News Flash: It's the same in every country across the globe, there's only 3 types of people: those who happily expose the criminal activities in, (our Labor and Liberal) government; those who are too stupid to see it; those so evil they support it. At the risk of insulting the majority - there is no 4th option; 'don't care' is either stupid or evil. Who are you? 

Happy Stupid or Evil.

Evil Sth AUSTRALIA Health opposition person Chris Pictom MP & Bruce Thomas Lander QC both think you're stupid.


I can't help it that I'm a seer. however Its as much a mental health issue as being able to see from your eyes and hear from your ears. Take out people like Wollondilly Shire Council General Manager Graham Taylor, other council staff who saw he was injured (1998 below) and Julie Tursky (1978 below) from the (below) true events and a politically motivated psychiatrist could diagnose me with a mental illness, despite the full facts. That's precisely what they did when I moved to Adelaide South Australia and complained about finding foreign items in my body that I have evidence were put there in 1997-1998 by people like Graham Taylor and other criminally zealous political party power mongers. Graham Taylor lied saying I did NOT contact him by fax which was the basis that the elected members illegally dismissed me from Council in April 1999 claiming I had not apologised for not attending X number of weekly council meetings due to my inability to get child care and my desire NOT to bring my children to Wollondilly Shire Council where I had been physically assaulted many times. All of which I can prove.


There is NO law in Australia to prevent journalists from reporting on these matters of criminality in Australian governments, any contrary suggestion is totally FALSE.


Compare the pair:

1.)  2018 - Archbishop Philip Wilson was found guilty in Newcastle NSW court of a child sex abuse cover-up involving a Catholic paedophile priest, a colleague of Wilson's, who had sexually abused children in the Hunter Valley NSW in 1970s.

2.)  1988 - Janette Francis reported to Camden NSW police a series of child sex abuse crimes linked to police through their Freemason brotherhood but no one was ever investigated, however Janette's been subjected to an extensive life threatening vendetta from government personnel and medical doctors ever since.

Note to self, the Latin phrase above the Freemason's Grand Lodge in North Terrace Adelaide Australia reads “Audi Vide Tace” translated means "Hear, see, be silent, if you would live in peace." Don't believe their propaganda, as the daughter of a Freemason (all my life) I know they have always maintained that mindset and still adhere to that philosophy to this very day under an oath of death. Remarkably they expect everyone else to honour Freemason secrecy or risk not living peacefully. 


The vanity of all the Freemasons I've known deemed that they expected me to be a party to their clandestine psychopathic tenancies despite that I've never even taken their childish Freemason oath of allegiance, but simply because I'm the daughter of yet another mentally ill freaky pederast Freemason. I make no apologies for adhering to Australian law above their Freemasonry child sex crimes.


This clearly needs to be first: I came across a very recent (13 Jun 2018) Youtube publication on my private Facebook page feed of very few followers (but include government public officer criminal stalkers who think I don't know they're there) This video diatribe is either genuine innocent ignorance on her part, or calculated political propaganda to con citizens into submission, a pleasant looking young woman (sometimes called a honey trap) with the alias or pseudonym 'Sydney Watson' claimed that Australia's federal government made a law (National Security Legislation Amendment Act (No. 1) 2014) which 'Sydney Watson' claims allows government to deem past criminal government events as national security events that journalists are legally prohibited from reporting - which is total bullshit - under section 51 Constitution Act 1900 (Australia) parliament can only make laws for “peace, order and good government” which means parliament can't legislate to cover up political crimes because that'd be bad government and in breach of section 51, making it unconstitutional.  Refer Youtube Why Freedom Of Speech Doesn't Exist In Australia at @7:50 (mm:ss) Sydney Watson.

Incidentally unconstitutional can be a label put on the changes to our constitution made by the Labor government circa 1988 when they unconstitutionally removed the English Monarch as our head of Australia being the last point of appeal for Australian citizens on an unlawful rule in the Australian court system, which is your constitutional right. Unconstitutionally replacing the Queen of the Commonwealth with the High Court of Australia which only accepts appeals (by bad unconstitutional law) using secret lucky-lottery or calculated political-selection, since the Labor Party's unconstitutional change (1988) to our constitution (backed by Liberal Party and England's equally crooked parliament) since that (COAG engineered) unconstitutional and illegal change to our Australian Constitution it's not your natural right to appeal anywhere after you've been unconstitutionally denied your legal right in any Australian court, certainly not in the unconstitutionally created High Court.


The phrase "peace, order and good government" was originally used in the British North America Act, 1867 (Constitution Act 1867) enacted by the Imperial Parliament, and it defines the principles under which the Canadian Parliament should legislate. (Wiki)


Its uncanny how much my story is similar to the 2015 movie story of The Dressmaker from Australia. Yes I'm an excellent seamstress who learnt from her dressmaker mother and studied the subject in high school getting top marks. I'm from a very small town in sheep country Australia where some of those people (Freemason police, nicknamed 'pigs') lied about me killing someone then they ran me out of New South Wales in a series of totally illegal court processes (see image in page header) in Goulburn NSW (near The Big Merino (possibly represented by the Golden Fleece petrol sign in the movie.) The main Production Company was none other than the Federal Australian government's own Screen Australia, the old Australian Film Commission.


I suspect Freemason families (globally) use this scenario framework to harm decent innocent people who speak out against Freemasons crimes. Written by Rose Ham, (another name for pig) where the only other story attributed to this this individual is a short story 'Me and Jin' where Jen was my nickname when I was an elected local government politician (1995-1999) and surgically raped for causing the 1988 death of ex Freemason Cooma policeman Jack Bassett who let his Freemason best friend off the hook, (my dad) who lived in the federal government's PMG's Post Office ramshackle residence, (across the Monaro Highway from the Bassett's house) in 87 Rose Valley Road Bunyan siding (near Canberra ACT) after my Freemason dad raped me age 2, on 3 March 1959. According to Jack's NSW police defective detective son, I caused Jack to suicide in April 1988 the day Jack discovered my dad raped my own 4 month old baby (and all of my dad's descendants) after I reported that to Camden NSW Freemason police who refused to do anything because my dad was a fellow Freemason. I can't control the feelings of guilt in other people, however according to Australian Freemasons to this very day in 2018, they say I can. True, I can do just about anything I put my mind to, but I can't force others to act against their will, I'm no Freemason with a government stock of mind altering drugs and hypnotic training behind me.



I'm Janette Gail Francis, born on May Day 1956 (1st May) in Cooma NSW Australia. I'm here to irrefutably prove a very small head like mine, can equate to a highly efficient and intelligent brain. If brain size was an indication of intelligent whales and elephants would rule the world. I was a child genius born in the wrong country, a prison colony of genetically criminal British citizens where I was systematically denied my true natural potential to satisfy their criminal needs and desires.



The people who actually believe what they say, being Janette Gail Francis is crazy because "she believes she has illegal implants inside her" are the same group of people who don't believe invisible radio and television transmissions exist. They'd be the same intelligent group who believe Marie Curie invented a great tasting curry. As recent as the 1990s Freemasons attributed Marie Curie's invention to her husband, like a great deal of other women in history, its only the internet (post 1990s) that's told the truth of it.


All illegal implants were illegally inserted in my adulthood, no one has ever had my power of attorney. I've never been outside my birth country, Australia. The illegal implants have been located to cause me maximum pain and discomfort from soles of my feet to top of my head and face.


The illegal implants are no mystery I remember some illegal surgeries as they occurred. The illegal implants have many external scars some closed with surgical stitches some closed with surgical super glue when I was heavily pregnant, you can imagine my terror. The illegal implants aren't harmless they cause me constant pain and aggravation and notable cell damage and permanent​ nerve death.


Macquarie Street Sydney Australia specialists for the GIO (Government Insurance Office of NSW) in the fake motor accident compulsory third party insurance claim falsely claimed existed by doctors and lawyers which they conjured (including then president of the NSW Law Society John Marsden deceased) falsely claiming I had 2 (two) prolapsed discs and pinched nerves (with miraculously no sciatica in my legs) also caused by their falsified lower back injury they invented from a minor car accident I had almost a decade prior, they claimed was the cause of my both hands and arms going totally numb.


Experiments I've conducted since indicate that if I put pressure on the vibrating implant in my back at waist level which reduces vibrations I feel behind that small bone in my throat results in my right arm go numb perhaps the return blood supply. Laying asleep in normal positions makes my arms and hands go totally numb luckily never both at the same time as I need the other arm to move the dead arm to free the crushed blood circulation in my neck. Adelaide Australia specialists (1500K from Sydney) have diagnosed permanent nerve damage in my arms, notably, Adelaide and Sydney government doctors refuse to treat me, and our government health department tell private doctors not to treat me, according to Ms Diem Dang in her Sturt Road Family Practice in Dover Gardens Adelaide Australia in mid 2009, another private and criminally corrupt immigrant doctors evidently scared of deportation.


I thought that might be unlawful racism against me or that it might be unlawful disability discrimination - when doctors refuse to treat me after they FIND illegal implants, or illegally detain me in their false belief I had a mental illness. But not so according to our Judges and State Crown Solicitor in the Adelaide District Court, proving it is Politically Motivated Violence or Terrorism on political grounds, according to the inference derived from the Judicial decisions in my experimental legal process of elimination using our State anti-discrimination laws.


In an example of State Public Officer legal ignorance. The entity “Health Minister” (or similar) is listed in government records as the corporate 'entity' owner of 'other' State government entities, so I rightly sued the “Health Minister” being the entity, the Crown Solicitor took that as me suing the actual person who was the health minister. They could have used the title of their entity as “Political Pawn” as easily as they used “Health Minister” it meant exactly the same thing. An individual simply can't 'own' a government department, although the political parties act as if they do. During this 2012 multiple anti discrimination Adelaide District Civil court process was when the Crown Solicitor decided to give me, for the FIRST time, the signed Mental Health Act Detention Order signed by medical doctor Mr Shane Goodyear. The state criminally kept it from me for FIVE YEARS in that document were false claims that were also criminal defamation, and grounds for a medical negligence claim after 5 (five) years the time for me to prosecute had lapsed, I was unable to sue, which clearly was a premeditated crime to pervert the course of justice, by the State Crown Solicitor's office.


"Minister" government unincorporated entity v1 

Same State government unincorporated entity v2


If you haven't figured it out yet I'll enlighten you; the government's joint political position (Labor and Liberal Parties) was to have me unofficially declared outside the protection of Australian law, an outlaw, which is unconstitutional under the circumstances, and officially declared mentally unstable in breach of due process of Australian law, so that I could be officially deemed an unreliable witness in the eyes of any Australian court if I attempted to litigate against the government or any other within my Common Law rights (under Tort law) for any matter. The main target being withholding of my reasonable access to basic medical services to criminally conceal the 1990s illegal implants which were an attempted assassination (as I was an elected member of government) and attempted murder in actions that are Politically Motivated Violence, or better known as acts of unlawful Terrorism with political motives dating back to my own childhood (1950s to 1970s) when I witnessed government persons who were Freemasons involved in multiple criminal child sex crimes and murder.


When I made my face-to-face report to the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse about witnessing other children (boys) being raped and murdered at my dad's Freemason Lodge meeting circa 1967, I was informed the Freemason institution practice of ritualistic sexual abuse of children were exempt from the scope of Royal Commission because Freemasons weren't legally permitted to have children at their Freemason Lodge meetings. Criminals in parliament always provide themselves with a watertight legal loophole.


Chances are the 'group' have moved in around me to take up residence in the neighbourhood of my government rental to reinforce the false politically motivated criminal defamations that falsely labelled a Looney. Interfering with a witness or future witness is also a crime under Australian State and Federal law. But they have no regard for Australian law. Forget the Muslims sharia law, Australia's enemy have already invaded our government and joined the Labor and Liberal Parties the proof is in their own documents and historical actions. My only recourse is to continue to look for that illusive 'decent' lawyer and expose the terrorist mongrels.


I wonder if ex Senator Nick Xenophon knows that he has hired a crime in government sympathiser at his legal practice, in Australian lawyer Peter Jackson. I sincerely hope not, I thought Nick X was one of the good guys.  Refer to this email where in my opinion it looks like Peter Jackson has refused to take my case on political grounds.


And the letter, Dear Peter Jackson Xenlaw.com.au


The illegal implants are clearly designed to torture me to death in a long slow process. Everyone who I've pleaded with for help to remove the implants or address the associated persecution, be it medical doctors, police, public servants civil court judges or politicians in parliament have either mocked me or further criminally persecuted me, criminally aiding others to illegally deny me my LEGAL rights. That's why I refer to them as sadistic psychopaths that's exactly what they are.


bastard at the same time, you're either one or the other. Australia has a high proportion of corrupt evil bastards not working in compliance with the constitution, but simply assuming office, in essential human services and the (3) three tiers of government government executive (public servants), judicial (courts) and legislative (parliament). Australia's government is run solely with a single paramount goal of keeping Labor and Liberal Parties in government, nothing more, if that wasn't true I'd not be denied my legal rights and BASIC human rights for the past (30) thirty something YEARS. With (30) thirty something years of irrefutable PROOF to fully corroborate every one of my serious accusations herein of their outrageous criminal conduct. This is the tip of the proverbial iceberg

Not identifying a rapist NEVER protects the victim.

Anonymity only serves to protect the rapist.

In my case my rapists when I was a child and their friends and government supporters have been able to extensively physically attack me and discredit me with false defamations because my rapists were never publicly identified.

This is a 'work in progress' probably lots of spalling errors! Due to the freeness of this website the text editor creates a mishmash of text styles that are hard to correct. Still loving the free website though without these people, the voice of justice would be silenced by Australian children of the corn.

This is about the violent political brotherhood in Australian governments.

This is a website book by Janette Gail Francis


The sad reality is that 'If you're not part of the solution you ARE part of the problem.'

Brothers In Arms:

an inside story on Australian Freemasons and Other Political Psychopaths and their Doppelgängers

If you feel too challenged to read all these words, try the picture cards and videos on the right, they prove the story of these words below.

My own male parent was/is a child sex offender Freemason. His fellow child sex offender Freemasons have been in my life since early adulthood trying to turn everyone around me against me.

In 1974 when I challenged my parents about them not talking about my rape as a child, I stated our Cooma NSW medical doctor (Mr Bullock) would remember as he stitched me up after the brutal rape. Dr Bullock died soon after. I say Freemasons killed him as my male parent made the comment that ''we'' the Freemasons would make sure Dr Bullock said nothing.

In about 1977 when I was 21, a Freemason medical doctor in Liverpool NSW criminally brainwashed my then husband, William (Bob) Peters aged 23, and totally convinced him I was 100% responsible for his (Bob's) alcoholism. We all knew then alcoholism tendency came from your own parents, both Bob's parents were alcoholics. Bob was wary of my male parent and had suspected him of child sex crimes. We split company in 1981. Bob died aged 55, the coroner claimed it was alcoholism related but you can NEVER trust anyone employed in government. Here's why:

Just look at the statistics. Despite that almost every male government public officer in government, (including police, Judge, politician, teacher, lawyer, medical doctor, and many blue-collar workers like my own male parent) since Federation have been Freemasons until society forced Freemasons to accept women members in 1990s, there was NEVER a report of any Freemason accused or convicted of any crime. Freemasons were the majority of the male population. More men than women commit serious crime. Yet no Freemason identified as a criminal! That's an impossible statistic.

There's quite a lot of irrefutable facts here to prove under criminal law my claims of serious organised politically motivated crime in all Australian governments. What can't be proved is proved beyond doubt can be proved on the balance of probability by the content of my Family Law hearing and judgment in 2000. I'm pretty sure it never crossed their mind that I would buy the entire transcript at full cost. Despite that some of the statements have been erased of Judge Lloyd Waddy and his fellow Freemason court appointed lawyer and legal representative for my minor children, David Dunkley from Springwood NSW. There's enough in the Reasons for judgment to prove the criminal conspiracy beyond any doubt whatsoever.

After reading everything in this website you'll understand that its perfectly reasonable for me not to be able to ever trust anyone any more. Not a Government public officer, not a medical doctor, not a judge, no an elected member of government, and not any random alleged potential employer I'm referred to by my Job Network Provider, engaged under contract by the Federal government, as no one even bothers to do any basic screening to make sure they're a genuine employer with a genuine job vacancy.

Where a normal person is one who respects themself and everyone around them: These freaks who have willingly and eagerly criminally harmed me and my children (under their separate banners of Freemasonry Politics or Greed) probably for financial or social reward, like muslim GP and hypnotist Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed and Fred Uehlin and one of many medical specialists Paul Charles Varley and hypnotist Alex D Frater with his Campbelltown New South Wales and South Australia and Canberra Labor Party and Liberal Party members, (a throng of politically and financially motivated sadistic psychopathic cohorts) are as far from normal as anyone can be. That's no exaggeration, isn't that right Alex.

Every facet is like its own mini-series. I went to Frater after I'd been indecently assaulted by Banasik. Frater said I had probably remembered something in the past that's why I was so upset about having a male rub his penis on my face and lift my pyjama top as I slept in Council accommodation. Frater tried to hypnotise me when he thought I was under he told me ''not to exaggerate'' about what Banasik had done to me. I didn't know Frater was a long-time member of the Labor Party like Banasik. When I was in Family Court with my Common Law partner Owen Hall, Frater gave my consultation report to Owen to put into our Parramatta Family Law Court record without my consent. It was eagerly accepted by alcoholic and Freemason Judge Lloyd Dengate Stacy Waddy said on record with great excitement in his drunken state on the bench, ''People can't go around getting raped and we not know about it.'' The interesting part was that I wasn't aware there was a ''report'' I'd never seen it before it was in Owen's hands in the court and illegally accepted into court record without allowing me to first see the alleged ''report'' when I was a self-representing respondent. The Frater ''report'' was accepted into commonwealth court record in breach of natural justice making its acceptance outside the jurisdiction of alcoholic Judge Lloyd Dengate Stacy Waddy. In the end of that fraudulent court case I was so emotionally wrecked as Waddy included questions about my childhood rape by my Freemason male parent, then my Freemason male parent of criminal rape of me as a child, and exonerated Banasik on his criminal assault against me at the Council event, (in my court record with my Common Law partner about our issues) way outside his jurisdiction in Family Court. If I'd been in a Nazi concentration camp Waddy probably would have exonerated Hitler. I was unable to read the $2,000 grossly overpriced ©Auscript Pty Ltd 2000 transcript to make my appeal.

Still can't bring myself to read it almost 20 years later and I don't believe my only DNA brother would stand with my Common Law partner Owen against me his baby sister in a telephone statement and Affidavit, that was someone else entirely.

The Freemasons used my DNA brother's identity in false court documents after we stood together against our Freemason dad in 1988/89 Camden NSW Local Court and illegal mediation ordered by the Freemason Magistrate to protect my Freemason male parent for his child sex crimes against my sons. Even if my brother believes he stood with Owen it's only because he was criminally brainwashed by Freemasons to think that's the way he felt. Freemasons have brainwashed my brother as he can't remember the many times I caught our male parent sodomising him when we were little, and the many times he cried on my shoulder about that before and after he showed me the physical damage as a child in primary school. That's not something you naturally forget.

It wasn't a case of Owen or Banasik or anyone against me, it's a matter of me against the Freemasons. The Freemasons are such cowards they use everyone around them as shields. Freemasons had already 'brainwashed' one of my older sons before the Family Court hearing, they got the other two after so that now none of my 3 sons will talk to me. Freemasons brainwashed my sons with matters that never happened in their childhood involving me but had happened to me as a child or them as children involving my Freemason male parent. It’s the Freemason modus operandi of war, ''divide defame and conquer'' recently adopted by Australian political party members.

When I was a child I had a reoccurring nightmare that was a message to me telling me I was the only one strong enough to save my family.

I wrote to the head Judge to complain but they all stick together like priest’s politicians and police, they're scum from top down. In my opinion Waddy should be hung drawn and quartered.

Criminal activities in government go on commonly in every country on Earth. The anti-corruption agencies Australian politicians have set up allegedly to address or stop criminal activities like the ones described here all claim my evidence shows no evidence of corruption or abuse of process. Therefore, crime in Australian government day to day activities ARE legal so long as it's been approved by the Labor Party and the Liberal Party within the context of the Council Of Australian Governments, the Australian two political party preferred system's 'venue' for bipartisan serious organised 'politically motivated' crime. Proved by the fact the political parties knew I was illegally detained on 22 January 2014 because COAG arranged it.

Refer to Youtube cop video right #79819, she refused to say which ''Minister'' sent her to detain me under a name I hadn't used for several years and our state COAG member, the Premier, refused to respond to my reasonable correspondence. If Nixon's Watergate was in Australia, the Party would have detained the journalists under the Mental Health Act to destroy their credibility and marked their Social Security (Centrelink) file with false claims of a mystery mental illness they refuse to state and refuse to provide the legal documents to prove, so they can't get a proper job, as they have done to me.

I am a freelance journalist reporting the evidence I've discovered that exposes Labor and Liberal Parties crimes. I'm also a target for their crimes after Australia's news reporting outlets all joined the Party.

At the bare minimum the South Australia based medical practitioners and Government Public Officers (which includes police and politicians) stated or inferred in this website have breached section 6 of the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC HEALTH ACT 2011, Precautionary principle, by intentionally creating a legally defined foundation in precedent for ''serious harm to public health.''

This basically has its roots in 1980s Sydney Australia. The decade that despite new legislation giving women independence from Australian men, the males continued to enforce their own personal belief systems, illegally insisting they still ''owned'' any woman and her children it was politically beneficial to ''own'' including me and all my children. Not much has changed in the past 40 years. If their chosen political party says so Australian Government public officers still believe they ''own'' select citizens targeted for political violence. That's how demented our GPOs really are.

This and more I can prove 100%

It'd be impossible for all this and so much more to happen to just one person in the natural course of events if the participants mentioned or inferred below obeyed Australian law. I'm here to prove it all to you as thus far they (politically motivated GPOs) refuse to allow me to prove it in an Australian civil court under Common Law, which is my legal right. It'd be even more unlikely for all this to happen to me, considering I'm a naturally shy, introverted female who has never had any desire whatsoever to impress anyone, is a hard to impress personality who prefers the company of only her closest friends and family. Which is probably why the false stories about me were so wild and outrageous, I had no large group of friends to stand up for me. In the end even, my extended family failed me. Still I can’t hold them 100% responsible. I'm the youngest of 4 siblings. The ones who weren't Freemasons with something to hide weren't strong enough to resist the brainwashing of the Freemason Government Public Officers. I haven't bothered to trace my Freemason dad's pedigree. My mum's ancestors are traceable by the virtue of our links to the royal families of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Denmark, Norway, Russia, you get the picture. I personally identity with all the passion of my Irish and Scottish ancestors. I'm also a seer which might be from my Celtic Viking DNA. I usually only see another person's death, generally I keep it to myself. I can't predict the future on demand. I suspect no person can. I did however see my future when I was a child.

2018 - South Australia State Government Public Officers (plural) at Adelaide department of transport Motor Registry head office have illegally suspended my driving licence indefinitely, refusing to provide any written reason to legally do so, and refusing my Freedom Of Information Act request to provide me with the alleged doctor's medical report, inferring it will breach the privacy of the person who signed the false report, registered doctor English immigrant Alison Barbara Jane Cole of GP Axis family medical practice Seaford Meadows. (Or maybe they still think I'm not Janette Gail Francis.) Forcing me to take legal action in Christies Beach Magistrate's court, in what is Abuse of Public Office in breach of state criminal law.

2011 - I've had medical doctor Ms Celia E Tildesley at Christies Beach medically negligently tell me I was seriously mentally ill and delusional in my belief that I had been elected as a politician for Wollondilly Shire Council because the doctor relied on nothing but the criminal defamation of another whose identity she chose to protect. In that manner she falsely claimed I was never Wollondilly's Councillor Jenny Hall who lived in the NSW Torrens Title residence of Janette Gail Francis at The Oaks NSW (1986 - 1997 before that was stolen from me by Freemasons).

2009 - I've had South Australia State Government Public Officers (plural) at Christies Beach department of transport Motor Registry illegally refuse to accept my New South Wales Australia birth certificate as my own falsely claiming it ''belongs to someone else'' because the GPOs relied on nothing but the criminal defamation of another whose identity they chose to protect. In that manner they falsely claim I'm not Janette Gail Francis. I showed them my Medicare and Centrelink cards and paid for my licence with my bank card, they were all issued in the name of Janette Gail FRANCIS and they declined to call police if they really believed I was impersonating someone else. l also had my old marriage certificate my divorce papers and my 5 children's birth certificates with me to aid in proving my identity, but they refused to accept any document I showed them in breach of the Australian Constitution. That's criminal Abuse of Public Office. Therefore, they also claim I was never married to my husband and am not the DNA mother of my DNA children. (criminal GPOs already established that I'm the natural mother of my children by illegal secret DNA testing of my myself, and my children all under 18, and my Common Law partner without our informed consent, circa 1992 in our 55 Argyle Street Picton NSW local doctor's office)

Subsequently I changed my licence from Janette Gail HALL to Janette Gail FRANCIS at Marion Oaklands Park registry in 2009. Head office wrote to me telling me the change was illegal. They refused my 2011 Freedom of Information application to prove their alleged ''intelligence'' that claimed I am not Janette Gail Francis.

SA motor registry GPOs continued to re-issue my driving licence in a rather unique and highly criminal manner until September 2017 when I had it changed again to Janette Gail FRANCIS in Seaford Meadows SA.

They falsified government record by criminally deleting my 2009 photo and lawful signature as Ms FRANCIS, reissuing my licence every subsequent year with the HALL photo and HALL signature and the FRANCIS last name so that my licence was rendered useless as an ID document. (see photo card below right)

I've had my driving licence since Phil Steva's birthday in August 1973 using my NSW birth certificate. I qualified at the Lindsay Street Campbelltown NSW motor registry. My licence number was 2554TG.

In 2005 I claimed residential status in South Australia seeking to transfer my driving licence from NSW to SA that was granted but GPO staff stole my NSW licence which still is an ID document despite not being a current licence. I suspect GPOs in Adelaide sold my NSW ID document to someone else.

Since 2007 - I've had GPOs and private medical doctors negligently tell me I was seriously mentally ill and delusional in my belief that I have illegal implants inside me, despite that anyone with functioning eyes and brain can see the evidence from outside of me and inside me in the radiology films that GPOs and other registered medical doctors have criminally lied about, and the Sydney TV crew including Mike Munro and John McAvoy from A Current Affair in the 1990s said they picked up the sound of the transmitting implants with their portable interview gear circa 1997 when they accused me of having a listening device on my person during the interview that subsequently criminally defamed me, and was fully supported in their criminal conspiracy to criminally defame me by members of the Labor Party and federal GPOs at the Australian Broadcasting Authority circa 1997/1998.

I suspect in their delusion they believe I'm really the 1980s Australian Freemason Labor Party governments (plural) fabricated person they named ''Leanne Walters'' fake daughter of Rex John Walters, allegedly born 1969 and faked her own murder on Fathers Day 1984 without police involvement.

RE University Health video above:

A government public officer and registered medical doctor saying, 'Because you used Dettol antiseptic cream on your fingers after they split, that's what made them split.' Is as logical as saying 'If a milk maiden milks a cow when they have their period the milk will automatically sour'. Pig.

You've seen the movie ''Children of the Corn'' appears that Stephen King modelled that story on Australian politics. When Janette made this reference to a telephone reception employee at Shine Lawyers on 26 April 2018 she laughed robustly as if such a parallel to psychotic and irrational crimes against humanity in real life Australia are intended to be a form of comic relief for Australian lawyers.

The video recorded (above right) establishes, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that the Southern Adelaide South Australia state police officers #79819 and #33284 are both offenders recorded in the unlawful acts of trespass to property, trespass to person, assault and battery and unlawful imprisonment. Further they are both offenders and willing accomplices, to breach of South Australia legislation, being the Mental Health Act 2009 (SA) section 102, on the grounds that they both reasonably knew the state medical doctor they were physically assisting in the involuntarily detention of Janette under the Mental Health Act 2009 (SA) had NOT actually diagnosed Janette as being mentally ill in breach of section 102 of that Act, and further that there was no evidence whatsoever that would have reasonably allowed the assumption that Janette was suffering a mental illness that required involuntary detention under the Act, thus;


102—Offences relating to authorisations and orders

(1) A medical practitioner or authorised mental health professional who signs any authorisation or order for the purposes of this Act, without having examined the person to whom the authorisation or order relates, is guilty of an offence.

Maximum penalty: $25 000 or imprisonment for 2 years.

Establishing the fact, they were all acting in in breach of the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 - Sect 251 Abuse of Public Office, thus;


251—Abuse of public office

(1) A public officer who improperly—

(a) exercises power or influence that the public officer has by virtue of his or her public office; or

(b) refuses or fails to discharge or perform an official duty or function; or

(c) uses information that the public officer has gained by virtue of his or her public office,

with the intention of—

(d) securing a benefit for himself or herself or for another person; or

(e) causing injury or detriment to another person, is guilty of an offence.

Maximum penalty:

(a) for a basic offence—imprisonment for 7 years;

(b) for an aggravated offence—imprisonment for 10 years.

Politically aligned Government Public Officers in Australia do everything in their power to categorise a victim of our own government's politically motivated violence as mentally ill and or an unreliable witness. Meanwhile politically aligned soliciting lawyers in Australia do everything in their power to ensure a victim of our own government's politically motivated violence never get to realise due process pursuant to Australian law.

To read what Australia's News Media, newspapers and TV news published about these and other political crimes in Australia go to https://youtu.be/eAGmuDq-Xes

I have irrefutable evidence of conduct in breach of criminal law and common law in the 2014 video alone. So why is it I can't get ANY Australian medical negligence lawyer to represent me? None of the big NO WIN NO FEE legal firms will touch this despite that it must win in an Australian court under Australian law.

Australia's Shine Lawyers use American Erin Brockovich as their ambassador but refuse to represent Australians with a case that has a far greater public interest for Australians. How fuked is that!

Slater and Gorden and Maurice Blackburn refuse to take the case because of the politics. They're not alone all of the major law firms in Adelaide have the same mindset, they will only fight a case that won't threaten their chances of getting future legal work from any government entity. How fuked is that!

It’s fair to say Nick Xenophon's political party failed to score in the recent state election because they challenged the Labor Party and Liberal Party past present and future governments on their professional negligence. Proving most south Australians are undeniably psychopathic 'Children of the Corn'.

The politics behind all this means that, because I was raped by an Australian Freemason when I was 2 year 10 months old;

  • I'm denied the natural right to civil law redress, and police protection from further criminal assaults, and

  • Denied the natural right to have a medical doctor I can trust to look after my physical health, and

  • Denied the right of self-determination in my private life for the past 59 years, and

  • Denied the right to a career and personal wealth.

How the fuck is that for the ''greater good''?

What a pack of political cock-suckers and date licker's.

They, Government Public Officers and their outlaw associates, use us like marionettes, they manipulate us and play with us to fulfil events for their benefit dividing us as a family so they can get away with their many crimes. Divide and conqueror is their battle strategy. I appear to have inherited the 'seer' gene the disposition referred to across recorded human time. I get premonitions of future events, not on call as many charlatans would have you believe. I have foreseen the deaths of family members and strangers before they've happened including seeing my father's mother's death twice when I was 16. I told my dad he had to see her and not go to his Freemason meeting, if he didn't head me his mum would have died without seeing her baby son one last time. They come to me involuntarily. Some meaningless. As a child less than 10, I had a reoccurring dream that there was a huge rock crushing my birth family despite being the youngest I was the only one who could life that rock. Future death is my most common premonition but not the only topic. I saw that Andrew Garforth would murder someone (Ebony Simpson) some weeks before it happened when he came into my computer shop in Camden NSW and stepped into my private space. Police treat seers as fools because there are so many crooks out there, including most police. My first insight was when I was a very small child, a toddler.

Adelaide State Government Public Officer and (mature) medical doctor Simon James Spedding (above) refused me access to penicillin in 2011. After which he instructed his Government Public Officer (mature) receptionist not to charge me at all for my consultation which would result in there being NO record of me ever having consulted him if I had not secretly recorded the consultation.

The infection I referred to in the video (above) is pictured in the photo card top right marked ''2011 infection''. The complaints to politicians and police (which I refer to in the live crime video, right) included refusal of my access to life saving penicillin by Government Public Officers, including Simon James Spedding. I agree policeman 79819 (see video at right) you should do your job problem is you and your comrades illegally refuse to enforce the laws you're employed to enforce, above all else, despite political or personal affiliations, and despite whether or not the criminal offenders are or were Freemasons.

The full video proves I had no mental health issues and that I had phoned for police assistance when Georgina Ai Chin Cheng and her first (of a total of 5) accomplice sat outside my residence for some time after I ordered her off my property, effectively assaulting me (causing me fear of battery). Instead of helping me, the police joined forced with my criminal assailants. You hear one police male say, ''Let us do our job'' and ''You will be assessed.'' being his verbal admission that he knew I was being illegally imprisoned and he was participating in an illegally conspiracy to have me illegally detained using the Mental Health Act, in gross s251 Abuse Of Public Office, which is a crime under his own State's criminal law that he's specifically employed to enforce, above all else.

Spedding's decision to ''erase the record'' is what I have experienced many times as the modus operandi of lawless Australian Freemasons, including (multiple) Judges and a Magistrate who illegally altered the court transcript in my presence to criminally pervert the course of justice. Refusing me access to penicillin as a Medicare Australia patient (which I was) is a breach of the commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995 under matters like ''274.2 torture'' and ''268.23 Crime against humanity--other inhumane act''. The state government charged federal government's program, Medicare Australia for my illegal imprisonment using criminal their abuse of public office.

Apart from the fact I can feel the excess electrical activity in my arms and hands, the supporting evidence says I've got implants in my upper body and hands as if I sleep with my arms in a normal position my hands go totally numb until I raise my arms above my head. If I do any heavy lifting work, when my shoulder muscles swell I can feel a foreign item in my shoulders causing me pain, and my hands go numb which is relieved instantly when I raise them above my head. If I do any impact tasks like using a hammer to put a few nails into softwood my hands, go numb and the skin on the tips of my fingers split. If I type for a day to do an assignment or write a book, the skin on the tips of my fingers split.

In 2011 while doing a small but of gardening my fingertips split inside my leather gloves blood was everywhere. Fed up I consulted Adelaide Government Public Officer and medical doctor Simon James Spedding who told me I was using chemicals on my hands to make the skin as dry as it is and the skin to split. I told him he was wrong, I wasn't using any chemicals. I offered him an alternate explanation that maybe I have some illegal implants (he could help me look for) so he responded by sending me from his office. I recorded that consultation.

The medical registrar AHPRA and the Labor Party and Liberal Party members in Adelaide Australia state parliament all stood by medical doctor Simon James Spedding decision to evict me from the consultation and not treat me for skin that splits with normal activities.

For some reason no lawyer I've consulted from Adelaide will represent me in any of my many potential cases of medical negligence, and the registrar at the Adelaide District Court refuses to accept my Statement of Claims for any Common Law civil suit because I haven't worded them to his liking.

Now in 2018 the Adelaide State government are taking my driving licence away effective the Friday after Anzac Day simply because I say the sparking vibrating bulbous item in my forehead in an illegal implant. What is left for me to do, act with violence like the suffragettes?

Make no mistake, the painful physical effects of these illegal implants inside me, some seen in the images here (above and right) are nothing less than sadistically cruel and intended to cause me injury and serious harm. You can see the evidence that they've surgically raped me.

My pet dogs and cats have known over the decades since I've been surgically raped that simply to be near me without me touching them means great pain to them. Clearly the radiations from the illegal implants inside me can be heard and felt by domestic animals, not just me. This means the emissions can be registered and recorded on appropriate machines owned by the government.

That a multiplicity of senior Australian government public officers, refuse to allow me diagnosis and removal of the illegal (life threatening and painful) implants inside me, means on the balance of probability they are receiving a financial or other personal benefit from my criminal torture. You could be next.

You can see they intentionally made me into the impoverished person that I am. If job opportunities are measured on ability, then why did friends who did worse than me at school land better jobs while I was eventually denied work altogether within ten years after we left school? Answer, illegal Freemason political intervention in my life.

Many of their secreted illegal surgeries were forced on me when I was very pregnant in the 1980s and 1990s. Doesn't that outrage you a little? What if they also have government funding to surgically rape all my descendants? Do you think that's alright too, to have a class of people used as illegal Australian government medical experiment human targets for the greater good of the wealthy and politically affiliated? I'm sure they give their supporters many well-structured lies to incite hatred of us to get your support and justify why they should harm me and my descendants, but in the end it's only their personal psychopathic greed that motivates them.

If I had been the scumbag police and other Government Public Officers infer by what they've done to me, I'm sure their secretly hired killer, Chopper Read would have tracked me down at my Torrens Title residence in my own name and dispensed his form of justice. It's impossible for me to prove my descendants and I haven't done anything wrong. But I can prove the many illegal things Australian Government Public Officers and a random selection of Australian registered medical doctors have done to me without any legal excuse whatsoever.

We all know Australian police and their families stick together like a Mansonesq cult with much the same mindset. It follows that my criminal stalkers are police. Why else would a retired school teacher and mother of a state police detective know and repeat to me what I said to my adult son in the privacy of my car as we were driving in 2017 Adelaide Australia? What I said was something people usually don't say to each other. I associate with no-one other than my equally low threat law abiding adult children, so police can't possibly suspect me of any crime, therefore any surveillance on my family is criminal stalking.

It follows that police families are also responsible for the illegal implants inside me to protect multiple police children who raped me in my high school years when I was 15 and 16 in the 1970s. They probably also went on to become police themselves. We had 10 classes in my high school years that begun in 1969. Graded from A to J in academic ability. I never tried at high school, yet I was in C and D classes. After I was raped in 1971 I dropped to E classes. I still passed all my subjects to graduate while some of my friends failed they also left after year 10 yet their life outcomes were far superior to mine. By end of year 10, I wanted to study. I qualified to continue to year 11 but my blue-collar worker Freemason dad refused me permission to continue. When I did psychology and IT courses in 1980s in tertiary studies I got distinction marks. Yet I've been denied gainful employment all my working life. Whoever believes Australia is the lucky country is deluded. Its only lucky here if you're a politically aligned criminal.

In 1978, a NSW government public officer stole my original NSW School Certificate in the course of his employment. NSW education department refused to duplicate it for me. In the 1980s my original school reference was stolen from my residence (my headmaster wrote my name on his reference as Janelle) also stolen was my original full NSW Birth Certificate. In 2005 an Adelaide SA government public officer stole my NSW driving licence during the course of his employment. When I tried to change my assumed Common Law partner last name back to my birth name on my South Australia driving licence in 2009 using my full NSW Birth Certificate the Adelaide transport department Government Public Officers refused, their excuse to refuse me use of my birth last name was because they insisted my NSW Birth Certificate belonged to someone else. I got confirmation of that admission in writing on departmental letterhead. If that's not evidence someone is criminally impersonating me I'd like to know what is.

I didn't just have my birth certificate to prove who I was. I had all my children's birth certificates and my old marriage registration documents, several bank cards, and my Medicare and Centrelink cards. I went to someone lower in the transport department who did the right thing and changed my last name. A 2009 department head wrote, they were punishing that person and ''re-training them''. Clearly he had no legal ground to cancel my name change.

This simple exercise proves on the government's own documents, extensive top down criminal culture in Australian government public office, fully backed by police and your present day Labor Party and Liberal Party elected parliamentarian. That as they say is the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Who is it that people almost always listen to even when their request is bizarre or illegal? Police. Only police could order a doctor to refuse a patient penicillin, probably claiming they sell it on the black market. Which fits with what one Christies Beach doctor said to me in 2012 after I showed him my infection swollen outer ear and jaw, my ear canal was swollen shut.

He said, ''You did that to yourself.'' as his excuse to refuse me lifesaving penicillin

I was speechless with my jaw wide open after that one, by this time I was recording all my conversations with medical doctors. Clearly Australian police families are keen to know what I do to prevent me from having their illegal implants removed from inside me and to try to kill me making my death look natural or accidental. Clearly, they do this with the full consent of Australian politicians after one ordered me to be detailed under Mental Health Act prior to the 2014 state election when I complained to a state minister for health about illegal denial of health services. Including denial of penicillin as above. I recorded that trespass to property, assault and battery and illegal imprisonment on video along with 2 confessions by the government psychiatrist she was acting in breach of the Act which was another jail-able offence that was ignored by the government. I can't protect my Common Law rights as the Prime Minister and Premiers have ensured that poor people can't get Legal Aid to sue under Common Law. Obviously, I got the penicillin in the end else I'd be dead. I went to someone who told the government public officers to ...

I've got 200 plus years of cousins in New South Wales on my dad's side, and 150 plus years of cousins in Queensland on mum's (royal) side. So, it's highly likely there are a lot of Australians who have a family resemblance to me, enough to be able to find a whore willing to be an evil doppelgänger willing to have sex with my Common Law partner and who knows how many others while being videotaped like a GANG BANGER PORN STAR claiming she's me, Ms Goody2shoes Freemason police and politicians named Leanne, daughter of Rex Walters, my evil doppelgänger right, above police defective-detective John Garvey. It’s kind of peculiar that a man's murdered daughter looks a lot like her step mother and nothing like him. (The 47yr old with the VT Calais in 2003 is me, Janette Gail Francis.) This basically has its roots in the 1980s the decade that despite new legislation giving women independence from Australian men, the males enforced their personal belief systems in breach of Australian law, insisting they still ''owned'' any woman and her children they choose to ''own'' including me and all my children. Not much has changed in the past 40 years. Government public officers still believe they ''own'' select citizens targeted for political violence, if their chosen political party says so. That's how demented Australian Government Public Officers really are.

This and more I can prove 100%

It'd be impossible for all this and more to happen to one person in the natural course of events if the participants mentioned or inferred below obeyed Australian law. Even more unlikely considering I'm a naturally shy, introverted female who has never had any desire whatsoever to impress anyone, and I'm also hard to impress. However, I've always been considerate to every stranger I meet regardless of any defining characteristic.

impossible for all this and more to happen to one person without the existence of a one-sided vendetta facilitated by psychopathic Government Public Officers using public money backed by members of political parties as politicians - that's Politically Motivated Violence

Despite that politicians and their public officers use political equivalent of Sharia lore in Australian governments establishing the presence of a lawless 'Political Brotherhood' by the outcomes of the below matters, thus far ICAC in both States says none of the below is corruption, likewise no one in Australian news media consider any of the below news worthy (internet, newspaper and television news) imagine what else they secretly hide from you.

This is not the whole story but it's the highlights from which I have a legal right under Common Law to seek redress from the Australian Court system. As you can imagine the award for thirty (30) something years of torture and hate campaign would be considerable so much so that Government Public Officers of today say it's in the GREATER GOOD that the status quo remains, and the Government is not brought to account for the criminal wrongs of their Government Public Officers (GPO). Yes, it's all 100% true with potential for minor date error/s in the timeline.

But most of all, the actions or inactions of the Government Public Officers and Australian registered medical doctors self-prove their mental health status as sadistic psychopaths, aliens to humanity, not fit to be in their employment due to the risk they pose to others by their propensity to criminal lawlessness on the job. I reiterate, they prove they're unfit to work in the jobs they work in by their own actions or inactions in breach of Australian law. Their status as psychopaths however appears to be why they were employed in government so others at the top of the chain of command can participate in criminal activities inside our governments, freely, exactly as Australian Freemasons have done for the past 100 something years since Federation, outlined by the well informed Stephen Knight in his 1984 hard cover book, ''The Brotherhood The Secret World of The Freemasons'' now the organised crime in government is controlled by the political parties themselves. Proven by the fact no politician will step in to stop or address these crimes against me, and when I've been a member of each (many) political party over the years they have refused to make any of these issues public or address them in any way.

Below Right: in background of both wedding photos to your right of Shorty-the-bridesmaid, the professional murder victim, are David Low (fawn pants) on rebound from my rejection Dave married daughter of Mr Nolan, owner Nolan Quaries, and Darren Nellies (pinkish pants and looking at me/Janette). Both David and Darren worked at Visyboard, as well as Darren's mother Zeila Nellies who worked in personnel management / payroll. Someone's husband / dad was a Freemason cop. I specifically timed the photos to include David and Darren in the photos to make the Visyboard link undeniable.

Circa 2004, I saw Darren Nellies as a contestant on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' with Eddie McGuire, Eddie said Darren was resident in Victoria. Darren bombed out on his first question, it was about politics.

Owen Hall allegedly died in 2010, so they left his photo in the 2012 edition of Brothers In Arms now called Bikie Wars for the government's fake TV mini-series. Owen's only children were never notified of his death. They only found out after their mum Janette paid for a death certificate application in 2015 to confirm rumours. Potentially, yet another political fake death.

Evidently Owen's parents Percy John HALL and Janet M HALL JP of the Sydney Rifle Club, and his brothers Stephen and Mark and their wives, or Owen's wife Robyn M Noonan Hall JP and her best friend Fay Daniels of the Campbelltown District Court NSW, evidently none of them don't think Owen's only children have any legal rights to inheritance from Owen's deceased estate and his multimillion dollar country residence at Couridjah NSW.

Right: Newspix branded photos, subjects claimed to be Government Public Officer and New South Wales police detectives Superintendent Ron Stephenson, John Garvey, Mike McGann. The relaxed male in the green jacket is none other than the alleged Rex John Walters alleged grieving father of Leanne. These males are responsible for the criminal perversions released by Allen & Unwin publishers (Sydney, USA, United Kingdom) in a paperback named ''Brothers In Arms the inside story of two bikie gangs'' (refer to 2012 for related data)

I was born on May Day in 1956 in Cooma NSW. My dad has been a Freemason all my life. His Freemason friends included local police, local magistrates and higher court judges, politicians, medical doctors, and other men of great influence. Its worked against me all my life as I choose to speak out many times against their sex crimes to every adult I encountered, instead of pretending I didn't see them like almost every adult around me from time to time.

Chronological Brief of Australian Government Public Officer Crimes underpinned by Australian Freemason child sex crimes Freemason police refused to charge their fellow Freemasons backed in these multiple crimes by Freemasons in parliament who expressly legislated giving police the prerogative not to charge a criminal, influenced by Freemason Bob Hawke Prime Minister of Australia 1983 to 1991 and many others.

Circa 1982 I suspected my dad of sexually assaulting my three small children and went to police in his local area to report this crime as I witnessed. The police man said, ''Aub Francis, he's a Freemason, isn't he?'' I replied, ''Yes!'' Policeman, ''No you can forget it lov, I'm not taking a report, go away.'' In 1982 almost, all police in Australia were Freemasons. My dad was not a police officer, he wasn't even employed in government, he was your average tradesman and he was protected from any crime he committed in Australia by being a Freemason. My father was protected as a Freemason after he committed a hit and run striking a person on a pedestrian crossing as he overtook another car stopped at the crossing, in the 1960s, I was in the car as a child it was a weekend night, we were on our way back to Campbelltown NSW after visiting his mother's house at 13 Florence Street, St Peters Sydney, it was late night raining, we were still in Sydney area still north of the Meccano set (large framed traffic lights) we always went along Woodville Road. The crossing had one of those round vertical double sided pedestrian crossing lights with either the words or men’s trouser legs and shoes, or both, printed on both sides suspended above the crossing which was still there for many years later. I felt and heard the thump, I suspect it was a young male person, police even came to our door after the other car gave my father's rego number, he got off because he was a Freemason. This 1982 incident followed several attempts on my life, including my parents attempt to poison me by stealing all the sugar from my house (I'd bought a new pack earlier that day) and giving me theirs they just happened to have in their car. Then leaving with my children before making me a 2SM cup of coffee. Yes, Freemason drug and brainwash their children to forget their parents crimes. I took a mouthful of the coffee over the sink, instantly tasted the bitterness and spat it out washing my mouth out and swallowing buckets of clean water. That was the day I gave up sugar. The surprise in my parent's voice when I telephoned them later that night told me they thought I was dead.

1983 I was living in 282 St Johns Road Bradbury, a suburb of Campbelltown NSW, I was on the electoral roll as Janette Gail Peters, and in the phone book but they recorded me incorrectly as JC Peters. Leanne claimed to be living with her boyfriend named ''Claus Fell'' around the corner form me also in Bradbury. I kept a record of where people lived and every bit of info about them they offered to me as after the incident with my Freemason dad and the Freemason police I started being slightly suspicious. Leanne invited me to a custom crockery Party Plan event, at her residence also in Bradbury. She said all the girls from Visyboard were going so only on that basis I agreed. When I got there, I was the only guest. The alleged Party Plan person claimed to be named Rose, she had a remarkable resemblance to Jenny Sheehan but claimed to be Jenny Sheehan's cousin, I wasn't totally convinced. I was going to leave when a man arrived who Leanne said was her boyfriend's mother, he was dressed s a woman. By this time, I had been drugged and was unable to stand. We were on a lounge the front window had vertical blinds that were new idea then. From my spot I saw a man arrive on a motorbike walk it into the garage. The fake old woman disappeared into the north kitchen door as the man walked into the lounge, He looked at us and said something like, ''What's going on here.'' The fake old woman called him into the kitchen he entered via a south door, I heard a metallic on bone clang followed by a racket which would have been the man falling. The fake old woman came and sat next to me with an evil grin he spoke as a man, but I can't remember the words as he struck me on the head with a saucepan which made the same metal on bone sound, I was still conscious, so he struck me again. I have no idea how long I was out or what happened during that time. I woke, Leanne and Rose sat as if everything was normal. As I was recovering from drugs I was not clear what had happened, but my subconscious wanted me to get out as fast as possible. I had a huge lump on my head went to a local police station to report the assault a day or so later and guess who came to the counter in a police uniform, the fake old woman who hit me on the head, I was visibly stunned when I recognised him, he acknowledged who he was and threatened me with violence and a snarl, so I backed out very quickly. The address of this police crime I had already written in my little black book, it was 31 Wandarra Crescent, Bradbury 2560 (Campbelltown NSW) If I had to guess who was hit on the head in his kitchen, from the photos in the Brothers in Arms book, I'd say he looked like one of the Campbell brothers the snarly one in the Picton photo. The phone number Leanne gave me for her ''boyfriend'' was (046) 266-318. I telephoned it on at least one occasion the man on the end was not who Leanne said he was. Sometime later Leanne asked for a lift home as I often gave girls from work a life in my little yellow Gemini. I drove Leanne to (thirty-one) 31 Wandarra Crescent Bradbury where a man was in the front yard. He thanked me for dropping her off chased her with the garden hose soaking her as I drove off I saw her run from the property. The other Visy employee in the car was Frances Selway who appeared to know Leanne didn't live there.

1984 Fathers' Day: my Freemason dad told me he ''didn't want me to visit him on Fathers' Day''. A girl at work (Visyboard office) Jennifer Maree Sheehan the partner of a motorcycle club member, had been pressuring me to meet her at a swap meet at the Viking Tavern in Milperra. I took a drive by the pub I thought she referred to (turns out it was the wrong one) didn't like the look of it and said no. I was going to stay at home (20 Wilkinson Street, Elderslie NSW) but my sixth sense told me not to. I decided to drive to my parent's house in my little yellow TE Gemini, which meant I travelled through Kangaroo Valley which is where I was when I heard the news about the shootings. When I got to my parents’ house the first words from my mum when she saw me was a Freudian slip, she said, ''We thought you were dead.'' With Freemason Bob Hawke as Labor party Prime Minister in left faction of Labor party, and Treasurer Paul Keating in right faction of Labor party, and the shootings taking place in Paul Keatings own electorate, you can be 100% sure there was not going to be any bad press for the Labor Party at the December 1984 federal election. The Labor Party were primed and ready to accept any criminal bullshit from their long-term criminal Freemason police in the 1984 New South Wales Labor Party state government.

At Visyboard, Shorty the bridesmaid stole the group of photos from the one published in the Lindsay Simpson book. I had no idea what they had planned for me. I was illegally sacked from Visyboard on my birthday in 1985. I got a job at the competition, in the office of Smorgon Fibre Containers in Chullora. My boss at Smorgon, Lindsay Beale decided to retire to Husskisson south coast area, so I told Darren about the job opening. When Darren got the job, I discovered Dave was still angry with me for rejecting him (nicely by the way). Darren had me sacked when I swore at a co-worker, Maree Zircoli for reversing into Owen Halls brand new 1985 Celica as I drove sedately through the Chullora car park. Its shit like that you don't forget especially when they're people linked to you being falsely identified as a murdered bikie moll when you've never even been on a motorbike. I had a photo of Leanne Walters at Visyboard, but it was stolen from my residence in 2001.

1984 October 9: I saw Leanne Walters regularly at work. I kept a diary in 1985 because I noticed a few weird things happening I wanted to note in case they meant something later. noting the dates. Visybees: Jenny Sheehan got together a women's basketball team at Visyboard, called Visybees, telling me that it was sponsored by Richard Pratt's Visyboard. Them members included Jenny Sheehan, Jenny Sloman, Jenny Peters (me) Frances Selway, and Leanne Walters. We played every week on Tuesday for several weeks until after Fathers' Day when Leanne had stopped coming, someone else stood in for her. Then on Tuesday 9th October Leanne turned up. We played in the standard netball competition, so the games were recorded elsewhere. Our opponents were the Hot Shots it was at the (newish) Minto NSW public high school on Pembroke Road, the ground at the hall entry and car park was still dirt. It was located around the corner from where I used to live in 23 Derby Street in 1977, I also lived in 19 Lincoln Street Minto in 1978 so I knew the area quite well. Before the game a young woman approached me pointed to Leanne Walters and quietly asked, ''Is that Leanne Walters?'' Leanne was a nasty personality, she told me her last name was Fell. Having been preened by paedophile parents from birth, I trusted everyone in those days. I replied, ''No that's Leanne Fell.'' As a good friend would and because I suspected Leanne of being a liar, I told Leanne someone was asking is she was Leanne Walters just as the game started at 8pm when we were already on the court, so she couldn't leave. Leanne who was a keen softball player specifically as a catcher behind the batter. Leanne claimed to have twisted and sprained her ankle when playing soon after start, but fate ensured I was looking directly at Leanne when she claimed to trip, I saw clearly that she faked it, so I looked at my watch, it was 8:15pm. She called over the other two Jenny's (Sloman and Sheehan) as they were all very good friends. They carried Leanne off the court. I followed alone. As they got to Leanne's car I came within hearing. All three stood side by side, all with both feet on the ground and next to Leanne's little pale green car with ''LH'' five-digit licence plates. I heard the end of a sentence in which Leanne said to Sloman and Sheehan, ''They'll kill me if they find out.'' Then I heard her say she was going to her sister's place. Which I had already known was in Longhurst Street Minto Heights, I remembered the street name when Leanne told me weeks before as I had a schoolgirl crush on a boy with the same last name. Leanne then got into her manual geared small pale green car with ''LH'' five-digit licence plates and drove off rather fast seemingly with no problem at all despite her (fake) sprained ankle. Just as the girl who asked me about her came up behind me. As we played at night time I decided it was in my best interests to stop playing after this event. I saw Leanne Walters once more several months later perhaps in 1985, I was in Liverpool NSW near the Westfield centre approaching her pale green car still with ''LH'' five-digit licence plates as was Leanne from the opposite direction. She looked at me then turned away, I waved and called out her name, ''Leanne Walters!'' a fellow footpath traveller looked at me then at her, he stopped and watched her. Leanne looked up called back, ''Sorry Jenny.'' then got into her car and drove off rather fast. That indicated to me a small fraction of remorse however, fleeting remorse as it turned out. I gave this information to a quite tall dark-haired Newcastle NSW female police detective in August/September 2001 but she wasn't interested. She was interested in getting possession of my 1984 diary, I refused.

1985 I spent the weekend at my parent’s residence intending to go to work at Visyboard directly from their place on Monday. I woke on Monday noticing physical indicators I had been raped. Because of my location my right brain kept telling me it was impossible. None the less on my drive to work my left brain made me go to my local doctor, John Schwarz in Elderslie Camden NSW opposite the primary school I was sending my children to before my parents convinced me they'd be better with my parents. In retrospect my decision was coerced with drugs. By the time I got to Camden I realised logically, that my parents must have raped me. I told the doctor what happened. He suggested I do a pathology swab to test for DNA so I readily agreed. After a couple of days, I made the major mistake of reporting the rape to my local police at Camden NSW. They told me they would not investigate without DNA evidence. I naively told the uniformed police male I had done that. The criminal prick (hard not to be angry) asked me where. I gave the uniformed police male my doctor's name address. When I went back for the results of the pathology I found the surgery door smashed and no-one around. Later John Schwarz told me my files were missing. Initially he accused me of stealing them. Then he asked me if my dad was a Freemason. I noted that he could get a copy of the pathology report, but he refused. I asked him where the pathologists were, so I could get it myself. But he refused to tell me. Clearly the Government Public Officer police employee unconscionably abused his public office in breach of criminal law, but they don't give a damn they believe they are above the law because they are Freemasons. I stress at this point, I have noticed that when I have spoken to police about the crimes of Freemasons, I've been brainwashed somewhere - somehow, to forget what I told police. So, I learnt to start to play dumb, keeping records in a diary. When that diary was stolen I said nothing, ensuring I would remember the stolen diary and everything linked.

1985 September Sydney to Surf Fun Run, I met Owen Hall when he was president of the Campbelltown NSW Rotoract Club, they were helping at the Sydney to Surf handing out numbers to runners. This is when I started associating with the Rotoract group as the first social outing independent of Visyboard, since I left my husband in 1981. The Rotoract members said Owen had only just shaved off a beard. Owen is photographed in the only double photo in the book Brothers In Arms etc. wearing a really bad styled black leather jacket that I saw on a dressing table in his room soon after we met. I remembered it because when I picked it up to look at it, he jumped to grab it and stashed it out of sight. Sunglasses of a same style he wore in the photo were with the jacket. The photo caption says they met one year after the September 1984 shootings at a cemetery. Owen's face also appears next to mine in the front of the book. Owen also started growing a beard for real in 1988. I never saw him on a motorbike, he had an old 1955 Chevrolet he was trying to restore but never did.

1987 June, another attempt was made on my life when a truck driver matching the appearance of Rex John Walters, rear-ended my TE Gemini at high speed, twice, bending the subframe causing the car to spin. I was a routine journey to work as a purchasing officer in Prestons NSW for Favco Cranes. I walked away.

1987 last half, a photo of my face was stolen from my residence at 39 William Street, The Oaks NSW when I was aged 28. It was subsequently published as the visual description of 1984 murder victim Leanne Walters, (in the Simpson & Harvey Brothers In Arms book) also stolen with the photo was my full NSW birth certificate and some school and employment references. According to the local electoral roll list, police detective Robert (Bob) Bradbury (named in the book Brothers In Arms etc) lived in 39 Mary Street, The Oaks NSW with his wife who worked at Centrelink Camden.

1987 December: I was heavily pregnant with Owen Hall's first child, my 4th, it was Christmas time when I felt my face had changed literally overnight, there was something about my forehead that I could literally feel was different this was confirmed by my annual Christmas tree family photo that showed a huge white strip across my forehead. When the baby was born he was kept in intensive case as he had trouble breathing, they accused me of being a drug addict. I hadn't even consumed paracetamol during the pregnancy. This was the first hard evidence that I'd been secretly drugged and surgically raped without my knowledge, and they did it when I was pregnant potentially endangering my baby, proving they are truly criminal psychopaths.

1988, April 24 early afternoon, I caught my Freemason dad in the act of raping my three (3) month old baby. A chain of events occurred to which I was clearly observing in my usual impartial matter-of-fact manner. Dad came from the toilet in my sister’s house with my baby who was sobbing deeply there was a mass of honey on the baby's dummy which the baby was sucking madly as he was sobbing so deep his whole body was jerking. His pants clothes were undone and his nappy also. Stunned I turned to look at my mother and sister now standing in the kitchen I thought I saw a suited male talking to my sister who I had never seen before. I went to ask her who he was when my mother and sister instantly started acting out of character. I had never seen them like this before they were verbally attacking me like little terror dogs both yelling at me at the same time. I turned to my father feeling my baby's body jerking I had a series of flashbacks. Brainwashing is temporary. All the memories were released to me at once. Like a rollerdex I saw still images one after the other that literally made me jerk my head back as I received each one. They were my children, my sibling’s children all sobbing the same way all with a mad excess of honey on their dummy and over their face, all had been in the company of my father. I realised what had happened. I turned to my father who could tell I was remembering he was now sitting on a nearby lounge. All I could saw was, ''It was you, every time it was you.'' He didn't respond. My little nephew realised that I knew what my father had done to him and probably was still doing to him, the toddler sunk his teeth into my father's right forearm his little head was staking with the force he was exerting with his bite. My father sat silent and motionless. Must have left a scar. Blood poured from the child's mouth still over my father's arm. I called his mother, my sister. She slapped the child across the head still yelling at me as if it was all my fault. It was insane. I had never experienced anything like before or since. I was in deep shock and felt so cold all I could think of was getting my children out of there as fast as I could. My sister told me, ''never to see me or my children ever again.'' Her oldest child was standing beside my car, she was crying she hugged me pleading with me to take her with me, it would have been kidnapping if I did, we said our final goodbye. I've never seen her or her siblings again despite trying. I went to Camden NSW police where they refused to take my complaint and refused to investigate. I went to Camden NSW hospital for a rape kit swab, but they refused to do it because they said only police can order it. The detectives said they knew my dad (who lived out of the area) when he had been a fellow Freemason at the Camden Lodge, they said because my dad was a Freemason they would not investigate because the enforce the lawless belief that Freemason lore was superior to Australian law.

1988, April 24 Freemason and ex police male Jack Bassett committed suicide. His son, a Sydney police detective, believed it was my fault his dad committed suicide, he said so as he pointed his police issue pistol at me which he drew from his chest holster in the driveway of his parents’ house, during the wake after his father's funeral. I don't know why I ended up going to the funeral considering that I witnessed my father raping my baby on 24th. Only explanation I have is that I know Freemasons often drugged and brainwashed their children, so they didn't remember Freemason crimes. I also know that when police defective detective Bassett junior approached me said something like ''we seen you earlier didn't we'' I knew our families knew each other in Bunyan I responded with ''that was a long time ago.'' Despite being off duty at his dad's wake he pulled his police pistol from his chest holster, pointed it at me he said clear as a bell, ''You killed my dad.'' My mum was there in a flash standing in front of me protecting me with her own body as any mother would. My dad stood behind the Jack Bassett's police son sniggering and laughing to himself considering this event great entertainment no care for his wife or baby daughter. Bringing me to believe my mum had often been drugged and brainwashed by the Freemasons and it was the Freemasons who came to my house after dark on the evening of the 24th when they drugged me and kidnapped me and took me somewhere to interrogate and brainwash me. At the wake my mum was 100% totally different than on the 24th when we had gathered to celebrate our birthdays, my sisters ANZAC Day mine May Day.

Jack Bassett was best friend of my dad in Cooma NSW where he was the local policeman. We lived in Bunyan Siding north of Cooma until I was 6 years old in 1962. The Bassett's lived near us on the Monaro Highway. On my parents wedding anniversary, 3 March 1959 my dad brutally raped me tearing my skin extensively so that it hurts to this day. Jack Bassett protected his Freemason friend who went on to rape all of his descendants and many other children. I have a vague memory that I was drugged and kidnapped from my residence at The Oaks the evening of 24 April 1988 by Freemasons and taken to a place to be interrogated. I have a vague memory of telling Jack Bassett he was responsible for all those child rapes and the only honourable thing he could do is put a bullet in his head. I was drugged and not myself. Right or wrong, I was NOT responsible for Jack Bassett's suicide. His death record is only now public record (after the 30-year anniversary) at NSW Births Deaths & Marriages his death record number is 10848/1988 JOHN FREDERICK BASSETT. To confirm his death date simply narrow the search period to 24 April 1988.

its guaranteed you'll remember things you've been brainwashed or shocked into forgetting

Judge Waddy and other Freemason criminal supporters in the news media call your true memories, falsely recovered memories

1988 November, my Freemason dad criminally kidnapped my oldest child telling them my dad was really his dad and he was not to tell me because I'd be angry with him (the child). The local Freemason police refused to retrieve my child. Centrelink (then department of Social Security, yes, a big joke) paid my parents Child Endowment to keep my child. (Like Family Tax Benefit). To hear what the Camden NSW Court Freemason Magistrate did read on. After my parents stole my oldest child, like Rumpelstiltskin without the guessing, I literally cried every day in the shower for the next year or so. The bathroom brought back a flood of shocking childhood memories. By early 1990 I had the hurt from my parents totally out of my system, nothing about them could get to me anymore. I simply chose not to discuss them.

People around me who didn't know me took that as proof I was Leanne Walters who faked her own death. Even when I was elected onto Wollondilly Shire Council (1995-1999) the council executive and associated staff all believed that garbage and treated me with distain because of the false rumours.

I can't expressly prove the 1988 kidnap of my child without police support, as I would never involve my children, adult or otherwise, by asking them to back me that sort of thing. But what I do have is a paper trail. After the kidnap when I realised I was literally on my own without the support of crooked Government Public Officer Freemason police who supported the criminal, child kidnap, because my father is a Freemason and no other reason. So, I started using ''the system'' to prove the kidnap. In the picture card list, you will see two yellowing letters. They are original scanned letters from NSW state government, proving that I was trying to get my parents to face me over their late November 1988 criminal kidnap of my oldest child. The first letter is dated 4 January 1989. The second letter is dated Valentines Day 1990. You should look at the reference to ''celebrated days''. The letters prove that I was trying to get a resolve to the illegal kidnap despite Freemason police illegal refusal to do their effing job. Proving the November 1988 illegal kidnap also proves, on the balance of probability, the 24 April 1988 rape of my baby in arms.

1989 early, in Camden Local Court the long term permanent Magistrate threw my application for an Apprehended Violence Order against my father (Francis v Francis) refusing to hear my evidence. As I stood to present my evidence, my father stood, did a Freemason ritual dance, then pleaded to the Magistrate to help him as a fellow Freemason. The magistrate conceded that he and my dad had been fellow Freemasons at the Camden NSW Freemason Lodge (how else would I know this information from this secret society) then instructed the court stenographer to strike out the words from my father’s interruption, then struck my application from the court without hearing any evidence. That's in the record. He ordered we attend medication for my father’s child sex assault on my baby in arms. In case you missed this, despite he illegally changed the court record, ancillary documents prove this Australian Freemason magistrate ordered me to involuntarily mediate with a proven paedophile, who I knew had raped my 3-month-old baby and stole my 14-year-old child.

1989 April Fools’ Day; The internet claims Allen and Unwin's book was published this day, BROTHERS IN ARMS THE INSIDE STORY OF TWO BIKIE GANGS content and context of this book tells the 'adroit' reader that this book is written by police supporters probably some police involved in the story. I doubt any motorcycle club members had any hand in it. One of the best battle tactics is to create a diversion away from yourself, divide and conquer. Allen & Unwin published ''Brothers In Arms the inside story of two bikie gangs'' where they used a photo stolen from my residence to visually describe the only female murder victim on Fathers' Day 1984 shootings at Beaconsfield, Milperra NSW, using my face then aged 28, in their fake news story as the visual identity of a fake Leanne Walters they said was 14 and 15 when murdered. They used a photo of my then common law Common Law partner Owen Hall next to my photo in the front of the book to infer we were both associated with outlaw motorcycle clubs, where Owen is falsely claimed to be a ''Snodgrass (Anthony Mark Spencer), President of the Bandido Motor Cycle Club'' and another photo said to be this person (page 150 in linked PDF) fails to resemble the ''mug shot'' in the front of the book next to my face. Owen told me he had photos snapped at the coal mine by someone in authority, he said he didn't know why. The fake sex license (with my adult face affixed) in Brothers In Arms 1989 and 2001 books is how Australian Freemasons defamed me, claiming I was a whore, a prostitute, a friend of paedophiles. Then to complete the defamation they had Janette's doppelgänger videotaped having sex with Janette's Common Law partner, passing that around her local area and NSW police stations. Then falsified every government record that would effectively defame me. Brainwashing a multiplicity of gullible fools along the way. The fake sex license was removed in the 2012 book when they removed my photo, proving the government conceded they were wrong, by their actions, but refuse to take legal responsibility, because that's what they always do.

1989 November, I had been unable to secure employment after I was sacked in April, so I started a small business in 195 Argyle Street, Camden NSW under the name of Data Mouse Computers. During this time, I had this business (1989 to 1995) a family with dark hair kept coming into my shop personally harassing me claiming I had associations with the 1984 Fathers' Day shootings at Milperra. I was not aware of the publication in 1989.

1990 While Allen and Unwin book publisher's ''Brothers In Arms The Inside Story of Two Bikie Gangs'' was copyright in 1989, it may have been published only after the new ownership in 1990. A source on the internet several years ago claimed it was published on April Fools Day in 1989 but there was no corroborating evidence. A&U's own website says the new directors after the staff 1990 buyout were Peter Eichhorn, Paul Donovan, Patrick Gallagher, and Rhonda Black. To his credit Eichhorn has since split after I approached them about authors Sandra Harvey and Lindsay Simpson copyright infringement and criminal perversion of justice by this book. While the name of the authors oddly links them to my high school rape when I was 15, by the names of the Harvey brothers and their police dad's residential house in Lindsay Street Campbelltown NSW, there is no absolute surface evidence to confirm that link without a proper police investigation. That a Rhonda Black is a director may bring to light further evidence or may be her married last name. There were a number of Rhonda's in my year in 1971 at Campbelltown NSW high school, a Rhonda Black was one of them. That Rhonda Black's mum sometimes played the piano when I was participating in my Tap Dancing classes, inside the Allman Street Freemason hall in 1968, affixed to the Freemason Lodge my dad attended during that period of time. 1968 was before domestic tape recorders were commonly available, and although available portable record players were expensive. I suspect that I would recognise that Rhonda Black if I saw her today. I believe I do have an excellent long-term memory.

1990 first half, I was at the new supermarket in Camden NSW standing in a checkout line watching two women who had paid for their items they were still putting their bags into their trolley. I recognised both women. One I worked with when I was in the office of Visyboard Warwick Farm near Liverpool NSW, the other was one of the minor helpers at the group where my oldest son Glen started cubs circa in 1982 with 1st Campbelltown Scouts in St Johns Road Bradbury, a suburb of Campbelltown NSW I didn't know her real name only her Jungle Book name. They were about the length of a family car away, talking loudly to each other so when they turned in my direction I called out, ''Hello Leanne.'' She baulked the smile fell from her face as she suddenly lost a bit of colour with all the wildernesses she obviously felt compelled to respond. ''Hello Jenny.'' Leanne replied in a now very subdued voice that made the man in front of me turn to look at me as if I was some sort of a monster. The person standing with me nudged me on the arm saying, ''That's not Leanne that's Lorraine Armstrong.'' I replied, ''That's Leanne alright I know her well.'' Soon after this event Owen took me to the Armstrong place for the first time where I met a woman I had not remembered seeing before but who had similar personal characteristics to the Leanne Walters I knew at Visyboard. On another visit to the Armstrong’s with Owen after seeing Leanne in the supermarket, Lawrence felt the need to show Owen and I his old black Pontiac hearse, LA-103 personalised number plates as pictured in the Brothers in Arms Book (page 156 of the PDF linked version) was now parked in the shed at Lawrence Armstrong's property with a tarp over it, still sporting a 1980s window rego sticker. Is this the Pontiac hearse used for Fathers' Day 1984 bikers burials or is this a car used for the fake burial specifically for a photo opportunity for the Simpson Harvey police book of criminal fraud, the public funded Brothers In Arms Bikie Wars, or was the image in the book photo shopped as inferred by the face in the side mirror of the sidecar bike LW-05 and the distinct GLOW around all the blokes on motorcycles which indicates they've been CUT from another photo.

The logo Allen & Unwin directors (right) chose for their brand-new company in 1990 was a black silhouette of a parrot looking into a hand mirror (right) they ditched that logo in 1998. BROTHERS IN ARMS was probably one of their first books. I've got make up on doing a Brady Bunch gag in the photo with the jade and black top (right) it's meant to be comic, next photo down the quality is intentionally very bad, that's why you can't see my widows peak.

So who is Lawrence Armstrong really? I never saw this Lawrence before I saw Leanne in the Supermarket, but Owen Hall told me knew Lawrence very well. Owen claimed Lawrence was a TAFE teacher, teaching panel beating at the Miller NSW TAFE where Owen learnt his electrical trade. All the government need to do is exhume the graved of Leanne Walters and Lorraine Armstrong to prove what I and others have personally witnessed. They might find some missing persons, or nothing at all bet certainly they won't find the persons as named on the grave markers. Instead politically motivated government public officers choose to be accomplices in this very extensive criminal fraud that has so many victims spanning many decades causing a great financial impost on the public in order to continue to conceal these crimes, which includes my painful surgical rapes.

1990 6 June: Leanne Walters, then living as Lorraine Armstrong in Montpelier Drive The Oaks, staged another fake death for herself, this time on Looms Hill The Oaks in a fake car accident with no witnesses they claimed she broke her neck when she hit a letterbox. Like Fathers Day 1984 fake dead Leanne Walters, Fake dead Lorraine Armstrong (the same person) was fake buried in Leppington cemetery with no grave side mourners over 30. A few weeks after the fake death someone informed me they saw the person they knew as Lorraine Armstrong walking around at the Armstrong's property. Lawrence wanted me to know an amount of life insurance was involved. I never let anyone smoke in my house despite being a smoker myself. I used to stand by a window blowing the smoke outside. After Lorraine Armstrong was supposed to have died I saw two women enter the house across the road, 38 William Street The Oaks, Leanne Walters (alias Lorraine Walters alias Lorraine Armstrong) and the other Lorraine Armstrong that Owen Hall introduced me to both arrived by car, parked where a regular unseen visitor usually park, walk to the door stopping and chatting for a couple of minutes, knock on the door, the was door opened from inside and they went inside Caroline Durrington stuck her head out the door and had a look around then went inside. Having another cigarette at the back of a supermarket in Goulburn NSW circa 2003, the now much older Caroline Durrington walked past me seeing me, recognising me, but saying nothing. Who said smoking was bad for you. As I recollect Lorraine Armstrong had 4 children, three teenagers one in primary school. I heard the oldest worked in the kitchen of a golf club alone Camden Valley Way and married a bloke who became a Labor Party politician in a parliament. After the funeral we were at their place in Montpellier Drive, I never felt comfortable there but the youngest was there and I didn't recall seeing them at the funeral. The others were joking about Lawrence's a new girlfriend which I felt was inappropriately too soon. I took the opportunity to talk to the youngest discretely, who didn't look even slightly upset like a child would after losing their mum. I said something like, ''I'm sorry about you losing your mum.'' To my shock they replied quite sternly with a snarl of distain, ''She's not my mum.'' Lawrence swooped in and took the child away. Shortly before the faked car accident, Lawrence and Lorraine made the effort to come to my place claiming to be looking for their child who was a friend of one of my children. I rarely spoke to Lorraine and Lawrence as I didn't like them at all, my instinct told me they were like my parents, hiding something bad. Remember I split from my parents in 1988 and decided to do exactly the opposite to my parents as I realised they had lied to me all my life. So now when I recognised a trait of my parents, I had a pretty good notion that person was lying to me. So, I was trying to get rid of them when this version of Lorraine Armstrong (who I'd only seen for the second time) made a peculiar statement about forgetting things and doing a U-turn on Looms Hill which is about the most dangerous place you could do a U-turn. She said it with a sly grin like she was trying to make me remember her comment. As if creating an alibi of sorts. That's where she was alleged to have been killed in her car as a truck allegedly rammed her from behind on her way to Camden NSW, as if he was unable to miss her with three lanes, there were no witnesses. More than one person saw her after the fake, fatal car accident, after which her car came to rest against a post of the only letterbox at that time on Looms Hill (705 Burragorang Road, The Oaks NSW) anywhere else she'd have gone over an embankment and would have been hurt seriously. The meter-high wood letter box post was only slightly bent over as if it had been nudged as low speed, I wasn't convinced in the first instance. Neither was the insurance company who refused to pay out, according to Lawrence when he spoke to Owen. Local police were in on any local crime up to their eyeballs.

1991 Fred Uehlin I went to my then local doctor Fred Uehlin complaining of a foreign item over the top of my left hip, just under the skin. I could feel it with my fingers and could feel it hurting me from the inside when I lay on my left side. Fred Uehlin responded by calling me a prostitute. No, I couldn't figure that out either. I was pregnant with my partner's second child. This was also the period of time Fred Uehlin had a doctor Kennedy at his medical practice, Kennedy treated me with the same high level of unwarranted distain when I had a Medicare consult with him over the same issue. A doctor Kennedy was a high profile public servant some years later in NSW government health department when he attended a Wollondilly Shire Council meeting I was at as Clr Jenny Hall. I suspect they were the same man. The item over the top of my left hip just under the skin still exists, I can still feel it and feel the electrical impulses that run through it on its way to my tail-bone then down my left leg. So, I KNOW Uehlin and Kennedy were involved in my illegal implant surgery. Before during or after the criminal event.

1991 (middle) when heavily pregnant with Owen Hall's second and last child, my 5th, I woke on many occasions to discover changes had been made to my person overnight, one morning I discovered a weeping crystallised gunk on my sternum, centre chest between my breasts, it appeared to be plugging an open wound. Another day soon after I woke with an extremely painful tail bone area to discover several black stitches in my skin in the crack of my bottom. My baby son came to me complaining of pain behind his ear, he had the same type of crystallised gunk over a hole behind his ear. I checked mine and so did I, so I checked my other children at home that day he also had the same injury. Clearly, we were under physical attack so I went to Owen and forced a look behind his ears to see he was the only one in the house who didn't have the injury behind their ear. In the same time-frame, I discovered my Centrelink file had been stolen and in its place were criminally defamatory and totally false claims that my oldest son, Glen, was the father of all my other children including the one I was pregnant with. Glen was the name given to Leanne Walters' boyfriend in the book named Brothers In Arms etc. Without knowing about the book, my instinct told me Freemason police were behind the attack on my little family. Can't remember when exactly, it was when I was still living with Owen, I woke to find blood in my navel. The only logical presumption is that lawless Freemason contracted doctors had entered through my navel to surgically rape me once again.

Why would Government Public Officer Freemason doctors secretly implant anything behind anyone's ear, if it’s not to give you behavioural instruction making you think they are your conscience talking to you. Where my 1991 ear implant hole was, I've felt constant vibrations since 17 November 2005. In 2014 after I was illegally imprisoned, the Christies Beach / Noarlunga Community Mental Health Services (previously Adaire Clinic) resident male Government Public Officer psychiatrist, asked me if I heard voices, when I replied ''no'' he was visibly disappointed and almost begun an argument with me to insist I did.

I have absolutely NO SYMPTOMS of mental illness DO have multiplicity of symptoms to establish suspicion I have illegal implants Government Public Officers refuse to investigate the physical symptoms as they know that would PROVE THEIR BELOVED POLITICAL PARTY MEMBERS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS CRIMINALS

That makes the accomplices to the crimes associated with my illegal implants, and they know that full well which is why they falsely defined me as mentally ill instead of investigating the physical symptoms as that would prove them criminals. Interestingly, I didn't know you could send sounds to someone's head from the hard bony lump behind your ear until I had a complex hearing test circa 2016 when the audiologist affixed the speaker to the hard bony lump behind my ear, as mostly all I can hear now in my left ear (that got the 1990s illegal implant) is three distinct levels of electronic screaming and tapping often referred to as white-noise. It’s the ear that got the perpetual infection when I was refused anti-biotic circa 2012 and the ear that had a huge mass behind it MRI that the 2006 Adelaide Australia radiologist refused to identify which is located where the 1991 illegal implant went in. Its not rocket science, it's illegal medical experiments with political and actual financial benefit for Australia's parliamentarians and medical doctors linked to Labor Party & Liberal Party parliamentarians who have consistently failed to secure full-time employment for citizens since 1980s by introducing job sharing and failing to support the working class over industry when they intentionally fail to legislate for increase in jobs from tax cuts to big business, enforcing under employment and impoverishment of the masses, and doctors who turn away impoverished sick people, despite Medicare, to ensure services from the benefits of experiments and research are guaranteed for the wealthy working class, at the cost of loss of life or services to Medicare patients. I reiterate, I've had a dislocated hand and shoulder for over 10 years as a Medicare patient and I've been unable to secure full time employment to suit my office skills for 30 years.

Federal police State police and other government public officers refuse to prosecute my doctors for Medicare fraud or assault in refusing me penicillin for infection and other medical services.

1991 August, two days before I gave birth, my Torrens Title residence at 39 William Street was stolen in a Real Estate loan fraud engineered by (alleged Freemason) Graham Holby.

Circa 1994: I was a member of the Camden NSW branch of the Australian Labor Party headed by NSW Senator Peter Primrose and his wife Jan. At the last annual meeting I attended during the branch position election process I was forcibly prevented from assuming any position at all be a 100% vote against me. This proves these people believed I was some sort of a monster due to their gullibility and significantly fabricated criminally defamatory lies they were told about me by government public officers.

Circa 1994 two (2) uniformed NSW police and one (1) police detective Paul Shiels (also named in the Brothers In Arms etc) threatened to arrest me at gunpoint as he waved a copy of the 1989 publication in my face, telling me I was the therein visually described 1984 murder victim Leanne Walters, and he insisted I had faked my death in. Paul Shiels tip-off was his brother Martin Shiels who was a fellow Toastmaster. The ''raid'' occurred during NSW Camden Toastmasters meeting especially convened at the NSW Campbelltown Catholic Club to arrest me, so it turned out. How else would I know Paul and Martin were actual brothers? The word Martin and his dim-witted girlfriend brought to the meeting was ''adroit'' they thought they were so cleaver. The group had my address, they all knew what was about to happen, none of them thought it might be half decent to show me the book and ask me before calling in two armed police and detective dickhead. Then fully knowing it was a police crime detective dickhead decided to do nothing. The organisers of the group had the audacity to expect me to want to keep coming to the group. I went there in the first place as I hadn't socialised for a very long time and wanted to get out of the rut, as I said, I was very shy I hardly said anything to anyone I was dreading getting up to talk. This was only about my third meeting.

1994 in order part 1, a regular customer and his teenage son came into my shop a couple of times when Owen was not there, specifically to tell me there was a website (when Internet was new) under my shop name DATAMOUSE.COM on the website were pornographic photos of Owen and me. They knew Owen as he was often at my shop.

1994 part 2, I got a phone call at my shop one weekend from a male identifying as ''Matthew from Natural Symphonies'' he said, ''Tell Owen the video he ordered is ready''. I was not aware of this order, so I asked Owen he denied all knowledge. I was also vice president of the local Chamber of Commerce in Camden NSW and knew the owner of Natural Symphonies Ian O'Hare who was also a member of the Chamber. He said Matthew was his step brother Matthew Searle the son of a local Marsden's lawyer.

1994 part 3; It was coming up to end of financial year. I created an extensive product catalogue for my business customers, as I'd branched out into office stationary and had changed the registration of my business name from Data Mouse Computers (DMC branded computers) to Datamouse Computers. I was the only signatory on business transactions as I was still a Sole Trader and not married to Owen, so he had no claim of ownership of my business. That didn't stop him from committing fraud and misrepresentation as a Datamouse Computers owner. Owen usually wanted to be in my shop all day, despite that he worked evenings in a Burragorang coal mine. In the end I bought him a fold up bed to stop him falling asleep on my office desk. This day I asked Owen to post some product catalogues addressed to my business customers at the nearby Camden NSW post office trusting him, I gave him a blank signed cheque to pay for the postage. When he came back the cheque value was more than double of what I had anticipated. I went directly to the post office saw my envelopes with a stack of videos in the same tray. I asked a mature woman I knew well to explain the cost of the transaction paid for by my cheque, she refused. I asked this woman to show me the videos with my envelopes, she refused.

1994 part 4, Camden police detective Paul (sounds like) Friar, came into my shop informing me someone was distributing pornography from my shop. I told detective Friar about the phone call from Matthew Searle the (Freemason) lawyers son. I told detective Friar about customer and the pornographic website they discovered. I told I told detective Friar about the abnormally high cost of my postage Owen wrote on the cheque, and the mass of videos at the Post Office they refused to show me. I suggested to I told detective Friar that he ask Owen, the son of another Freemason. Detective Friar just hummed and left.

1994 part 5, I received an invoice from Tony Wolf & Son Printers demanding payment of about $200 for the creation of a ''web page'' under the name of ''Datamouse.com'' I knew Tone he was a shop customer, so I called in personally. Tony said his son Ian Wolf had a side business creating web sites. Ian refused to face me. Ian told his dad to tell me Owen had ordered the website and its pornographic content.

1994 part 6, I went to the Camden NSW police station to see I told detective Friar showing him the invoice which he took possession of. I was so trusting in those days I didn't take a photocopy. Detective Friar subsequently lost the invoice. The police department complaint outcome claimed I told detective Friar never even worked in Camden NSW at that period of time. Detective Friar was a young attention seeker, he was regularly photographed in or mentioned by the local newspaper in relation to local police news. Detective Friar reminds me of detective Burnie Ryan of Goulburn NSW circa 2004. LOL.

Circa 1994: with nothing other than my stolen photo printed in Brothers in Arms, police secretly instructed my medical doctor in Picton NSW to take DNA swabs on me, Owen my Common Law partner, and all my 5 children. The doctor lied to me to get me to agree to the DNA swab. Talk about working outside the law. I didn't realise it was a DNA swab until later when I saw it happen on TV.

Evidently, I'd been followed to the doctors after we all got sick at the same time. They must have infected us with something. The suited male interrupted the doctor giving him the instruction. After the DNA swab the suited male collected them from the doctor and left. Might be acceptable if I was given an apology after. Instead I get criminally defamed when they realise I was innocent and they made the error.

1995-1999 I was known as Clr Jenny Hall and on the electoral roll as Janette Gail Hall. (my Common Law partner's last name) My time as an elected politician for Wollondilly Shire was a true eye-opener. Most of the people elected with me started out alright but wasn't too long before they became disreputable. On one occasion I had recently purchased a personalised horoscope for the fun of it. I had it with me at Council. Councillor Banasik asked if he could borrow it, not being a sceptic then, I agreed. Some s time later he produced what he said was his own personalised horoscope. It was identical to mine, he'd copied mine and replaced my name and birth detail with his own. His motivation? Mine said I was a born leader. False rumours that were carried by Councillor Banasik and his political allies included claims I had faked my own death and had previously been known as Leanne Walters. He also claimed I was a paedophile, a prostitute, and a bikie moll. Banasik was the endorsed Labor Party candidate for the federal seat of Macarthur in the 1998 election against Liberal's John Fahey. He indecently assaulted me at the 1997 Local Government Conference in Port Macquarie while I was asleep in my private room inside the bungalow booked by the Council. I suspect my assault was premeditated on the part of the elected councillors who ALL believed I was ''really'' Leanne Walters, along with Labor Party aligned council staff and Councillors at Camden and Campbelltown NSW Councils. I don't think I need to spell out how disgustingly I was treated by this group of revolting creatures some of whom went on to be Mayors and members of Parliament. I suspect he was looking for the ''sweet'' and ''sour'' tattoos on my boobs as described by Sandra Harvey and Lindsay Simpson's Brothers In Arms to go with the photo of my adult face they stole to be published in that book. Banasik stole the Picton Library copy of Brothers In Arms, kept waving it in my face claiming it was a ''collector's item''. He also stole random items with my name on them. This period included many events of my being illegally drugged after Council meetings or during official functions and illegally interrogated. During one illegal imprisonment in the Council Chamber I threw a chair out the upper window near where I usually sat, then I said, ''Explain that.'' This was also the period in which I was extensively surgically raped. Recently I took a personality test which resulted in me being identified as an INTJ personality said to be only 2.1% of the population. My personality type precludes me form EVER associating with losers. Including criminals of ANY kind or male chauvinists and drunks. Which means hell would have to freeze over before I was anyone's anything. My personality type also indicates the type of employment and personal wealth I most probably would have had, had I not been criminally stalked, criminally defamed, and criminally physically interfered with, by the children of criminal NSW police most of my life. A group of individuals who are best described with one word. Parasites. They had to replace an entire window which was quite large. I was second of three elected in my Ward A, as a politician for Wollondilly Shire Council, almost on all first preferences as Jenny Hall. In retrospect the Labor Party ensured I was elected so they could physically get to me to assault me and surgically rape me, which they did several times. Multiple people falsely accused me of being associated with the Rebels motorcycle club in Campbelltown NSW. I had a woman take aim and a running start to ram my back as I bent over in the supermarket. Men I didn't know cross the road to approach me to verbally abuse me. Councillors from many areas talk absolutely filthy smut to me at the Local Government conferences. People talking about me as I approached then shunning me when I greeted them. One fellow councillor got the Brothers In Arms etc book from Picton library waved in in my face and yelled it will be a ''collector’s item'' before he sexually assaulted me and other members of the council drugged and assaulted me numerous times. Another verbally threatened to punch me at a meeting in Appin. NSW police superintendent detective Ron Stephenson made a visit to a police committee talk held in Camden NSW. He ran away like a frightened rabbit when he saw me. Run rabbit run.(Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon)

I was constantly being physically and verbally assaulted despite that I was and am a quietly spoken slightly built woman who never had a bad word for anyone, until I discovered the truth in 2003, NSW police and Labor Party were behind all my criminal assaults.

1996 Rex John Walters spontaneously poses for many photo opportunities some photos included memorabilia of the fake murder of his fake daughter.

1996/7 When I was resident in 1 Swaine Drive Wilton NSW I was kidnapped and operated on I was awake before the surgery and yelling at my kidnappers. I was woken during the surgery in massive pain as someone was shoving something hard into the skin in my inner nose. There were three (3) males in the hospital operating room when I was yelling at them demanding they release me. They laughed at me. I swear one was Mount Annan NSW doctor muslim Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed one was Camden NSW doctor German Fred Uehlin but I didn't recognise the third one although he was around the same age as the other two, my age. Males at Wollondilly Council were joking with me saying I had woken up during a surgery. So, I know they were involved as I have never actually had any legal surgery in my entire life.

1997 Paul Varley; it was around this time period when I went into the medical centre on Queen Street Campbelltown NSW, opposite the new police station, they called the restaurant downstairs 'Quackers'. I took a wrong turn looking for the heart specialist (below) and ran into a brass coloured rectangle doctor's sign outside a room with the name PAUL VARLEY on it. I had a premonition moment, a flash of future events I couldn't understand at the time. Which is why I say Paul Charles Varley in involved as well as the fact he refused to acknowledge the multiple abnormalities in my CT scans on my face in 2006 one that shows the location in my nose. Another illegal implant another illegal implant in my chin corresponds with the two bloodied circular puncture wounds that I woke up to when I was resident in 5 Tulip Close Bowral circa 1997.

1997 The pulse generator in my lower left ribs went in after the Local Government Conference. I felt it pulsing separate to my heart. Doctors simply gave me a heart monitor then deemed there was nothing wrong with me. They refused to look for the pulsing item I described in my lower ribs. I had no idea what it was. Fellow councillor Michael Banasic also mysteriously sported a heart monitor at exactly the same time then he announced he has two hearts. I was extensively surgically raped in this period. Labor Party member Michael Banasic the then Labor Party endorsed candidate for the seat of Macarthur, spoke and acted like he belonged to the inner sanctum of my surgical rapists. My adult sons all changed their personality at the same time, indicating to me they'd been brainwashed. They acted totally out of character turning against each other, then against me. I was aware I'd been drugged and had been professionally interrogated under the influence of very strong drugs. I've never been a forget everything drunk, and never taken recreational drugs, so I was aware 100% of being attacked with mind altering drugs. The offenders dredged everything they could from my memories and tried to make new memories to suit the fake story around their fake Leanne Walters. I recollect seeing my sons subjected to a similar treatment. They each have identical false memories they believe are true that fit memories from my childhood not theirs. They accuse me of doing exact same things my parents had done to me despite that I'd never told them and never copied my parents in that way.

It feels like a motor has been switched on in the area above my naval, feel rapid pulsing over my lower ribs, the area physically expands and feel pressure on my lungs that makes me breathe faster.

1998 quite a few things happened in this period of time (1997-1998) few events are easily proved, apart from when I threw a chair out the window near where I usually sat in Council after I was illegally imprisoned by some of the councillors and council staff. But my retribution came in an obscure form and not effected by me or anyone I knew. One time I was standing in the small kitchenette attached to the Council Chamber when the new (Labor Party) General Manager, Graham Taylor walked past or into the room, I've forgotten which for the moment. As he was in the doorway he looked into the kitchenette, as you would, as I was looking out the door I was having a drink of coffee in solitude, as he looked at me I had this compulsion to look above his head towards the ceiling at which point part of the ceiling fell and hit him of the head injuring him. Naturally Graham blamed me, he accused me of physically going into the roof to engineer the panel of ceiling to fall on him at that exact point which is quite ridiculous. Then he apparently decided I was able to move inanimate objects with my mind. Wouldn't be the first time I'd been labelled a witch simply because I have refined perception skills, and they say I'm delusional.

The situation reminded me of back in 1978 I worked at Johnson & Johnson in Campbelltown NSW with a young woman named Julie Tursky who told me she came from New Zealand, she had a personality that was difficult to warm to, exactly like Leanne/Lorraine Walters from where I worked at Visyboard Warrick Farm NSW in 1983/1984. Julie lived (near the hospital) in a 2 storey house in Ambervale (Georgina or Tremlow) with her parents and younger brother, her dad worked in the building trade, perhaps a plumber, can't quite recall. I was living in (still standing) 19 Lincoln Street Minto NSW, to me (then aged 22) the house was very old, maybe 1930s, it had small convex window panels out front. The house was occupied by, for want of a better word, by the spirits of 2 children. The first and last time Julie came to visit me I could hear the 'spirit' children say (apparently to me) “We don't like her.” Then I heard them (spirit children) discussing what they were going to do to Julie. I had one of those corny 'Home Sweet Home' pictures on my wall above where Julie was sitting they were planning to drop it on her head. So I said to Julie, “I'd move from there if I was you.” Like what else could I say? Julie got up and in that moment the picture fell onto the seat she had been sitting. Naturally I laughed. Julie screamed at me, “You're a witch” as she ran out of my house quite terrified, which made me laugh even harder which probably made poor Julie even more terrified. I could hear the 'spirit' children laughing with me, as you would if you were an otherwise bored spirit person.

1999 I was illegally dismissed from my democratically elected political position on Local Government.

I'm a big believer in the philosophy, “if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.” When I was illegally dismissed from my elected position as an Alderman from Wollondilly Shire I was not taking or seeking extended stress leave as the illegal dismissal Councillors alleged or inferred. Unlike another Councillor I felt Council meetings were no place for small children. After the father of my children attempted to kill us, in a gas explosion in my house as he was sitting his children, I had been unable to secure any alternative babysitting. All the surrounding Councils refused to assist me evidently on political grounds. I was illegally dismissed from Wollondilly Shire because I was unable to find a babysitter for my small children. I gave notice if the customary acceptable form, fax the the General Manager and other councillors all of whom claimed I had not notify them they denied me the right of reply by not giving me proper legal notice of the motion to me. They claimed I'd been away without leave which simply was not the case. I kept the council fax machine believing I would have the matter in court and the fax history was my evidence. But politics deemed I was also denied that procedural fairness. Wollondilly Shire Council and the Councillors who voted for the motion owe me compensation for wrongful dismissal, plus interest.

2001 Allen & Unwin republish Brothers In Arms etc with no changes. I discovered the new publication and approached Allen & Unwin who refused to link me to the authors.

2002 Branxton NSW: You can often tell if someone's been brainwashed to act in your detriment. Harry Oosterveen was my landlord, he lived locally. As the rumours go he had multipole rental properties around Branxton and was a fair bit of a mongrel. However, I wouldn't think business would go well for him if he started murdering his tenants. It seemed like this is what he had in mind one weekday when he randomly decided to wander into my unfenced backyard unannounced and called me out the back door. I lived at 21 Cessnock Road near Branxton golf course. Harry Oosterveen was acting strangely, like a Labor Party member he appeared to be in his own world mumbling to himself. He was standing on the grass near the high concrete when he asked me to come closer to him to look at some undefined thing on the house I couldn't see from my location. When I got closer he was bending over from his back with straight legs. He said something like, ''look at this.'' I looked at the house, all I could see was a small thing that looked alright to me. I think it was the garden tap can't quite remember that part, I didn't want to take my eyes off Harry. Having spent my influential years in Bunyan I have a country person's personal space. I never stand close to anyone and always critically eyeball everyone I approach. As I was evaluating him I could tell Everything about him was odd, even for Harry. His tone of voice and broken sentences, his general demeanour, his physical stance, his actions with his hands. Then I could see he had a small glinting steel blade in his hand caught by the sun. Harry was constantly asking me to come closer to his. At this point a person I trusted more than Harry was inside the house, at about the same time I noticed the blade came to the back door and asked me what was going on. Harry' noticed them too, he stood up and left just as oddly as he arrived leaving the question unanswered as to why he was there legally.

2002 Sydney: Allen & Unwin published ''The Brotherhoods'' where on page 173 they refer to the Fathers' Day 1984 fake murdered female as being a 14-year-old and the only reference the old winer Veno used for that was Allen & Unwin's Simpson and Harvey, Brothers In Arms book, which stated the fake murdered girl was 15 printed on the back cover of the1989 and 2001 versions.

2002 Valentines Day: I was illegally evicted from a rental in 21 Cessnock Road, Branxton. Landlord Harry Oosterveen (and wife Cheryl) lied to Residential Tenancy Tribunal in their application form claiming I owed them over $300 when I owed them about $100 or less. The state government residency tribunal hearing notice was delivered to me by the federal government postal delivery contractor y on the afternoon of the hearing, after the hearing was over. The tribunal deemed that as the notice was sent then I had received it, so they went ahead refusing me the right of reply. My mail was always delivered in the morning and I had a morning delivery that day, I went to check the letterbox after I seen someone put something in it. So, the tribunal ordered that my school aged children and myself were to be evicted onto the street on Valentines Day. The sheriff seized brand new white goods worth well over $1,000 to pay for the $100 debt I owed lying Harry Oosterveen, they refused to wait until I went to the bank. Then they put my white goods at the back of a storage facility telling me I had to wait a week or so the get them back after I paid them. I refused to wait. My neighbour who knew Harry's reputation saw what was happening and offered to store our possessions at his place and offered us the floor of his lounge. It’s very hard for a single mother to get a private rental, harder if you have a false black mark against your credit record. I rang NSW Housing, I'd applied a few years earlier, they told me there was rental house available in 53 Gibson Street, Goulburn a long way away. So off we went to Goulburn. Harry and Cheryl Oosterveen took all my rental bond claiming I left the house in a mess. Which happened because of the way he had me evicted. They used my rental bond money to renovate the house for their daughter to move in.

Common modus operandi that's been used by my criminal Freemason police family stalkers is celebrated days. I was born on May Day my sister was born on ANZAC Day and I believe that may have given them the idea. I say they pre-arranged the Fathers' Day shootings with their own brand of brainwashing. They claim on the internet that April Fools Day was the day the first Allen & Unwin Simpson and Harvey Brothers In Arms book was released. Inside the book they claim one of the prisoners committed suicide in prison after he got a Valentines Day card from the fake murdered girl they said I was with a photo of me when almost 30. The suicide prisoner Simpson and Harvey claimed was my non-biker Common Law partner (1986-1996) Owen Hall (deceased 2010) who was 8 years younger than me. Owen's photo face was next to my photo face in the 1989 and 2001 print and remains in the current print after they removed my stolen photo face before the TV mini-series of political propaganda and lies. I was illegally evicted by South Australia state in tribunal appeal hearing effective day after Anzac Day in 2006 with less than one-week notice. Same government have illegally cancelled my driver's licence in 2018 also the day after Anzac Day again with less than one-week notice.

2002 Goulburn: When we got to the house it was after dark. Someone had removed the main fuse from the electricity box, so we had no power. There was broken glass spread across the carpeted entry lounge floor which the government knew about as they had put a block of wood over the window. Goulburn state housing staff confirmed to me the property was clean and ready to move into, which was another in a long line of lies from this group of inbred psychopaths. Soon after we settled in I noticed a Branxton post office worker parked outside my 53 Gibson Street Goulburn rental house for about a week or more. He was in a small red Mitsubishi. He snarled at me every time we drove past him on our way out and was still there when we came home. It didn't surprise me that he moved into 80 Gibson Street which is directly opposite 53. He approached me one day when I was sweeping the path and like Harry Oosterveen he was raving, claiming I refer to ''them'' at the police academy as piglets, which is where I got that reference from. The same week he moved in Goulburn main street newspaper office reported a Freemason had moved from Newcastle area to Goulburn. It came as no surprise to me that Goulburn police refused to investigate the resident at 80 Gibson as a stalker, they called it coincidence. The local newspaper refused to print anything I gave them about the criminal conduct I was subjected to at Goulburn state housing office, and Goulburn state police station, and Goulburn state court house.

2003 I found Rex Walters at an Ingleburn NSW address from the electoral office list. I went to his residence where I saw his wife who I recognised from my place of employment, in the office at Visyboard in Warwick Farm NSW. When she saw me, she crouched and half twisted ready to run away (adrenalin does that) she stopped when she realised where she was. Then she called her partner. Rex John Walters came to the door and did exactly the same, I mean exactly. He cried fake tears and threatened me with a box cutter. I was constantly lobbying police and politicians to investigate this criminal fraud. They refused. NSW police commissioner Ryan left Australia in disgust. His replacement police commissioner representative claimed they had already spent too much money on the matter. They were probably referring to my surgical rape. So, I started forensically examining all the publicly available evidence myself and found some rather impressive errors. Even wrote to the Prime Minister's office, the reply told me Labor Party faithful illegally intercepted my letter or the reply. The reply was addressed to Jeanette Francis. Prime Minister John Howard's wife has the same first name as I do, Janette, only a Labor Party faithful would address me as Jeanette. Which was what Goulburn police did on subsequent false arrest sheets in 2004.

2003 detective Burnie Ryan at Goulburn NSW police called me into his office one day on false pretences. He showed me some poorly photo shopped black and white photos of me with a girl I've never seen before or since, that were on his detective room personal computer on his office desk. The photo was from the group of my photos (one printed in Brothers In Arms etc) that were originally full colour and I was wearing a yellow t-shirt with emerald green jewellery (my birth stone) and they were stolen by the girl I knew as Leanne Walters (turned out to be Lorraine Walters Rex's wife) when she was working at Visyboard Warwick Farm circa 1984, the factory in despatch. Leanne/Lorraine drove a smallish 4-cylinder, 4 door sedan, blue or green (forgotten over time) with NSW personalised black and white number plates ''LS'' followed by three numbers I've also forgotten over time. Back to 2004, detective Burnie Ryan informed me that the photo was Rex Walters daughter and if I continued to insist otherwise he would arrest me. This is after the police commissioner’s office refused to investigate. I asked detective Burnie Ryan to point to the face of Rex Walters daughter, but he refused, it was probably the other one. Caption on my car was in response to police commissioner's office refusing to investigate police tampering with evidence, because they claimed they didn't have the budget to investigate police crimes. The caption I wrote with ''white dove'' being my car in reflective adhesive vinyl, I was resident in 53 Gibson Street Goulburn NSW down the road from the NSW Police Academy:




2004 part A: January, Goulburn Housing Government public officers illegally broke into my Goulburn state government rental where Leisa Maree Bradbury was the housing officer. A Leisa Bradbury was the daughter of Bob Bradbury who lived near me in 1989, his daughter and son both caught the bus with two (2) of my children all about the same age, they all attended Chevalier College in Bowral NSW. because they said I was ''seen leaving with a box trailer'' I returned to find all my expensive deadlocks drilled out and the neighbour ransacking my things. Leisa Maree is Elvis Presley's only daughter's name. Only a dedicated Presley fan would name their daughter the same. Rex Walters had a fridge height poster of Elvis Presley on his fridge when I randomly called in, in 2003. Just saying as I think I saw Rex Walters in the residence claimed to be detective Bob Bradbury's residence a few times during the relevant period I lived there. I attempted to many times but never actually met detective Bob Bradbury in the ten (10) years he was resident near me at The Oaks. I chased persons down John Street The Oaks who looked like Rex Walters and Lorraine Walters during that time. I tried to talk rationally to them but when they saw me they ran for no reason that was apparent to me. Perhaps Bob Bradbury and Rex John Walters are the same person. Which means Lorraine Walters worked at Centrelink in Camden NSW.

2004 part B: I lodged formal complaints to police about the Bob Bradbury stolen photo link to my illegal break and enter. A Wollongong Fair Trading Government Public Officer, (hard to remember first name starts with R sounds like spaghetti) Ms Chenoweth for the department of Fair Trading Residential Tenancy Tribunal deemed that Leisa Bradbury was in her right to declare my house abandoned and break in drilling out the locks despite the mass of personal effects and clothes, because some unidentified neighbour saw me leave my yard with a covered trailer in tow, I had admitted that I didn't plan to die in Goulburn, that I would vacate the rental at some indefinite time in the future. Naturally I complained about this miscarriage of justice which occurred after I overheard a Crown Solicitor for NSW Department of Housing offer a bribe to Chenoweth which she responded by saying, ''I'll be in that.'' Forming a legal contract to illegally conspire to act criminally, which she did as terrified by the Tribunal's own documents.

2004 mid part C: after Goulburn police faked the (fake the AVO) breach, feral high school piglet boys and a girl threatened to rape my quite well behaved and softly spoken year 7 daughter. It was her first year at Mulwaree High, (which is opposite the road from the police academy) these criminal assailants said they wanted to rape my daughter, ''because you're) probably a whore just like your mum'' only the parents would instil that sort of comment from these children. I never associated with anyone other than my school aged children in Goulburn. My children only associated with close friends that their house or mine, some were police children. We rarely went out and about in Goulburn other than a sedate picnic in the park. After this criminal attack on my daughter I kept both my children out of school until we could get out of Goulburn which was at the end of the year after the criminal psychotic Goulburn Government Public Officers finished trying to scare me. I intended to leave Goulburn in 2004 but these lowlife scum wouldn't let me leave without trying to scare me with their 'children of the corn' personalised style of 'criminal abuse of public office'. No-one from the state education department bothered to came to see whether the children were dead or alive.

2004 part D: during the RTT period I gave various related documents to the Crown Solicitor, under law you can't be penalised for communications to any legal representative in relation to the hearing. That didn't stop these determined criminals in Government Public Office. The Crown solicitor faxed my documents to the area representative Mr Shanahan, he in turn faxed them to Leisa Bradbury. This is relevant became as a result of my complaints about Leisa Bradbury's break and enter, Goulburn police sought an Apprehended Violence Order against me, not for violence, but for legal freedom of speech, a A4 size complaint I stuck to the rear window of my car, the white VT Calais with ''The answer is blowing out their arse'' down the side. They claimed Leisa Bradbury was afraid of what I'd do next. The corrupt Magistrate Rabbidge (need to look that up) agreed and issued an interim AVO. So, when Leisa Bradbury got the fax from her boss. State police and State Magistrate Mr Rabbidge deemed I'd breached the interim AVO, and he imposed a five (5) year AVO on me when NO violence whatsoever was alleged, instead protecting Leisa Bradbury from my peaceful lawful words for five years. All AVO's include a clause to protect the family living with the protected person I had no idea where Leisa Bradbury lived or with whom. That's Abuse of Public Office in breach of State criminal law

2004 part E: as a result of the 5 year AVO I wrote another complaint on my car, knowing the last one upset them. This time I spoke of the corrupt magistrate and the corrupt police using the international symbol for woman the brainless ones’ thought was a stick figure of a man, I didn't correct them as I wanted their stupidity in court record. Defective detective Burnie Ryan saw my car legally parked in an angle parking spot for persons with physical disabilities in main street Goulburn, in front of the Argyle Mall shops with a supermarket where I was. It is also opposite a usually well populated pub. When I got back to my car detective Burnie Ryan had parked a white police wagon behind me. He was jumping up and down yelling and spitting, exclaiming something that's interpreted as, ''You've committed perjury, I'm gonna get you.'' He sounded and acted drunk, but he was the driver. I got into my car calmly backed around his car and drove off with him yelling profanities after me. Later that evening three (3) uniformed police illegally trespassed on my property. Peered into my pinhole camera nicely identifying themselves, proving their badges have a different name to their official police name. One jumped my side fence and broke into my house with his gun drawn pointed it at me and my 12-year-old daughter threatening to kill our lovable pet kelpie pup if we didn't stop it from barking (trespass to property and trespass to goods [the dog is a possession] trespass to person, assault and battery, unlawful imprisonment). They arrested me for breach of the AVO, they claimed because I had ''Bob Bradbury'' written on my car I had breached the AVO that protected Leisa Bradbury. The cut the other (legal) note off my car that detective Bernie Ryan was freaking about with a blade cutting the metal on the bonnet where it was affixed (trespass to property and trespass to goods). Claiming it was an AVO breach indicates either Leisa Bradbury was living with her dad Bob Bradbury and he was probably behind the break and enter on my house, or Goulburn police are just so used to criminally falsifying police evidence they made it up. They (uniformed police) left my young children home alone when they falsely arrested me for something that is not a crime. Inside the police station they totally strip searched me with a camera in the room, making me take off my underpants and turn them inside out and had a good look at my vagina and arse, (trespass to person, assault and battery, unlawful imprisonment). No Goulburn lawyer would take on a Common Law case against the police. Magistrate Rabbidge imposed 2 consecutive Bonds to be on Good Behaviour for 12 months each, for breach of the AVO. The AVO that was illegal. Sargent Winter in court arguing to install a 5-year AVO on me argued that with the sticker on my car window that read ''PROTECTED BY THE CLUB'' that came with my expensive Club brand steering wheel lock, that obviously meant that I was associated with outlaw motorcycle club members. Magistrate Rabbidge agreed. Goulburn NSW court refused to provide me with copy of the court tapes for the AVO hearings in breach of normal procedure.

2004 August part F: I relocated to Adelaide South Australia where the one-sided government public officer vendetta against me continues to this day in 2018.

In 2003, I presented NSW police commissioner's office with irrefutable evidence of criminal Freemason activity in the NSW police department. I've never been involved with police or motorcycle clubs so I'm an impartial witness. Commissioner Ken Moroney's police responded by falsely arresting me (multiple times) on totally fabricated charges involving no crime at all. Meanwhile on national TV news, other NSW police give unrelated reasons why everyone should hate motorcycle groups after police falsified evidence on people just because they were motorcycle club members. 2004 I retreated in disgust leaving my NSW birth lands, intending to also leave the government's criminal bullshit behind me. But they wouldn't let me, they followed me half way across Australia with their equally psychotic families, entrenched in the belief that as Government Public Officers they're above Australian law. An illegal political belief fully supported by your current politicians in your current Australian parliaments who illegally (unconstitutionally) refuse people like me our legal right to sue any Australian government under Common Law.

2005: I thought we would be free from the psychos in government once we got to Adelaide. I soon discovered it was 'business as usual' in Adelaide's South Australia Government Public Offices, state and federal they are also run along the same criminal psychopaths’ rules where Australian law is only enforced on everyone other than Government Public Officers. After I settled into our first rental in 6 Wilson Street, Christies Beach I heard about the National Police Record. I decided to get a copy of mine to see if the Apprehended Violence Order breaches were on it as the AVO is a national thing, the AVO isn't on your criminal record, but any breach of the AVO is a criminal offence. Lo and behold, the AVO breach was not on my national criminal record. Which proved it was a fake. The Goulburn police and court had wasted taxpayer money to participate in criminal fraud. So, I started a very humble website and posted this information of that. I suspect that's why I was assaulted in November.

2005 November 17: I was struck with a massive force of energy that enlivened the illegal implants inside me. It may have coincided with the new telephone transmission frequency, I don't know, I only know it made my brain swell and I was in a bad shape for over two weeks before I could get to a medical doctor in December, , (the GP and radiologist at Marion Domain Medical Centre, Oaklands Park) they criminally betrayed their position of trust, as much as anyone can. I went to Christies Beach police station to report what I thought was an attempted electrocution, as you would when you're struck with something that felt like electricity running through you into your brain, specifically as my ex was an electrician. The female cop at Christies Beach police station acted like she knew all about my assault. She also refused to make eye contact with me. I barely said two sentences and she was telling me I needed to ''seek professional help'' after all I said was that I thought someone had tried to kill me. Nothing more.

2006: Discovered multiple illegal implants in radiology but specialists reporting on Xray, Ct and MRI refused to note the illegal implants.

2007 March, I was illegally detained and falsely imprisoned on the criminal defamation of a Shane Goodyear who lied to (falsely) criminally use the Mental Health Act as a weapon when he was employed as a registered medical doctor at Ashford hospital in Adelaide Australia. Shane Goodyear, criminally falsified a detention order by falsely claiming I had physically attacked people and threatened to shoot someone with a gun at the Ashford Hospital. One of my teenage children was also criminally assaulted when we were both pinned to the ground involving seven (7) Ashford private hospital staff who all sat on us causing us both bodily harm and puncture wounds. I was illegally drugged to unconsciousness and kidnapped in an ambulance unconscious with police escort to be held under armed security guard at Royal Adelaide public hospital. Goodyear or RAH staff were legally obliged to give me copy of Goodyear's detention order but they all illegally refused. The state Crown Solicitor secreted the documents from me for over 5 YEARS. Leaving it too late for me to be able to sue the bastards under Common Law (torts) This defamation meant that I was refused every subsequent application to investigate all other harms that government public officers and medical doctors inflicted upon me to this day in 2018 where some staff have hid under their desks in fear of me shooting them with the gun I never had. Our dog and cat were in a box trailer attached to our car parked outside Ashford private hospital. RSPCA staff removed my dog and cat from the trailer without my consent causing the dog (Kelpie cross) so much fear that he vomited and literally shit himself. I was released 24 hours later but I was not given ANY paperwork whatsoever to legally justify my forced false imprisonment and kidnap and criminal assault, the State simply pretended it never happened. During my illegal imprisonment I was only given 2 slices of bread to eat and they took blood from me without my consent. Goodyear made up his lie after I informed him the Benson Radiology specialist radiologist (located next door to Ashford hospital) in Ashford Specialists Centre, had falsified his medical report and failed to note on the large abnormality in the MRI of my head (see image 5) they did on 5 May 2006 in the area where I feel constant electrical sparks and vibrations since my criminal assault on 17 November 2005.

2007 May, once again I was illegally detained and falsely imprisoned, this time by Government Public Officers using criminal law for a non-criminal activity. My other teenage child was also criminally assaulted. I was quitted on all police charges in December. Interestingly, although I was charged with ''assaulting a police officer'' the police prosecutor failed to bring a criminal record involving the 5-year AVO from Goulburn (2004) in 2007 there was still 2 years on the AVO which would have ended in mid-2009, if it was legal. That it was not on my National Police Record, a copy of which I purchased after arriving in Adelaide, that proved beyond doubt that my multiple arrests, the assault and battery and trespass at my residence and my false imprisonments, etc., WERE ALL ILLEGAL. Automatically proving my case under Common Law (court awarded civil infringement for my injuries) against the State of New South Wales. I had received extensive physical disability injuries, but all Adelaide doctors refused to treat me. I was told ''the health department told us not to treat you.'' I was stalked by Government Public Officer when I went to Whyalla and approached a medical office. I was also stalked by Government Public Officer when I went to NSW to get medical aid. All refused to treat me injuries sustained in May 2007, many radiologists falsified their medical reports refusing to identify my injuries clearly seen in radiology. A special mention to Dr Glen Schlaphoff at Liverpool public hospital who refused to provide a written report, that arrived unsigned report arrived in the post about a year after the X-ray which clearly shows my dislocation in my right hand, the report claims there is no dislocation.

2010 in the Adelaide District Civil Court, Government Public Officer and judge Griffin refused to allow my claim in relation to the May 2007 under Common Law assault and battery and false imprisonment. He threw my application out of the District Civil Court because I refused to file a Statement of Claim he had one of his colleagues write and instructed me to collect it from the office of RJ Cole lawyers in Christies Beach opposite the police station where the assaulting police were located, next door to the then state Health Minister's electorate office, John Hill.

2011 Christies Beach Adelaide medical doctor Celia Emmaline Tildesley was brainwashed into believing I had never been elected onto local government in Wollondilly Shire NSW, and that I believed I had been was evidence I had a delusional mental illness, as she wrote in my medical record that exists to this day, along with the record of her deleting medical evidence that proves I have illegal implants. Her recording of my symptoms for my dislocated hand infers it's all in my imagination, secretly referring me to a psychiatrist Helen Tingay instead of treating my physical symptoms.

2012 part 1: to take the heat off the bad publicity I had given them using the book Brothers In Arms etc, Allen U Unwin republished this book under a new title, ''Brothers In Arms, Bikie Wars'' the text and photos are a duplicate of the first book with the exception of the photo of Leanne Walters. My stolen photo originally printed twice in the book was removed. One print of a totally different photo this time clearly a child was printed as Leanne Walters in a hospitality bed. Surprisingly it was not the photo that appeared on the front page of the Sydney Sun Newspaper the day after the faked murder, or the photo that appeared in another major Sydney newspaper (Daily Mirror) several days after the faked murder.

2012 part 2: Allen and Unwin's BROTHERS IN ARMS was given a brand-new title, ''Bikie Wars'' NSW and Federal Government Public Officers jointly funded the TV miniseries in association with Channel 10 who were also mentioned in the book. They used a likeness of me when I was 15 (red brown hair bleached) as the character in the TV mini-series. The character looked more like me than Leanne Walters as published by the press.

2012 part 3: GP Plus Super Clinic Noarlunga South Australia, jointly owned by State and Federal Australian governments, the medical services were contracted to Christies Beach Medical Centre who took their records into the new government owned medical practice using a separate Australian Business Number without my express authority. I consulted with medical doctor Jee Ken Mah about the vibrations I feel in my torso that are either extensive nerve damage or illegal active implants or both, some illegal implants have been seen and unreported in radiology films, or quaintly reported as unknown objects. It's located in my left bum cheek. This government public officer decided not to listen to me, he decided that what was in the record was set in stone and Celia Tildesley was 100% correct making me a nut case not to be heard. (Barry Dowell is one of the ABN owners he joined the consult.) They sent me for nerve tests on my arms which gave a diagnosis of my nerve damage in my arms, but they refused to treat that instead these (contracted) Government Public Officers (illegally) banned me from the GP Plus, government funded medical centre an action fully supported by the politically state elected Labor Party Minister of Health.

2014 January, days before a state election Government Public Officers swooped on my residence to illegally detain and falsely imprisoned me falsely using the Mental Health Act again as a deadly weapon when they alleged a Government Minister had ordered my detention in criminal breach of the Act. I was illegally imprisoned until after the State election, illegally forced to take mind altering drugs into my body against my will, under constant threat of physical violence, for the express benefit of the political governments in Australia.

2014 April, I filed a copyright infringement in the Sydney Federal Court Francis v Allen & Unwin and others file number 339. With thirty (30) years of computer imaging technology to rely on, Allen and Unwin produced a group of photos to claim in court that my stolen photo was not my photo, only one in that group of photos looked like me. They failed to produce the original of the (claimed Leanne Walters) photo as printed in the 1989 and 2002 book, (my stolen face photo) If they had these other photos in 1989 why didn't they print them in the book, and why didn't Rex Walters produce them when I visited his house telling him it was my face in his book. The answer is because they forged one photo they used in the court (striped t-shirt) they morphed my face onto another photograph (striped t-shirt) creating a third photo and a third visual image of a fake person ''THE FORGERY'' I don't have the financial backing to pursue that aspect. I suspect as they reasoned that as they failed to put the photos in Affidavit then they weren't committing perjury. The photos still must form part of the court record as I used the photos as the basis for my withdrawal from the case. Allen & Unwin said Rex Walters provided the photos.

2016 September 10, once again Government Public Officers swooped on my residence to illegally detain and falsely imprisoned me with criminally defamatory false claims I had attacked neighbours with an item I had out front for hard waste collection. The male across the street who apparently made the call to detain me when I arrived home after work as a Census Field Officer. He had/has an illegal camera pointing down my driveway at my front door, two on my house in total, which I'd been complaining about and had begun legal prosecution for Private Nuisance etc, (motive for the call to detain me) so I informed the trespassing Government Public Officers the (falsely) alleged assault must have been captured on the two video cameras, if it had happened. They left.

2017 Mothers' Day, a small cross-breed dog I sold for $200 on Gumtree Adelaide Australia was returned to me with no refund, after being trained to trip me. I'm now in my 60s. I sold the dog to give it a better life as she appears to feel pain from the sounds of the transceiver electrical sparking illegal and sadistic implants inside my face and upper chest, funded by Australian psychopaths in government, paid for by Australian taxpayers, secretly sponsored by a medical implant research facility in Australia. I still have the psychopathic bitches’ daughter's mobile phone number now lets see, Lauryn 0413 870 661 Adelaide Hills. When they returned Daisy, Lauryn's 50 something mother with black hair said, ''We've trained her for you.'' Which I thought was odd as Daisy was already trained, little did I know they'd trained her to trip me.

2018 February, one of the 2016 trespassing Government Public Officers returned, this time with two (2) other Government Public Officers and this time he committed criminal break and enter to gain access to my residence for the express purpose of criminally threatening me and probably intending to (falsely) detain me again under the Mental Health Act because I've been publishing extensive facts in this website book.

2018 March, I complained to a Government Public Officer (police) about the pain in my leg when I drive caused by one of the 1997 illegal implants (you can feel the high heat lump over my shin bone). Another Government Public Officer (transport) ordered me to get a Certificate of Fitness to drive from a doctor. The English immigrant medical doctor refused to look at the implant in my leg, instead she concentrated on the implant in my forehead anyone (with sight) can see clearly, claiming the lumps are a ''skin condition'' and refused to send me to a skin specialist because she ''want to say you have a mental illness because you believe the lump is an implant'' (her words) Mind you I told her the ''skin condition'' vibrates in my forehead apparently causing the entire left side of my face in unison, the ''skin condition'' moves independently of my muscles, the ''skin condition'' emits electrical sparking into my eyes, and the ''skin condition'' gives me perpetual headache unless I can put constant pressure on it. Some the skin condition. 

Thus far our local psychopaths, as criminal accomplices to the multiple crimes (herein) at ICAC in both States (NSW and SA) say none of the herein is corruption. Additionally, no Australian news journalist or editor considers any of these government political crimes news worthy.

2018 April 7: To amuse themselves, in the wee small hours of the morning (4am old DLS time) mentally ill local spineless psychopaths about 180-185cm tall with feminine qualities, torches and pale coloured hoodies, long pants and runners, went out of their way to past multiple stickers 'on my front fence with the words 'PORN STAR'' they clearly prepared at home most probably in my street as they carried them with the backs off and stacked in groups of 2 and 6 in their bare hands. Probably got them on eBay. They're SPINELESS as they don't have the guts to personally face me with their mystery gripe -- I haven't been intimate since 1995 when I left my last partner, and I've not been socialising or looking either, that's out of choice to avoid making contact with any more spineless psychopathic males who appear to be in the majority in Australia. I'd say the 4am PORN STAR vandals were piglets who believe they're above the law just like their psychopathic parents not afraid to look directly into my security camera. The apple usually doesn't fall far from the tree. Since I came here in 2004 I've not socialised with anyone in Adelaide other than my family and women's coffee and lunch groups.

Medium density housing means a political group can stack more political psychopaths per square meter.

The graffiti on my wire fence, proves a link to the 1980s porn videos Owen Hall produced in association with NSW police defective-detective Bob Bradbury and Rex Walters who appear to be the same person. Others or the same ones secretly poisoned my home-grown vegetables my food crops, secretly poisoning me appears to be the pastime of some of my neighbours. Everywhere I've lived since the 1980s I have plants en mass being secretly poisoned. In The Oaks the resident behind illegally pumped their raw sewerage onto my vegetable garden when we both had big blocks. In Branxton I just happened to be looking through my front window when I saw a male resident from directly across the road, cross the road with a large garden spray bottle, he sprayed my plants near my footpath then calmly walked back across his house. Likewise, here in Seaford Rise, someone has been poisoning my food crops and flower plants. I know this as neighbours with same plants as I have surviving plants where despite that I take care of my same type of plant, mine mysteriously wither and die out of season consistent with being poisoned in clumps. In my back yard, and in my front yard. So last December I planted multiple pumpkin seeds in the front yard and before too long a section of the pumpkin patch mysteriously withered and died, consistent with being poisoned evidently by someone who did the deed from the southern edge of my front yard where my corner neighbour has a tall fence for their back yard, and probably at night time. See for yourself in my video; Seaford Rise Whitestone Poison Pumpkin Patch. Other examples of Government Public Officer sociopaths (like psychopaths without the absolute sadism. Psychopaths usually have no self-esteem issues, but sociopaths often do. They both tend to have parent issues) belong to state housing staff, I had a letter from my South Australia State government landlord, advising me a trades person would be changing my smoke alarm which has a 10-year long-life battery. Within a couple of working days, I was in my front yard about to go out when a work van pulled up, the trades man expected me to drop everything and let him inside my house on the spot to change the smoke alarm. I told him no he had to make a time with me. He insisted that just because I was given notice I had to be on call for him. I made the time for the next working day. Before he left he threw something on my flower bed that totally killed a group of plants. That's a sociopath at work not getting his own way he lashed out at me causing me actual financial damage. Similar situation got a letter from South Australia State government told people would be doing routine maintenance without specifying what that maintenance was. Some days later got a knock on the door. I was occupied and unable to answer. Next thing I know I hear multiple footsteps on my tiled roof. I ran out the front to see three (3) young males on my roof claiming to be State housing contractors with no identification at all driving an unmarked vehicle. We all know how easy it is to break into a house through ta tiled roof. No one had arranged a time with me to do the routine maintenance. These males said they were there to clean the gutters. State housing staff in Noarlunga said this was an authorised activity under the lease which is bullshit. They must make a time with me to come into my property unless it's an obvious urgent need for repairs, like there's a hole in the roof. State housing sociopaths fully believing they have the right to trespass without your permission, just because you're in a State Housing rental.

2018 Easter: Federal government wiped the AU$16 million debt of unconstitutional (unlawful) ''dual citizenship'' Federal politicians on the grounds they didn't intentionally stand for parliament knowing their parent was born in another country, and me with my only income from Centrelink unemployment, I'm forced to repay a AU$2,000 HECS debt to Centrelink I actually owe to the tax office repayable when I get a decent job, because Centrelink staff are lawless psychopaths who rarely follow Australian law when they can rort it. However, the main story in the news is NOT the wiping of the huge AU$16,000,000 Government Public Officers politician's debt by other Government Public Officers, the main news story is that some State Housing residents have been able to live above the poverty line, so the TV news are calling them thieves rorting the welfare system. Another example of bashing the poor people because they're easy targets who can’t sue because the government makes sure there's no Legal Aid for them to sue.

That's the true face of psychopaths in control in Australia

Divide and conquer! What freaks you are the entire pack of you. I'm the one you'll never get the better of because I evolve. No matter what you do to me I evolve and overcome every emotional obstacle you put before me. That's something you can't do, evolve, because you're not human. You're something else altogether. Sure, you're flesh and blood and bone but you're not human if you can't understand the pain you inflict on someone else and that makes you change your actions. That's what being human is. You're not human, you're aliens to humanity. You're some other species altogether, a freak of nature sure, but you're not human. Closest you'll ever get to human is being exactly what you are, a human parasite. You'll never be greater than what you are right now I'm pretty sure every ''normal person'' would classify you'll as human garbage.


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