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THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.


This is a one WHITE WOMAN's push to STOP her years long physical illegal-implant TORTURE funded by government and to access full legal recognition as a living person in her country of birth. Australia. To do that she must sue the government in federal court because police are some of the aggressors. In response to Janette’s request that police investigate the medical crimes they caused her 40 year no accident commercial class driving licence to be permanently cancelled. Australia is one political step away from being exactly like North Korea.

The life-long Australian government attack on Janette has its roots in police-protected Freemason child sex crimes.

All that's needed to prove extensive taxpayer funded TERRORISM is at the first 8 links below.


Liberal and Labor governments in Australia irrationally “believe” that because they’re elected into government that gives them mandate as “majority” in a democracy to do any illegal thing of their choosing, including terrorism against “select” innocent citizens. The irrational “belief” of Labor and Liberal governments is that if someone says they’re an innocent victim of an illegal action, any illegal action, they can deem that person mentally ill merely for holding their own personal “belief” that they're a victim of crime. Whether the individual's belief is grounded with hard evidence is irrelevant to both political parties because the party "belief" reigns supreme even when it's been proved wrong.

Left link: Whirlpool.net multi YEAR political defamation and child endangerment, supported and co-created by criminal POLICE (SAPOL Adelaide and Goulburn NSW Police Academy):


it's a little bit of truth with quite a lot of lies, false assumptions and narcissistic abuse.


I suggest the Whirlpool.net user "Honey Bee" is actually Christies Beach police defective detective Alison Bee.


See this FOI response supplementary number 9 link "GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY To MURDER" .


Supplementary Link 9 has the same level of criminal lies and narcissistic abuse. Alison BEE is a dirty-blonde female who in 2008 criminally lied (as a cop) about Janette, in written State police and State health records without Janette's knowledge and accompanied in her crimes by another cop with the alleged same last name as the then Labor party State Premier Jay "WEATHERILL"


  • Janette made NO report of 1999 sexual assault by a NSW Minister and NO undated report of sexual assault by a psychiatrist. Those two lies were conjured up in the "tiny" minds of Adelaide State criminal public officers claiming to be police in State health records.


  • Janette had no face to face contact with any Ministers of church or government in 1999 and no contact with any psychiatrist until she was illegally politically imprisoned in 2014 for publishing factual proof of State public officer criminal offences on Internet. 


  • A male did expose himself from behind a bus stop where a mother and child were sitting as I was across the road. I videoed it on my phone, sent it to police, they charged him. Putting that in a State mental health record as evidence of my mental illness has to be a criminal defamation and breach of police confidentiality.


  • Christies Beach Dr (Ms) Celia Emmaline Tildesley secretly referred Janette to (German speaking) psychiatrist Dr Helen Regina Tingay who is no longer registered as a doctor in Australia under that name, because (Tasmania educated) TILDESLEY, delusional with potential of career advancement, became convinced "in her own mind" that Janette had never been elected onto Wollondilly Shire Council (despite reality) and that Janette had been "associated" with motorcycle club members. As if that's a thing that proves you're crazy.


Putting reference to any "consultation"  or medical diagnosis information communication from any of Janette's private medical doctors into State mental health record, without Janette's informed conscent actually proves breach of confidence by the doctor and conspiracy to defame Janette by the public officer. Particularily due to the factual circumstances of the associated issues being 100% political with NO constitutional basis; ie: They're acts of terrorism intended to continue Janette's illegal denial of access to appropriate physical medical services and police investigation of associated medical crime.  Got that bitches.


The yellow rectangle "GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY To MURDER" is linked to a searchable PDF Janette discovered all this news about herself in a 2018 Freedom of Information application response. Still waiting for knowledge of the redacted parts. You'll note despite the constant claims of mental illness, there is absolutely NO clinical data in support. The only evidence they "put" to a mental health TRIBUNAL of Janette's "mental illness" is that Janette had all her (rotting) teeth removed in 1976 (in a hospital by a dental technician.) This was State's evidence to justify (politically) imprisoning Janette at State election time in 2014, misusing the State, Mental Health Act (MHA). All in criminal breach of the same Act section 102 and the Schedule 1.  See yellow rectangle above titled "TERRORISM" where they infer I was imprisoned and forcibly drugged under MHA as I was intending to sue State government so that made me "antisocial” see page 10 titled "NOARLUNGA NAZIS".


There's so much criminal TERRORIST government SHIT, that I could write a dozen or so miniseries and they'd all be enthralling viewing as most of global population could probably relate to different parts of it.


Janette Gail Francis has never lived on Commercial Road, Seaford (Adelaide) she did have a sign written white Holden Calais (family sedan car) and was homeless for 2 years living in the car with her children and their pet Kelpie Max and black cat Salem, (2006 - 2007) thanks to criminally inclined government public officers. The Calais had "Allen & Unwin Fraud" on the back window (2007) when smashed along with 2 side windows, smashed by 2 mature aged ex-cops in NSW registered private black recreational utility. After the Calais was illegally defected by Burnside State council staff for LEGALLY parking (2007). After Janette was illegally arrested (2 May 2007) and on bail for herself being BRUTALLY assaulted by Adelaide pigs in police uniform who also assaulted Janette's 15 year old daughter for crying and pleading for them to stop hurting her mum That's the substance of BRAVE police in Australia. This is when State medical officers created many politically criminally false State records and physical threats to Janette falsely claiming she's schizophrenic and delusional for asking the government to investigate, the images of foreign items NOT in the radiologist report of the Medicare Australia funded MRI investigation, significant evidence of illegal implants and infection in Janette's head near her ear; and the rest of THIS ORGANISED Australian government funded TERRORISM on 100% innocent Australian citizens.


My right to be protected in Australia by the Commonwealth of Australia and The Criminal Code, from "torture" and "persecution" and "other inhumane act" grounded in the malicious premeditated actions of government public officers for a "political causeover rules anyone else's right to protection under any law for believing in their own gullible fuked-up stupidity and baseless sensationalised rumours. Just because I managed to outsmart them and remain alive doesn't mean they get a 'get out of jail free' card from the government's community resources. You think they should get some remission because 25 years is a long time? The first absolutely confirmed illegal implant went in through a surgical incision in my arse crack over my coccyx when I was pregnant in 1991, in case you can't subtract that's (29) twenty nine fuking years I've suffered so far with no end in sight.


I was 33 years old in 1989 when Freemason pigs started the “Brothers In Arms lies”, that was the last year I was gainfully employed. They stole the most productive years of my life, stole my right to an income from a career that suited my competent intellect to suit their "political cause" stole my real estate, my car, all my clothes and everything I had from my childhood. They stole to relationship I should have had with my 5 children and my 12 or more grandchildren. They stole everything for their "political cause".

Clearly the Prime Minister down wants me dead and buried probably then they'll say sorry to my family for the "mistake". Go fuk yourselves Australia. I know my rights.

Does any of the above sound like I'm neurotic or schizophrenic or delusional and scared of my own fuking shadow? Do you think any medical doctor might "rightly" think I am like Judge Katrina Bochner in Adelaide Supreme Court said of Dr Alison Barbara Jane COLE? Fuck no. They said so for some benefit of sorts promised or inferred by government. For COLE on a work Visa from England, the promise may have been citizenship.


Janette's been refused antibiotics for the multiple infections in her head caused by the "multiple" radiowave "active" illegal implants in her head.


Executive: State and Federal police refuse to investigate the matter.


Judiciary: State courts refuse to allow Janette common law compensation for any matter.


Legislature: State and Federal parliament refuse to discuss the matter.


Edit date: 28 February 2020, Janette Gail FRANCIS.

Writing in the 3rd person stops me from feeling consuming betrayal and intense anger.

I've had this website in its varying forms since May 2013. During that time I've had absolutely no emails about its content from anyone whatsoever. I have had evidence that some emails had been deleted from my email service at the redirected address on Google's Gmail. So, if you're tried to get a message to me in the past you, might like to try a very secure non-government parcel delivery service. It’s, like when I offered a $10,000 reward in 1999 for information in a local Southern Highlands Bowral NSW newspaper and they sent my responses to the parasitic stalking arsewipe who falsely claims to be my DNA dad telling me I had to collect them from him; terrorist  Rex John Walters in Ingleburn. NSW. No, I didn’t go to his residence, or telephone him as they suggested. I didn’t know who he was in 1999. So yes, I'll be suspicious of any sudden emails. Not surprisingly they have no record of me ever having paid for a 2 column notice offering the large reward. I do remember being told they (terrorist political party members) were going to keep me in an “information” bubble circa 1999. I must admit I didn't believe them. Obviously I was wrong. Yes it happens occasionally

The fantastic tech people at PORKBUN informed me about secure YUBICO KEY - no not sponsored.


All roads lead to Rome:

The Yubico video link shows an attractive looking Swedish woman wearing a black beret who looks like my own mum, same look around eyes and same shape face. Thanks to research by many distant cousins I'm lucky to know my extensive family line which include Normandy Viking Rollo and Macedonia Egypt Ptolemy I. See my ancestors