Australia Day 2018

    Australia Day: to celebrate the colonisation of Australia or to celebrate the perpetual non-stop corruption since colonisation?

    The civil law matters detailed in this website all involve criminal activity, all are criminal trespass and / or serious criminal assaults and on my person, criminal defamation with a couple of criminal kidnap and unlawful imprisonment. All these serious crimes have caused me serious bodily harm in breach of State criminal law, not one have been investigated by State police because the main purpose of State police is to raise revenue for the State politicians, in the form of traffic infringements. For instance, our State recently widened an intersection near my residence, the old intersection had 4 lanes, in the widest point the new intersection has 10 lanes with absolutely no residential driveways. The speed limit is set at a ridiculous 60kph so what they built was not a place to ease traffic congestion which they claim at election time, they built a speed trap at over $400 a person if you travel at a reasonable speed suitable to the road, say 75kph. So much for supporting local business, now I'm shopping online in China its $400 cheaper, which is considerably more than my weekly income. The politicians have no moral compass and a poor set of priorities such that if we were children the State would take us off them for endangerment, and despite this outrageous situation, you brainless idiots in South Australia will vote these sadistic Labor or Liberal criminals back into parliament at the 2018 State election in this country that acts like it's socially and morally bankrupt.

    As it stands if you keep voting criminally corrupt Labor & Liberal politicians into parliament knowing they refuse to stop these illegal assaults on me (and others) you 'enable' them to continue to harm me (and others) which makes you a criminal accessory after the fact to their crimes.

    Like music piracy, just because majority of the population does it doesn't make it legal.

    If I were running Australia, the first thing I'd do is cut politicians wages to the average wage. That way you wouldn't get opportunistic scumbags on seats in parliaments we have had since the huge payrises.


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