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For some court admmissable evidence go to My Story


Australian Common Law is predominantly a mirror of the Common Laws of any country that uses the British Westminster system of government. Precedence from cases in Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and United States are used in Australian State courts. So a lawyer from those countries will do just fine. I desperately need an honest lawyer who can't be bribed by the government, so with the low level of respect for lawyers with that fault the search will need to be far and wide, please spread the word and ask your local news outlet to publicise my plight.


I have multiple lawsuits, they are all connected by their modus operandi in all events I've been illegally denied without any legal excuse, during every illegal detention I've been caused physical harm, during and after each illegal detention medical care has been illegally withheld, in some cases for many years and some cases totally - indicating the political link.


These illegal medical experiments have been performed on me, and probably others, despite the considerable agony and physical suffering they cause me, because allied governments made an error in allowing the outcomes of sadistic German experiments to be used derived from the torture of hundreds or thousands of innocent Jewish people in the events deemed 'the holocaust' during the second world war in the 1940s. With their greedy eyes on the outcomes corporate entities saw the financial rewards that could be made by torturing innocent people unlawfully deemed political enemies in their own country, safe in the knowledge that their illegal torture would be exonerated in the fullness of time if accompanied by the political entities of countries like Australia, and so it has been.


I have been subjected to a one sided political vendetta for the better part of 30 years. I thought when I left my birthlands in NSW and settled in Adelaide South Australia I'd leave it behind. Not so, which led me to realise it was a ''political'' vendetta. Now it's progressed so far that I was obstructed several times in my legal access to life saving penicillin for a significant and obvious infection in my face. After I accessed the penicillin via unconventional means and recovered, I wrote several times to my State Government Health Minister.


Without any correspondence to me the Health Minister responded by ordering my illegal political detention (22 January 2014) for several weeks. This unlawful political arrest coincided with the 2014 election in my state, South Australia. So after I recovered from that I wrote several letters for the political head of State Government, the Premier of South Australia.


Without any correspondence to me the South Australian Premier responded by ordering the sacking of the Health Minister in 2017, again just prior to the next election.


  • I've never given anyony conscent to undertake any experimental procedure on me or any member of my family.


  • If it's harmless then why didn't the doctos do the procedures to themselves.

The evidence strongly suggests our Australian news media are run totally on brown paper bag bribes from political entities, as the editors (printed, TV and radio) all refuse to run any part of my story, even the 2012 story about State and private doctors refusing to prescribe me penicillin for the infection anyone could see in my face.


Each Adelaide SA lawyer I've approached claim they can't represent me, with a variety of inventive excuses. I've extended my search interstate without any luck.


I started studying a law degree at the University of South Australia, reasoning that if I became a lawyer I could represent myself. But then I heard in class a senior lecturers say ''there are no laws in Australia that protect human rights'' which is a blatant lie. This person is a qualified lawyer, and yes employed by the State Government. That anti-human-rights stance appears to be a common one in government, and across all three university law departments which including Adelaide Uni and Flinders Uni.


I have an iron clad, rock solid legal case under Common Law to prove the 22 January 2014 harms. I have video recorded admissions that due process was not followed and I was detained in breach of South Australian law. This admission came three times from the persons who illegally detained me. The length of time they took to detain me indicates they were making an illegal agreement among themselves. They have no legal justification whatsoever for detaining me.


This ( 22 January 2014) civil suit will probably include multiple actions of trespass against the person; assault, battery, unlawful imprisonment, and trespass to property to secure the trespass to person. Additionally I'd like to pursue a new tort; Conspiracy to Defame.


The defendants would be The State of South Australia. All civil suits must go through the Crown solicitor in Adelaide South Australia. They tell me that as the people who participated in the conspiracy to harm me were all Government Public Officers, (which includes the Minister for Health) the Crown solicitor reckons they're protected from a civil law suit and I have to sue the Crown instead. Which I believe is not true as they were NOT acting in compliance with their expected job description or in compliance with any Australian law. In fact the actions to illegally detain me carry a maximum 5 year prison term and/or several thousands of dollars in fines.


2007 lawsuits:

My (adult) teenage son and I sustained lacerations when we were criminally ambushed and held to the floor by seven adult persons (one female) and I was illegally imprisoned in March 2007.


Two months later in May 2007 my (minor) teenage daughter and I were criminally ambushed, this time only I was held face to the floor as the other male ambusher systematically battered me stopping to punch my sobbing daughter in the chest as she refused to abandon me, before he returned his attentions to me, dislocating my shoulder and hand. He tried to snap my forearm but failed. They falsely arrested me claiming I assaulted them.


Both these events carry no legal excuse whatsoever on the part of the government to harm or hold me or my children. Another iron clad rock solid case.


1990s lawsuits:

I also have a multiplicity of injuries from other prior systematic batteries in NSW when I was an elected member of local government in Wollondilly Shire 1995-1999, all of which I've been refused medical aid to redress for the past 30 years.

Additional Compensation Element A:
When I hold a very strong magnet over the raised diagonal lump across my lower spine where numerous Government Office of New South Wales doctors, including Macquarie Street Sydney specialists, criminally falsified their reports to commit insurance fraud by saying (since 1990) that I had 2 prolapsed discs, the vibration in my legs that appear in my lower half stops totally, this vibration appears to be the cause of the total loss of hair from my waist down, that is excess radiation from the aerial they wrapped around my legs.

Mind you the onset of the illegal implants over my spine (from my waist to my tail bone) that they falsely claimed as 2 prolapsed discs caused me so mush pain it was agony to breathe, I believe they presumed I'd suicide, particularly when they told me I'd end up in a wheelchair within a few years. Its no prolapsed discs, I can swing mattock with the best of them.

Additional Compensation Element B:
When I press a large spongy lump on the tallest point of my head the rapid put-put-put sound I hear stops completely, it pulses in time with the vibrations I physically feel in that area down the side of my neck. The evidence suggests the device sets off a measurable sound that can be detected in part by human hearing and in part be animal hearing. Every domestic pet I've had since the implants shakes it ears when they're near me as if I'm emitting a sound they find uncomfortable. The put put put in my ear appears to be linked to the spots of sparking and vibration I physically feel on my face concentrated around my nose and mouth and eyes. The scratch locations foolish people use as indicators other people are lying to them.

Additional Compensation Element C:
When I sleep with a band around my forehead and eyes I physically feel the movement under my skin from the implants magnified, however I no longer wake with bright red blood in my mucus and debilitating headaches.

Additional Compensation Element D:
When I keep a wad of cloth over my shoulder the perpetual tapping/stabbing sensation I physically feel in my shoulder blade ceases. There's also implant material in both arms and hands causing diagnosed but untreated nerve damage. 

Additional Compensation Element E:
The evidence suggests there's a Phrenic Nerve Stimulator in my abdomen. Which may or may not be linked to the implant material in my sternum and the area of my spine directly behind my sternum.

Additional Compensation Element F:
Labelling these people who have forced me to endure this agony, Sadistic Parasites simply doesn't feel strong enough, as I say the evidence suggests they use the implants to wirelessly monitor me so they know the implants cause the skin on my fingers to split and bleed when I use my hands in the normal manner, and they know the illegal implants make it painful to walk, painful to eat, painful to exist, but they didn't count on my tenacity, my resilience, my Scottish genes that can withstand any arsehole evidenced by the fact the Vikings were unsuccessful in invading Scotland. 


Additional Compensation Element G:
Government records prove beyond doubt, several Australian registered medical practitioners criminally falsified and/or destroyed elements of my Federal government Medicare funded medical records between 1990 and 2017. Aided by senior elected members and governing body under the 44th and 45th Premiers of South Australian Parliament, Rann and Weatherill, and the 37th, 38th and 39th Premiers of New South Wales Parliament Griner, Fahey and Carr.

Some Liberal, some Labor, all criminally corrupt.

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