All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

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Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.


Medicare Fraud

This crap above, (Doctor’s notes in column on right) was published under the heading of “PATIENT HEALTH SUMMARY” by a local, (South African trained) general doctor and shared with her fellow local doctors at the Trinity Medical Centre Seaford (South Australia) now trading as GP AXIS medical Centre in Seaford Meadows and shared it, (without patient's permission) to other doctors making the publication reckless and false defamation with malice, To make matters worse the patient didn’t get to see this publication until 2019 - TEN YEARS after the damage was done.

The consultation was instigated by patient to learn the cause of vibrations in her head - Nothing was done to try to learn why patient had vibrations in her head.

Subsequent doctors seeing this defamation with malice (wilfully blind) joined in on a conspiracy with doctor Botha to criminally falsely defame this patient evidently to assist the persons who criminally attacked the patient with illegal implants circa 1997.

Format of doctor’s comments (line breaks) are maintained.

Words remain unedited, (grammar and spelling) as recorded by the Australian certified human medical doctor.

My conclusion:

Federal government asked Australians if they wanted a National Health Record. This is what you’ll get in your National Health Record when doctors share personal notes.

The doctor deemed the patient had mental illness in response to patient stating they believed they had been surgically raped and went about informing the doctor of who what when and how to qualify the unlawful surgery as a criminal assault. The doctor ignored the clinical evidence to support the patient then set about falsifying the patient’s medical record.

Sure, any doctor is at liberty to record whatever they want, but it should NOT be classified as a PATIENT MEDICAL RECORD and never be allowed to be published to any other, unless the doctor wants to be sued for their publication of wilfully malicious defamation. May have been ten years later, but still able to be sued as 10 years later was the first instance the patient had knowledge of this malicious publication. In defamation law, qualified privilege is defeated by malice.

Patient said this

  1. Consulted BOTHA as wanted to find out what was causing the vibrations in my head and torso so I could stop it happening.-- This was the first time I’d consulted this fellow-female doctor and second time I’d been to this medical centre, only moved into the area the year before, in 2008.
  2. Dr asked of any other current problems: -- Patient told doctor she was criminally assaulted by local police who dislocated her hand and shoulder but has not been able to get any medical treatment for the criminal assault injuries. Indicating evidence that its standard practice by government public officers to participate in conspiracies to cover up any crimes perpetrated by individual, government public officers.
  3. Dr asked of any history if childhood illness: -- Patient told doctor she and many others at her state government primary school contracted hepatitis as direct result of the government’s negligence in onsite sewerage disposal at the school; and was forced to repeat the school year (1965-1966) due to the length of time she was off school due to being bedridden from the illness. Told doctor suspected the drugs the doctors gave her caused her teeth to rot as several bottom front teeth were removed circa 1966 or 1967.
  4. Patient said she had been involved in government as an elected member of in local council 1995-1999 near Sydney Australia.
  5. Patient showed doctor the cable that was inserted on top of her (toothless) lower gum in 1997, and that it appeared the cable was linked to vibrations patient felt in her lower jaw, (pointing to the broken section of cable patient severed 17/03/2008) stating that when patient severed the cable the vibrations in the jaw stopped instantly. The doctor laughed and said words to this effect, "I'd be worried your teeth would fall out if we removed that cable."
  6. Patient told doctor that a September 2006 CT scan report stated there was injury in her sinus consistent with prior surgery, but patient had never had any type of surgery in her sinus. -- The 2006 CT scan report also identified a rice sized unidentified foreign item in front of the lower jaw where the vibrations were centred. -- Patient also told doctor a May 2006 MRI showed a foreign item near her brain that, that radiologist failed to not in his report.
  7. Doctor asked inappropriate questions that included the health on patient’s elderly parents living interstate.
  11. Doctor asked inappropriate questions that included past childbirths.
  12. Doctor asked if patient was taking any (prescription) medications, patient responded ‘no only supermarket vitamins’. -- Doctor asked inappropriate questions that included ‘who’ was patient living with.
  13. Doctor asked inappropriate questions that included inquiries into mental health status.
  15. Doctor asked inappropriate questions that included inquiries into mental health status.
  16. Doctor asked inappropriate questions that included weight gain or loss.
  17. The word should be ‘vibrating’ -- The sensation of vibrations may be clinical indicator of nerve damage.
  19. Presumably blood pressure result
  20. Dr swung back to earlier question on ‘other current problems’: -- Patient told doctor she was criminally assaulted by local police who dislocated her hand and shoulder but has not been able to get any medical treatment for the criminal assault injuries.
  21. Patient showed doctor patient’s visibly dislocated right thumb.
  22. Despite having NO clinical data to support this statement the doctor decided to diagnose the patient as ‘delusional’ and charged the consultation to Medicare as “Attendance for GP Mental Health Treatment” valued at $69.00 which is clearly Medicare Fraud.
  23. Doctor suggested patient consult a psychiatrist.
  25. The police assault that caused patient’s dislocated thumb and dislocated shoulder occurred on 2 May 2007, the Medicare funded consultation was on June 3 2009.

Doctor wrote this to record what patient said as the official ‘expert’ ‘Medical Record’ of same patient, (grammar & spelling as recorded)

  1. Surgery consultation recorded by DR. ISOBEL BOTHA on Wednesday June 3 2009 14:03:02
  2. painfull righg shoulder feel sshe can not lift arm painfull with lifting
  3. false teeth in mouth lost teeth as child had hepatitis
  4. was member of godmen
  5. 1997 fibre optic put in mouth
  6. 2006 ct scan was done- says she has some probes and cables in head
  7. parents healthy
  8. no operations
  9. had teeth pulled as child
  10. g5p5m0
  11. normal deliveries
  12. medications- vitamins, garlic, cacium. mg supplements gingo live with children
  13. hearing no voices
  14. CT/MRI
  15. not fearful! that something isgoingto happen to her
  16. weight gaining lately because eating better
  17. feels her body is vibriting all the time
  18. exam
  19. 129/ 62
  20. right arm painfull was injured when policeman grabbed her
  21. sss nothing abnormal detected
  22. Delusional?
  23. discuss referral Therapy specialst
  24. Actions:
  25. Diagnostic Imaging requested: x-ray right shoulder with u/s of right shoulder - old injury, supraspinatus tendinitis with bursitis
On the back of the TIMELESS medico legal evidence produced by psychologist Stanley Milgram and his team in the 1960s,

Since the abolition of the 'white Australia policy' Australia has been bombarded with culturally different imported medical doctors happy to conform to the extensive corruption in our governments. Is that because Australian parliamentarians and political parties had a sadistic *** Grand Plan, based on the 1960s Harvard University, (Stanley Milgram) experiments? Appears so. Milgram proved 65% of the population are, (born) psychopaths, happy to murder a stranger for wrong answers in a simple MEMORY TEST.


Circa 1983, (Leumeah NSW, Australia) I had a young Asian male doctor snigger at me making comments along the line he believed I was a 'whore' because my medical notes said I was separated from my husband and I had asked the doctor for a prescription for the contraceptive pill, which he refused to give to me on that basis. He got away with that discrimination because as an Australian woman, I was expected to respect HIS culture. People who say Australian women have all the rights they need, need to grow up and open their eyes and look beyond their own little cocoon.


Its not because it was 1983, it still goes on NOW in 2019.


1995-2019; NSW Australia police told me I need an affidavit from the males in a video to say they raped me before police would investigate the video that'd been circulated around the police department for some years as evidence of me being illegally drugged and sexually rape.


2006 to 2018; I needed the radiology reports to say I'd been surgically raped despite the images that proved that fact, before police would investigate the matter as surgical rape; and despite one radiology report stated I'd had prior surgery that I hadn't known about or approved; the Adelaide Supreme Court is still out on whether that still applies in 2019.


2018 two Seaford Rise Australia 20 something males thought it appropriate to plaster multiple stickers on my front gate printed with the words PORN STAR.


Then you get all the fat-fuk self appointed 'experts' in the TV news media who claim they KNOW homelessness is directly related to the homeless person's mental health and has nothing to do with the critical lack of rentals for low income families and singles; which is the standard ploy of corrupt news media outlets they coverup government failures by blaming the victims; or show international news instead of newsworthy stories in Australia that expose political crime. Sickening.

*** Proved on balance of probability on fact that:-


  • Since 2007-2010 South Australia’s, (state run) medical board, (and other medical complaint’s authority) have illegally REFUSED to investigate EVERY valid and provable complaint I’ve made about Adelaide medical doctors who like BOTHA had secretly or openly falsely defamed me.


  • Adelaide politicians REFUSED to conduct a parliamentary inquiry into Adelaide doctors refusing me medicine for life threatening infection in my face retaliating on my complaints by illegally imprisoning my under the mental health Act in 2014.


  • Adelaide lawyers have REFUSED to represent me in civil court forcing my to incur debt for my own university tuition to train as a lawyer to be able to represent myself appropriately in court on this PUBLIC INTEREST Australian law issue/matter.


Since 1960s Australia’s population has grown 150%; (it was only 10 million when I was in primary school) theoretically the numbers of Australian people happy to murder a stranger in cold blood based on their wrong answers to a memory test has also proportionally increased. I’d say we have 95% of the population who are sadistic psychopaths in Adelaide Australia, let’s all hope the majority of the 5% are in the court system as they’re sure not in the police or health departments.

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