All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

unplug from the Matrix

1st Top right: Janette Gail Francis aged 63 (2019).

2nd Top right: Janette Gail Francis aged 28 (1984) when as governmen5t identified her globally as a 14 year old bikie murder victim (stolen black & white photo booth photo).

Below right: you have my permission to use any 'black back' patch limked here, without "unjust enrichment" and without alteration, on any document or thing, for any lawful 'anti-terrorist government' protest or legal contest of legitimate government against Labor AND Liberal party. Linked image has better resolution and no blank space at top.

What does Australia Day mean to you? Celebrating the invasion of Australia? Or celebrating the Federation of Australian States to make Australia a Constitutionally just and fair country for all her people, with peace, order and "good government"?


As great+ uncle William Wallace might say; if the elected political party can't provide peace order & good government they don't have legitimate power to control government and it's your Constitutional right to tell them so. However, unlike G+ Uncle William

I say do it peacefully and this time it'll end well for those of us who are victims of Australian government terrorism.




Internet 'news stories' have claimed Sandra Harvey was employed by the government's ABC TV Four Corners news program in Sydney shortly before she died of cancer.


Internet 'news stories' have claimed Lindsay Jane Simpson immigrated to Australia from United Kingdom; and was employed as lecturer at a Tasmania government university and a Queensland government university; and was QLD government's Tourism Officer on Magnetic Island near Townsville where my maternal family, McGregors and McLachlans had immigrated to in 1864 and where in 1931 William Henry SIMPSON married one of my maternal grandmother's little sisters I knew as Aunt Ann (Annie Jacobina Hussey); and claim Lindsay Simpson was employed by my local Adelaide Advertiser newspaper as a reporter since I moved from Sydney to Adelaide in 2004.


2017: Personally, I saw Lindsay Simpson in a white car with the local state number plate "SIMPSON" on the Seaford to Bedford Park freeway, after she attempted to physically barge my car with hers. I followed her into the Flinders private hospital car park in morning peak hour traffic. All caught on my car's security camera that identifies the car coming from Willunga area when Janette entered main South Road and Griffith Drive intersection, from Seaford Rise.

September & October 1984: Personally, I saw the woman known as Lindsay Simpson (several times) get into and drive away a NSW registered car with black and white personalised numberplate stating with "LS" followed by 3 nunbers. In those day she called herself Leanne Walters.

From Queensland to Adelaide is quite a long way dear. When you were fatter we could easily see the family resemblance to your sister as Leanne in Sydney's 1984 "Daily Mirror", but when you're thin we can see you are Leanne in Sydney's 1984 "The Sun".

I've evolved with the learned knowledge by evidence of fact, that NEWS stories are just that, fake stories the government public officers with power, want you to believe. If you can't see in LINKED PDF that 2012 (PDF page 3) Lindsay Simpson is the (aged) same person (PDF page 4) in 3 Sep 1984 "The Sun" Sydney news, then you're part of the terrorist activity or brain dead.

The differences in the photos of the government's official “Leanne Walters” subject is not a matter of opinion or interpretation of the data. The differences is decided by using basic mathematics and your brain, if you have one Scott. If you look at the neck of the subject in the rectangle black and white photo you can plainly see she has a much longer neck than the subject in the black and white circle photo. The shadow of the chin in the rectangle photo proves the angle of the camera giving the false impressiion her neck is shorter. Janette has a long neck like Claudia Schiffer.

Proving your government KNEW this Mathematical fact is the criminally morphed to deceive photo of the same fake murder victim put into 2012 circulation by NSW police detectives see this YOUTUBE LINK - refer to round corner photo lower right.

Your elected members of both major political parties, LABOR and LIBERAL consider Janette a political causality for the 'cause', their accumulation of power and wealth from this terrorist lie that resaulted in Janette's surgical RAPE and seperation of her right to appropriate medical services. That's bipartisam TERRORISM pursuant to The Criminal Code, which means both political parties should be outlawed and many executive members imprisoned for life like you ex prime minister Paul John Keating because you're a treacherous terrorist. As Labor leader in 1995 Keating funded Narellan NSW based coal mining company Clutha Limited in their bankruptcy before Advance Coal took over. You're still full of shit Paul.

Despite this very obvious point  your Australian terrorist governments since 1989 and Prime Minister Scott Morrison would all have you believe they're the same murdered teenager.

Janette knows Australian government officials already know all the facts herein are true, but that they merely 'pretend' that its all in Janette's 'mind' because like the director character in “The Truman Show” they refuse to acknowledge defeat like the child caught with chocolate over their face, they refuse to acknowledge what they've stolen from Janette and her children and refuse to male amends. That's what terrorists do.


right click on phoho for origonal document, left click for linked documents.

Circles above:

Lindsay Jane Simpson aged 55 (centre of webpage) and as published on front page Sydney AUSTRALIA Sun newspaper on 3 Sep 1984  as “murder victim Leanne Walters 16”. 

Centre insert above: original photo before the right ear was edited to conceal the identity of SIMPSON or whatever her real name is.

Refer to this PDF link: Anyone with functioning eyes and brain can see they have same type of fat nostril pig nose, same shaped lips, same sized cake hole, same jutting chin, same short neck, same angled shoulders, same small ears despite the amateur pencilled editing and leaving traces of hair, same outer droopy eye shape, same way the hair falls on each side of the same type of high forehead. The eyes nose mouth ear (ENME) proportions are the same as is the width and height of the face in reference to the ENME.


The Below Terrorist Equation

Australian government public officers falsify evidence at (serious crime) multiple murder scene + fabricate one extra murder (the evidence suggests possibly more) + create false rumours known as propagandas + psychotic criminals in medical industry take action funded by terrorists in government = terrorist assault as surgical rape or medical mutilation of their target, Janette Gail Francis.

STOP ignoring government terrorists

When I was illegally imprisoned in January 2014 the person signing the Mental Health detention order said on video, "apparently she has the habit of putting things on the internet." See (2nd Confession Video) 2:28 (m:s) Public Officer criminal Georgina Ai Chin Cheng, government terrorist and psychiatrist. this was the REASON I was detained. Clearly my imprisonment had no legal justification as I can say anything within reason about the shithouse terrorist governments we currently have in Australia. They knew they'd FAIL at a charging me with defamation so they (in concert with local police and the NSW doctor who surgically raped me as evidenced in Medicare records) CHENG falsified government documents to use the Mental Health Act CRIMINALLY. This illegality is essentially what Adelaide State court Judge Katrina Bochner is being a criminal accessory to in 2019 and 2020 when she ordered I pay the costs of the defendants. As we already know the entire terrorist plot is intended to provide 'smoke' to conceal the big one, the lie the Australian FEDERAL government told to the rest of the world about the 'bikie' shootings on Fathers Day on 1984 without reference to the 3 sisters in the photo card BELOW titled "TRUE CRIME",   


Question I ask, "Whose their arsehole dad in the real world?"

This is one 'patch' the government can't stop anyone from wearing. David Lange was the Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1984-89 he sued the ABC for defamation, he lost. High Court decided the Constitution allowed freedom of political speech. See Lange v The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (1997) 189 CLR 520.

Which means all Australian and New Zealand people have freedom to make any reasonable political criticism, so long as it’s not false claims about the private life of the political person. As deemed in Australian High Court in consideration of the 1901 Constitution of Australia.




So, let’s recap (summarise) what we have on this webpage.


·         NSW Police falsified evidence at the same 1984 murder scene from which they used a stolen photo of my 28 year old face to ID a 14 year old murder victim. As if that's the truth right.


·         Arsehole Campbelltown NSW area immigrant medical doctors decided to get a leg up they'd (criminally) surgically rape me in 1990s leaving inside me, amongst other things, the vibrating illegal ear implant inside my skull next to my brain. I move from NSW to Adelaide hoping to put the shit behind me NOT knowing (for sure) I'd been surgically raped.


·         2006 is the first confirmation of my surgical rape when arsehole Adelaide medical doctors decided to get a leg up refusing to acknowledge I'd been surgically rape, despite the now very obvious irrefutable evidence.


·         More arsehole government public officers decided to get a leg up they decided to criminally falsify government medical records by fabricating the unsubstantiated allegation that I had serious mental illness, because I was suing politicians in 2007. The rest was a political avalanche of what the government public officers do best, bullshit.


·         Still with the vibrating TERRORIST implants inside me I finally get my expert evidence into Adelaide’s 2019 State Supreme civil court and the terrorist judge decides she can't see any of my evidence or read any words about my evidence.


That's definition by actions of "serious organised crime" and a ‘terrorist organisation’.

What’s not stated is that in 2020 State public officers are falsifying documents to have me evicted onto the street because they’re now confident of having Court support for their acts of terrorism, did I forget to mention they also enjoy total silence from the Australian news media. 


This is what the evidence says


Australian government public officers and members of the two major political parties have been so busy being politically corrupted they believe in their own mind they're outside Australian law.

Corruption is terrorism.

Segregating an Australian from their legal rights is terrorism.

Threatening an Australian with unlawful imposition of an Australian law is terrorism.

The actions defined in the evidence in this website is legally defined as Terrorism under our federal criminal law.

Including my unemployed neighbour in public housing with expensive man toys, in 2016 falsely claiming I’m a drug dealer to police and falsely claimed I'd attacked him with an electric garden tool to ‘emergency mental health’ when I was at work to try to have me imprisoned under Mental Health Act and have me evicted from my public housing rental in 2018 evidently because I’m a different race to him and don’t like his religion, all this after he stalked me on Facebook and tried to have Facebook cancel my account by falsely claiming I wasn’t using my name, (he has three aliases) I only discovered what he was doing AFTER a 2018 Freedom of Information application as the Labor party State government refused me due process by refusing to tell me who was saying what - all that shit is terrorism too.


My 1980s cat Oscar suddenly started scratching his chin on anything sharp indicating it was abnormally itchy, he started doing other crazy things and soon died of cancer in his chin. Evidence proves Oscar was the (illegal) animal experiment before they implanted the vibrating item in my chin that cause me constant itching. In the same period my large dog Samson had his k-9 teeth snapped off and was killed by an neighbour (criminal) intruder employed to NSW police department when protecting me. Same group who stole my real estate, harmed my children and caused my surgical rape.

The evidence says that as these terrorists have been (illegally) protected from accountability by members of Federal and State public office including parliaments, this indicates the high probability these crimes aimed at my family is part of Australia’s national secrets that are both nationally and internationally illegal. That these assaults are terrorist weapons in Australia’s arsenal intended to protect Australian secret crimes against humanity perpetrated by Labor and Liberal government terrorist. Which means on ‘balance of probability’ I’m not the only one the fake honourable terrorist “club” calling themselves COAG who are illegally and secretly ordering attacks on their own citizens like good little NAZIS.

These crimes against humanity are Australian crimes and include illegal medical procedures illegal government decisions and illegal court outcomes done to illegally silence the truly honourable people. That’s what this evidence says about Australians in authority.

THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.

Bend over Lindsay, put your head between your legs and kiss your asp goodbye.


Despite all that Australian police support this crime by refusing to investigate. Under the entire circumstances involving the violent murders of police claimed 7 people where one was a minor, that “brother” is the definition of a crime against the Commonwealth of Australia defined in The Criminal Code (1995) as “terrorism”,


Lindsay Jane Simpson (1957- ) an infamous Australian author and self-professed pp 135, 200 “bikie moll” at 14 and a page 58 “cheap little slut” and page 55 "sexually promiscuous in hospital records" friend of a page 142 "retarded sex offender in Liverpool psychiatric centre" etc. who faked her own death by writing a book about it SIMPSON didn't use the above (circle) photo in her book, she stole the (above rectangle) photo of a  cousin saying by inference that her cousin (Janette Gail Francis) was herself in books published between 1989 and 2012. Liverpool police told Janette that "because they didn't use your name with your photo of your face then its not defamation".


This absurd terrorist crime is an ongoing saga has full Liberal & Labor party support in 2020 for the 1984 politically motivated terrorist decision, by Bob Hawke (deceased) and Paul Keating and every elected and employed public officer in between. The crime happened in Paul Keating's federal electorate just before election time. What else did you expect Keating is a “whatever it takes” kinda guy and was a career politician?  Lindsay just wanted to 'get a leg up' she “thought” altering her ear was a good idea before publishing her photo in major 1984 Sydney news as poor little Leanne Walters the child murdered by outlaw motorcycle club gangs Fathers Day 1984. You should have heard the politicians squealing for blood, did the trick, Labor was re-elected.

In 2014 Sydney Federal Court, file NSD.339/14, Francis v Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd ANOR the others (authors and Walters) never showed, publisher Allen & Unwin representative claimed that because Rex Walters said the photo in their book was his daughter then it’s true as far as they're concerned, despite the evidence in the 1984 Sydney newspapers. Janette has been treated as if she was just another crazy bitch.

Are we saying political parties and millionaire politicians are excused as terrorists using government resources, police, courts & health departments?

Corruption in government is usually a Federal parliament defined terrorist activity. Corruption in the workplace or community is like any other highly infectious social disease, it won’t go away if you ignore it, it just gets worse. Goes without saying that anyone who would do these things Australian medicos and government public officers have done to me, they’re obviously are not right in the head. For SIMPSON the psychopathic nature of this beast may be due to inbreedin


To dispel any misunderstanding, the “2-dogs” website name reference is to members and supporters of the two major political parties who have vexatiously and criminally harmed me and my family without any provocation from us, Labor and Liberal where humans referred to as dogs have a tendency to do the less pleasant habits of some of our 4 leg friends, like bite the hand that feeds them, a desire to fuk anything that moves and a lot of brown nosing or roll over on the back and spread the legs to gain favouritism, or piss on just about anything that someone else owns. I’m sure you can think of a few more. The documents herein prove they’ve done EXACTLY that to me and they expect me to remain silent, as if I’m as half-witted as them.  As they say, "if the cap fits then wear it." and "birds of a feather flock together" and "if you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas."

Under threat of erosion of "the below terrorist equation" Australian government public officers have participated in even more terrorist activities. That's the personification of stupid or evidence of substance abuse. Is it coincidence the fake murder victim LEANNE WALTERS was alleged to have been born 1969 the same year Paul Keating was born into politics in same 1984 electorate the fake murder victim was fake murdered, Paul's 1984 electorate Blaxland? I think not Mr Keating I think you're that bloody minded and callously arrogant terrorist ringleader.

The evidence is probably correct, they probably are DNA related to me, apart from my own children, the only relatives I've known have been 100% arseholes. True Aussies who claim to have a set of decent values they never apply in the real world, its just lip service.


The best way to describe my rellies is to listen to Adelaide’s ABC weekday morning radio. When they interview a Labor politician they’re metaphorically ‘all over them’ like they just finished having orgasmic sex. When they interview any other politician, they treat them like they just raped their 12 year old daughter; and that’s how every Adelaide government public officer and lawyer treats me and every medical doctor in any Labor party electorate, like I've just raped their 12 year old daughter. They don't want me to destroy their terrorist's utopia.


Government terrorism doesn’t go away if you ignore it, it only grows, eventually it’ll consume everything you're protecting with your participation.

Now THAT's "done like a dinner" girls, which was one of my favourite sayings.


What gets lost in all of this government terrorism is fact I started working at Visyboard Warwick Farm in 1981 to be able to financially support my three sons after I separated from the love of my life, my husband, William Robert Peters 1953-2008. I was working multiple jobs but these false political rumours put a stop to my right to earn a gainful income. We lost everything a few times over and we're still being illegally attached by criminally active government public officers but these WALTERS - SLOMAN police family terrorist don't care about the harm they've caused to me and my family its all about them and how hard done by they've been.


They are probably DNA related to me, apart from my own children, the only relatives I've known have been 100% arseholes. True Aussies who claim to have a set of decent values they never apply in the real world.

"Seven people died that day, including a 15-year old girl caught in the crossfire" page 9 of the government's funded 2012 terrorist publication and NSW State and Commonwealth government's joint funded TV miniseries "Brothers in Arms Bikie Wars" about the Fathers' Day 1984 murders in Viking Tavern carpark in Beaconsfield, (Milperra) in the (then) TREASURER Paul Keating's Blaxland NSW electorate. KEATING and the Labor party is why Judge Katrina Bochner lied about my evidence in her 2019 published 'reasons for judgment' (see links below) in Francis v Cole ANOR Adelaide State Supreme Court AUSTRALIA.

You're the fuking worthless piece of lowlife shit Paul John Keating (1944-) my "address for service of court documents" is in the footer below.