolicited consumer agreements

Subdivision A—Introduction s 69 Meaning of unsolicited consumer agreement; and

Subdivision C—Requirements for unsolicited consumer agreements etc. s 78 Requirement to give document to the consumer.

As the “consumer” I've never been given a “document” with respect to the “unsolicited goods” (being foreign items they refuse to acknowledge and that's evidently “why” they refuse to acknowledge them.)


All the medical doctors (State and private) acted unconscionably to refuse my ACL service guarantees of appropriate medical care in prescription and acknowledgement of the foreign items in radiology. Don't even need to argue diagnosis of what the foreign items were as they refused to acknowledge the foreign items actually existed despite that they are very visual to any layperson. Their “wilful blindness is the personification of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.


All the private medical doctors took Medicare payment intending not to provide the service.


Government medical doctors and police and other public officers conspired to breach the Mental Health Act (MHA) section 102 to imprison me as a mental health patient when I had no MHA treatable mental health problem. I have that evidence in video and in FOI documents where they griped despite that I was under a MHA order I was “still planning to sue the government” and inferred I was MHA detained and imprisoned because I was in their words ”antisocial” both are exclusion elements in MHA Schedule.


SA State also used the fake diagnosis to illegally cancel my driving licence I've held since I was 17, only had minor speed and parking fines, its been a commercial class licence since 2009.


SA State also refused to accept my NSW birth certificate as my own claiming my ID is not my ID, evidently to support the NSW theft of my ID as a 1984 murder victim fabricated by Freemasons to cover up Australian Freemason history of child sex crimes, where my male parent was a high ranking Freemason and a Freemason police protected, serial paedophile but unlike the rest of my family (and country) I refused to remain silent on the issues that including witnessing a Freemason cult meeting ritualistic murder and rape of 2 boys my own age in 1967.


As many government public officers including some prime ministers, lawyers and medical doctors were traditionally Freemason in Australia, the Freemason child sex crimes cover up is politically bipartisan and its also the terrorist's “political cause” so you need as they say, “to have balls” to take on this matter with me which is also “in the public interest”.


My evidence against public officers and medical doctors whose actions assist in covering up Freemason CHILD SEX CRIMES and CHILD MURDER during the course of the sex acts during my male parent's FREEMASON lodge meeting in 1967 when I was about 11 years old; and include - many relevant government and medical documents are now all in government possession. Really don't need “expert” witness evidence the case can be easily determined in my favour on the documents alone, many are linked on and from being this website.


Medical doctors I've seen, they’ve got the mentality of rapists before DNA testing; they act like they figure if they all stick to the same story, I don’t have anything on them. How dim-witted must a university educated person be to think that Mr O'Callaghan? Must have bought their qualifications on the black market or from a political party with reciprocal criminal arrangement.

ABOUT the right to say NO

The ability to exchange your own humanity with any financial or employment benefit or personal gratification (for any length of time) is proof that person is criminally insane and belongs in the general prison population, not a mental health facility.

This is a one WHITE WOMAN's push to STOP her years long physical illegal-implant TORTURE funded by government and to access full legal recognition as a living person in her country of birth. Australia. To do that she must sue the government in federal court because police are some of the aggressors. In response to Janette’s request that police investigate the medical crimes they caused her 40 year no accident commercial class driving licence to be permanently cancelled. Australia is one political step away from being exactly like North Korea. The life-long Australian government attack on Janette has its roots in police-protected Freemason child sex crimes.

All that's needed to prove extensive taxpayer funded TERRORISM is at first 8 links below starting with "tallman".

Liberal and Labor governments in Australia irrationally “believe” that because they’re elected into government that gives them mandate as “majority” in a democracy to do any illegal thing of their choosing, including terrorism against “select” innocent citizens. The irrational “belief” of Labor and Liberal governments is that if someone says they’re an innocent victim of an illegal action, any illegal action, they can deem that person mentally ill merely for holding their own personal “belief” that they're a victim of crime. Whether the individual's belief is grounded with hard evidence is irrelevant to both political parties because the party "belief" reigns supreme even when it's been proved wrong. Eg: If an Australian government secretly decided using a departmental “policy” that the Moon is made of cheese and someone published claims on the internet insisting that the Moon is not made of cheese, then based on their departmental “policy” the government can arrest that person using the Mental health Act, imprison and forcibly drug that person until they accept the departmental “policy” that the Moon is made of cheese. That's precisely what they've done to Janette.

Australia is an insane country where the same State government that can prosecute you for animal cruelty to a domestic pet can also insidiously torture you with illegal artificially vibrating and sparking implants in your head then legally diagnose you insane and imprison you for complaining about being illegally tortured.

See image left and images immediately below.

Left link: multi YEAR political defamation and child endangerment, supported and co-created by criminal POLICE (SAPOL Adelaide and Goulburn NSW Police Academy):


it's a little bit of truth with quite a lot of lies, false assumptions and narcissistic abuse.


I suggest the user "Honey Bee" is actually Christies Beach police defective detective Alison Bee.


See this FOI response supplementary number 9 link "GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY To MURDER" (right).


Supplementary Link 9 has the same level of criminal lies and narcissistic abuse. Alison BEE (page 110) is a dirty-blonde female who in 2008 criminally lied (as a cop) about Janette, in written State police and State health records without Janette's knowledge and accompanied in her crimes by another cop with the alleged same last name as the then Labor party State Premier Jay "WEATHERILL"


  • (pages 37, 111, 112) Janette made NO report of 1999 sexual assault by a NSW Minister and NO undated report of sexual assault by a psychiatrist. Those two lies were conjured up in the "tiny" minds of Adelaide State criminal public officers claiming to be police in State health records.


  • Janette had no face to face contact with any Ministers of church or government in 1999 and no contact with any psychiatrist until she was illegally politically imprisoned in 2014 for publishing factual proof of State public officer criminal offences on Internet. 


  • (page 40) Indicates how “major party” parliamentarians treat their constituents. If you do happen to have any form of mental health condition, which includes depression, Minister in government will not bother to respond to any of your letters. Instead he/she will defame you to anyone in the government he/she chooses by breach of your confidence and share your letters, for a good bloody laugh. Like on


  • (page 111) A male did expose himself from behind a bus stop where a mother and child were sitting as I was across the road. I videoed it on my phone, sent it to police, they charged him. Putting that in a State mental health record as evidence of my mental illness has to be a criminal defamation and breach of police confidentiality.


  • (page 112) Christies Beach Dr (Ms) Celia Emmaline Tildesley secretly referred Janette to (German speaking) psychiatrist Dr Helen Regina Tingay who is no longer registered as a doctor in Australia under that name, because (Tasmania educated) TILDESLEY, delusional with potential of career advancement, became convinced "in her own mind" that Janette had never been elected onto Wollondilly Shire Council (despite reality) and that Janette had been "associated" with motorcycle club members. As if that's a thing that proves you're crazy.


Putting reference to any "consultation"  or medical diagnosis information communication from any of Janette's private medical doctors into State mental health record, without Janette's informed conscent actually proves breach of confidence by the doctor and conspiracy to defame Janette by the public officer. Particularily due to the factual circumstances of the associated issues being 100% political with NO constitutional basis; ie: They're acts of terrorism intended to continue Janette's illegal denial of access to appropriate physical medical services and police investigation of associated medical crime.  Got that bitches.


The yellow rectangle "GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY To MURDER" is linked to a searchable PDF Janette discovered all this news about herself in a 2018 Freedom of Information application response. Still waiting for knowledge of the redacted parts. You'll note despite the constant claims of mental illness, there is absolutely NO clinical data in support. The only evidence they "put" to a mental health TRIBUNAL of Janette's "mental illness" is that Janette had all her (rotting) teeth removed in 1976 (in a hospital by a dental technician.) This was State's evidence to justify (politically) imprisoning Janette at State election time in 2014, misusing the State, Mental Health Act (MHA). All in criminal breach of the same Act section 102 and the Schedule 1.  See yellow rectangle above titled "TERRORISM" where they infer I was imprisoned and forcibly drugged under MHA as I was intending to sue State government so that made me "antisocial” see page 10 titled "NOARLUNGA NAZIS".


There's so much criminal TERRORIST government SHIT, that I could write a dozen or so miniseries and they'd all be enthralling viewing as most of global population could probably relate to different parts of it.


Janette Gail Francis has never lived on Commercial Road, Seaford (Adelaide) she did have a sign written white Holden Calais (family sedan car) and was homeless for 2 years living in the car with her children and their pet Kelpie Max and black cat Salem, (2006 - 2007) thanks to criminally inclined government public officers. The Calais had "Allen & Unwin Fraud" on the back window (2007) when smashed along with 2 side windows, smashed by 2 mature aged ex-cops in NSW registered private black recreational utility. After the Calais was illegally defected by Burnside State council staff for LEGALLY parking (2007). After Janette was illegally arrested (2 May 2007) and on bail for herself being BRUTALLY assaulted by Adelaide pigs in police uniform who also assaulted Janette's 15 year old daughter for crying and pleading for them to stop hurting her mum That's the substance of BRAVE police in Australia. This is when State medical officers created many politically criminally false State records and physical threats to Janette falsely claiming she's schizophrenic and delusional for asking the government to investigate, the images of foreign items NOT in the radiologist report of the Medicare Australia funded MRI investigation, significant evidence of illegal implants and infection in Janette's head near her ear; and the rest of THIS ORGANISED Australian government funded TERRORISM on 100% innocent Australian citizens.


My right to be protected in Australia by the Commonwealth of Australia and The Criminal Code, from "torture" and "persecution" and "other inhumane act" grounded in the malicious premeditated actions of government public officers for a "political causeover rules anyone else's right to protection under any law for believing in their own gullible fuked-up stupidity and baseless sensationalised rumours. Just because I managed to outsmart them and remain alive doesn't mean they get a 'get out of jail free' card from the government's community resources. You think they should get some remission because 25 years is a long time? The first absolutely confirmed illegal implant went in through a surgical incision in my arse crack over my coccyx when I was pregnant in 1991, in case you can't subtract that's (29) twenty nine fuking years I've suffered so far with no end in sight.


I was 33 years old in 1989 when Freemason pigs started the “Brothers In Arms lies”, that was the last year I was gainfully employed. They stole the most productive years of my life, stole my right to an income from a career that suited my competent intellect to suit their "political cause" stole my real estate, my car, all my clothes and everything I had from my childhood. They stole to relationship I should have had with my 5 children and my 12 or more grandchildren. They stole everything for their "political cause".

Clearly the Prime Minister down wants me dead and buried probably then they'll say sorry to my family for the "mistake". Go fuk yourselves Australia. I know my rights.

Does any of the above sound like I'm neurotic or schizophrenic or delusional and scared of my own fuking shadow? Do you think any medical doctor might "rightly" think I am like Judge Katrina Bochner in Adelaide Supreme Court said of Dr Alison Barbara Jane COLE? Fuck no. They said so for some benefit of sorts promised or inferred by government. For COLE on a work Visa from England, the promise may have been citizenship.


Janette's been refused antibiotics for the multiple infections in her head caused by the "multiple" radiowave "active" illegal implants in her head.


Executive: State and Federal police refuse to investigate the matter.


Judiciary: State courts refuse to allow Janette common law compensation for any matter.


Legislature: State and Federal parliament refuse to discuss the matter.


Edit date: 1st March 2020, Janette Gail FRANCIS.

Writing in the 3rd person stops me from feeling consuming betrayal and intense anger.

I've had this website in its varying forms since May 2013. During that time I've had absolutely no emails about its content from anyone whatsoever. I have had evidence that some emails had been deleted from my email service at the redirected address on Google's Gmail. So, if you're tried to get a message to me in the past you, might like to try a very secure non-government parcel delivery service. It’s, like when I offered a $10,000 reward in 1999 for information in a local Southern Highlands Bowral NSW newspaper and they sent my responses to the parasitic stalking arsewipe who falsely claims to be my DNA dad telling me I had to collect them from him; terrorist  Rex John Walters in Ingleburn. NSW. No, I didn’t go to his residence, or telephone him as they suggested. I didn’t know who he was in 1999. So yes, I'll be suspicious of any sudden emails. Not surprisingly they have no record of me ever having paid for a 2 column notice offering the large reward. I do remember being told they (terrorist political party members) were going to keep me in an “information” bubble circa 1999. I must admit I didn't believe them. Obviously I was wrong. Yes it happens occasionally.


It appears the multiplicity of illegal implants inside me (Active Implantable Medical Devices) are powered by piezoelectric energy “harvested” from my own body movements ankle, knee, hip, elbow, and shoulder motions and muscle twitches. The “test” design if the AIMDs means I suffer excess electrical energy “sparking” along the implant cables themselves. Which Australian authorities reasonably know is happening and has happened for the past 30 years. It also appears that I was used as one-of-many illegal test subjects for Australia's illegal medical research corporations, in breach of The Criminal Code crimes against humanity and terrorism, (see links at top of page.) It also appears they expected me to die as a result of their 1990s illegal implant procedures as both my long-term partners did in 2008 and 2010, despite their 11 year age gap they died 2 years apart (before their birthday that year) at the ages of 54 and 45. One allegedly died from lung cancer despite never smoking; I have illegal implants in my throat so I suspect he did too. Fortunately both were burred, not cremated so the evidence is never lost unless it was removed after they died. All doctors refusing to identify these illegal implants are automatically guilty (as accessories) of the original crimes, pursuant to criminal Australian law. Along with all government public officers named in this website.

Clearly after the manner in which they carved me up for their outrageous experiment the throng of sadistic psychopaths involved didn't believe a person would live to outsmart them (or could without a tertiary degree) 

isn't that right wankers !

Fuking sadistic insane pricks & cunts, (verbs not nouns).

This website and upcoming FEDERAL COURT "Australian Consumer Law" legal challenge, is all about the right to know the right to say NO and the right to self-determination.

To know when you have an infection or other foreign item inside your head or elsewhere; and other basic human rights issues Australian "political cause" terrorist government public officers ignore as "best practice".


Australia's government employees errantly believe they have rights but no responsibilities and we have responsibilities but no rights. They illegally attack me as “protected terrorists” because I challenge their falsely inflated sense of greatness. Lunatics run the false-democracy we call home.

There's always a new rumour from this group of morons. If you hear about a woman on the Seaford to Adelaide train seemingly ranting about the problems in her life in EXACT words from this website, causing the train driver to call police, yes its true I've seen her, but its NOT ME. And I have no idea who she is. She acted normal when she got off the train at the same stop as me (Noarlunga} seconds earlier she was screaming at the top of her voice on the train demanding to be "arrested" and taken to "hospital".

I suspect she was paid. I'm wondering whose name she gave to police, or if she was an off duty goverrnment public officer pretending to be someone else.