Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

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All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

The illegal poo dumping, as seen above, happened on Australia Day 2019. They come to Australia for our money, take our jobs and our houses, control our governments, literally piss on our mended fences and literally dump their own shit into our backyards so they don't have to deal with it like a reasonable person would. This is they type of recalcitrant people who SHOULD be deported.


In case its missed your attention, the Australians responsible for the inhumane kidnapping of children in an attempt to commit genocide on the Australian first residents were actually Freemasons, elected Australian politicians and other government public officers (GPOs) under the patronage of the head of the Church of England and the British monarchy. We wouldn't want you to continue go through life totally clueless about the criminal Freemason element that remains the foundation of Australian government to this very day. They're commonly called 'the stolen generation' in an attempt to make it appear as if it happened for a short while only and that sort of shit doesn't happen any more. As if. 


In our Australian culture started by Freemasons, GPOs are just as happy to fuk over their own race if the effect will conceal their own crimes or crimes of their political idols. In this website is info on one white family Australian GPOs prepared earlier.


According to my grandmother's description of Jane McGregor her great grandmother, 'A short Scottish woman who wouldn't take any guff from anyone” apparently I'm just like GG Jane McGregor, (1842 Kilmarnock - 1932 Charters Towers) 3rd great granddaughter of the Scottish hero Rob Roy McGregor.  So if you've got Scottish or Irish heritage you shouldn't expect or want anything less from me. Jane McGregor arrived with her husband James McLachlan and the balance of their children who didn't die on ship during the journey in 1864. I'm not sure when father-in-law arrived, Robert McLachlan, (1816 Derry Ireland - 1864 Rockhampton) can't find any of his family in Irish records, for obvious reasons. So I'm thinking, 'what's wrong with the rest of you?

30-40 years ago medical implants were specifically marketed to the voting public as being funded, researched, designed and implanted to give much needed medical benefits to individuals who are chronically ill. Reality is they are not living up to the promise. Additionally they're actually giving concealment benefits to the criminal element that walk amongst us in our medical industry and inside our own governments including our parliaments, who refuse to enact fail safe measures to strictly control, monitor and address general and personal health issues directly caused by inappropriate medical implants. A negligence that has cost the lives of at least 170 Australians in the past decade. Many thousands more continue to suffer in physical agony their cry's for help fall on the greedy power-hungry political parties, Labor and Liberal.


The numbers of needlessly physically suffering Australians Include myself. Being a perfectly healthy individual, I've been campaigning medical doctors for some 13 years, (since 2006) to have illegal implants removed from me after they were seen in MRI (above left) and CT radiology images, and from the outside in my forehead (below left) this item can be seen to move under my skin and causes microwave burning across my eyes making the WHITES of my eyes excessively hot and a constant hue of red and yellow. How sadistic is that! What benefit is that? Can THEY see from MY eyes? The large non-biological item in my head seen in the MRI is in the EXACT location I feel constant abnormal vibrations.

(Other evidence see images on other pages on this website)


The government's response to me, as a victim of crime, was to create false government documents that claim I have mental health issue - without any supporting evidence. Inferring all people with mental health issues are Australian government sanctioned medical experiment targets - back to the 1950s we go.


I've lived in South Australia since 2004. From 2006 to 2018 the Labor Party was in power in South Australia state parliament. Labor Party were also in power in Federal parliament and New South Wales state, where I was born and lived until 2004, and where I was criminally defamed then criminally surgically raped in 1980s and 1990s. However the Liberal Party have shown us they are also of they mindset that they don't want to rock the medical implant money-boat. Even if its bulging with proceeds of crime or perhaps because its a fine revenue raiser. The two political parties are accessories to these blatant criminally negligent medical crimes the prima facie evidence irrefutably proves they jointly gave the criminal nod. Herein in evidence of the two elements of a crime - their guilty minds mens rea; and their guilty acts actus reas.


Perhaps this is genocide of the politically undesirable.

ABOVE: In the government funded war against Australian born private citizen Janette the double bruise on back of this woman's upper leg was caused by boot of Timothy Cooper in the process of a crime funded by Christies Beach police, on day after her 51st birthday in 2007 when she accidentally intercepted a drug deal between two police persons. After she was falsely arrested Attorney General's department claimed to the effect that because it's LEGAL for police to do drug deals with each other, Janette's false assault by Timithy Cooper and her criminal assault after arrest was also legal and her physical injuries from the assault would never be corrected. Then they fabricated claims Janette had mental health issues. 12 years later she's still waiting for due process of law. To make sure she knows she's hated her immigrant neighbours poison her plants in her garden and lie about her for government criminally fabricated mental health records. Her crime? She witnessed child sex crimes. 'Children of the Corn'

We in Australia, we have an island separated from the closest mainland by a huge body of ocean, we shouldn’t allow our island to become a corrupt shithole like the rest of the world, by allowing immigrants to become part of the criminal organisations that are allowed to flourish in government due to past immigration predominantly from the United Kingdom. But that's exactly what's happened. Personally, I believe all the current immigrant criminal shitheads should be shipped BACK to England, prefably in chains.

If you’re real clever, after reading these two black-rimmed BALLS (left) you'll notice that Janette’s false defamations in the South Australia health department started soon after 2 May 2008 when Janette sent a “PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL” registered Australia Post letter to our Adelaide based SAPOL commissioner. The registered letter was unlawfully intercepted; opened; then destroyed by police detective Ms Alison Bee at Christies Beach police station, in breach of FEDERAL law. Ms Alison Bee immediately complained to her fellow Labor Party public officers up the road in Noarlunga, (1 minute by car) asking the mental health department, (yellow PDF page 110) to forcibly detain Janette under the Mental Health Act because Janette asked the police commissioner to arrest Ms Alison Bee’s fellow Christies Beach police buddies for their ALREADY court proved criminal assault. That’s all that it took to start this Adelaide state government criminal bullshit off - harboured by inbred South Australia hillbillies funding this serious federal offence with public finances after its illegally rubber stamped by four, (4) consecutive parliaments so they don't uspet their extended family.

Quote on unrelated issue on Adelaide TV network 9 news 11 January 2019. "Bit of a pity when someone whose trying to do the right thing has suffered injury as a result of that." 


This hypocritical quote by Peter Malinauskas prior Minister for police in the Labor Party, current leader of the Opposition in South Australia state parliament.


Malinauskas and ALL his fellow parliamentarians have all stood by in agreement with the political crimes that have seen Janette sustain serious injury, injury manifested as physical injury, character injury, and financial loss, as a direct result of having reported to police what appears to be organised crime involving both Labor Party and Liberal Party government public officers. Where the physical injury included being criminally denied access to penicillin for visible infection in her face. Complaints about being denied penicillin under this circumstance saw Ministers in Peter Malinauskas Labor Party order the illegal imprisonment of Janette falsely using state Mental Health Act, at state election time in 2014. Proved 100% in the government's own documents.

That headline isn't racist because I'm an Earthling. In the past 6 decades literally hundreds or thousands of billions of dollars has been expended by America's NASA space research centre in order to find life in the universe.


Yet 60 years after NASA was founded in 1958, many global governments, which includes Australia, still allow media outlets, their registered mental health workers in the fake mental health industry and a multiplicity of other intellectually challenged Earthlings, to openly mock or ridicule or label in a defamatory way, anyone who claims to have seen anything or anyone indicating there might actually be life forms visiting this spot in one of many solar systems, our planet Earth. That children is yet another definition of delusional.

As its the 21st century its time we made some changes away from the ways of the past thousand years. We've switched from royal families reaping massive reward to ensure the people remain impoverished, to elected parliaments that still call themselves royals with the non royal governments claiming the legal title of THE CROWN.


Its 'everyone else' who should be having a good time of it now we are technically savvy, not the government public officers. Parliaments and executive government should be run by people working for minimum wages like the armed forces, conscripted to do a job naturally hated by most, and court marshalled and imprisoned when they do a bad job, by a court drawn from the people, not to government itself. That way there would be no power reward to be a government public officer and eventually no corruption.

Milky Way over the Pinnacles in Australia - Image Credit, Michael Goh.

Research Proves Majority of Earthlings are indeed Halfwits or Mongrel Dogs

If the below is done once with head office approval it'd be 'best practice' policy

I don't accommodate cheats. I wouldn't even play with cheats as a child. The following may take you some time to get your limited conceptual thinking head around this, but the below documents prove 100% that top level Australian government public officers have participated in political 'party' fraud which includes 'government' public officers 'forging', (using legally false data) official government photo identity documents that are commonly used as 100 points of identity in Australia. 100 points mean no other evidence is required to prove a person's identity.


Additional information: Fake person, “Jan McConchie Arsehole Executive Director” (for Adelaide Australia state transport) insisted I failed to produce last-name linking documents. However as I wrote to her, I showed her staff my VIC Australia marriage certificate between me as Janette Gail Francis, and my only husband WR Peters, and each of my five children's NSW Australia birth certificates, (issued in NSW in 2004 which showed their mother's "maiden" name as Janette Gail Francis. Therefore I had ample documents that linked all three names I've used when a woman in a Christian society is expected to change her last name to her male partner's last name.

“Jan McConchie Arsehole Executive Director” was asking me to produce something we both knew didn't exist. In that manner she was illegally discriminating against me on grounds of my gender in breach of Australian law.

However an alleged circa 2012 Judge in the Adelaide District Court agreed with female Crown Solicitor that the “Jan McConchie Arsehole Executive Director” request was not gender bias, which is outrageously criminal under the circumstances.

It was the same Crown solicitor who was aware thet the same state government had criminally and secretly maintained false and forged documents to falsify records of my alleged mental illness for over five year at that time.

The forged records falsely claimed I'd threatened medical staff with a gun. However there never was any police investigation of this forged “gun” threat, but that didn't stop Adelaide's organised criminal gangs in government public office from criminally defaming me with the forged and false record which was rubber stamped as correct by the same Adelaide Australia, District Civil Court male Judge.

Image right proves “Jan McConchie Arsehole Executive Director” (for Adelaide Australia state transport) criminally forged her 2010 falsely claimed government letter to me linked under image left.

Image right established that Jan McConchie was working at SA Pathology in 2010 and is currently involved in Adelaide inferred 3 billion AUD criminal medical BRAIN research facility in North Terrace Adelaide named, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) who admit in their slogan they are fighting for THEIR lives. Which is relevent when you see what else in in this, my website. There's a scapegoat in every mob.


Vindictive state government public officers didn't want to leave it at that, without ANY legal excuse in February 2018 after a failed attempt to defame Janette once again in another election period they decided to illegally indefinitely suspend Janette's driving licence in the April.


Australian born and lived lifelong, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother and grandmother has been denied her legal rights and inhumanly assaulted on political grounds in criminal acts supported by Australian police, parliaments and courts.

  • Janette Gail Francis born Cooma NSW 1956
  • Janette Gail Francis educated Campbelltown NSW 1960s-1970s
  • Janette Gail Peters married Geelong VIC 1975
  • Janette Gail Francis Torrens title holder The Oaks NSW 1986
  • Janette Gail Hall Wollondilly Shire town Councillor NSW 1995
  • Janette Gail Francis resident in Adelaide Australia since 2004


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