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Pictures are the universal language - you only need your words when pictures have been subjected to accidental or willful misinterpretation.

My experience in my association with Australian employed politicians, police and medical doctors has proved beyond any doubt whatsoever, that there are a high number of intellectually deranged callous and expressly sadistic psychopaths in these industries, in fact, the evidence proves that I'm yet to encounter one who is not a psychopath,

I'd not have been forced to endure this 20+ years of illegal surgical rape if there were not a majority of psychopaths in Australia or


law enforces of

sane mind.


I can safely say I am the global expert on the effects of illegal (federal government classified microwave Active Implantable Medical Devices) implanted

inside my person with over 20 years first hand exposure no medical doctor can possibly know better than me in

that respect.

Malfeasance in public office, is a Civil Law tort similar to misfeasance in public office credit to Sydney Law Review, both intentional torts, what on this webpage isn't reckless indifference is gross negligence all are crimes under Australian law in the states they were committed. Many human rights protections exist for Janette in these circumstances under Australian law they also reside in federal law via the Schedule in The Criminal Code, Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) considerable document based evidence establishes Janette's constitutional right to sue under Civil Law or seek a Writ of Mandamus in the High Court for her human rights deprivations in breach of Australian law perhaps as far back as 1966 but not limited to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights many Articles from ICCPR are noted within the Criminal Code Act 1995 as crimes against the Commonwealth of Australia, or just Australia if you're an anti-monarchist human rights harms caused to Janette and her children by Australians in public office in NSW and SA in the past couple of decades reside in Articles 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27.

Cooper and Nelson assaulted me second time during their unlawful arrest oner me defending myself by hitting Cooper on the back of his hand. Cooper failed to state why I was being arrested.

Eventually police charged me  with "assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon" my back scratcher, after they conferred with other police at Christies Beach police station.

On bail I was forced to report to police every week for seven months until hearing. Imagine being court ordered to report to gun toting psychotic outlaw motorcycle club members who'd brutally bashed you and your family unprovoked, that's exactly how I felt.


I felt safer rocking up to the Hells Angles Motorcycle Club property in Granville NSW for the first and last time in 2003 than I've ever felt inside any Adelaide Australia police station.

Despite having NO police record


In my criminal hearing the Magistrate found that I had acted moderately in self-defence, so she acquitted me.

After my acquittal, Christies beach police, SAPOL police commissioner and the subsequent police Ministers all maintained Cooper and Nelson assaults on my daughter and myself were not criminal because the magistrate didn’t actually say they were in her judgment about my criminal charge.

Magistrate didn’t have to. Legal inference was drawn from her judgment acquitting me of criminal charge as the Cooper and Nelson assault happened during my arrest for the assault I was acquitted for, then they criminally assaulted us during their false arrest.

Evidently, bribed Judge Griffin decided he wasn’t going to allow me financial redress under civil law for our physical assaults by Cooper and Nelson because that was the official police decision.

Labor party member, John David Hill MP my state rep in Kaurna whose office was also opposite the Christies Beach police station totally refused to speak to me on this or any other illegal government practice, establishing the valid argument our brutal assaults on 2 May 2007 were politically motivated.

Why were Cooper and Nelson waiting at that female public toilet 2 May 2007 ?

Why does one of my residential neighbours (since at least 2009)  have the same last name (in evidence) as the male person Cooper was talking to when my daughter and I arrived to use the now demolished public toilet inside the old Morphett Vale Woolworths shops near Christies Beach ?

He stood and watched as 30 something Mr Cooper systematically brutalised me as 40 something Ms Nelson held me face down on the concrete floor as I lay motionless fearing anything I said or did would end up in my death. Cooper stopped his frenzied criminal attack on me only to man-punch my sobbing 15-year-old daughter in her heart while yelling at her to go away.

The footprint shaped bruise on back of my right upper leg is where Cooper put his foot for leverage as he pushed against my elbow to crush my neck under the weight of my hand he placed at the back of my neck. Cooper was inflicting do much pain on me that I have no memory of his boot on my leg. I remember being repulsed feeling his private parts flopping on my back as he straddled me like a horse, but no memory of him standing on my leg.

This is the criminally insane police department South Australia is so proud of and Adelaide politicians, medical doctors and lawyers are all violently protecting. Despite Australian law Adelaide TV and newspapers remain silent on these specific issues. Bloody Neanderthals.

Every profession attracts a specific set of ghouls

Australia's health industry has more than it's fair share

of sadists who live to have total power

to make others suffer in agony or die too soon.


You allowed these set of people access to results of Nazi Germany's inhumane medical experiments, now they reason its acceptable to create their own inhumane medical or scientific experiments to achieve their own eternal celebrity status.


Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Torture is a federal crime anywhere in Australia. Everyone in Australia is protected from torture pursuant to Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) Division 274 Torture. My state police in Adelaide can arrest and charge people for torture. The Minister responsible for enforcing our protection from torture etc., is the Minister for Australian Federal Police. AFP is an agency within portfolio of Minister for Home Affairs. In 2018, the Minister for Home Affairs is Peter Dutton MP. If Minister Dutton fails to protect any one of our rights we're eligible to ask High Court Canberra Australia for a mandamus.


Writ of Mandamus will direct Minister Dutton to protect us pursuant to Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) because that's his statutory (legal) obligation. I reasonably expect people participating in this 30+ year vendetta criminally inflicting me with physical and psychological torture through their actions or inactions will enjoy a prison sentence, which includes a multiplicity of medical doctors and Government Public Officers. However, that would mean parliament, police and court system need not to be a criminally corrupt Kakistocracy Prime Minister. It'd be nice to be protected from terrorists already employed in Australian governments.

There is only one set of Australian laws.

Janette's been offered NO medical treatment for any of her injuries. NONE

its like existing in the Middle Ages in the 21st century.

To prove the hot spots from the illegal implants multiple Australian medical doctors violently claim I don't have, despite the evidence, ie the excess localised heat over the implants, I purchased a cheap thermal imaging camera. The edges aren't as crisp as their more expensive counterpart; however it still does the job nicely.


Blue  is cool.

Red  is mildly warm.

Yellow  normal body temp warm.

White  is hotter than normal.


Me saying I have implants is why I've been criminally defamed by the South Australia Labor Party and Liberal Party members since I arrived in Adelaide South Australia in 2004.


The implants were inserted illegally by the New South Wales Labor Party in 1997, with the ultimate bipartisan agreement of the Liberal Party at both State and Federal level.


The silence is deafening because in my case my silence if full of a lot of electronic white noise coming from the illegal implant at back of my left ear where it glows white in thermal imaging photos herein, and where there's a rather strange lump that changes the level of vibrations I experience around my head from these particularly sadistic Australian government political crimes against humanity in breach of Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) Division 268 torture and other inhumane act


Torture & other inhumane treatment would make an excellent Tort Law that could include conspiracy to defame, vendetta, and abuse of mental health law.

Circa 1995 a doctor started me on Codeine Forte. I had permission from federal government to have a script that gave me 100 tablets of 30mg Codeine per script. I was on that scheme for 10 years before I stopped getting them on my own instigation. For me Codeine is a miracle drug. The number of scripts I filled prove I was never addicted to Codeine. Codeine never caused me any mind-altering effect at all, and Codeine never caused me to sleep.


Only thing Codeine ever did for me was take away my extreme pain and make me constipated, but cod liver oil tablets stopped that. I still need relief for extreme back pain, but only every now and then. However now we can't get 15mg Codeine over the counter I have to buy strong spirit alcohol for pain relief, regressesing us as a community by a couple of hundred years, medically speaking.


How's using alcohol for pain relief a responsible-government option? Next they'll stop me from buying alcohol because my only income is a government benefit.


2018 government employees (illegally) revoked my driving licence because I complained to Adelaide police about the illegal implants you see in this website. So I can't even drive to the shops to get my 'medicine' for severe back pain relief. Despite approving cannabinoids for pain relief they refuse to supply it and want to increase criminal penalty for possession of marijuana, for which I have no source either.


That's how they've politically PLANNED to control the masses: refuse legal access to pain relief and increase alcohol taxes to keep poor people in pain so they'll grovel for mercy and be grateful for government crumbs thrown their way every so often.


When I was telling people in 1990s Australian government authority, including (registered doctors and nurses) about my sudden onset paralysing pain in my back, they all smiled at me. A smile is not the emotion of a normal person in that situation. They acted as if my pain also caused me to be an idiot incapable of rational understanding of my environment.


1990s Australian medical doctors attributed my sudden onset extreme pain to a stationary car accident I had 10 years prior when I was rammed from behind at a set of traffic lights in a 60k zone.


Despite being diagnosed with 2 prolapsed discs pinching nerves in my back at my waist preventing me from not being able to breath, walk, stand, sit, or lay on my bed without immense pain, I was NEVER offered any surgical solution for pain relief and totally refused prescription pain killers.


2010s Australian radiologists still falsely claim I have prolapsed discs with 'degenerative' changes, despite that I have NEVER had any sciatica whatsoever, (radiating leg pain from pinched back nerves) and I can dig a fence post hole as good as any person, and the area in my back is a centre of artificial abnormal electrical activity and abnormal heat.


They put something in my muscle at the back of my legs which I suspect they thought would mimic sciatica. I can feel its hardness inside my muscles, same as the ones in my upper arms, my left shoulder-blade, below and behind my left ear - but I can also feel them with my fingertips despite the nerve damage in my hands. These items also artificially electrically vibrate, causes leg cramps, and nerve spasm. Other nerve spasms are experienced in my back at my waist in my stomach near my belly button, and in my both large toes, associated with my dead nerves near my large toes since 1990s. The electrical movement in my entire body, including nerve spasms, is reduced with correct placement of very strong magnets. Sometimes without any associated activity my back in my waist reminds me of the 'just kicked in' feeling I experienced in 1990s when the illegal implant items were first inserted, complete with localised abnormal electrical SPARKING and vibration activity but still no sciatica.


The evidence PROVES my 1990s sudden onset paralysing back pain was not prolapsed discs as diagnosed by multiple Australian specialist medical doctors.


It was pain in the surgical recovery period for illegal experimental implant surgery funded by our modern Australian political party government (Labor and Liberal) to gain kudos and significant financial investment for illegal human medical research, ultimately funding the new (2017) $3 Billion dollar brain research facility near my current residence and Royal Adelaide Hospital, in South Australia. 


Torture could describe being denied recognition of several physical injuries by South Australian Government Public Officers. Injuries that became permanent due to not being treated in a reasonable period. Injuries that were caused by an aggravated criminal assault perpetrated by two South Australian Government Public Officers on 2 May 2007. Where (ex) District Civil Court Judge Mark Griffin (now a QC) illegally seconded private criminal law defence lawyer Edward Jolly to fill in as the South Australia state Crown Solicitor as (unlawful) defence against Janette's civil suit for her injuries sustained by Timothy Cooper and Christine Nelson, so Judge Griffin could easily (criminally) defeat Janette’s meritorious civil law suit against the State of South Australia by attempting to force Janette to file a document in her own name perjuring herself by claiming it was her own document, where that legally flawed document (statement of claim) was authored by a male employee in the open office of RJ Cole lawyers, located directly next to the electorate office of the then member for Kaurna, John David Hill MP, Janette's then representative in state parliament which he was too busy for, and the Minister for Health which he was too criminally corrupt for. When Janette refused to file the unlawful Statement Of Claim in DCCIV-1697-2009 as her own, (accused sex offender) Judge Griffin refused to hear Janette’s application (illegally) dismissing Janette's application from the court list. DCCIV-09-1697 Francis v State of South Australia. As no lawyer in Adelaide would assist Janette she was unable to appeal. That's a clear definition of perverting the course of justice, and criminally threatening a witness or future witness. These political cowards don't need evidence to support their defence, they make up their utter bullshit rules on the fly.

Christies beach police refused to charge Cooper and Nelson for their physical assaults on me (aged 51) and my 15-year-old daughter. They stated it was their official opinion that Cooper and Nelson had not criminally assaulted me. They assaulted us during my (false) arrest. I was assaulted twice.

I was arrested after the first assault for defending myself from an unprovoked physical attack by Cooper (in street clothes).

The first (minor) assault consisted of Cooper pushing me on the shoulder into a female public toilet door as my teenage daughter was standing behind me. I hit Cooper on the knuckle once with a bamboo back-scratcher I already had in my hand when he pushed me.

< Top left

Control Person 01: Normal person with hot eyes and cold lips.


Top right >

Janette: with glasses on, cold nose and hot lips from illegal implants, red dot is illegal implant on chin.





< Centre left: 

Control Person 02: Normal person with headache, hot eyes and cold lips.


Centre right >

Janette: with glasses on, cold looking nose and hot lips and hot neck from illegal implants, red dot is illegal implant on chin.





< Bottom left

Janette: with glasses on, headache and hot lips from illegal implants, same time as Anon 01 and Anon 02.


Bottom right >

Janette: with glasses and shirt on, cold nose and hot lips and hot neck from illegal implants.