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Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

unplug from the Matrix

All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

If you find yourself at the sharp end of my wrath, you've only got yourself to blame. From the moment I could move independently all I've ever done in attack in defense, despite the odds. This entire website is my legal defense under Defamation law as I say it's the absolute truth and here's the evidence to back my claim. What's that you say Justin Timberlake?


Top of my head perpetually pulses, (vibrates) exactly as you'd imagine in the video of the wireless 'Near Field Inductive Coupling Link' (above) the region is always hotter than should be, you can feel foreign items under the skin, when my scalp hair moves I feel pain around the follicles, (roots).


I can actually see bright white 'static' on my right eye when I close that eye, several years ago I could only see what looked like a distinct bank of about 20 bright white lights in a box grid when I closed my right eye. I feel what seems like intermittent internal pressure from the outer lower portion of my right eyeball. Since 2006 I've been intermittently blind in both eyes and my right eye feels abnormally moist. I can date the attack on my eyes as I woke with dark blood red eyeballs for no apparent reason circa 1997 after being drugged illegally after a Wollondilly Shire council meeting when still inside the council chamber, in the days before I woke after similar circumstances again in my own home to find abnormal very rapid vibrations in my lower abdomen, my nose bleeding and an open bleeding wound on the top of my head, same location as foreign items seen in radiology, left. I've had regular internal eye examinations but they don't say if they've seen anything abnormal. Perhaps same as radiologists seeing images of my assaulted head. All Australian medical doctors I've consulted since 1990s routinely refuse to investigate cause of any of my symptoms. Any. They refuse to see my symptoms and the hard clinical evidence to support the 'naturally logic' concept of illegal implants, from my symptoms. In the manner of a real conspiracy, all telling the exact same irrational fantasy story expecting to get away with a crime of gigantic proportions with potential to change the course of humanity for all the wrong reasons in all the wrong ways. BION is the 1980s registered trademark of a Bionic Neuron engineered by Gerard Leob now manufactured by Advanced Bionics Corp in America. But if you Google BION you get a huge array of bullshit to conceal its vast history and direct link to criminally illegal Australian human research.

BION photo source'The Body Electric An Anatomy of the New Bionic Senses' James Geary, 2002, ISBN-0753813807.

The current medical modus operandi is exactly same as the already well proved prima facie government conspiracy to defame JANETTE in New South Wales, (NSW) that provoked her relocation to South Australia, (SA) in 2004. In the 1980s Australian Freemasons in government public office were unable to justify claims that JANETTE was of poor character after she reported their fellow Freemasons for numerous child sex crimes and murder causing some of them to suicide in shame. So the other Freemasons fabricated a long document in which they included a then current photo of JANETTE falsely defaming her with a multiplicity of undesirable amoral characteristics and stamped that with the authority and approval of the NSW police department and their political parties. Then backed that up with the creation of false documents in official commonwealth records within the agency of the then new Centrelink, false records that all police could access freely and falsely claimed JANETTE was guilty of incest with her own children, thereby turning JANETTE's allegations against the Freemasons back onto JANETTE. After that was complete they turned their hand to her surgical rape to complete the criminal trifecta.


According to the Australian Human Rights (political bullshit) Commission, Australia has obligations to protect the human rights of all asylum seekers who arrive in Australia - evidently they have no obligation to protect the human rights of natural Australian citizens by birth, like me, already living in Australia, since birth. Criminally inclined imports are more desirous to wealth and power hungry Australian political party members.

Source: or Cowra councillor

Bruce Miller photo link here.



A public officer is not protected under any laws from liability in matters linked to their private life and or before they became a public officer. Even if the matter is unlawful, a government authority is still vicariously liable for actions or inaction of their public officers during the course of their public office in breach of Australian law.

Bare Facts involving CURRENT Adelaide Australia politicians and their equally criminal supporters:

1) In 2006 the Adelaide, state of South Australia government had irrefutable evidence in radiology I'd been surgically raped in 1990s Sydney, state of New South Wales, but current government (both state and federal, both Labor and Liberals) refused to admit it, (see radiology images above, arrows added)

2) I've since discovered the massive array of illegal implants include but are not limited to what appear to be (experimental) symbiotic sight and hearing bionics that benefit the parasite not the host and include an aerial of sorts in my arms and legs with a transmitter or receiver or both on the top of my skull as seen in radiology films.

3) In 2007 after I refused to accept their false diagnosis I attempted to sue the government for conspiracy in my surgical rape but the courts refused to recognise my right to sue. Which means I wasn't recognise as a human with rights.

4) In 2007 Other government public officers responded by sending their police to criminally assault me and their medical staff to illegally detain me under the mental health Act.

5) The Australian government declared 'war' for 'right of ownership' over 'my own person' has been raging ever since, with similar scuffles from time to time. Any one of you could be next



My 'personality' forces me to throughly research my published material. At no stage have I ever said the implant cables were "metal" that was, MED0001391649 Dr RMD Webb's addition to my complaint to the state Medical Board. She was subsequently employed at the then brand new national medical practitioner registrar AHPRA all of whom refused to investigate these, (criminally) ignored abnormalities in radiology as a medical offence. Naturally our police sheep followed suit. I'd like to know why only 8 years after her graduation from Sydney University she became a director at  Royal Adelaide Hospital, aged 32. Considering they were the only directors of FARWEB which appears to be a combination of their last names, I presume fellow doctor MED0001356575 Chris Farmer is her life partner. Until I took a personality test recently I thought everyone thought basically the same as me, which explains to me why I was often confused when interacting with others. At times I felt like I was the only sane person in the room. If you read any of the many descriptions of my personality type, INTJ you may be able to understand the debt of interference from proven medical criminals like Richenda Mary Deborah Webb have had in my life ensuring I've not been allowed to reach even a small part of my potential by preventing my employment for the past 30 something years.

Everyone of you named

or inferred in this website who have joined in the public defamatory mocking of me, or used your government employment to interfere with my life in a disparaging way, or have prevented or denied me my legal right to medical repatriation or redress in civil or criminal court, are in fact hard-core paedophile supporters, you're only fooling yourself if you think otherwise stubbornly

denying these facts I've proved,

that's the only psychotic delusion here.

Yes my above statement may be deemed defamatory in a court, but unlike you the above, I can prove my defamatory publication about you is true.

What I can't prove directly in documents but could be used in court evidence, in any event, is the fact that when inside my residence and I hear a huge crack in the wall directly next to me in the same instant I feel immense pain in the part of my body closest to the wall in an area where any sane person is able to feel the item of an illegal implant just under my skin, and an equally sudden sensation that I might need to vomit an sudden rise in my body temperature. So any of you who naively believe this is painless, carry that in your thoughts the rest of your miserable life linked to two words, 'Soylent Green' knowing you did absolutely nothing to stop this sadistic torture. I hope one day its you or your loved one who feel this pain as that's precisely what you deserve from your callous apathy.

Have a nice day.


“Australia is a land of unfettered

government public officer crime”


Left: Janette's forehead - criminally surgically 

raped with government authorisation - as seen in 2017 with

items that move independently under her skin, 2018 public officers illegally suspended Janette's drivers licence on the grounds Janette's delusional in her belief these items exist in her head, evidence that Australian legislation has no place in executive government administration. Where's the outraged citizens? This is Australia, they're standing behind the criminal rapists. Where else would they be?.


Mark of a Maleficent Toad


Maleficent being: an evil bastard.


Toad being: derived from 'caneus toadius' canus 'n'- (pungent sweet scented) todeus (slovenly eats rotting flesh) when used with Maleficent; unwanted naturally abhorrent or recalcitrant immigrant families with no respect for anyone including another toad they might like to copulate with, wherever. Maleficent Toads lack sharp teeth to rip the flesh from their victim they prefer to consume their rotting-flesh 'warm and bloodied'. Do you consume your rotting flesh warm and bloodied? Do you?


There have been no new houses built near me in the decade I've been resident. I did notice a series of purple pipes being laid all over my local area, including the old railway ground behind my residence with a line in a public area south of my street. Purple pipes are recycled water. I was never asked if I wanted recycled water hooked up to my government rental residence. I would have liked it for my garden if it was cheaper. But I was never asked, so I can't help but wonder why the government laid these recycled water pipes in my old housing area?


Since the recycled water pipes were laid, and soon after, I experienced an acutely huge amount of brown dirt in my drinking tap water inside my house. I went to all my neighbours homes to ask if they experienced the same but none did. The dirt flushed through at my expense. However since then my tap water has a vile very strong smell and taste its impossible to drink it without your face screwing up in automatic disgust when you smell it and it hits your taste buds. When you wash with it your skin feels almost sticky.


It appears to have a tide system, its worse when I first use the water each day, despite what time of day that is, and worse again in the evening. If I leave the water sit in a bottle for a couple of days the smell dissipates but not the taste. I have to boil my Australian capitol city tap water for several minutes before I use it which removes the taste and smell, at my expence. if I don't boil my Adelaide Australia tap water I suffer gastric episodes. When I complained to our government owned water supplier they sent one of their maleficent toads to smell my tap water, he indicated my tap water smelt fine to him. Boom boom.


Piping, 'not fit for drinking' recycled water to my house, as drinking water goes hand-in-hand with the same group of inbred government public officers illegally disconnecting my gas supply to my house, without legal excuse, for the first year I was resident in the same public housing rental so I had no hot water or gas for cooking, and refusing me reasonable access to medical services including access to penicillin for infection. You see they, (the inbred fellow Australians in government) have never stopped trying to murder me to make it look like an accident. I say they use the fake mental health claim in their frustration at being gross failures in every aspect of their life. Could I justly say Australia's Maleficent Toads are inbred psychopaths? The jury is still out on that one. Here in this website is my evidence to prove my allegations they act like insane inbred Maleficent Toads.


I'm not saying you're all maleficent toads as a fact. That would just be a-maz-ing, I am saying that's my reasonable opinion of you based on your unprovoked action towards me or your unreasonable or unlawful reaction to my evidence a lot of it, but not all, provided in this website for the reader to be the judge.


Sounds like a good name for my book:


"Brothers In Arms: Maleficent Toads."


I'm Janette Gail Francis on my New South Wales, Australia birth certificate that South Australia department of transport, road traffic authority officials in Adelaide claimed in 2009, my birth certificate was "someone else's birth certificate" unlawfully refusing to allow me to use my Australian birth name on my South Australian drivers licence. The same licence the same department illegally suspended in early 2018. I passed my driving test in 1973 Campbelltown New South Wales, using my birth certificate as my identity document. It appears to me they still unreasonably insist I am not Janette Gail Francis.


I was born into 1956 Cooma New South Wales. The youngest child of a local Freemason and best friend of the local Freemason Cooma cop, Jack Bassett who lived west across the road on the main highway. My family lived in the Commonwealth government's Post Master General's, official post office in Bunyan New South Wales. It was very old then. Mum said when they moved in circa 1952, the walls were only lined with hessian bags and there was no electricity, they used hurricane lanps and the wood stove. The weatherboard house is still standing. Locals called it Bunyan siding as the mail train dropped the mail (literally) on the side of the track on its way from Canberra to Cooma. Mum sorted the mail for local pick up from the post office. Mum had a 'Royal Mail' seal that was used to wax seal all parcels and some letters. I used to watch her wrap parcels in brown paper then tie it with jute string before (wax) sealing them. Mum also operated an old lever telephone exchange in the same building.


Mrs Murphy lived east over the railway line. She had a cow and let us collect the milk, but they also had an angry bull roaming in the yard. One time my sister and I spilt the milk running from the bull. Hutchessons lived south in the green house they had a silo. Its from loving Mrs Hutchessons large dahlia bed that I still have a soft spot for large dahlias. The Darmody's lived north, they had large dogs who tried to savage my koala bear cuddly that was made from rabbit fur. The dogs dropped my koala in Darmody's large circular above ground concrete fish pond that had lots of floating flower plants. They were my only neighbours for the first six years of my life. I love the vista at Bunyan, open land with undulating hills covered in feathery grasses.


We had several pet sheep in Bunyan. Mum named them after her mum's uncles and aunts. Incest was rife in Australia, in white Australia-British families in the 20th Century despite that, (like the churches) Australian government officials refuse to admit that. In these times Australian men literally owned the women and children in their family, that was written into law.


The police rarely if ever charged a man for harming his wife or children. My mum's mum and her sisters were prostituted by her Freemason dad, Oliver George Hussey, (1875-1958) and his sisters when they lived in Charters Towers, Queensland. Charters Towers still bears one of my great grandparent's last name on a street sign.


One of my great grandfather's, Oliver George Hussey a government protected Freemason rapist was born 1 August 1875 at Ecchinswell, Hampshire, England. OGH was christened 26 September 1875 Ecchinswell, Hampshire, England. OGH died 2 March 1958 at Machins Beach, Cairns, Queensland, Australia. OGH was burried 4 March 1958 at Manunda, Cairns, Queensland, Australia. His oldest daughter birthed a child to this one of thousands of Australian government protected English Freemason rapists, approximately nine months after the old mongrel murdered his young wife, Jane (Gauvin) Hussey aged 30.


We left Bunyan for Campbelltown New South Wales in June 1962.


I took on the informal name Jeni from age 16, I used the "i" so I could put a circle instead of a dot, which was the trend in the early 1970s, but everyone else stubbornly spelt Jeni as Jenny. I was not allowed to use Jane as that was my mother's murdered maternal grandmother's name, (Jane Gauvin 1890-1920) and my dad's murdered sister's name - there was too much history in my family to allow me to be the person I wanted to be.


I married on 3 January 1975 to Bob (1953-2008) and became Jenny Peters. Bob's South Australia birth certificate calls him William Robert Peters, same as his dad's name. His mum was Dawn Louise Williams. Bob was born in Whyalla, and grew up in Geelong Victoria where we met and married. Both my husband's parents were alcoholics. I supported him in everything he did that was legal. My husband, went to a government psychologist in 1980s Liverpool NSW who convinced him that he was an alcoholic because I nagged him, which was false on both counts. That wasn't a psychologist taking money for a medical consultation, that was a Freemason stealing payment for criminally brainwashing my husband. We permanently separated soon after as Bob suddenly became violent when he had never been violent before. I say due 100% to that psychologist in Liverpool NSW down near the railway think was Moore Street near Bigge Street in an old white house with a broken concrete driveway.


After the birth of my 4th child, my first to my then defacto Owen Hall (1964-2010) I assumed the last name Hall by statutory declaration. So when I was elected in 1995 as a local government councillor in Wollondilly Shire, I was known as Councillor Jenny Hall. However I was on the electoral roll as Janette Gail Hall.


Circa 1989 Australian officials stole a photo from my house in The Oaks. The photo was my face as seen inside a photo booth circa 1984, when I was aged 28. They published that photo as the face of a murder victim killed during the first Australian bikie shootings on Fathers Day 1984.



So. Let me highlight one snippet of fact that most people choose to overlook, or are incapable of grasping, like the defamatory false and vocal participants of the Onkaparinga Council Watch Facebook page, Yvonne Wenham, Brenton Knott and others during the recent council elections.


The Lange political communication defence is based on the fact that the public have an implied right of political communication, and published content must be about a matter to concern specific government or political issues, not personal issues, the content of the publication must be well researched and context of the publication must be reasonable in all the circumstances.


That's NOT what Yvonne Wenham and Brenton and other published on their Onkaparinga Council Watch Facebook page which was unlawful defamation full of twisted malicious gossip with the intent to further defame me to prevent me from securing popular election, allegedly in breach of state Electoral Act (s113—Misleading advertising)  under the same terms one of them lodged a complaint about me, because I said I was illegally dismissed from Wollondilly Shire Council in 1999 when they were probably still in school sucking their thumb. Evidently they got their legal advise from the back of a public toilet door.


Let me say that as the daughter of a Freemason, if the Campbelltown Camden (NSW) Freemason police who knew my Freemason dad personally or notoriously in the 1980s and 1990s were honest law abiding government public officers, then they would have investigated the many claims about me made by others claiming I had faked my own death.


More importantly; as I grew up being a child in the 'fold' of Australian Masonic taradition, with police and judges, (etcetera) being my dad's best buddies in the Masons.


Why then have I not been protected under the umbrella of the the family if Masonic police and other government officials?


Why is it despite my academic ability demonstrated from childhood, that I was refused the right to a career and have not been able to gain employment since after my Freemason organised 30 June 1987 motor vehicle car 'accident' that saw my TE Gemini being rear ended twice by a large soil truck, and police charging me for negligent driving because I actually survived that murder attempt?


That's right. I have not been gainfully employed since 30 June 1987 when I was 31 years old.


I was not allowed to file a motor vehicle accident claim. The driver of a small white sedan who literally caused the need to stop suddenly, was Mr Ken McRae senior, a Freemason and best buddy of my dear-old-dad when McRae lived in O'Sullivan or Angle Road Leumeah NSW circa 1960s, (one of his sons has the same name) McRae had two daughters younger than me. McRae was at the Allman Street Campbelltown Masonic Lodge meeting with my dear-old-dad and about twenty other fake pillars of society, (circa 1967) when two boys my age were ritualistically raped and one murdered. I was the only independent witness. No person was ever charged for that crime.


Sydney based defective police detective Sergeant Paul Shiels in 1994 who with 2 unirformed police attempt to arrest me at gunpoint for being murdered Leanne Walters and faking my own death - and they would have investigated the many other claims from locals who told police they believed I was really alleged murder victim Leanne Walters and I had faked my own death in 1984. Instead the New South Wales police department, (including multiple Police Commissioners and elected parliamentarians and Ministers) committed gross Nonfeasance (failure to act where action is required — willfully or in neglect.) Instead the cock-sucker NSW police did nothing but physically and derogatorily continue to criminally assault me, causing this specific virus in the police departments to spread to South Australia terminal maggots like Yvonne Kirsten Wenham and her fellow conspirator Brenton Allen Knott joining a cast of probably thousands over the decades since 1984. I got a tougher sentence than the men accused of the shooting deaths and I wasn't even there. Freemason police have defamed me so extensively and the government have supported my surgical rape initially to protect the (false) good reputation of Freemasons. What their motive is in 2018 is anyone's guess. I've never claimed to know the mind of a psychopath, I can only distinguish them by their persistent behaviour OUTSIDE Australian law, when they're employed specifically to enforce Australian law. I've never given much thought to the participating motorcycle clubs, ever, I wouldn't care less even if they pull their crutch over their head to use it as a hat, its their business to live how they choose, exactly the same as gay rights, (not that they're all gay, not that there's anything wrong with being gay.) All I care about it that government public officers follow the rules enabling my access to my legal rights.


We've seen evidence of dishonest human nature through history enough to say that in every instance when one group are allowed to legally dominate another, more often than not they act dishonestly. We've seen it in modern times when men in Australia were allowed under law to 'own' their wife and children, (when I was a child and young adult) child sex crimes and wife beating in every community, was considered NORMAL. Which is why some people, (usually always men) in authority support the introduction of Sharia law in Australia under Family Law Act, probably secretly in the hope domination of women will return in Australian law. We've seen when police are allowed to use their 'own' discretion in deciding which crime to prosecute, they never prosecute their mates unless the mate had fallen out of favour, when government public officers decide the correctness of the behaviour of other government public officers they rarely if ever find the government at fault. Time and time again humans have proved that their promise means nothing, they simply can NEVER be trusted when they're put in charge of that proverbial lolly shop called power.


I think like a high court judge with human rights and the Australian Constitution forethought in their mind. Australian Constitution insistence in section 102 that the State Governments should discriminate against anyone in trade or commerce. Trade and commerce includes the matters performed by government public officers in their day to day activities in employment which includes matters directly linked to any individual. Although the word 'may' was used its clear the intent was not to discriminate, not, to discriminate. Wordsmithing with ambiguity is a modern tactic to evade government responsibility. Section 102 imposes a paramount duty on parliaments to ensure statute laws and their implementation are performed without bias or preference to any person or group for any reason. Which includes a ban on the implementation of Sharia law or PP law.


We have laws that should have stopped this shit compounding to this abhorrent level, but instead of government public officer police going after the criminals they KNEW were responsible, they stood back and let the criminals have free reign to harm me along with all the government and falsely alleged independent corruption watchdogs. That's Nonfeasance and Nonfeasance is also unlawful in Australia.


With their crimes, lies and depravity Australian government public officers, (past and present) stole from me and my children our entire family making sure we are all alone and without each other, engineered to protect all hard-core paedophiles in the ranks of Freemason government - that's something no reasonable person would ever forgive or forget, or be 'moving forward' from.


If you ever want to fight an evil force its no point prodding at its tail. Defeat is secured when you confront the bastards face to face. Problem is they're usually spineless cowards who'll do everything in their power not to face you ... and so it is with Australian government public officers.  Instead of providing me with a qualified lawyer and barrister when I challenge them in court, to make an equil playing field, (so to speak) they send their mental health team to have me falsely declared crazy, (where their claim I'm mentally unstable is based on the fact I've challenged the legality of their actions) relieving themselves of the necessity of defending my claims in a court of Australian law. That's the true mark of a spineless coward COAG. I note COAG is another piece of bullshit, (unconstitutional) convention not mentioned in our Australian Constitution.

Boom boom.




Formatting looks different depending on the web browser you use. You may find it easier to have this website text read to you by a computerised Lector via the link provided under the reading glasses at top of this page. I'm not too fussed about the spelling and gramar as, mostly, only Maleficient Toads will read this website anyway.


My siblings and I (religiously) watched the Lone Ranger as children. Lone Ranger was was cast as an America TV hero with his friend Tonto cast as an American Indian. Roy Rogers was an American singer and actor who was popularised in western gear which was common TV in the 1960s (like hospitals are now) Roy Rogers sang with Dale Evans a woman. From her off behaviour, my closest age sister was also subjected to, (see East Campbelltown 1960s photo card) similar brainwashing sessions involving our 8th great great grandfather Rob Roy, (real life hero in Scotland.) Evidence suggests my sister suffered the same confusion with Rob Roy and Roy Rogers when we heard the name Rob Roy for the first time as adults. I know when they, (Freemason brain-washers) spoke of Rob Roy, I immediately made the mental association with Roy Rogers. When they said that was wrong and added Rob Roy was a hero, to try to make me understand, I mixed the Lone Ranger with Roy Rogers, forming a new memory association between Roy Rogers and Tonto. I can probably date the criminal brain-washing sessions, as my sister birthed a male child in 1980s she mysteriously named Dale. They started it again in the 1990s as I recall tapping the William Tell Overture with my fingers incessantly when in a couple of council meetings, that's the opening of the Lone Ranger. Popular songs and other music was the memory link I developed to be able to precicely recall when I was being brainwashed. My subconscious was telling me not to forget the criminally illegal brainwashing sessions I was perpetually attached with when I was an elected councillor and performing responsibilities in that capacity inside Wollondilly Shire Council 1995-1999. I could remember being angry when remembering the overture which made me tap it at a reasonable tone to see who else in the council meeting would remember. Only the Labor party councillors grinned at each other. Boom boom.



Wonder who can research the circumstances of tragic deaths of Freemason children in Australia, maybe politicians judges police doctors lawyers and a host of others. Deaths in motor vehicle or alleged drug overdose circumstances, perhaps as a result of that adult or young child being a secreted victim of child sex assault. Let us also look at the statistics linked to the outcomes of Freemasons accused of any crime in Australia since the Federation of Australasian states. Now lets reflect on the Fathers Day 1984 Sydney Australia shooting of motorcycle club members, with similar inquisitorialness.


I can almost hear the frantic cries of ancient mothers clanging pots and pans and sticks chanting through the mist of time each in their own local language; free ma sons, free ma sons, free ma sons ... before their Masonic King had them seized and burnt alive as evil witches. Lights fade. Chanting sound slowly increases from a whisper as lights rise slowly. Pan across the tear stained faces of young peasant women clutching babies across their chest all chanting and clanging in unison ...

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