Election Vote Exchange Divide and Conquer

    What does it say about our greedy politicians when all animals in Australian Zoos get better medical care and attention than most Australians people ?

    I ask, how can a country 'afford' to take in refugees / immigrants when their economy acts like it isn't strong enough to gainfully employ their existing citizens, and has high unemployment rates as Australia does?

    What does it say about our parliaments when refugees / immigrants get preferential access to employment against long term Australian citizens.

    Refugees / immigrants not only compete with long term Australian citizens for the obvious jobs or promotions, the hidden costs are never discussed in the media for 'political' reasons. 

    They also compete at housing Auctions and for private/public housing waiting lists, and

    compete for Centrelink benefits, yes compete,

    compete for Medicare hospital waiting lists,

    compete for Medicare funded specialists waiting lists,

    compete for free dental services waiting lists, and

    compete for Legal Aid, and

    compete for charity services waiting lists.

    An artificial rapid increase in population from immigration drives up the cost of goods and services as supply is stretched to meet demand. When I was a school child 1961-1972 the population of Australia was 13 million, when I left school it was easy for everyone to get a job. My father got about $9,000 pa as a carpenter, a loaf of bread was about 40 cents, a brand new HQ Holden sedan cost about $2000 and petrol was about 12 cents a gallon which is several litres, and a weekley workers train ticket from Campbelltown NSW to Sydney NSW cost $5. In 1978 I was Mrs Peters when I was employed by Fielders Bakery in Fawcett Street Glenfield NSW, for home bread delivery when my second eldest child was 8 weeks old, I earnt about $9,000pa and home delivered bread cost you about 50 cents. You do the math.

    Now in 2018 Australia's population is 24 million, as many know, its really hard to get a job. We were told by the government back then that immigration would make life easier, but is hasn't made life harder. I've been unable to get work since the 1980s but that's due to the political stalking I've been subjected to, however the creation of the middleman in job seeking has allowed for select people to be arbitrarily excluded from employment, as I said it would when it was introduced in the 1990s.

    So when someone starts fake news hate stories about refugees or immigrants in general, that someone appears to be the political arm of government and/or the opposition, because they never defend the citizens rights, and it gives the politicians the ability to 'big note' themselves by sticking up for the refugees / immigrants knowing it will get them 'brownie points' in the news media, because the news media only print the side of the politicians, never the side of the people who are angry because they see the refugees / immigrants getting services before them they feel like the refugees / immigrants have jumped the queue, and rightly so.

    The people don't realise it's the politicians who they should be angry with because all they see is the refugees / immigrants taking their opportunities.

    The people don't realise when the press make their unreasonable bad news about the high number of people on Centrelink benefits, the government has planned the attack on the poor by the employed people, it's probably not workers complaining about unemployed people on Internet chat or news sites, it's most probably political PARTY members stirring up the hate pot this time for class hatred to get more votes from the workers and the wealthy, because the unemployed impoverished people are in the minority.

    The people don't see the politicians (State and Federal) working in the background to take their opportunities and pass them to the refugees / immigrants in exchange for election votes, because we all know there is high numbers of immigrants in Australia as opposed to long term Australian citizens, we may have the highest immigration rate globally

    Most people simply don't see the 'big picture' they only see their corner of the world, and that's exactly what long-term Labor and Liberal politicians bank on. Divide and conquer is possibly the oldest battle strategy devised since mankind appeared on this unique little planet of ours.


    A bit of trivia: I did the Camden/Elderslie run for Fielders taking over from the man who became the boss at Glenfield and doing a better job than him as he gave me quite a few extra houses when I came back hours earlier than he did, slicing off of someone else's run. I was only the second female doing the bread runs. I believe his name was Allan Connolly who is the father of a Leumeah girl who became Campbelltown NSW sexual assault police woman Tracey Connolly, a good friend of my second partner and defacto Owen Hall. Tracey criminally defamed me by claiming publicly in her capacity as a police person, that I could not possibly have been raped age 2 and still naturally birth babies. This false and defamatory publication was republished in Affidavit by Owen's Justice of the Peace mother Janet M Hall, for the Parramatta NSW Family Court hearing (PA3302) between Owen and myself to decide the days he got to see our children, circa 1999, the maliciously false and defamatory, irrelevant and scandalous Affidavit, was accepted by Judge Waddy as proof that I was a compulsory liar, and according to alleged Freemason, Judge Waddy, it was proof in his REASONS for JUDGMENT (1st September 2000) that my own Freemason father had not brutally raped me on 3 March 1959 and that the multiple stitches I required to sew up my torn and bleeding vagina were caused by me falling over, probably from me occidentally falling onto his penis I suspect.  I was so harmed by being forced to remain in the witness box over a couple of days and being heavily interrogated by Judge Waddy about totally irrelevant personal matters, that I caught myself looking over my shoulder when giving evidence, to see if anyone had left thatches for the witch burning. I was so harmed by Judge Waddy falsely recording my evidence in his intentionally false recount of the hearing which was not audio recorded, apparently they took the transcript from his handwritten notes that even almost 20 years later I can't bring myself to read the entire transcript due to the traumatic shock I've suffered over that lawless witch-hunt they called a Family Law hearing. They charged me several thousand dollars for the transcript they gave to me unsigned on a 1.44Mb diskette. P.S. I told Waddy it was me who authored the court document, not a lawyer.

    This is how Waddy manipulated my words to change the facts. Someone had put it in my mother's head that my Freemason father was my first born's father. I told Waddy this and added my father refused to deny he was the father of my first born, not my mother. I have to perpetually refute that disgusting claim. My father acted like a pedo creep in 1974/1975 to gain control over my child, as male parents had more rights than female parents, being only the child's grandfather he had no rights over the child at all. My father and his ''Blue Lodge'' fellow Freemason members in Allman Street Campbelltown NSW were/are predominetly a club for pedarasts. Men who love having sex with boys.

    My father sexually assaulted every cub/boy scout who knocked at our door in the 1960s. I witnessed the meeting of Lodge members rape and kill 2 boys my age from inside the Allman Street Freemason Temple when I was aged 11 circa 1967. Specific Campbelltown NSW Police (plural) were members of that Lodge. Having made a promise for change to myself when I was 8, 11 year old me was fearless, I told every adult I knew, some separated from their husband, some took up chain smoking, some hated me for making them hear the truth. Eventually by the time I was 14 (1970) the Lodge had been sold, the club disbanded. My father went to Camden NSW Lodge that was home to even more corrupt paedophile supporting police and at least one Camden NSW Magistrate who falsified the court record to protect his fellow Freemason, my father from my AVO to stop my father sexually molesting my sons, circa 1988/1989.


    I have never held my brother responsible for his alleged Affidavit during my Family Court hearing, he was probably threatened like others, by false claims I intended to litigate over what happened to us as children, because we were out father's offspring. My brother can't even remember what happened to him back then, he's blocked it out. The Freemasons divide families to protect their own. I still love my siblings despite all that's happened as I put the blame 100% at the feet of the Brotherhood of Freemasons in Australia which includes many past and probably present politicians, police, judges and lawyers, they build on a person's fears to make them act against their own best interests. It's just that I can never again trust a person whose so easily manipulated to hurt someone they're supposed to love unconditionally.


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