Parliament Protection for Criminal Surgical Rapists 

    Here I prove 21st Century Australia lives in a similar environment to 1940s Nazi Germany. 

    In response for me complaining about the unlawful treatment I got at the Noarlunga GP Plus Super Clinic in June 2012, the responsible Government Public Officer and Medical practitioner Barry Dowell, (illegally) banned me from any further medical consultations with the Government Medical Practice, in breach of Australian law.

    In response for me complaining about my fingers spontaneously splitting and bleeding to a University of Adelaide general medical practitioner Simon Spedding, he called me a liar and (illegally) expelled me from that consultation. My fingers split from normal impact activities, like typing. My skin has hardened considerably and become almost brittle, I suspect it's due to my over exposure to radiation from the illegal implants that has also caused me to lose all my body hair. I audio taped the medical consultation with the University doctor Simon Spedding, its on one of my Youtube accounts. Simon Spedding failed to record my consultation with Medicare, allegedly to conceal his illegal actions.

    So read on.

    In Australia, a medical patient has the legal right to have a say in their medical treatment. If a patient wants a medical diagnosis for abnormal symptoms they have the right to a reasonable attempt to provide that diagnosis. If they don't want a particular treatment they don't have to have it, it's NOT the doctors call. No one OWNS a person's body except the person themselves.

    When a joint initiative of the Federal and State government opened in my area I was one of their customers. GP Plus Super Clinics were advertised as the one stop shop in medical treatment to alleviate the pressure on over-burdened public hospitals. The same public hospitals that refused to diagnose my dislocated shoulder and dislocated hand after I was criminally assaulted by a State police team of psychos, without provocation, on 2 May 2007.

    I didn't know the State Government had contracted medical practices to fill the role of staff in the government's GP Plus Super Clinics. But what I do know is that if someone is contracted to fill a role for an Australian government, then they are Government Public Officers, in the same way as a police officer or that annoying person behind the phone call to your favourite government department. I did some research on who ''owns'' the operation of, or executive control over, the GP Plus Super Clinics in South Australia. I discovered that it was the State of South Australia using an intentional impersonation of identity. The State registered this name as a business trading name, ''Minister For Health And Ageing'' then they registered the name ''GP Plus'' like this, ''Minister For Health And Ageing Trading As GP Plus.'' So anyone who sees the latter thinks that the elected Minister is responsible for GP Plus, not the entire government.


    On 7 June 2012 I attended my very first and last appointment at the (Adelaide SA) Noarlinga GP Plus Super Clinic to consult with medical doctor Mr Jee Ken Mah. His patient notes tells what he thought of me presenting to complain about the unnatural and disturbing physical vibrations in my tail-bone in the area I found unauthorised medical stitches when I was pregnant in 1991. I note I usually say ''appear to'' rather than the positive ''do''. 

    I also note I never agreed to do anything on the instruction of Celia Tildesley. I so note when medical doctor Helen Tingay or her staff rang me I cancelled the secret appointment Celia Tildesley had made for me to which Helen Tingay or her staff replied, ''You can't cancel the appointment.'' I most certainly can and did as I recall was close to my exact reply.

    I only got a copy of this (below) false content criminally defamatory secret medical referral in 2012 when I requested copy of my medical record at the Government GP Plus Super Clinic.

    I'm not saying Christies Beach Medical Centre medical practitioner Celia E Tildesley 284488GK is a fake identity, I'm just saying Celia E Tildesley looks enough like like Ann from the Australian TV show ''House Calls'' to be her sister. As you know, medical doctors make house calls.

    I managed to get a referral from Jee Ken Mah for a minor nerve conduction test. The test proved what I already knew. I have nerve damage in my arms. I knew it as when I do anything physical with my hands or arms, my entire arm /s go numb, sometimes only one, sometimes both. The numbness causes so much pain in my hands if I can't stop it it's massive. I attribute the numbness to the cable part of the illegal implants causing swelling against my nerves when I work my muscles in my shoulders / arms / hands as the case may be. The swelling causes the pinched nerves which causes the numbness. I know this for the very logical reason that when my arms are totally numb all I have to do is raise them above my head while lying down for the numbness to STOP. The position I would have been when they were illegally implanted, when I was surgically raped.

    After my Jee Ken Mah consultation discovering the Christies Beach Medical Centre was contracted by the State government to fill to role of all general medical practitioners at the Noarlunga GP Plus Super Clinic, I asked for a full copy of my medical records accessed by the government's GP Plus Super Clinic. The following is part of that medical record. They are all criminally defamatory but I won't explain them at this stage. I do draw your attention to the destruction of my medical reports after I consulted with Celia E Tildesley, medical records that proved the location of illegal implants.

    I believe the problematic ''four letter word'' Communist China nationalist and medical doctor Mr Sonnie Wah Onn Fong was referring to, (below) was ''Tort'' as in Tort Law.




    But wait there's more:

    Medical doctor Mr Sonnie Wah Onn Fong was a business ''Partner'' in the ownership of Christies Beach Medical Centre (CBMC). So his instruction to me to leave and not return was an instruction on behalf of the entire Partnership, in breach of Australian law.

    As you know the government take an age to move on any decision. In my 2006 private medical Medicare consultation with registered Australian medical doctor and CBMC partner, Mr Sonnie Wah Onn Fong, he said with words to this effect that indicated to my in the future that CBMC were in negotiations with South Australia State Government for 2012 occupation of the GP Plus at Noarlunga back in 2006;
    ''You expect me to go against the government ... we're in discussions with them … I won't do that.''

    As you can see from their Australian Business Number (ABN) registration CBMC includes all their partners, as required under Australian law.

    As you can see from the ABN registration of the medical practice at the GP Plus Super Clinic Noarlunga, this medical practice uses a totally separate ABNs. 

    Which means in semi-legal speak GP Plus Super Clinic Noarlunga had no legal right to use my medical records from Chrisites Beach Medical Centre --> in any way whatsoever <-- and Christies Beach Medical Centre had no legal right to transfer my medical records to the GP Plus Super Clinic without a full disclosure authority from yours truly. Something they NEVER had.

    GP Plus Noarlunga ABN



    As you can see ''E.M. Battersby'' is a long-term partner of Christies Beach Medical Centre. What you can't see is that many families stick to a similar vocation, and a ''Jo Battersby'' was the/a Manager of the South Australian Government's Health and Community Services Complaints Commission in 2006 according to the official government document I found on the Internet. The H&CSCC refused to look at my evidence of breaches of Australian law in my service provision from or by every government medical practitioner I asked them to investigate, including a fabricated medical report signed by a Professor Michael Sage when he worked as a radiologist at the State government's Daw Park Repartiation Hospital radiology unit, Repat Radiology. Evidently he now works at State government's Flinders University as a leacturer, teaching others how to be a medical criminal. In 2007 radiology Professor Michael Sage worked at Marion Domain Medical & Dental Centre at Oaklands Park where he falsified my radiology medical record and refused to give me possession of my Medicare funded radiology film and the report on my dislocated right hand in May 2007, which was as a result of that 2 May 2007 criminal State police assault. And, Sage is the hypernated last name of one of the State Government Public Officers employed at the Flinders University Legal Advice Clinic when they unlawfully breached my confidentiality and gave the wrong legal advice to my neighbour the other party to a proposed Neighbourhood Dispute in 2015. Who was that in the Government's book and TV series Brothers In Arms Bikie Wars who spoke of  JINGOISM and CRONYISM in reference to outlaw motorcycle club members in actions that allegedly proved their crimes? I'm not sure how he figured cronyism applied to bikers, Roden J, was probably thinking of his Freemason Brothers, boom boom. 

    Justice Roden said, ''As patriotism can lead to jingoism, and mateship can lead to cronyism ...''  

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    You only have to look at the employee files in government departments to see where the nepatism and cronyism plays a huge part in Australian Government Public Officer appointments.

    That Marion Domain medical practice has long-term business associations with the State Government in New South Wales. The medical practitioner national registry Australian Health Practioiner Regulation Agency (AHPRA headed by the Health Minister in every state) refused to look at my evidence in every complaint I brought to them. Not a case of they looked at it and found nothing, they simply pretended I never filed various complaints that had irrefutable evidence and refused to give a valid reason why they failed to look at my other complaints with strong evidence in my favour. Possibly on the express instruction of the political Minister for Health. Leavinf me to physically suffer 24/7 agony from illegal medical experiments --> just like Nazi Germany.

    The Whole Truth


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