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Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

Talking about intelligent people believing things that are totally absurd despite the obvious facts; without the internet to tell us lyrics most of us mature folk have sung some pretty bizarre words to the tunes we love, usually based on our own thought processes but mostly as the sound quality from our transistor radio was pathetic. I've always loved Melanie's songs. I loved to sing this song and still love my original interpretation of the words that start with, “Lay down, lay down, let it all down, Let your white cousin Milo be the one to stand his ground … you were so close, there was no room … some came to see, some came to play, some came to take it all away... [Melanie Safka - Lay Down (Candles In The Rain]

I've always be a human rights person, I suspect that's because I've always been a pro independance and Irish. Problem is the idependance movement also attracts far too many psychopaths. Janette Gail FRANCIS. 

If what Janette had WRITTEN was false, police could charge Janette with criminal defamation. Remember Wendy Utting and Malcolm Standfield were charged with criminal defamation in 2008 after they swore an affidavit accusing police and parliament members of sex with boys  --  Same as Janette's childhood allegations against NSW FREEMASONS that included Janette’s dad and 1960s police - only Janette witnessed it. Instead Adelaide police choose the Mental Health Act as they HAVE NO CASE for defamation unlike Wendy & Barry, Janette has an extensive, independent documented, legal DEFENCE. So why would so many GPOs go to such extraordinary lengths to lie about Janette and refuse to acknowledge she wrote to the Minister and SAPOL to complain multiple Kingston and Kaurna electorate medical doctors refused Janette antibiotics for ear infections?  Described in the fake Adelaide mental health record as 'imaginary puss and blood from Janette's ear' That's evidence of conspiracy to murder Janette.

 What's the government's motive to hide that ?

THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.

Everything claimed about Janette in this LINKED record of documents is either 100% false, or perverted out of context - the mental health record is 100% fabricated.  Public officers in South Australia have accused Janette of being Schizophrenic merely on the basis of what she has WRITTEN in formal letters of complaint and on her website, here and elsewhere. There has been NO claims she had DONE anything, actually physically done anything in breach of Australian law or that would be considered weird while looking at ALL the facts. NOTHING. They’ve taken the facts of criminal assaults against her and claimed the assaults never happened without looking at any of the supporting evidence. PURE EVIL.................

Below B&W photo: Janette, falsely criminally defamed for council election in 2018, a crime fully backed by 'The Crown'

Too many to sue, that's their Grand plan.

Political Criminals in Government: or business as usual.


Let’s string all the evidence I know together; a crime is always solved by completing the circle of circumstances. The evidence trail I’ve dug up says I was surgically raped from 1980s because the Milperra NSW shootings, (Viking Tavern Beaconsfield) happened in ALP treasurer's Paul Keating's federal electorate when ALP's Bob Hawke was prime minister. That's proved out by fact another state ALP government in Adelaide falsified a huge mental health record using my name ID as “Janette Hall” even several years after it was not my name. That criminally falsified record which was illegally shared across departments in breach of Privacy Act principals, endured for over a decade in Adelaide under ALP government only ending soon after Libs took control of the Adelaide based government in 2018.


The Libs on the other have generally remained silent, (despite doing the right thing in 2018) because they were involved in forging government records through their Freemason police that illegally linked me to the Fathers Day 1984 Milperra NSW shootings in the first place as the visual ID of the only female murder victim. Yes prime minister Bob Hawke was a Freemason. Freemason allegiance to each other rises above any other political allegiance the individual might have and includes ignoring Australian law to protect the sancity of Freemasons when involved in serious crime, including paedophilia. Anything else sound similar?


All the while the Australian press who are in the pocket of the politicians sterilize the news they print so as not to alter the status quo in Australian politics. That’s proved out by the, (Onkaparinga Council Watch) Facebook defamation campaign against me led by Yvonne Wenham, targeting me in 2018 when I stood for local council election. The press published positive stories for one fellow Onkaparinga Council election candidate despite that the subject was outside of his Ward and in my Ward, but refused to publish anything I put to them even after they asked me for input about the election that was by far more important than “Gary” the real life goat, (not that Gary isn’t important.)


Despite that council is not a local government as habitually falsely advertised, (in breach of Australian Consumer Law since 1 Jan 2011) by Labor Party and Liberal Party using the enactment of parliament titled, “Local Government Act” it is illegally used by both political parties as their preferred place for training interns who show promise as parliamentarians by being willing to remain publicly silent, (the lawyer & the cop) on the real issues by using a smoke screen, (Gary the goat) to stir up the emotions of the plebs, (in majority) who can’t see past what’s in front of them on TV news or in printed newspapers or printed in government harboured acts of criminal defamation on Facebook, for the 'greater good' which is returning control of government finances to career-criminals you've elected to our parliaments from time to time.




Medical Criminals in Government: or the only ones they're fooling is themselves.

Let’s look at the timeline: I arrived in Adelaide Australia in 2004 with no mental health record in my past, in Adelaide (medical criminals in government), MCGs forged mental health records on me in at least; 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 in numerous events it appears they criminally copied into the file they fabricated on me the mental health record of another woman with same name - in 2006, 2011 and 2012 I had radiology evidence of the unreported criminal implants in my head where one proved significant infection around the illegal ear implant, (green circled photo) - in 2011 and 2012 MCGs refused to let me have access to antibiotics for multiple infections linked to the illegal ear implant the evidence suggests they had conspired to murder me, yet your government politicians & police, (PPs) refuse to investigate any of the above events as a crime.


Further evidence suggests the MCGs use the implant near my ear, (red circled photo) to talk to me in my dreams to attempt to make me think I am a specific ‘type’ of person by fabricating events they want me to believe are memories with my family and others. They try to manipulate me by brainwashing me in my sleep, evidently ‘trying’ to access my subconscious to match the fabricated stories they’ve spread about me to others. If ever faced with such a prospect when you hear the MCGs speaking to you your brain creates a picture of their face. The sad freaks are so psychopathically deluded they believe that I will believe their slumber time charades. I now have the MCGs in the right position to successfully sue their equally pathetic, parasitic government.


On multiple occasions for past several years MCGs have enlisted in their criminal conspiracy active support of an immigrant neighbour, (citizen of another country) to forge his complaints about me he falsely pretends, (criminal defamation) he’s been “threatened by me and is scared for his family”, (multiple wives and children) MGPs secretly put that in their forged mental health record in my name refusing to let me know what they were recording even when I applied to Christies Beach Magistrates court in 2017 and 2019 after getting a Freedom of Information application response that disclosed part of the truth of it. All the while MCGs and PPs turn a blind eye to him stealing the identity of a deceased Australian citizen on the commonwealth and state electoral roll. On and on it goes where it’ll stop nobody knows.

Because my past as innocent target of surgical 'gang rapes' in 1980s and 1990s and 2000s in Newcastle, Sydney, Camden, The Oaks, Picton & Bowral NSW are particularly ugly and involve dozens of high profile officials in criminal governments (because they can); Adelaide state government officials and doctors have decided to 'follow the leader' deny my brutal past at the hands of Sydney government Freemasons (usually Libs) and their political party supporters (usually ALP) and all evidence of it. Its like denying someone from the stolen generation is aboriginal, or telling Jewish people the holocaust never happened, or telling Muslims the Crusades can’t be proved. Have to say it’s a typically ‘white supremist’ response to acknowledging past crimes in their own culture. However, in this instance it’s more like the USA government telling Vietnam people there was no war there was no Agent Orange that their injuries are from something else and the birth defects are not our responsibility. In the beginning USA even denied using chemicals in Vietnam despite that they dumped an equal quantity of water from 30 Olympic sized swimming pools on farming land in Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos between about 1965 to 1970 when I was a 'government corruption aware' 14 year old, harming more people than Hiroshima as the land is still contaminated and birth defects still occur. Remember in Australia women were still legally the “property” of her father or husband in 1984 when I was 28. In 2019 Australia if you're not a certain 'type' of person your life is considered of no value whatsoever to your government. They’ve proved that many times over in how they’ve handled this situation.

Surgical rape & Penis rape & Psychopaths

RED CIRCLE @RIGHT: 2012 MRI of Janette's head clearly showing one of many illegal implants in Janette that medical terrorists in government and private practice claim doesn't exist

GREEN CIRCLE @RIGHT: 2006 MRI of Janette's head clearly showing the same illegal implant when it was severely infected, they still refused to acknowledge it exists. When they refused Janette antibiotics that became a multi-Australian government criminal conspiracy to murder Janette that still thrives in 2019.


I've had multiple local people tell me they were sacked from State health system because they were whistle-blowers exposing bad practice, there are a significantly large group of evil public officers who have gathered in Adelaide region, a real worry when you realise they've recently built a multimillion dollar brain research unit and yet they refuse to recognise illegal implants in my brain. From my experience Adelaide medical and government persons just as repugnant as the USA government who decided chemical warfare was AOK -- I suspect it’s a natural trait of government public officers, employed because they demonstrate psychopathic traits.

True defamation: would be a true fact that is capable of being defamatory; example:

  1. 'Janette left NSW because of murders' 
  2. 'Janette wants police to charge a doctor with criminal defamation because they referred her to a psychiatrist' 
  3. they said in 2014 'Janette had all her teeth out in 1976 due to not getting proper dental care' 

-- These 3 events are government's evidence Janette's paranoid delusional Schizophrenic - below doc was their first entry in Adelaide's criminally fabricated State mental health record on Janette, created in 2007 Janette only saw in 2018 HERE.

False defamation: would be something totally false also capable of causing defamation; example:

  1. 'Janette said a NSW minister assaulted her in 1999'
  2. 'Jeanette (Sik) made allegations of repeated assaults by health professionals.
  3. 'Janette said a psychiatrist assaulted her'

With the inference the assault/s didn't happen, clearly all defamatory, they were made knowing in reality Janette never said anything of the sort, that the claims are a perversion of facts but still totally false in context. FYI: there was NO ministerial assault in 1999, Janette was illegally sacked from council in 1999 & the minister for Local Government refused to do his job that's it, he was an ALP minister and the false rumours were circulated by ALP supporters. We estimate 98% of the false and true defamations (eg above) were started or repeated by ALP supporters and repeated dozens of times in a very large stack of documents that are essentially all total bullshit with absolutely NO proof to corroborate their totally outrageous, vexatious and delusional claims. Its seems they believe if they repeat it often enough it will magically become the truth, well it is for them, poor dears. Most of us know bullshit is what many government public officers do best. -- Yes Janette has a case of civil defamation. Do you think police will charge their fellow public officers for criminal defamation after Janette made child-sex-assault claims against fellow police way back in 1960? Australian police are yet to admit their historical last century Freemason police counterparts were just as bad as the churches.

These 3 examples (false defamation) came from GPOs in 2007, 2008 and 2012 when Janette wrote to SAPOL asking for people to be charged from a criminal defamation campaign - Health SA added them to Janette's false mental health record, 2 on request of alleged police Constable Weatherill and detective Alison Bee HERE however, Janette only discovered this illegal, obvious conspiracy, in 2018. Every time she made a valid complaint to police or Minister or anyone for that matter, government public officers (GPOs) added it to the government's fabricated mental health record on Janette --- then falsely defamed Janette to federal Centrelink agency in their records on Janette to harm her chances of employment claiming she has serious mental health issues. Centrelink refused to give Janette Freedom of Information evidence of the alleged mental health claims, by claiming knowledge might cause her further mental illness - criminally abusing their position as public officers by illegally using legislation to pervert the course of justice. Centrelink republished the false State defamation to Janette's Job Network provider who refused to refer Janette for specific jobs she was over qualified for. Then openly mocked and laughed at Janette calling her a liar when she informed them she was undertaking full time studies at University in a law degree. Claiming Janette was too 'stupid' to study law. That's how GPOs secretly harmed Janette blocking her right to judicially challenge official government decision. Janette's high distinction (HD) grade for defamation Tort law assignment will prove to be GPOs downfall.

RIGHT: Scan of actual (faded clear plastic coated dot matrix colour printed) sticker from my Holden Calais in 2003 when I lived in Goulburn very near to the NSW police Academy.

Bernard Ryan (below) didn't like me because I'm honest, decent, sober, incorruptible and not afraid of bullshit artists like himself. The person who wrote on the police card & left it on my car was a mature police uniformed male (with a new very young police male) I stood nearby watching. I didn't care they thought I was the local idiot as I know NSW police are global idiots.

On one side of my car was the words:


'arse' slogan in the style of 'Blowin In The Wind'

"Tyranny is a product of engaged followership predicated on identification with those in authority - whose cause is believed to be right, and that belief is the basis for followership"

ABOVE:(right click open image in new tab)  In 1984 Sydney newspaper quote the alleged Rex Walters, (LIAR) says his alleged daughter is “15” in 2003 letter from NSW coroner government says she was 14 when she died, they say she’s both 14 & 15 in the book about ‘this crime’ promoted by government officials including the entire group of State and Federal police and the authors whose faces were used to describe the same dead person.

LEFT: The newly deceased concave sole Adidas clad feet of Ivan Romcek snapped by unrelated ‘Bruce Miller’ with the ‘brilliant’ newspaper senior cop quote is the pivotal evidence that topples this entire set of government lies about this ‘government’ crime I discovered in my own 'expert' research of the evidence in 2003 then sent this NEW evidence to NSW police minister who REFUSED to respond. 

However, Goulburn police led by detective Bernard Ryan arrested me several times demanding I remove the sticker (below) from my car. The Goulburn local court imposed an illegal 5 year AVO on me in 2004 to force me to remove the sticker from my car or face time in prison - SOME PIG.

Always right, in B&W photo is born blonde Janette, author of this website when aged 4 in 1960 at Bunyan Siding just north of Cooma NSW near the Liberal Party dominated Canberra ACT Freemason Temple her male parent frequented back then.


1. The ‘political’ head of a country is not the head of the country.

2. Religion is used to explain away what an incompetent brain can’t understand.

3. Janette has no religion. but she does have heaps of irrefutable evidence which proves beyond any doubt whatsoever that your PPs are career criminals.

4. The William Wallace is one of Janette's Great+ Uncles.

5. Circa 2007 & well after I had the above MRI proof the criminally illegal implant in my head was equally criminally supported by multiple Australian PPs in multiple governments, Melbourne IT illegally deleted my domain name, (AustraliaSux.com) in a move conducive with what you’d expect from communist China. Australian website registrant & hosting company Melbourne IT didn’t care about the anti-crime content, they claimed the name AustraliaSux.com was deemed offensive to a complainant, most probably a PP.

Some people want to keep their proverbial cake and eat it too.


This is a case of multiple South Australia registered medical doctors in private practice or employed as government public officers, (GPOs) being wilfully blind to the very obvious and irrefutable evidence of criminally illegal implants inside me, inserted, by other GPOs and quacks in circumstances of criminal surgical rape. I've been fighting for my legal right to be free of this AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL CRIME for over half of my 63 years of life now in 2019 I'm forced into the courts to fight for recognition as a person.

Australia Sux and here's 100% proof.

We all know the problem with our people in control, (government) is they’re too self-indulgent to be competent leaders of our nation. On a smaller scale, if they were our parent and we were their children their social workers would take us from them on the grounds they have participated in wilful or compulsive and incurable child abuse. Problem is the 'government' have political party members or supporters in the community with the same mindset about our country and are 'allowed' by police to criminally defame anyone who stands against criminal activities anywhere in the chain of government.


Red Circled photo: 2012 the clearly visible NOT reported foreign item seen in MRI inside my skull next to my left ear.

Green Circled Photo: 2007 again NOT reported & severely infected the same illegal government funded criminal's implant next to my left ear.  The evidence strongly suggests elected government public officers refused to step in to force my legal rights as they believed the infection would KILL me soon enough, in the interim they invented a mental health record in my name. What looks like 'steam' wafting from my ear is a radiology artefact that represents movement, like the blink of an eye & usually only seen in front of an eye. (The scale is representing a total of 5cm.)

Movement I keep telling them, (in this instance) is very strong vibration to my entire head, in response they, (Australian Nazi-revivalist police, doctors, politicians & other medical criminals) have illegally diagnosed me as schizophrenic & delusional, "because I say the vibrations are caused by illegal implants they say don't exist". 


I’m not the only person our people in government have ordered surgical rape on to implant this type of item in their victim’s head. Being an INTJ personality, (less than 3% of the population) I’m one of few who can prove what I’m saying is true. 

Both my ex-partners, (William Robert Peters II deceased 2008 aged 54; and Owen Neil Hall deceased 2010 aged 45) were surgically raped.

As both were buried not cremated and I was not their next-of kin when each died only the people responsible for their surgical rape, (NSW Governments) have the ability to prove both my ex-partners were surgically raped. I know what they each told me about their surgical rape, but as I can’t legally have both my ex-partners’ exhumed and properly examined by a 100% independent person, it’s my word against a government of medical criminals. As time is steadily ticking by the evidence will be lost if the illegal implants were removed after each died.

LEFT: William Robert Peters aged 21, (Janette aged 18) on their, (1975) wedding day in public park at Geelong VIC.; and Owen Neil Hall aged 21 with his, (beloved) 1985 Celica at 39 William Street, The Oaks NSW.

Arse left: Returning to the scene of their crime 10 years earlier, some of the career criminal police involved in criminally  falsifying the events at Viking Tavern on the first Sunday in September 1984; (left to right) Sydney NSW police defective-detectives John Garvey, Ronald Stephenson, Michael McGann; and alleged civilian the lying wanker who can't recognise his alleged 14 year old daughter in a photo, Rex (dog) Walters. 

Just because YOU can't literally "see" something doesn't mean it doesn't exist


Quantum Experiments: or how to prove you're not legally or ethically fit to control a government.


Video @ right: Australian National University's physicists have apparently found further evidence to support the theory that something doesn’t exist unless it’s being observed or measured.


The reality is that any experiment on this scale is not in the public interest; it’s the social equivalent of a group of people on unemployment benefits getting together to consume drugs or alcohol until they're totally shitfaced, leaving no money to feed their already malnourished children.


Australia has thousands of people living below the poverty line, some totally homeless others suffering untold pain unable to access lifesaving drugs or quality of life herbs because the self-indulgent people who approve this type of experiment believes it’s not in the public interest.


Occam's Razor: (or idiots guide to government’s “best practice”)


is a line of reasoning that says the simplest answer is often correct.


The Australian national university and others participating in the ‘Quantum Experiments’ choose to see the simplest answer, when in reality what they discovered is that some things are visible only when the observer is capable of seeing them.


Despite that I’ve told people I’ve seen items that only, (will) exist in a future time, usually their response is that I’m crazy because they can’t grasp the concept that a person has that capability.


On the same level, when someone says they can hear voices telling them to do bad things it doesn’t automatically mean that the voices are in the receiver’s imagination.


What better way to get your own way:


Use criminally illegal medical practices to implant items near a target’s ear with the long-term, (greater good) intent of creating jobs for professionals doing nothing useful, (mental health industry) falsely justify a field of medical training that, (by 'principals' of practice in reflection of known science) is charlatanistic or quackery; and still peddles useless medicine, selling at very high prices drugs manufactured by global corporations that only serve to keep politicians in office because they support the sale of useless artificial, (laboratory created) detrimental drugs which can kill or maim some “individuals” who our global politicians and corporations see as worth nothing to them. These people ARE the plagues foretold in their Holy Bible.

Australian Peter Scully was given life sentence in 2018 (Philippines) for rape that included an 18-month-old infant and human trafficking - our pathetic Australian government funded $525,000 for Scully's legal costs on the same evidence that convicted him.  You can see where Australian government have their priorities. They’re happy to pay $525,000 for legal costs of a podophile and murderer overseas but won’t help decent citizens caught in a political shit-fight (not of their making) like Janette who has been refused Legal Aid to fight the injustice of this illegal implant (left) and many more. They're forced to conduct their own civil cases against Australian government, for Janette, its just to get access to her rights under statute, including basic health care; all because of self-perpetuating weak political leadership in Australia just as it was in England before, during and after the 1840s Irish famine that harmed many of my maternal blood relatives born in Derry Ireland: GG+ Margaret Alcorn (1811-?), Mary Miller (1767-?) , Ann Purdie (1785-?), John McLchlan (1783-1860), Robert McLachlan (1816 - 1874) buried QLD Australia.

Because I'm a proud Irish; **Clan MacLachlan is one of the oldest Scottish Highland clans descended from Lachlan Mor (‘Great Lachlan’) a powerful chieftain who lived on the shores of Loch Fyne in the 13th century, said to be descended from Anrothan O’Neill an Irish prince who left Ireland in the 11th century. Descent is claimed from Anrothan O’Neill to the High King of Ireland, Niall Noigiallach, who ruled in the 4th to 5th century. [**source www.oldcastlelachlan.com you can see the family resemblance between me and our current Cheif Euan Maclachlan of Maclachlan, sorry Euan :P]

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High Court of Australia - 12 December 2002 - Gaudron, McHugh and Gummow JJ - Roberts v Bass [2002] HCA 57 at [84]

Rodney Piers BASS, "former member of parliament and police detective serjeant" (sik): sued Geoffrey Mark ROBERTS for defaming him in three publications issued during the course of an election campaign for the State seat of Florey in South Australia. BASS also sued Kenneth Allan CASE for defaming him in the third of these publications. The common law, and not South Australian statute law, provided the principles of defamation law. When the publications were made, BASS was the Member for Florey, ROBERTS was an elector in that electorate and CASE was an elector in the adjoining electorate. ROBERTS and CASE were opposed to BASS being re-elected. Below is extract from the reasons for the High Court decision.

"In exceptional cases, the sheer recklessness of the defendant in making the defamatory statement, may justify a finding of malice. In other cases, recklessness in combination with other factors may persuade the court that the publication was actuated by malice. In the law of qualified privilege, as in other areas of the law, the defendant's recklessness may be so gross as to constitute wilful blindness, which the law will treat as equivalent to knowledge. "When a person deliberately refrains from making inquiries because he prefers not to have the result, when he wilfully shuts his eyes for fear that he may learn the truth", said this Court in R v Crabbe, "he may for some purposes be treated as having the knowledge which he deliberately abstained from acquiring." In less extreme cases, recklessness, when present with other factors, may be cogent evidence that the defendant used the occasion for some improper motive. This is particularly so when the recklessness is associated with unreasoning prejudice on the part of the defendant. In Royal Aquarium and Summer and Winter Garden Society v Parkinson, Lord Esher MR said:

"If a person charged with the duty of dealing with other people's rights and interests has allowed his mind to fall into such a state of unreasoning prejudice in regard to the subject-matter that he was reckless whether what he stated was true or false, there would be evidence upon which a jury might say that he abused the occasion." "

Source: High Court Australia

Statute Law is the law made by parliaments, but you only get to access that law if you are in political favour in Australia's 2 party preferred government, if not you have to fight in a civil court to benefit from Statute Law.

Case Law is a law made by Judges based on their decisions and reasons for that decision but you have to fight in a civil court to benefit from Case Law & when equally crooked lawyers refuse to fight for you, then you must fight for yourself and the public interest. That's what I've been doing in this website building up to my one-woman self-represented civil suit against the State of South Australia and a throng of spineless, politically organised unincorporated parasitic rabidly psychopathic multinational multi-religious criminally fluid Australian scum - legally describing themselves as: “The Crown”.