In Memory of Vanessa Jane 

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    In Memory of Vanessa Jane

    Today is an emotive day for me, as it's the birthday of one of my children I can't see in person due to the outrageously lawless state of Australia's civil justice system that breaches my Constitutional right to access due process of law, by not allowing me to have a legal resolve in these many issues in this website on political grounds.  Which causes me to be stuck in public housing living next to a man who sounds like he's masturbating 6 feet away on the other side of the fence, almost every time I'm in my driveway or carport.

    I woke this morning to hear on the radio a discussion of the bail of an arrested man in Adelaide who had beaten his pregnant wife hospitalising her. This reminded me of my niece who was killed by her father when he kicked my oldest sister in the belly as she was pregnant with her third child who was due in January 1974, 2 days after I give birth to my first child. 

    Vanessa Jane was still born on 19 November 1973. Because a father 'owned' his children in 1973 and I was still a minor (17) so I was legally under the full control of my father under Australian law at that time. At least that's what my parents told me. A search of the internet tells me the age of ''majority'' in most of Australia was reduced from 21 to 18 in 1970, my parents and the police lied quite a lot but we didn't have the internet to catch them out. Five months later I would have legally been an adult. But in 1974 my parents told me I was still a minor, the only way I found out I was an adult was due to a news story on television.

    I was not 'allowed' to see Vanessa when every other member of my family did. I have never recovered from that unjust denial of my right to mourn the passing of my niece. 

    The outrageous state of criminal law in 1973 meant that my brother-in-law, Ken Fairweather, was never charged for his murder of Vanessa. He was never even arrested for assault on my sister because a husband was 'allowed' to 'discipline' his wife. 

    When I arrived in Geelong Victoria from Campbelltown New South Wales to see my sister, Ken Fairweather threatened to kill my baby in my belly because I was not married, in front of many witnesses (including my male parent) because he was a man who knew he got away with murder.

    When it comes to physical relationships there's always been one standard for men and another for women, he got my sister pregnant before they were married in St Peters church in 1968. You've heard it even today in 2018, if a woman has sex at all she's deemed a nymphomaniac, or a slut, or bikie/ganster moll, or a mole, or whore, or a gang-banger, or a skank, or a big ho, there's no equivalent word for a man instead if a man has lots of sex he's a stud or a hero, or sewing his wild oats as they used to say.

    If a woman refuses a man sex she's branded a prick-teaser, frigid, an ice queen, or a lesbian. For a man, he's just called celibate, I've never heard a woman referred to as being celibate, unless she's a nun.

    Why are there so many negative slang names branding women amoral but virtually non for men, despite that women are 50% or more of the population? Because it's men who allocate the hateful name calling of women, women don't reciprocate because bin the main we're less violent, and men who control the perpetual suppression of the majority of women despite local laws.

    I know not all men are hateful, and many women stand with men to spew hate on women, but there's enough hatred of women to enforce the perpetuation of that hatred seen in crime statistics, and heard in prime time TV news stories and the internet, where every now and then single women are trashed as being bludgers on social security and the sole cause of the decay of society. You don't need to be a genius to know POVERTY of many and GREED of many others, is THE cause of social decay. If they're not working, they're looking after their children, aren't they? On the other side if a man is a single father, he's usually referred to as a 'single parent' not a single father, and a role model. If the man stays home when the wife is working he's a stay-at-home dad. While a woman is a prostitute or a housewife, as if she married the damn house.

    A woman who takes money for sex is called a woman-of-the-night, or a call girl, or prostitute, or working girl as if there's something wrong with a woman working. So what's the word for a male who takes money for sex?

    Any woman who stands up to support her fellow women is branded an ugly feminist, as if there's something wrong with being feminist. Its the same as saying there's something wrong with you if you're a woman, that's been repeated often.

    I guess we'll never hear the news story about Australians being forced to repay the hundreds of thousands of dollars they were paid as parliamentarians, when they were illegally elected due to their dual citizenship entitlement in breach of the constitution. But every day a person who receives slight overpayment of their social welfare, even if it was the government's fault, they are forced to repay the amount from their below poverty line income.

    Double standards because an overwhelming majority of parliamentarians are men. It appears that even the women in the party that controls government (Labor or Liberal) refuse to force the men to make the numbers equal in fear they won’t be endorsed in their seat in the next election, or else their selfish traitors to their own gender like the women who opposed the Suffragettes and votes for women, they did that for financial reasons.

    An emotive day for me doesn't mean I buckle under, it means I kick back even harder.

    Back on track: Because I was a child in the eyes of Australian law I was not allowed to press charges against Ken Fairweather for his threat to kill my baby and harm me. My male parent refused to press charges, despite that I asked him to several times. Still makes me angry.

    The outrageousness doesn't stop there. As I recall my sister had to register the birth/death of her baby, which is why I know she was named Vanessa Jane Fairweather. However when I search the Victoria Births Deaths and Marriages list my niece isn't there.

    The macabre and probably illegal situation saw my Freemason father being allowed to cart Vanessa in her tiny white coffin in the boot of our Holden HQ sedan from Geelong for burial in the St Peters Church cemetery in Campbelltown NSW in a formal burial service performed by Reverend Chandler on a rainy day in November 1973.

    Years later I went back to the church cemetery to locate Vanessa's grave, knowing her parents had never put a headstone on her grave, I wanted to do that for her. I was informed by the staff that Rev. Chandler (deceased) was an alcoholic who failed in his duty to properly record the location of Vanessa's grave. So no one knows where she is in the cemetery. I have a rough idea from my memory but due to the many attempts to brainwash me in the interim that memory was not suitably accurate to erect a headstone.

    So Vanessa Jane Fairweather is totally forgotten by this mongrel group of people historically in government in Australia. Like she never existed. I know how that feels. I don't even have the memory of her face.


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