Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

unplug from the Matrix

All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

When nanotechnology was first spoken about in international news it was also reported that England's Prince Charles expressed his concerns that nanotechnology might be used inappropriately by the wrong type of people. His concerns have become a reality in my life in Australia. 


The evidence strongly suggests in March and/or April 2018.  Alison Barbara Jane COLE participated in a criminal conspiracy to cause Janette harm through physical torture by medical experimental apparatus with Jean PHILLIPS DPTI and another state government public officer Paddy PHILLIPS member or chair of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) an Australian federal government enterprise.


section 12 Conspiring or soliciting to commit murder Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 (SA). Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH).


Why would you want to put illegal experiment implants and connecting cables in ones ears, eyes and face to such an extent unless you're trying to see or hear what your victim sees, hears or says. 


Janette Gail Francis was raped in 1971 aged 15 involving children of NSW police, it was a no consent rape they say Janette consented to, but under law was minimally statutory rape but still the children of NSW police were never charged, instead Janette has been denied her legal rights for the rest of her life.


Lets ask the glaring question. On what legal grounds has Janette been outlawed?

Don't agree with the question. Ok. Then answer any one of these questions.


  1. Why has Jack Bassett's NSW police detective son not been charged for illegally threatening Janette with his police issue pistol at Jack's funeral falsely claiming Janette was responsible for Jack Bassett's 24 April 1988 death?
  2. Why have NSW and SA and Federal police refused to charge anyone over any of the multiplicity of state and federal criminal assaults on Janette in the ENTIRITY of her 62 years of life starting with her rape by her Freemason dad on 3 March 1959 and pointing his loded bolt action firearm at Janette circa 1972, and why was Janette charged with negligent driving signed by R Stephenson from an accident on 30 June 1987 that could have taken her life when she was rammed up the rear by a truck twice driving her yellow TE Gemini on her way to her full time office job, and why did uniformed NSW police in 1994 threaten to arrest Janette at gunpoint in public claiming she was the Leanne Walters murdered at an event involving hundreds of NSW police on Fathers' Day in 1984 headed by Ronald Stephenson, and why did state and federal government refuse to investigate that police belief and instead fund a multi million dollar television miniseries in 2012 about the same murder scene?
  3. Why have the people involved in Real Estate fraud stealing Janette's NSW Torrens Title in 1991 not been charged by police, and why has Janette been refused her legal right to sue them in court, and why's Janette been refused her right to property settlement under Family Law?
  4. Why have police not investigated the many attempts on Janette's life when she was an Australian politician 1995-1999, and why has she been denied her legal right to sue persons who unconstitutionally caused her illegal sacking from Wollondilly Shire Council April 1999 after she was indecently assaulted and threatened with physical violence many times as an elected politician, and why were her complaints of sexual harassment and discrimination at Wollondilly council not investigated by Chris Puplick head of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board after Janette lodged her complaint circa 1998, why didn't NSW police investigate Janette's kidnapp at gunpoint circa 1998 in Wollondilly Shire Council office car park, and her kidnapp from the MACROC meeting in Camden NSW 1998 infront of Councillor Christine Towndrow, and theft of her Mazda 929 by members of the Labor Party in Bowral NSW 1998?
  5. Why have NSW and SA government public officers in state housing staff who illegally committed break and enter trespass on Janette's property in Jan 2004 and Feb 2018 not been charged by police?
  6. Why have the SA government public officers who illegally detained Janette under Mental Health Act in 2014 and 2007 in breach of the Act not been charged with criminal assault, trespass, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment?
  7. Why have multiple medical doctors refused Janette penicillin for visible infection in her face, and refused Janette medical investigation of her symptoms that include at the top of the list abnormal vibrations and abnormal high level of electrical sparking just under surface of her skin, abnormal unexplained burn marks on surface of her skin, unexplained circular puncture marks in her skin the diameter of a biro ink tube that were left to bleed, and unexplained cuts on her skin sealed with dissolving surgical stitches, and other unexplained puncture wounds some successfully sealed with surgical glue and other not so successfully sealed left to bleed on Janette's scalp in 1997, like the bloodied flap of skin under which a rice grain sized hard item was shoved in my mouth early in 2002 that dentists I saw in Newcastle NSW illegally refused to remove in breach of my legal rights, and why when it was identified in 2006 radiology along with admission by Adelaide report writer they saw evidence I had prior surgery on my face when the only surgery I could recall having was after I was kidnapped from the MACROC meeting and woke up during that illegal surgery in agony as they were shoving something into my skin in my nose or upper mouth or brain those quacks said the HEALTH DEPARTMENT told them NOT to treat me? I've NEVER had any LEGAL surgery other than the one to remove a plant wood chip from my right eyelid and eyeball when I was 4 years old in 1960 at Canberra Hospital near parliament house after an accident at the Bunyan NSW Post Office and Telephone Exchange property. Wrote to Perrett with 'couldn't possibly be any dental relic in 2006 had those teeth out in 1997 age 11' Perrett became a government hospital rediologist as their reward for their part in this crime.
  8. Why haven't the Australian news media reported ANY of the above, for that matter, any of anything on this website despite that Janette has approached them face-to-face MANY times since the 1990s?
  9. Why have the government public officers who illegally detained Janette under criminal law at gunpoint in 2004 and in 2007 after criminally brutalising Janette and her 15 year old daughter (all in breach of their respective Acts) not been charged with criminal assault, kidnapping unlawful imprisonment and criminal defamation? Spineless cowardly criminal police in NSW and SA illegally assaulted me for speaking the truth calling them corrupt, I was arrested for legal acts of freedom of speech, any criminal effect in 2004, the 5 year AVO was/is illegal. Its all in the government record, I got a 5 year Apprehended Violence Order ONLY for telling police Goulburn police Goulburn public housing staff and Goulburn magistrate were corrupt which is my legal right. Then arrested for breach of the AVO as I continued to tell Goulburn police Sydney police were corrupt and went about proving that statement with documents they gave me a criminal sentence they never recorded on my national crime record which means they misappropriated government resources to fake several court hearings and my overnight imprisonment after they broke into my residence after dark terrorising my school age children at gunpoint then leaving them home alone to fend for themselves terrified after seeing their mum illegally arrested by criminal cops.  All of which further proves they're criminal cops who should be in Goulburn SuperMax themselves.
  10. Why did Christies Beach SA state government motor registry staff refuse to accept Janette's Australian birth certificate as her own in 2009 despite that she can prove it's hers with DNA tests, and go out of they way to write to Janette to continue to insist her birth certificate was incorrectly accepted as her own at the Marion registry, and Seaford Meadows staff refuse to supply Janette's pre-paid replacement vehicle numberplate ordered in December 2017, and how can Adelaide DPTI motor vehicle registrar cancel Janette's driver's licence 16 March 2018 on medical grounds without legal excuse, and does Janette's rather unusual problems with SA Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) have any link to her treatment in NSW 1995-1999 as Councillor considering they, DPTI also run Local Government in SA?
  11.  Why was it in 2006 that despite my bitter landlord ex-NSW film producer Peter Leovic admitting to the Adelaide South Australia Judge I had a continuing lease in 6 Wilson Street Christies Beach SA that the same (ex-NSW) Judge decided I didn't have a lease to order my (illegal) eviction after I complained to Christies Beach SA police that I thought someone had tried to electrocute inside my Leovic rental on 17 November 2005 but police refused to take my statement telling me instead to seek psychiatric help. The eviction precipitated 2 years of homelessness for myself and my school aged children during which government public officers criminally defamed me with the false claims we were homeless because I was a drug addict mental health patient and other false associations in a criminally defamatory internet campaign spanning YEARS evidentially spearheaded by criminal police in Christies Beach SA and Goulburn NSW. Despite having the evidence of a criminal "hate campaign" against Janette Adelaide refused to investigate but were happy to charge people in the claimed "hate campaign" against the now deceased (then ex-speaker of State parliament) Peter Lewis which was heard in Adelaide District Court circa 2006, I'm not referring to the Standfield and Utting case, I refer to the matter of Terry Stephens' statement to South Australia police they treated as criminal defamation resulting in Stephens serving time in prison.
  12. A letter Janette received from the same (Ivan) Peter Lewis refusing to assist her contained a letterhead that pronounced his affiliation to Freemasons generally through the Masonic Foundation. Its more probable than not that a person who belongs the the Masonic Foundation (WA charity) is also a Freemason, like ex-Health Minister John David Hill appeared to be when he was Health Minister and Janette's State member in parliament who also refused to assist Janette as Health Minister and as her State Member in Kaurna. The evidence strongly suggests there's Freemason lore for Australian Freemasons and friends of Australian Freemasons, then there's Australian law for the rest of us.

"importance of mankind lies in the importance of every single human being, and not in the State or in a power structure"

  • 2017: Sam Duluk MP Liberal party opposition story Ministerial Responsibility quoted 'The Liberal Movement' Robin Millhouse 1929-2017 former Attorney General South Australia.

  • 2017: Morry Bailes Liberal party member, managing partner at Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers, president-elect of Law Council of Australia, and past president Law Society SA, published his own story on Ministerial Responsibility.

Interestingly Mr Bailes' Tindall Gask Bentley have refused to represent me against Labor party crimes herein. From my personal experience Liberal party opinions on 'Ministerial Responsibilities' shifted in 2018 after their long dry spell Liberals hold SA state government now their Ministers also refuse to take responsibility.

Where as Manus Island detention started in 2012, my consecutive years of human rights violations inside Australia started over 30 years ago. Our own left wing activists snub me evidently as I'm a whiteskin and born in Australia. Our Slater and Gordon refuse to represent me and my equally innocent Australian born children against our Australian government. Wouldn't be due to party politics would it fellas? Appears hypocrisy and hypocriticalness are quite fluid in Australia depending in your position of power. Same old same old.

Summary: Janette Gail Francis was surgically raped in her 30s (1990s) because she was sexually raped when she was 2 years old (3/3/1959) in a rather brutal attack that caused her vaginal skin to rip. Freemasons in Australian government and adult children of police who raped her as a teenager in Campbelltown NSW (*1970s Rhonda W, Wayne H, Steven H) and child rape harbouring Government Public Officers who chose to support Freemason linked rapists, are all guilty of another child sex crime coverup. In 2018 now aged 62, GPOs and medical co-conspirators refuse to recognise her as a human person.

Equally means protecting everyone from crime

that's only greater good that matters.

* Rhonda is little sister of Janette's older brothers best friend, Neil. Steven and Wayne are the HARVEY brothers who lived on corner of LINDSAY and Allman Streets in 1970s Campbelltown NSW they were all students at Campbelltown public high in 1960s or 1970s. Children of crooked police tend to become adult police wanting to hide a criminal past.


What's justice without truth? If you perpetuate a lie because you don't like the lifestyle of a person or group, that makes YOU the enemy of decency, not them. Justice without truth is an insane witch-hunt by any name.

The yellow photo card (right) is why many POLICE BROTHERS LIE in Australia when they encounter me. That was done before my surgical rapes, the surgical rapes were intended to conceal government lies about Sydney motorcycle club murder of a 15 year old girl on Fathers Day 1984. I point out that officially in NSW police and NSW coroner's records she was 14 but in the book written by Sandra HARVEY and LINDSAY Simpson, and TV miniseries based on the book with the photo or copied image of my face as the murder victim she became 15, same age I was when I was raped by children of NSW police. Its not rocket science. I've even used pretty colours to help you work it out for yourself.

Every police person I've met inside a police station, or at my residence, or at my sign-written vehicle, or whom have read mail I've addressed and sent to police and indeed this website, are all guilty of being criminally corrupt.

If we were an honest community most of our police and politicians would be in prison, this web page content proves beyond any doubt whatsoever that we are NOT an honest community, we are the enemy of freedom and democracy. We are the enemy my royal ancestors died fighting to keep from English, Scottish, Irish, and French lands.  Our ancestors. Evidenced by the fact they all refuse to accept my reports of crimes against my person, despite the irrefutable evidence in my favour.

I'm probably not the only one who noticed the similarity with the feet of 1 on the back cover of the 1989 BIA book, to the feet in the middle of the 3 inside the same book where police are reported far and wide as claiming the 3 fell side by side. The back cover proves that's a criminal lie (see Campbelltown High School coloured card at right)


The 1989 book was out of print for many years before they re-badged it in 2002. It was out of print when I went looking for it after 2 uniformed NSW police pointed their loaded guns at me as NSW defective Detective Sergeant Paul Shiels accused me of being that Leanne Walters when he criminally defamed me in public in 1994 and falsely imprisoned me at the point of 2 guns in fear for my life. That demonstrates exactly whose the psychopathic bastards are in this equation. Australian governments ALL knew this story was a fraud in 1994 yet they plunged millions more tax payer dollars into perpetuating their POLITICL LIES. The John Windus photo that proves the Milperra murders were a police fraud has not been reprinted anywhere else to my knowledge, other than by me since 2003.

You should know that directors of Allen and Unwin (the book publishers) filed falsified documents in the Federal Court of Australia (Sydney) and attempted to silence me from further exposing their criminal frauds seen in their BROTHERS IN ARMS Simpson & Harvey book, (file NSD339 of 2014 FRANCIS v ALLEN and UNWIN & ORS). Although Rex John Walters and Lindsay Jane Simpson were part of the OTHERS as defendants with Allen and Unwin, they refused to show or file any documents in breach of Australian law. I flew at my own expense (as unemployed person) from Adelaide to Sydney for the hearings so they had no excuse of distance for not showing.

I've given you police 'motive' to include me (my teenage rape 1970s) and showed you 'opportunity' (we worked at Visyboard Warwick Farm 1980s) further criminal attacks (my surgical rape 1990s) and false imprisonment on charge of being 'the' Leanne Walters who faked her own death in 1984 (in 1994) further false arrests and further false imprisonments and further criminal defamations and further attempted murders (2000s onwards) and in EVERY case the criminal perpetrators have been Australian Government Public Officers. But not ANY have been held accountable for their illegal or criminal actions. NOT even ONE. You know what that means don't you? It means a HUGE percentage of events Australian police and politicians say are crimes are probably their own political BULLSHIT the evidence that further proves that claim is police reported 3 men fell side by side on Fathers Day 1984 during the alleged bikie shoot-out that appears to have been staged by police, when the photographic evidence PROVES police moved 2 of the bodies to make it appear as if 3 fell side by side, I showed Goulburn NSW police this pictorial evidence in 2003. NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney knows about this evidence so does Skippy along with all the members of NSW State parliament in 2003 as I faxed each and every one of them. In 2004 I was falsely arrested for complaining in writing about POLICE CORRUPTION. That's 100% proof of a political conspiracy. See photo card headed NSW POLICE FALSIFIED EVIDENCE. To many people that's 'usual police business'. Either you support me or you support serious crime in your government. Its really that simple.

Also read :-

8 Pages Fake News 1984 1989 2012 The Leanne Walters Murder Fraud 2018.pdf


I make further logical and rational observation based on forensic evidence to a medical doctor or Government Public Officer, instead of giving me a logical and rational response they extract segments of unrelated data to string into a sentence and bleat out the totally unsubstantiated claim that I'm the delusional one. One example is when I've asked, “Why would there be a cable like structure just under my skin across the top of both my bony kneecap that pinches my skin when I kneel on my knees as nature intended, that only appeared in 1998?” or "Considering I have naturally low blood pressure, why would the rapid pulsing in my waist be significantly stronger than the natural beat of my heart and that only started in 1997?" or "Why would pressing the large lump on top of my head cause the unnatural and rapid tapping vibrations in my left shoulder to cease, I can't walk around with my fingers pressed into the top of my head now can I, I'd look like an idiot and besides that it hurts my fingers and arm?"  or What's this hard lump just under the skin over the top of my right shin bone that rubs when I flex my foot up and down like when you drive a motorcar? That question caused me to lose my driving licence because they claim I'm delusional but refuse to treat the lumps on my right shin and my forehead. Another curiosity is WHY is it when I bend at the waist I hear a squelching sound in my throat accompanied by a sudden constriction in the location where I feel vibrations and the passage of food and liquid gets bottlenecked in my throat? Dr Paul Charles Varley an EAR NOST THROAT specialist reckons EVERYONE get a tapping sensation and spontaneous constriction sensation in their throat, just like me. Whatever. Unless we have a fat very hard long tendon that sits just under the skin of your throat DEAD CENTRE on top of our voice box, (larynx) then I have a vertical surgical cable in my neck that crushes my voice box every time I bend over, like a lot of these illegal implants cables it audibly 'twangs' when I flick it like a rubber band wrapped around an egg carton. This cable vibrates against my throat making me cough, making my throat inflamed from the constant vibrations, and making my throat dry from the localised heat caused by the FRICTION of the vibration. So its not that I've been surgically raped and it causes me no harm because its exactly the opposite the persons responsible have calculated the surgical rape to cause me harm.


Notably there was silent companion of these medical mysteries, which begun at the same time Janette's New South Wales Torrens Title real estate was stolen on 16 August 1991 by criminal means, after which the government refused to allow her to take any action to recover her residential real estate by police actually assisting the thieves to occupy the property illegally, intentionally excluding Janette from possession, preventing Janette and her 5 children from having a stable family location thereby separating the family preventing the maintenance of their prior solidarity and the emotional weakening of the children's moral by preventing Janette from putting down roots anywhere for longer that 2 years from 1996 to 2008 as the children were maturing. No continuity means no social alliances can be formed. That's what any government would label a war plan to DIVIDE and CONQUOUR.


At the same time in 1991 Janette's reputation was damaged by BOB BRADBURY a Sydney police detective who was resident near Janette's NSW Torrens Title at 39 William Street The Oaks and whose children caught the bus from out the front of the BRADBURY residence on Mary Street The Oaks with Janette's children to Chevalier College (high school) in Bowral when at the bus stop (circa 1991) the BRADBURY children told Janette's children that their dad (Detective Bob Bradbury) told them Janette was a prostitute and it must be true because their dad is a policeman and police never lie. That false rumour was why Janette's children went to Chevalier and Oxley College (Bowral) instead of the public school (Camden High NSW) as thy were being physically bashed and branded children of a prostitute circa 1989 when the Lindsay Simpson / Sandra Harvey book BROTHERS IN ARMS was first published with Janette's photo as a police identified bikie murder victim, then government TV mini series Bikie Wars in 2012). See TIMELINE. Janette was NEVER a prostitute and never unfaithful to her partner. Janette had caught a William Street The Oaks female neighbour, Allegra a legal secretary, being unfaithful to her husband with the gardener. Janette told the husband (Steve a travelling salesman) who then left his Hawaiian immigrant partner. After which vindictive psychopath Allegra kidnapped Janette's cat (Common law tort of conversion) to a local vet and had Janette's cat Oscar killed. Coffin chaser Lindsay Simpson and alleged dead cancer victim Sandra Harvey on the other hand both had a great life despite their baseless criminal lies about Janette in their FIRST book - BROTHERS IN ARMS.


Evidently, what the group responsible for the illegal implants do to strengthen a false belief about my mental health is get many talking about me in a derogative context, (false and defamatory.) One example is a new neighbour younger than my older sons, (whom I'd never spoken to) was on his green tin house roof with a stranger, as I silently walk up my side passage, (about 10 meters away) he proclaims to the stranger in a loud voice, “She's as nutty as a fruitcake.” The stranger gasped, probably shocked he'd said it so loud.


What this website proves beyond any doubt whatsoever is that when it comes to enforcing Australian law and protecting citizens from crime Australian State and Federal police have an “us and them” culture, the 'us' are protected but the 'them' are cast aside and outlawed like human garbage. Last century if you weren't 'protected' by Freemasons you were 'them' this century if you're not protected by a major political party you're 'them'.


I apologise for the multiple type formatting in this website it changes at random when I add text, the website is free so there's no complaints from me.


It appears that the many Australian high profile multi-national legal firms, lawyers / solicitors I've approached refuse to represent me in civil court because evidently they're afraid of being made a 'them' and criminally bullied by government public officers, just like I have or they're not willing to change the status quo. They include the legal firms who happily represent refugees against federal Liberal Australian government but refuse to represent me because my evidence will harm both Liberal and Labor political parties in Australia. I simply can't decide whose the most despicable.

I didn't know about Common law and torts, I tried to learn about it but every free legal advice centre I approached refused to tell me how it worked. I had tried to enrol in a law degree a couple of times but was unsuccessful. So I enrolled in a business degree and sidestepped into a law degree after I'd passed the required number of subjects. I started my law degree in 2017. Now I know about Common law. I know everything the government has done to me in South Australia and New South Wales has been in breach of multiple Common Law torts and is also multiple human rights crimes. I've asked the Crown Solicitors to respond to me about their duty of care they owed to me, the defamation and my human rights under Commonwealth criminal law, but they treat me with absolute contempt, I get the automatic email responder but that's the end of their attention span on the subject of their Common Law and criminal law liability. Even when I've caught them on video tape police refuse to lay charges against the 100% identifiable government public officer criminals acting without any legal excuse whatsoever. In their mind there's one law for political party supporters in the inner sanctum with a very low threshold of liability, and another totally different standard of law for the rest of us. As we all know, that's bullshit.

When I told my Workskil Australia representative another new immigrant who got her job before thousands of well qualified Australians looking for an office job (like me) that I'd accepted an offer to enrol in a law degree at university (early 2017) she laughed loudly at me then called me a liar to my face, when I made a formal complaint I was informed the rude import was fully supported by her office manager in Noarlunga Centre in the TAFE building, (phone: 08 8488 6800 fax: 08 8488 6899.)


Just like the Truman Show (movie) when psychopaths in Australian government realised I knew what they had done to me they literally attempted to kill me with withdrawal of all reasonable medical services, including access to penicillin using the services of psychopaths and private medical practices reasonably knowing they have many registered medical doctors who ARE psychopaths waiting to do the bidding of psychopaths in government.


I'm appealing to modern country persons of my clans in Scotland, Ireland, France, England and any other supporters of a peaceful life on this planet, in an earnest request to seek your help to solve my personal fight for integrity of my person against my historically politically recidivist Australian government persons who support Australian parliaments who have specifically legislated by custom of practice to prevent disenfranchised persons from any and all protections against illegal human medical research and other politically motivated violences by informally outlawing such a person to render them voiceless by refusing them their legal right to sue any government for even the most serious civil wrong.


Here's how its gone down for me circa 2010 as a self-representing litigant in civil District court Adelaide for the 2007 unlawful imprisonment, assault and battery etc, an alleged South Australia Crown solicitor gets up an tells Judge X why he can't order the police to act lawfully using Britain's Yorkshire Ripper civil case against police for negligent investigation of crime as precedent, X agrees throws my civil case out after I refuse to file a document as my own work that was legally wrong and authored by an anonymous political friend of judge X.


2014 civil District court Adelaide registrar refused to accept my civil defamation suit against South Australia government because I couldn't write down any express words they used when they defamed my by illegally imprisoning me under and in breach of state mental health Act, despite Australian precedent decided you don't need words to establish defamation. Please support me, Janette Gail Francis.


Please write to my government's Prime Minister to beg him to intervene on my behalf forcing Australian government to respect and protect my intrinsic legal rights as a human person. Contact Malcolm Turnbull Prime Minister of Australia.


Please lobby the members of the House of Representatives to change Australian law to stop this common breach of human rights in Australian law. Contact all members of the House of Representatives.


Please seek support for a long term change of Australian culture contact Australia's Queen Elizabeth or Prince Charles Prince of Wales but don't bother contacting Australian politicians, they don't give a shit.





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