All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

unplug from the Matrix





So,  let’s  recap (summarise)  what  we  have  on  this  webpage.


  • There’s  the  illegal  ear  implant  inside  my  skull  next  to  my  brain.


  • Plus,  unknown  people  whispering  malicious  false  rumours  about  me  to  government  public  officers. 

I  don’t  even  need  to  mention  (but  I  will  for  the  sake  of  others  in  similar  situation)  they  just  can’t  grasp  the  fact  that  as  I  know  I  have  an  illegal  ear  implant  ensures  I  also  know  “who”  they  are  Dr  MR  AHMED  and  co.  They  whisper  to  me  in  my  sleep  via  their  illegal  ear  implant  with  fuked  up  sentences  like,  "You  have  psychological  problems.” 

For  the  novice  who  thinks  they’re  crazy  because  they  hear  voices  you  know  it’s  a  false  dream  when  you  can’t  piss  off  the  annoying  arsewipes that revisit you every time you sleep; spoiler alert: you know its a real person pissing in your ear when they have voices you can put a face to.  You  control  all  your  dreams  and  nightmares,  they  come  from  your  brain.


  • Plus,  a  bunch  of  Noarlunga  Health  public  officers  like  Heidi  McKinlay  (thanks  for  the Facebook  photo  dumbo)  Heidi  has  been  spreading  interdepartmental  malicious  false  rumours about  me  others  whispered  in  her  ear.  For  over  a  decade  Heidi  and  others  at  Noarlunga and  Adelaide  health  services  recorded  (criminally  defamatory)  maliciously  false  claims  about my  words  in  a  "mental  health  record"  using  my  NSW  identification.  

I  only came  to  Adelaide region  from  Sydney  region  in  2004. People like Heidi (and her psychiatrist GPOs in SA Health and Australian medical practitioners) only spread rumours because they're emotionally insecure and seek the attention 'rumour spreading' may give them. Else they're chronic psychopaths and seek the adrenalin rush from the reaction retelling a shocking story gives them knowing they're long-term harming their target; Rhonda Wark and Rex and Lorraine Walters fit that description. Or they've been 'rewarded' in some way to 'professionally' spread false rumours, people like general medical doctor and UK citizen on a work visa, Dr Alison Barbara Jane Cole fit that one.


  • Plus,  the  toothless  ICAC  report  about  “probable”  crime  in  our  State  health  system  (as  above).  ICAC  staff  destroyed  my  official  complaint  made  to  ICAC  commissioner  on  the  actions  of  Health  SA  public  officers  as  recorded  in  this  website.  Terrorism  in  public  office  trumps  my  breach  of  the  ICAC  disclosure  clause.


  • Plus the  2019  unconstitutional  (terrorist  defined)  decisions  by  Judge  Katrina  Bochner  in  the  highest  State  court.


  • Equals  government  public  officers  who  act  like  the  fictitious  character  Hannibal  Lector,  that  is,  CRIMINALLY  SADISTIC  PSYCHOPATHS  who  (like  a  terrorist)  block  my  access  to  medical  services  so  I  can't  have  their  illegal  (terrorist)  implants  removed  from  inside  me. 


Once  again  PRIME  MINISTER,  that's  definition  by  actions  of  "serious  organised  crime"  and  a  ‘terrorist  organisation’.





The truth may be uncomfortable to your brain causing you to laugh at the facts, but the supporting evidence is irrefutable.

Filed 31 May 2019, second Affidavit of Janette Gail Francis paragraph "13." exhibit "JGF7" (also pictured left) is one of my brain scans that prove 100% I'm not schizophrenic. So any diagnosis claiming that I am is criminal fraud. Therefore, if I hear “voices” its real people talking not my imagination. You'd be brainless if you thought terrorist doctors impregnated me with their illegal ear implanted that does nothing. In the beginning they used it to insult me to try to give me low self esteem and attempt to make me think their words were my words. They tried to make me suicide. They are absolute parasite perverts like the director in “The Truman Show” they won't let go. Now they do running commentary on what I'm doing. At the same time they raped my ear, they also raped my eyes. I woke circa 1997 to find both eyes burning and blood red. They haven't stopped burning.

Comments from the parasitic perverts stalking my every move through the illegal implants and infection caused by illegal implant in my head as seen in MRI the BOCHNER and "the" OTHERS refuse to scknowledge was, “she does all that with her eyes closed.” I was in the shower bathing with my eyes closed. The same male yelled in excitement when I was reeling in pain from being struck with a wave of energy to the back of my neck that shot electrical activity uo into my brain, his words yelled in glee were "I got her I got her". Minutes later I saw my neighbour packing up a parabolic disk in his back yard. When I tried to report an attempt on my life to Christies Beach police they refused to take my statement. That terrorist attack was on 17 November 2005, before I had the MRIs that prove the illegal implants in MRI by the infection undiagnosed on 5 May 2006 and the illegal implant under the infection in 2012 MRI both of which the heads of our terrorist government refuse to concede exist.

I think like any scientist, if I have a theory I try to prove it wrong, therefore everything I've done has been an experiment to 'see' what the perverts would say or do to prove to myself I wasn't crazy. Just because I don't have a degree to my name doesn't mean I'm not smarter than the average person. I don't need a degree to prove that to myself and like every other INTJ, I don't care about what anyone else thinks of meit's what I think of myself that counts to me so you can see why they tried to convince me with "whispers directly to my inner ear" that I thought I was a failure. INTJ's look at ALL the variables most dummies can't even imagine. I only care about the truth. Having said that, my male parent refused to let me stay at school past 4th form (year 10) I always did what my parents told me to do until 24 April 1988 at about 2pm. My mother was a victim of her patriarchal generation. When all is said and done my parents had ample opportunity to kill me but didn't obviously, it’s the psychopaths in power who should be in prison for the rest of their life as terrorists, in compliance with Australian law - to protect us all and set an example to anyone else who wants to follow in their evil terrorist footsteps. Fukwits. All the evidence needed to prove me right is in their own documents in their own words. You have to admit that proves they're REALLY stupid.

EXECUTIVE VERSION:  FRANCIS v COLE and Gpaxis Pty Ltd [2019] SASC 17

JANETTE (plaintiff) claimed medical doctor COLE unlawfully conspired with State to say I'm insane by making false Commonwealth declaration.
COLE & GPAXIS (defendants) claimed Janette doesn't have the evidence to prove her claims because she's insane and because we're medical professionals we don't need to prove what we say all we need is our word. 

COLE says its OK the false declaration wasn't a medical certificate, (as argued by BONIG) just because (Dr COLE) provided my signed statement of my qualified medical opinion as a direct result of a Medicare Australia consultation contract, then faxed it to State transport department, doesn't make it a medical certificate. Anyway Janette's a nutter (Dr COLE) can say anything she likes about Janette, the person on the end of the phone call said so. GPAXIS say its got nothing to do with us we only 'hire' immigrant medical doctors on a work visa. 

BOCHNER (judge) decided State law trumps Federal law and its reasonable for COLE to deem Janette insane; sure defendant's have no evidence to support their claims and sure Australian law doesn't support my decision, but who gives a shit no one likes Janette anyway because she's a goody-2-shoe smart arse who doesn't know her 'place' in the pecking order.

...meanwhile back at the zoo the apes in Adelaide office of SA Law Society are egging on terrorist Bochner and her conspirator terrorists in the executive government. Law Society official stance as stated to me on 5 December 2019 is “you won’t get what you expect” where I expect my legal rights that means SA Law Society supports terrorism in government engineered to block all Australian law in the highest Adelaide State court in favour of their own brand of political lore, Terrorism.


If you don't like what I say SUE me for defamation instead of (22Jan2020) harassing me on my website listed mobile phone number, after all you're the Law Society it's not as if you don't have the capacity or intellect, ok, maybe not the intellect so much.

FRANCIS v COLE and Gpaxis Pty Ltd [2019] SASC 179

Are we saying medical practitioners, their corporations and their lawyers, judges and other government public officers are outside Australian law by not pursuing proved Criminal Code defined acts of terrorism against them? Merely because it involves the process of a court case engineered to deny a victim of government public officer terrorism their natural right to compensation - because to do so would automatically define government public officers in New South Wales and South Australia as criminals. All this terrorist cruelty is to cover up fact government used my 28 year old face as ID for 14 year old alleged bikie murder victim, in 1984. The terrorist's political cause: 'save political face in government'.

Janette Gail Francis, student-at-law (63 years young).

Special thanks to the contributing lawyers at Finlaysons and Iles Selley, I couldn't have proved this without your contributions, special mention to ex-law society president Ralph Bönig. I'm eternally grateful you were all born fools.



Below: Cass Elliot wouldn't mind being a metaphor.

Adelaide Supreme Civil Court

another government terrorist action

If you'd experienced the level of unjustified and unprovoked “nastiness” that I have over the past three decades, you too would feel as conflicted as I do. I’m in two worlds, I can’t decide whether it’s because they’re ‘simple minded retarded’ or whether they’re ‘Hannibal Lecter style psychopathic’ 

mind-numbingly stupid

or pure fuking evil TERRORISTS, Katrina Bochner.


This link is to an online folder with the reasons for judgment. In any reasons for judgment the judge must address the evidence before him or her and rationalise why its was accepted or rejected. You can see BOCHNER has flatly refused to address any part of my evidence that supports my case or defeats the defendant's applications to dismiss my case. That's an act of TERRORISM under the circumstances that my case has its foundations of my complaint to police asking the investigate MEDICAL CRIMES which are the MICROWAVE COMMUNICATION ACTIVE illegal implants inside me right now and since the 1990s.

Only medical diagnostic certificate BOCHNER referenced was to say there was NO evidence of illegal implant (PDF "2019-05-31 My 2nd Affidavit" paragraph "9.1.2." and exhibit JGF3) in the 2006 radiology report from Dr Brian Roache who reasoned the unidentified foreign item in my mouth was a "dental relic" As I explained in affidavit paragraph "8.5.2." that's impossible as I had no teeth there since I was about 12 (1968) and the "rice sized" foreign item appeared overnight in 2002 under a bloodied flap of freshly cut skin. I didn't state the illegal implant appears to be linked to the annoying "tapping" in my left shoulder and upper spine and directly linked (as the 1990s criminal offender) to NSW Dr Mohamed R. Ahmed who is also involved in the 2013-2014 criminal conspiracy with as yet unknown Commonwealth or  NSW health department public officers, as evidenced in this webpage "GREETINGS

In Australian courts, when an applicant files an accusationary ‘application’ asking for the court to make a decision on the application, then the APPLICANT must prove their accusation in their EVIDENCE, else it fails. Neither Finlaysons or Iles Selley lawyers had proved their accusation in their AFFIDAVITS to support their interlocutory ‘applications’ to dismiss my ‘application’ against them, my Statement of Claim. Their accusations was that I had no evidence to prove my case against COLE and GPAXIS Pty Ltd which you can read for yourself id a load of old Freemason bullshit.


This link is to an inline folder with all my accusationary docs filed as plaintiff,


This link is to an inline folder with all documents filed for defendant ALISON BARBARA JANE COLE by Finlaysons Lawyers.


This link is to an inline folder
with all documents filed for defendant GPAXIS PTY LTD filed by lawyers Iles Selley.



THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.

In Australia there are three branches or arms of government, it’s NOT Local State and Federal as many people think that means it’s the legislative (parliament) the executive (the departments) and the judiciary (courts). The courts are supposed to decide matters independent of what the other two want but when the government is a terrorist organisation, separation of powers doesn't exist which is also unconstitutional, as the Constitution of Australia says there MUST be separation of powers between the courts and the rest of them. Australian constitution applies in every State and Territory, despite what the State public officers tell you. A breach of the Australian Constitution in application of Australian laws by government public officers (all members of any government or representative even as a contracted worker) which judges are too, is a breach of your irrevocable service guarantees pursuant to Australian Consumer Law.


Because they “advertise” that they will follow the rules of law "without fear or favour." That's what Lady Justice (right) represents. That's what a democracy is "advertised" as. That's what Australian governments all claim they do. When they fail, they fail to honour your irrevocable Australian Consumer Law irrevocable service guarantees. Therefore you have the legal right to sue the State government in Federal Court under (pursuant to) Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) or Austlii link here. It’s that simple.


That children are not taught their constitutional right to proper services form government in State schools is premeditated admission by inference that State government intend to unlawfully breach their Australian Consumer rights as adults, if the opportunity arises. This is our government's 2020 official and intentionally (pro government) biased LEGAL ADVICE from the joint funded (State and Commonwealth) Legal Services Commission. It's an excellent summary, quite accurate. I had to ask for it through Freedom of Information Act. Not any mention of my right to sue pursuant to my Consumer Law rights as an “option” as if they don't exist. Instead I was sent down the path that I said I’d already taken unsuccessfully. It’s not the subordinate front line staff’s fault, they’re only doing what they’re told to do from the top down. It’s the fault of your smug overpaid COAG members.


Judge Katrina Bochner singlehandedly proved my accusation that South Australia State government is a terrorist organisation. How you ask? Despite the evidence I presented in my last 2 affidavits (31 May 2019 & 11 June 2019) BOCHNER said in the face of the court (on behalf of the State of South Australia) that (despite the evidence) COLE had a legal right to presume me mentally ill during my Medicare consultation; which means any medical doctor can say any Australian is mentally ill without any supporting evidence whatsoever and despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. That my friend is a TERRORIST GOVERNMENT.

The outrageously criminal stance taken by Judge Katrina Bochner (and lawyers for the defence who had breached their responsibility to the court as lawyers because they had in their possession documents that defeated their case when I served copy of my affidavits on them) in refusing to ACKNOWLEDGE my case is under Australian law a terrorist act. Are we saying Judges and other government public officers are above the law in Australia by not charging her and her fellow government public officer conspirators with terrorism?


The TERRORIST ingredient comes not merely from interpretation of my evidence but by judge BOCHNER's unlawful refusal to acknowledge Australian federal law as relevant in a State Supreme Civil Court that had the jurisdiction to hear Federal law matters.

You’ll notice that despite my reference the "Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) Schedule 2 The Australian Consumer Law" in my Statement of Claim (FDN2) point "17.3." its only mention is an offhanded reference to being deleted by the Judge so that my document fails to comply with the rules of the court as “legal authority” to litigate. However in my not deleted paragraph "14" headed "G: Breach of Contract" where the contract was referenced as a "medical service contract" which is a contract pursuant to Australian Consumer Lawthat was also not given a mention because BOCHNER decided we had no contract despite that Australian Consumer Law says we did, The contract existed between defendants and myself because my MEDICARE Australia entitlement paid for the consultation from which COLE gleaned her claimed medical expertise on my mental health, which resulted in her placing a question mark "?" next to the proforma question about my mental health. Then adding her unsubstantiated medical comment stating her firm belief that I had serious mental illness she defined as "DELUSION" signing that statement on the Federal transport law proforma thereby falsely stating she complied with Australian federal law in completing the proforma which entails completing the document correctly, there was no eye test when they is supposed to be ione. Where did she get my alleged medical "history" from? Its not in her medical record. You'll be interested to know that ONLY a specialist can diagnose mental illness in Australia; and whereas as I am a Commercial (MR) Class driver a specialist psychiatrist can ONLY complete and sign the proforma that general doctor COLE negligently partially completed and signed, thereby falsely impersonating a specialist in mental health conditions - because where a mental health condition is alleged of the Commercial Class driver then ONLY a psychiatrist can complete that proforma.


In walk State Transport TERROSISTS who (on the evidence) engineered the terrorist scam (after the anonymous illegal request from State premier’s office or a police person) and unlawfully insist COLE didn't need to comply with Federal law despite that they themselves sent her the federal law proforma directly, in breach of the application of Federal transport law that says the licenced driver is supposed to complete the first part BEFORE seeing the doctor, however State transport insisted they HAD to send the proforma directly to COLE.

Any non-terrorist can understand on the evidence that COLE and State transport public officers unlawfully conspired in March 2018 to illegally cancel my driving licence in April 2018 because I asked police to investigate MEDICAL CRIME in February 2018.


Back to BOCHNER: Keeping in mind I was a self-representing litigant, therefore unlike a trained solicitor, my laypersons documents don't need to be legally perfect, pursuant to Judiciary Act 1903 (Cth) s78 “Appearance of parties” I’m entitled to be self-representing and pursuant to  s64 “rights of parties” I’m entitled to be treated equally which means equal within the constructs of my legal training or equal in respect to the balance of power, giving leniency to my lack of legal expertise as an individual and a student at law.


That's basically the case in a nutshell, everything else is merely Bullshit-BOCHNER's subterfuge

Francis v Cole and Gpaxis Pty Ltd