Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

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All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

In 2008 Simon James Spedding could be contacted at the Federal Australia government Department of Veteran's Affairs at which time SPEDDING admitted he had prior contact with the Taliban when he was living in Afghanistan in 1970s and had knowledge on the topic of the Taliban selling Opium to fund terrorism, "gleaned from"  his is own words in a letter posted online in 2008.

Doesn't matter what the rest of your "letter" says the simple fact that you say you disagree, as a medical doctor, with a government's intelligence that says terrorists are funded by sale of opium and you are defending the terrorists against that government claim that's enough to make you look like you have personal knowledge of terrorist activities. Australia's Federal police should investigate you Simon James Spedding.

In case your Taliban Opium for terrorism link vanishes, I've saved it to PDF for you Simon Spedding.


When I had contact with him in 2011 Simon James Spedding could be contacted at the South Australia State government university Adelaide University.

It appears that in 2019 Simon James Spedding could be contacted at the other Adelaide city South Australia State government university, the University of South Australia.


For some YEARS I've complained to Adelaide's government leaders that I'm being bullied, without using that word. They have only responded by bullying me some more. Proving POLITICAL CAUSE bullying has bipartisan approval in Adelaide AUSTRALIA. Despite that it's called TERRORISM under Federal law. 

Dated 19 Aug 2019 the story out of AUSTRALIA's ancient State controlled Adelaide University apparently resulted because of (student) posts on Facebook claiming they were being bullied. Probably politically aligned students who see bullying as being FAILED in a test or their course.

Quote: "On Monday, the University of Adelaide notified students and staff at its prestigious Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD) that Cooper has been suspended pending “the outcome of further processes”.

Hyperlinked page story here.

My PDF of the story page in case it disappears.



The only video in website header is quaintly linked from the "LABOR party slogan We Put People First" which is clearly utter BULLSHIT. The video is audio of Janette's 19 October 2011 Medicare Australia consultation with Adelaide University campus medical doctor SIMON JAMES SPEDDING. Internet claims "ancient" SPEDDING is paid for State Government Research at Adelaide University and University of South Australia (UniSA) The youtube video description gives more details.

Because the VIDEO link in the header keeps "disappearing" from various pages on this website I've moved it to the header where is has a bright green offset boarder.

I feel quietly confident State Government Terrorists keep undermining the integrity of this website, so now I can blame any missing element or spelling or gramar error on them. Thanks "guys".

I say Simon James SPEDDING is a terrorist in Adelaide 2020 because 20 Adelaide 2011 he refused to treat the effects of numerous circa 1997 Sydney Australia based terrorist "political cause" assaults on me that's left me physically disfigured and in constant pain and life threatening infection. Which persists to this very day in 2020. Yes, Prime Minister, I'm an Australian citizen, by birth, how about you? Chances are you're not Australian born. That's one thing America got right. 

My Australian government "approved" criminal TERRORIST surgical rape, (medical mutilation) was perpetrated by at least two (2) government approved and registered medical doctors who were born in India or in Germany. The German, Fred Uehlin, was an ER doctor in the then new Campbelltown NSW government training hospital in 1978, where he made me wait in the early hours of the morning, refusing to triage or treat my baby in arms for several hours as he sipped tea or coffee and flirted with nurses in an adjoining room when I was the only person waiting in that ER with my baby who was suffering an acute asthma attack.

The child was admitted to the Campbelltown public hospital for the asthma where the nursing staff thought it was "cute" that my active alcoholic husband had crawled in the child's cot to sleep off a bender from the night before leaving me to look after our other 2 children despite having no sleep due to being the only active parent in the relationship. The child grew was later operated on by AHMED who left the child with permanent disability despite knowing the child would probably have grown out of the "condition" AHMED had operated to address. The child also grew up to be an adult with persistent severe asthma after years of no asthma at all. Despite that I still loved him, I left my husband three years later in 1981 after I discovered a psychiatrist had actively "blamed me" for my husband's inherited alcoholism. Both his parents were alcholics. My husband insisted I was to blame as he was choking me in a drunken fit over the kitchen table, because the Liverpool NSW psychiatrist told him I was to blame. Clearly he was a Manchurian candidate for Australian FREEMASONS. I'd witnessed many child sex crimes in my childhood that my Freemason male parent knew I still remembered, despite their attempts to make me forget.

Fred Uehlin sold his multi million dollar residential property on Mt Hercules Road Picton NSW soon after he and his Sydney Australia region 'mates' were paid for surgically raping me and potentially others in my family; and concealing the evidence with premeditated false diagnosis. UEHLIN moved on to retire in Mornington near Melbourne Victoria, Australia.

In this age of active TERRORISM only persons born in Australia, their parents born in Australia, and their grandparents born in Australia, are the ONLY people who should be elected or employed or contracted in any Australian government public office, whatsoever.

Racism should be a mandatory prerequisite for preventing terrorism in Australia, especially government based terrorism the government quaintly re-tag as "corruption". Clearly that's another "political cause" being to make the government appear terrorist free when its saturated with psychopathic terrorist pushing their political cause inserting it mala prohibits in government "policy".

Being "elected" as the political party that "controls" government based on a false political promise is in line with the ex turpi rule

The latin maxim ex turpi causa non oritur actio refers to the fact that no action may be founded on illegal or immoral conduct.

This maxim applies not only to tort law but also to contract, restitution, property and trusts. Where the maxim of ex turpi causa is successfully applied it acts as a complete bar on recovery. It is often referred to as the illegality defence, although it extends beyond illegal conduct to immoral conduct:
Kirkham v Chief Constable of the Greater Manchester Police [1990] 2 QB 283


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