Home Truth: Australia's governments are extensively corrupt and Politically Motivated Violence against honest citizens is Parlaiment's best practice to get their own way fact not fiction

Janette aged 18 with and her first born child
Janette aged 18 on her wedding day in 1975.

Left: Janette 1976 aged 20 the day she was discharged after childbirth, hours before she haemorrhaged and almost died due to gross medical doctor negligence at Camden NSW State hospital as a new Medicare patient. Then they (staff) put her in general ward, totally paralysed, and labelled her chart as a brest cancer patient scheduled for mastectomy. In retrospect Janette suspects it was an attempt to murder her during a surgery she didn't need.

Janette and her husband, William, consulted a lawyer about the government's medical negligence. The lawyer said if they went ahead with the lawsuit the government would make their life hell, so they withdrew. But the government's people went ahead and embarked on a lifetime vendetta against the innocent young family for being victims of Government Public Officer crime..

Right: Janette aged 28 in 1984.


Far right: Some of the criminal conspirators who used Janette's visual identity to fake a murder in 1984, Australia's Federal and State governments wrote 3 books an made a TV mini series about the criminal fraud called them 

Bikie Wars, Brothers In Arms.

Apart from many other events I won't publicise, my children have been treated badly and denied their natural rights when my defacto relationship with Owen Hall broke down, Owen refused to leave the family home, which was a NSW guaranteed Torrens Title in the name of Janette Gail Francis, that's right me. Owen remained in the property and refused to leave. The local police refused to assist me to evict him. No local lawyer would assist me with the appropriate court procedure to evict him. Graham Holby, the general manager of Macarthur Mutual Credit Union gave Owen Hall an illegal first mortgage on my Torrens Title without my authority. Owen applied to Wollondilly Shire Council to have the rates changed into his name. Owen Hall refused to enter into property settlement in Family Court where there were matters to do with the children of the relationship, which is the point property settlement id heard by the court under statute, but the Judge, Lloyd Waddy, refused to hear the property settlement. Left with nothing I filed for bankruptcy so that Owen could not have possession of my Torrens Title because that was the only option the criminally corrupt State and Federal government left me. Or should I say were unable to take from me. So my 5 children stand to inherit nothing from me.

When Owen Hall died from lung cancer in 2010, despite never having been a smoker, our 2 children, his only children, were not even told he had died. So not only were they denied the opportunity to grieve, his wife, Robyn Noonan Hall the office manager of the Campbelltown Legal Centre, made sure his children were never allowed any settlement from their father's estate which included his interest in a multi million property in Couridjah NSW. Persistent rumours sent me to help them apply for his death certificate in 2015 making it all to late. Wasn't that his Robyn Noonal Hall didn't know where to find them, she had previously sent a criminally defamatory letter to the youngest child's school, specifically to defame me and my children in our new residential State. She blatently lied about me and all my children to the child's year teacher the whom letter was personally addressed to care of the school, not the child. So Owen's children got inherited nothing from him after his 2010 death, Robyn knew exactly what she was doing, aided by her best girlfriend, Faye Daniels the office manager at the Campbelltown District Court in New South Wales, according to her affidavit in support of Owen Hall in the Family Court at Parramatta NSW.

My Children

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