GG Rob Roy MacGregor may've had long arms to reach people better with his sword but I can reach people best with my websites

Right: Age 4 Janette isn't wearing a nappy that's how she stands. Just confirmed Janette is related to Henry VIII through his dad who is distantly related to the English royal House of Lancaster, Red Rose.



News Flash: It's the same in every country across the globe, there's only 3 types of people: those who happily expose the criminal

activities in, (our Labor and Liberal) government; those who are too stupid to see it; those so evil they support it.

At the risk of insulting the majority - there is no 4th option; 'don't care' is either stupid or evil.

Who are you? Happy Stupid or Evil.

One of my maternal 8th Great Grandfather (above) Rob Roy MacGregor 1671-1734 was said to be many things, good and bad, the MacGregors generally had their land stolen from them by illegal government practices.

My paternal +Uncle Jack Piesley 1834-1862 was rendered homeless aged 13 by illegal government practices he ended up a bushranger and hung at 28.

I had my house and land stolen from me and rendered homeless multiple times by illegal government practices when I was in my 30s and 50s. I remained lawful but that hasn't stopped government public officers from falsifying government records to falsely defame me with outrageous and totally unsubstantiated lies. Which shines a totally different light on Uncle Jack and grandfather Rob Roy.


My maternal ancestors have been traced back over 2,000 years ago on a 'global' family tree, Considering its claimed they've found evidence of humans who lived over 800,000 years ago, our family history is a drop in the bucket of time.


Through the workd family tree The probability that many of us are family related stems from the simple fact that some of my ancestors were the Saxon royal invaders which is now known as Germany, some were the early royal Scottish, some were the early royal Irish, some early royal Scandinavian, some were early French royalty, some were Egyptian royalty from Macedonia (Ptolemy), some were early Greek royals, and a multiplicity of other European royals, they all melded into the royalty of the country we now know as Britain as the royal blood thinned we became modern day peasants in Australia where I have a considerable number of cousins.


Ancestors in my mother's ancient pedigree have the same family name as my male parent and my mother's ancient maternal ancestors have the same family name as her father. Appears to me that as the total number of people in ancient times were considerably less than now, its highly probable that the vast majority of us are family related somewhere along the long line of ancestors. The small number of my ancestors who are traceable because of being royalty, ticking back about 40 generations or 2,000 years, number about 40,000 people, but that's not the complete line just a small part on one line of potentially thousands of lines. All the more reason to be nice to each other for no other reason than, we're family. 


A Sad reality is that most of you have repeatedly proved you can't be trusted by the rest of us reasonable people because you prostitute yourself; you're happy to sell your honesty to the highest bidder; you give yourself away to anyone who can pay you enough to see you advance financially, in doing so you digress socially. Socially as in how you manage to intellectually interact with others not in reference to any perceived status. That's not a judgment, its a reasonable observation.


GG John McLachlan married into Ireland's Purdie family he was born 1783 Derry Ireland died 1850 Kilmarnock Scotland. Never knew his history but I'm sure he was a part of the 1803 Rebellion in Dublin Ireland I never studied history at school it was an elective when I was in high school. So as a seer I know my memories are all mine.

I feel quietly confident I'm blood related to author and civil rights historian Bob Purdie (1940-2014) despite not haveing physical proof of that.

Its not true that I hate immigrants. All my Australian ancestors are or were descendent from immigrants. I do however detest people who come to Australia and insist on bringing with them the behaviours that were the root of the problems they left their old country to escape - in their attempt to make Australia 'just like home'. Those immigrants should be deported.

Use of photo & link below in no way reflects any political association whatsoever between Radio Adelaide and Janette Gail Francis.

Geneticists​ will tell you males only pass on copy of a specific set of genes to their sons. While women pass on their specific set of genes to all their offspring regardless of gender. Through history we know of heroes who refuse to back down to tyranny, despite the personal cost but I are not related through their genetic fathers. I say these heroes are all related through their mothers. 

At the insistence of her dad, my mum attended either the Presbyterian Ladies College of Methodist Ladies’ College, (Sydney Australia) 1930s and or 1940s. Mum loved competitive speed roller skating, whilst her sister like the dance roller skating. My dad grew up in his mother's house in St Peters, (Sydney Australia) after his dad died when he was young. Most of my dad's family are buried in Rookwood cemetery. Dad's brother died of cancer on about 8 September 1984 he was cremated at Rookwood a few days later. Because my 1920s born parents were young during the 1930s depression in Australia my dad, his brother and their friends all rode motorcycles. Rookwood is where the Campbells were buried also in September 1984. Mum and her children are DNA family related to Clan Gregor and Clan Campbell Lairds of Glenorchy which also makes us DNA related to the Colquhouns, (inc GG Sir John Colquhoun 8th Laird of Colquhoun and 10th Laird of Luss 1370-1439) both bitter enemies to the Gregor's. Sooner or later we're all related by blood I suspect. Mum and her children are also related to William Wallace, of Scotland, Robert De Bruce who betrayed Wallace, and the King they call Longshanks in the movie Braveheart who is said to have sadistically killed Wallace. We're also related to one of the most powerful clans Comyn, (GG Alexander Comyn Lord High Constable of Scotland 1217-1290) who were significantly harmed in clan war with de Bruce and his supporters. We're also related to Viking Rollo, if you believe the internet family tree websites, also Ivar the Boneless oddly depicted as a cripple in that other TV series Vikings. Mum's family are the royals, dad's family are the rebels. Not to be confused with any motorcycle club. Only motorcycle I've been on was one without a motor my brother and I took turns straddling down a hill at our parent's holiday property. Its not as glamorous as it sounds.


Apparently my GG waqs the mother of the Stewart dynasty; she was the only child of King Robert I deBruce and his first wife


Bet you didn't know that Australian government public offices deciding on which groups get tax payer funded government grants for cultural activities claim that Scottish descendants do not have a culture our government recognises. Scottish groups in Adelaide have been refused cultural grants on that basis. Presumably we're too white.


Are you a Celtic Viking?


Clan Gregor ARE a Viking clan, through the female lines. Janette is pre circa 1850 descendant from ancestors native to England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Normans, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and across to Egypt, Greece / Mesopotamia. If you're like Janette and feel the Scotland / Ireland / Viking association the most, and you'd be interested in being founding members of such a cultural group in the southern Adelaide areas to teach, (from Internet and other recorded history or through your own knowledge) or have fun celebrating, play acting or role playing, with others the romance of the old historic (family friendly) customs and musical instruments and perhaps languages of the Celts and Vikings in the Seaford Onkaparinga area - go to the contact page and let Janette know, when we have the numbers we can meet to discuss forming a southern Adelaide Celtic Viking culture group. You're never too old or too young or uncoordinated to have some family friendly fun.


If you have Scottish ancestry its your duty to preserve your Scottish CULTURAL heritage for future generations, think of joining your local Caledonian Society, we have 3 in greater Adelaide. Port Adelaide Caledonian Society, Mount Barker Caledonian Society, and in Adelaide the Royal Caledonian Society of South Australia.


If you have Irish ancestry its your duty to preserve your Irish CULTURAL heritage for future generations, think of joining your local Irish Club or Caledonian Society.


If you have Welsh ancestry its your duty to preserve your Welsh CULTURAL heritage for future generations, think of joining the Welsh Society Inc of SA located in Glynde Adelaide. As a point of interest genetic testing proves Welsh people are the "true" Britons. Supporting popular rumours Celtic Britain suffered genocide at the hands of the Anglo-Saxon invaders after the Roman experience in fifth century. 


If you have English ancestry its your duty to preserve your English CULTURAL heritage for future generations, think of joining the Royal Society of St George (Australia).



On a personal level I respect the cultures and beliefs of others and am happy to live side by side, so long as your culture and beliefs don't physically hurt me.


At the clan level, I don't feel English and never have. Which is why I was convinced I was adopted when I was a child as I didn't warm to the things my parents did. My dad told us we were English, we never knew Scottish culture. Dad did through his Freemason Lodge meetings but never allowed his children to know Scottish life. Being Irish still had a stigma in my dad's mind when I was a child. Dad hated everyone who was different from him which I suspect is the English way. Mum is the one with Scottish and Irish DNA. Don't think I hated my parents, far from it I loved them feircely until I was forced against my will for the protection of my own sons to realise in adult life what my dad really was, that was on the 24 April 1988, the day my dad sexually assaulted my 4th baby son after which ex-police officer Jack Bassett suicided, which evidently resulted in my adult face becoming the visual representation of "Leanne Walters Shot Dead" in 1989.


I feel both Scottish and the Irish but religion and food plays no part in it I'm an atheist and vegetarian. For me the link in my soul is the music and the green and white land and something else I have no words to describe. When I see and hear Scottish and Irish things its like I have a memory that spans long before I was born. Which is interesting as I never studied history and never had that highland life exposure. As a child I used to have a reoccurring nightmare of waking and being murdered, in this memory I was a very tall man wearing an animal skin and sleeping on a rock. They hunted me because they were afraid of me. As an adult I realise it was a shadow of a memory of a past life passed on in my DNA brought to the surface after we had bought our first television set. This I say because in the childhood dream I could feel my cold penis on my leg, I was NOT a victim of repeated childhood sex assault, it was my actual memory. I only know men feel that sensation as my husband told me years later. I'm not masculine in this life, I'm all woman.


I mean no offence to clan Campbell (or any other clan) despite having a family link to the Campbells,  as during proscription when the dual English / Scottish King abolished the surname Gregor resulting in acts of genocide against clan Gregor headed by clan Campbell, so in my heart of hearts I could never proudly wear the Campbell tartan knowing the cruelity the clan inflicted on the Gregors in the past. I imagine many cultures have the same feelings about others, like the first Australians who (rightly so) insisted on having their own flag.


You can see is you read the linked text, in the 20th and 21st century I've been treated EXACTLY like the Gregors of Scotland 400 years prior during the banning of the Gregor name. I've been physically branded, raped, denied medical services and legal protection against criminal attack, and had my own land illegally taken from me ALL with the sanction of the ruling CROWN.


I know the Gregors were blamed for the one time slaughter of clan Colquhouns, (1603 Battle Of Glen Fruin) however as I also know I've inherited a blind rage gene which I was made aware of when I was 16, which I have no control of if I'm drunk or drugged, so I can understand how the Gregors could have acted on the spur of the moment. I black out do super human violent things and have no memory of the events which is a shock to me as I'm a pacifist by nature.


Which is why I never get drunk and don't take mind altering drugs but can't control being secretly or illegally drugged by criminals as I was when elected in Wollondilly Shire Council after which in two seperate occasions I threw a chair out a Wollondilly Shire Council upper floor window, and punched Councillor Michael Banasik in the face throwing him completely over a table after which he landed on the floor on the other side. The last two facts are provable by circumstantial evidence. Despite that there were many witnesses I doubt they'd admit to illegally drugging me.




Some of Janette's English Great Grandparents in last couple of hundred years have these last names; Reid (paternal grandmother), Battle, Piesley, Davy / Davey, Virgoe, Barber, Chilvers, Lawrence, Kettle, Friend, Shepherd, Brook, Bacon, Judd, Dowling, Grant, Knights, Green, Entwistle, Crew, Hussey, Woodhouse, Summersby, Bennett, Faithorne, Pithouse, Taylor, Webbe, Sartin, Alcorn. 


Janette's 8th GG Rob Roy MacGregor (above) became a folk hero in his own lifetime, the family link to Rob Roy was confirmed by Clan Gregor 2018 Scotland. Rob Roy is also descendant from the Campbells of Glenorchy (the most powerful branch of the Clan Campbell who dominated central Scottish highlands for 200 years from about 1430s) who married into the Royal Stewart Kings of Scotland.


Janette is related to England's King Henry VIII through his dad (Henry VII) who is distantly related to the (red rose) house of Lancaster (war of the roses.) GG Sir John of Gaunt Plantagenet 2nd Duke of Lancaster, is first grandfather of GG King James I Stewart of Scotland. Interestingly distant family members have added new links to many Poland GG's including 13th century Henry III, Duke of Głogów (Henryk III Głogowski) and GG's from Argentina and Germany, ancient GG Kings of Wales, GG Kings of Isle of Mann, and GG Kings of Dublin and the isles (Ireland).


These are some of Janette's royal Great Grandparents through seperate ancestors (two or three lines) in her maternal lik, the Scottish Royal House of Stewart. Lady Jean Stewart of Atholl is Janette's 11th, and twice 12th Great Grandmother, Scotland's King James Stewart IV is her first Great Grandfather. GG Scottish Queen Mary Stewart is also niece to Janette's GG Lady Jane Stewart (Fleming) who is half sibling to cousin King James Stewart V, and daughter of their shared dad, Janette's 14th and twice 15th GG King James Stewart IV, then GG King James Stewart III, then GG King James Stewart II, then GG King James Stewart I, then GG King Robert Stewart III, then GG King Robert Stewart I, then GG King Robert de Bruce is on another line. English GG King Henry I's wife GG Matilda's dad is GG King Malcolm III The House of Dunkeld, then GG King Duncan I, whose son's wife's paternal grandfather is GG King Edmund II (Ironsides) Wessex England not to be confused with GG Edmund I The Magnificent, Wessex England.


To give some perspective: English King Edward III is 17th GG to English Queen Elizabeth II (born same year as Janette's mum) to Janette he's her 18th GG. Then to Janette's GG King Edward II Plantagenet, then GG King Edward I Plantagenet (Longshanks), then GG King Henry III Plantagenet, then GG King John Plantagenet, then GG King Henry II Plantagenet, miss one generation then switches to Henry II's maternal Grandfather, GG King Henry I through his wife and GG Matilda, (another family line through daughter of one of Henty I's mistresses) then GG King William I The Conqueror, then GG Robert I The Magnificent Duke of Normandy, then GG Richard II The Good Duke of Normandy, then GG Richard I The Fearless Duke of Normandy, then GG Guillaume I Duke of Normandy, then GG (Viking) Rollo Duke of Normandy (right), then GG Rongvald Eysteinsson de Moere Earl of Norway, closely related to Harald Fairhair, the earliest known King of Norway.


Father-in-law to GG Richard II The Good Duke of Normandy, is GG Conan I Duke of Brittany France.


Wife of GG Robert I The Magnificent Duke of Normandy, GG Arlette (or Herleva) de Falaise, her maternal grandfather is GG King Malcolm II House of Alpin Alba Scotland (one of a few Scottish Kings), then GG King Kenneth II Alpin Alba Scotland, then GG King Malcolm I Alpin Alba Scotland. There are more recorded but not made it into Janette's family tree as yet.


From GG King Edmund II (Ironsides) Wessex England, then GG King Aethelred II the Unready Wessex England, then GG Edgar the Peaceable Wessex England, the GG Edmund I The Magnificent Wessex England, then GG Edward The Elder Wessex England, then GG King (Aelfred) Alfred The Great (right) Wessex England, then GG Aethelwulf Wessex England, then GG King Egbert III Wessex England, then GG King Ealhmund as King of Kent.


On another MacGregor line Janette's 36th GG King David I Scotland (House of Dunkeld), then GG King Malcolm III Scotland (Longneck), then GG King Duncan I Scotland, his maternal grandfather is GG King Malcolm II King of Scotland (see above).

On another MacGregor line is Janette's GG King Robert Stewart III Scotland, then GG King Robert Stewart II Scotland, then GG Princess Marjorie de Bruce, then GG King Robert de Bruce I Scotland who is Janette's 23rd GG.

Additionally at least 5 lines lead to Viking GG Rollo through children of his son GG Guillaume. A few other country royals include GG King Berengar II of Italy, GG King Olaf II of Sweden, a long line of GG Kings of Franks through GG Charlemagne Charles I The Great Holy Roman Emperor.

The furthest notable ancestor found so far in Janette's ancestry (pedigree) is a Pharaoh of Egypt  Ptolemy I Soter (Saviour)  circa 367-284BC. Janette says the 'bust' face of Ptolomy I (right) bears a striking resemblance to her own DNA brother (right). Proving the high probability that DNA from a male ancestor can be passed down multiple generations through female DNA. Ptolemy The Saviour is from Macedonia Greece, he established the famous library at Alexandria.


One thing I discovered whilst researching my family tree is that your DNA must contain a memory imprint of sorts. When I studied in high school history was an elective subject. So I don't have that confusion in my memories. As I did my family tree and studies England and Scotland for the first time I discovered I had memories of names of places, castles, people and towns, when I came across these various names for the first time in Australia that I hadn't heard before and didn't know were linked to UK. They cropped up in my mind as a question in the form of "I can't put my figer on it but that name/place is very familiar to me." Which I often said out loud. Or maybe it's just my 'seer' ability at work. Never can tell. This was pre-internet and I have never been a person interested in history, or politics, and I NEVER read story books. I find them too boring. One includes when I first discovered silver was called 'Sterling' silver (1960s) I asked my mum what else Sterling was. Another linked one is Castle Hill. A friend moved to Castle Hill Sydney circa 1985. I discovered in 2018 Stirling Castle was built on Castle Hill in Scotland built by by my GG James Stewart King of Scotland. 

I'm sure you'll agree Janette's mature adult face bears a visual facial resmblance to her GG King James IV Stewart of Scotland as per Wiki. Johnny Depp (American actor) also bears a striking visual resemblance to James IV so too does one of Janette's sons who also trained as an actor, (NIDA Sydney). as an actor. 

Oh to live in the future when full facts about DNA are finally discovered.

Janette and her many Australian cousins have extensive Australian family with old British Australian presence in bush ranger period and country around Carcoar NSW and gold rush period and town of Charters Towers QLD.


The below are all from Janette's mothers side and are mixed lines, which means daughter to father, or son to mother, rather than strictly male linage or female linage. Janette's paternal 'Francis' (consecutive males) linage has been traced way back, as a result of 1882 marriage of Jane Peisley to George Francis, Janette is related to a bushranger named John Peisley, and presumably Belinda Peisley's family. History proves that bushrangers were outlawed by police who treated them as outlaws before they ever did anything wrong.


Historically Australian police have treated my extend family in the 'them' category illegally denying many of us our legal rights under Australian law forcing many to take extreme measures in their extreme situation. Under Australian law the definition of RACE discrimination is when a person is treated less favourably than another person in a similar situation because of their race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin or immigrant status. The evidence strongly suggests Janette has suffered RACIAL discrimination based on who she's related to, in this instance, her Freemason dad.


Janette's unbroken female linage stops with Jane Mickel or Michael who was named on the Australian death certificate of Janette's great grandmother Jane (MacGregor) MacLachlan, who was born in 1842 Kilmarnock Scotland.


Its actually quite fun to go through the family tree to look up the interesting looking ones to see if they're listed on the Internet. Some of my listed great grandfathers include, Richard I King of England, Robert the Bruce King of Scotland, William Wallace was a great Uncle my linage travels througn his younger brother John Wallace Laird of Elderslie (UK) which is interesting as in 1984 I was living in Elderslie (Camden NSW Australia), William the Conqueror, Viking Rollo Ragnvaldsson first ruler of Normandy, the other Viking Ragnor Lodbrok Sigurdsson King of Dacia (Denmark). The biggest disappointment was King Edward I (Longshanks) the arsehole King in Braveheart the movie who reportedly killed Great Uncle Sir William Wallace. That year would have been an awkward family christmas dinner. LOL they're not directly related to each other but I'm directly related to both of them. Hey you can't pick your family. Someone listed that Jesus as a relative but I had it de-linked on the grounds his life in reality is debated. My main argument was the validity of Jesus' dad. Considering its on a globally respected Christian website it's a testament to their credibility to have removed the Jesus entry. Yes there are quite a few St Clair's and Saint Clair's. Woooh I'm related to Jesus. LOL.


Louis Marc Francois Gauvin is one of Janette, French Great Grandfathers, some of his carvings are currently in Australian National Maritime Museum.


MacLachlan motto Fortis Et Fidus - Brave and Trusty. MacLachlan's are descendant from the  High King of Ireland Niall Noígíallach (Niall of the Nine Hostages) pre Christian religion. There's an estimated 3million descendants of this war lord who's said to have captured St Patrick before he became St Partick. MacLachlan's formed an allegiance with Campbell's of Argyll the group to whom King of Scotland Robert the Bruce gifted lands that belonged to the MacGregor's.

MacGregor motto 'S Rioghal Mo Dhream - Royal is my race. MacGregor's are descendant from the King of Scots in the 9th century Kenneth MacAlpin. My MacGregor's also have a family affiliation with the Campbell's despite Campbell's involvement in harming 17th century MacGregors. Janette grew up in Campbelltown NSW not knowing her family history.


Janette's GG Jane MacGregor and GG James MacLachlan were both born and married in Scotland before they immigrated to Charters Towers in Queensland Australia in 1864 on the Earl Russell, with toddler Jane and baby Maryanne who sadly died on the ship from infectious disease. James' dad was born Northern Ireland he also came to Australia 1800s.


Siol Alpin were a sub kingdom of Ireland called Dal Riada who united with the Picts through marriage to fend off the Vikings. King Alpin lost his head for treason to the Irish high king for marrying Irish. His sacrifice united a country and Prince Gregor is the product of a unified nation. Making the MacGregors both Irish and Scottish royal descendants. Scottish Clan MacLachlan also have royal Irish ancestors, but not evin a whiff of Coffey anywhere, that was only smoke & mirrors.