All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

unplug from the Matrix

Evil government baffoons claim you're schizophrenic if you 'hear voices' regardless of any other circumstance. You've seen the evidence of illegal implants in my head (above) on top of my skull (below) and infection in and near my left ear that government registered medical doctors have claimed they can't see. Well I'm here to PROVE that just because a person is a single parent without a tertiary degree doesn't automatically prove she's NOT more intelligent than any other person with an over inflated ego and a dozen tertiary qualifications.


I've also heard sounds that have no logical source other than coming from my medical implant stalkers who act as if they're my jailers waking me up at 7am every day regardless of the time I went to sleep, or perhaps they act out of expectation of entertainment entitlement, with me as their entertainment. They used to make their sounds at 5am. Sounds that have only started since I received that massive impact of energy inside my (6 Wilson Street, Christies Beach, South Australia) rental residence on 17 November 2005 followed by a male yelling, “I got her.”


They also use a rapid increase in vibrations to the illegal implants around my left ear and left neck and left shoulder to wake me, along with an increase in vibrations to the illegal implant in my belly. There are accompanied by a rapid and dramatic increase in heat down my spine if I fail to wrap my head to lessen the vibrations from illegal implants in my forehead area and top of skull, as then I will also wake with massive head pain and obvious tel-tale bleeding in my sinuses - as the bleeding ONLY occurs when I FAIL to bind my vibrating face then evidently the inflamation in my sinuses is dorectly related to the abnormal and from constant low level vibrations in my (face) sinus area as I sleep. 


Likewise sounds I hear that indicate the government's protected illegal implants inside me were INTENDED to have a deleterious effect on my short-term or long-term mental health, sounds like three sharp knocks on a wood surface like a desk and sounds like dropping a metal spoon on a metal sink immediately after hearing the sound of a metal spoon stirring liquid in a regular ceramic cup or mug when there was no metal sink in the immediate vicinity, and sounds like human habit of saying “fucking hell” when things don't go as expected, (so many times I've heard that I now say it on occasion when my habit saying has always been “shit”.) They used to hve a bloke with an Americaln accent whose favourite saying was “crikey” apparently he left. The bloke who says, "strewth" is still there.


There are many more that could not possible have ANY foundation on a claim of schizophrenia and most certainly ARE evidence that my medical rapists are perverted deviants who in THEIR own mind treat me as if I am their prisoner. They're sounds of premeditated human TORTURE.


Its reasonable to describe the sparking on my head and left shoulder as the primal sensation of being clutched by a giant bird that's constantly flexing it's claws into my flesh. History has proved that when a human brain doesn't know the cause of something it makes it up to rationalise it. Which is why I have PROVED the presence of the government's illegal implants by using their own documents and their own irrational actions to a perfectly reasonable situation, along with some very compelling unedited digital images of my own person.


The presence of auditory area illegal implants have the potential to prove beyond any doubt that the Australian government are using me to attempt to create in me a MANCHURIAN candidate of sorts, coupled with the March 2007 false “gun violence” claim made by Government Public Officer Shane Goodyear to falsely instil fear of me in the minds of other medical doctors and Government Public Officers, to ensure I fail to get the assistance I need from persons in government circles to have the illegal implants publicised and safely removed, which has proved to be true in 2018 making out a Common Law case against many of misfeasance and nonfeasance in reference to Australian State and Federal criminal law.


Shane Goodyear's actions would reasonably be deemed MISfeasance as although it was within his power to take detain someone under the Mental Health Act he is legally obliged within the context and instructions of the Act not to lie about the reasons he detained the person.


The State of South Australia's failure to charge Shane Goodyear with criminal defamation and aggravated criminal assault is an example of NONfeasance as it is their legislated responsibility to protect Janette and the wider community from the crimes of Shane Goodyear.


Its also a multi government LEGAL responsibility to protect me and all Australians EQUALLY from being forced to be part of scientific or medical experiments and any other illegal surgeries or illegal medical procedures, to have the illegal experiment items safely REMOVED, and NOT to defame persons trying to have the illegal implants IDENTIFIED, and to ensure ALL Australians are NOT refused life saving penicillin or refused quality-of-life simple medical procedures, like correcting my dislocated shoulder and my dislocated thumb.


I can't say often enough that all the proof I need to verify my claims comes in the knowledge that I have had a painfully dislocated dominant right thumb (and shoulder) since 2 May 2007 (result of unprovoked criminal attack by Government Public Officer police) which Government Public Officers and registered medical doctors refuse to recognise as dislocated (despite that any child can see the abnormal shape) and Government Public Officer have illegally refused me my natural right to a legal compensation hearing in Adelaide District Civil Court under common law, by direct criminal actions of perversion of justice and threatening a witness by Government Public Officers.


Several times I went to the Flinders public hospital and Noarlunga public hospital Emergency departments crying with the pain of my dislocated shoulder and thumb but the callous psychopathic mongrels simply sent me away claiming my pain was all in my mind, logically yes it is as the brain is the organ that registers pain but refusing me assess to correction of the matters that cause my dislocation pain is an act of CRIMINAL assault in itself.


On 17 November 2005 I was struck with a massive force of energy that evidently enlivened the illegal implants inside me. a wave of energy travelled through my structure from back to front. The internal impact point was at the back of my neck where I have an illegal implant known to self professed Muslim Mohammed R Ahmed a general doctor in Mount Annan (Campbelltown NSW) also trained in surgery and hypnotism. From the back of my neck electrical energy travelled to my brain apparently following the path of the illegal implants I've discovered after this event. I could feel the electrical current zapping around my brain for a few seconds then it darted down my neck to my feet. I've been internally vibrating and suffering localised hot spots ever since at several points I've proven in various radiology or external digital photos.


I had my hearing tested before 2005 and discovered a slight hearing loss in my right ear I put down to driving thousands of miles with my window down. I've had my hearing tested recently it discovered there's a significant hearing loss in my left ear, that as a direct results of the illegal implants that emit sounds to the back of my head near my left ear. As seen in Ashford Hospital Benson Radiology on 5 May 2006.


In my personal observation is impossible to see the separation line between Flinders public hospital medical SERVICES and Flinders private hospital medical RESEARCH, moreover the medical research side of the corporation has a greater priority than PREVENTING human suffering. Which is significant considering impoverished persons are excluded form access discoveries in medical research due to the PRICE put on medical advancements gleaned from private or government funded medical research.


Do you donate to life saving medical research believing its for the greater good and agree to government funding advanced technology research when in reality medical research and other advanced technologies are INTENDED to only benefit the people who can afford to pay for them.


  • How many poor people do you see with advanced bionics artificial limbs?
  • How many poor people do you see with motorised wheelchairs?
  • How many older poor people do you see with free unrestricted access to expensive life saving treatments?
  • How many poor people have access to cost saving solar electricity?
  • How many older poor people do you see struggling with personal mobility and no access to their own motorised gopher?


If they had them you'd see many more in public than you do now. In the 21st century many older poor people they're STILL unable to get out of their own homes and circulate freely because motorised mobility technology is financially prohibited YOUR politicians in YOUR government couldn't care any less if they tried, their access to their own travel allowance is much more important to them and which is why its both legally and morally WRONG for politicians to have a special pension after they leave parliament as they know no matter how badly they do in government they will always have their parliamentary pension to rely on in their old age, leaving the rest of us in dire straits.


Circa 2012 Spencer Ackerman from fied this video report to prove that invisible energy waves can be fired at people. He's only showing you the level of technology the Americal governmnt want you to see.


Like exAustralian Prime Minister John Howard said,

"A government must have their secrets."



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