Quest to rid the world of human parasites


Writ of Mandamus for political parasites:

Protecting Human Rights in Australia through Australia Constitution Act section 75 Original jurisdiction of High Court, in Canberra ACT to force Minister for Home Affairs (Peter Dutton) to direct Australian Federal Police (AFP) to provide protections for Janette expressed within Schedule-The Criminal Code in Criminal Code Act 1995 and Australian Federal Police Act 1979 


Instead of responding to this serious human rights issue within the Australian Home Affairs portfolio, (as above) Peter Dutton MP chose to embark of a FAILED political party leadership coup.

Pumpkin seeds kill intestinal parasites in cats, dogs, and people. Grind raw seed into powder to hide in the food of fussy eaters.

Normal people don't put bad things in

other people's food and drink.

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from outside Australia

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News Flash: It's the same in every country across the globe, there's only 3 types of people: those who happily expose the criminal activities in, (our Labor and Liberal) government; those who are too stupid to see it; those so evil they support it. At the risk of insulting the majority - there is no 4th option; 'don't care' is either stupid or evil. Who are you? 

Happy Stupid or Evil.

Evil Sth AUSTRALIA Health opposition person Chris Pictom MP & Bruce Thomas Lander QC both think you're stupid.