Crown Criminal Trespass - Again

    A new CEO for SA Health, because there was no one good enough in Australia. 

    Or no-one despicable enough. The jury is still out on that one.


    Janurary 2014 state election period criminal trespass, false imprisonment, criminal defamation, assault and battery, abuse of public office, etc


    February 2018 state election period criminal break and enter, criminal defamation, assault, abuse of public office, etc


    23 Feb 2018


    Dear Crown Solicitor and CEO SA Health,


    RE: Crown Criminal Conspiracy to Trespass etcetera


    On 21 February 2018 I was shocked to find this unauthorised SA Health Noarlunga Emergency Mental Health Service, official appointment card, poked into a crease of my front security door. It had no name on it.

    My property is fully fenced, gated and locked with a sign on the front gate that reads NO ENTRY TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

    My security camera informed me that these 3 criminals participated in criminal break and enter (Common Law Trespass) to my property on the afternoon of 21 February 2018, one of them was also seen putting a Housing SA card in my letterbox before they left. The overall effect of their actions on me is Common Law assault, in fear they will return to kidnap me without legal excuse, as they did before the last state election. They act like the Gastapo.

    There was no appointment with my landlord, so this trio had conspired to breach the protections of my residential lease expressly provided to me pursuant to state Residential Tenancy Act, under the false guise of the Mental Health Act.

    I attach a snip of one security camera footage that proves the criminal break and enter. You can see they have all the gear a government public officer is expected to have when in the field.

    I suspect this series of poor judgements relate to the pending State government election, as I am quite politically active on the Internet. With the anonymity of the Internet you never really know who is behind every profile photo that leaches onto your Facebook page. Unfortunately the Internet is the new printed newspaper.

    If these individuals are your staff, (I strongly suspect they are) you are advised that I am currently deciding on my options how best to proceed, to best address this event and prevent any further disturbances to my quiet enjoyment guaranteed by my lease.

    When your public officers decided to involve a state housing public officer in their criminal conspiracy to breach the Residential Tenancy Act to terrorise me, (assault) and jump my fence (trespass) they removed an normal protections they might have had as emergency mental health personnel.

    There was no prior appointment with my landlord, so the trio had no legal excuse to be at my fence causing me a ''private nuisance'' harassing me by their combined presence, clearly discussing my private life in public as recorded by state government in breach of Privacy Principals, and planning the next stage of their criminal ambush in their determined criminal efforts to ''get to me'' to terrorise me.

    Under Common Law, I do NOT need to prove they didn't have the right to assemble in a public place for the purpose of a criminal activity (unincorporated association) at my front gate, creating the decision to criminally trespass, all I need to do is prove that the trespass occurred. My security video proves 100% any future criminal prosecution or civil action.

    Prior to the last state election in 2014, your lawless mental retards you call government public officers, criminally trespassed with state police on my property to cause me assault and battery and false imprisonment in breach of the Mental Health Act, but still used the Act as their excuse. That limitation period to sue you is still running, its 6 years from the date of the common law breach. That they tried it on again the other day for this the next election indicates both events are joined in a common purpose, that is the criminal activity of your public officers at Noarlunga in 2014 and 2018 is politically motivated violence, in breach of Australian Federal law. You have an obligation to refer the matter to Australian Federal Police.

    I expect that this trio and other associated with these crimes will be dismissed from government employment.

    Kindly advice me of your initial offer in compensation.


    Janette Francis, student at law.

    Seaford Rise SA

    Copy to Crown Solicitor and others

    23 Feb 2018


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