Milky Way over the Pinnacles in Australia - Image Credit, Michael Goh.


62 year old Janette (and probably many others) is being physically TORTURED every second of every day for the past couple of decades through illegal implants the PARTY faithful YOU financially support through the voting system refuse to let her have diagnosed and removed. 

Metaphorically we do live in 'the matrix' a fake reality.


This website contains irrefutable expert evidence prima facie criminal proof in hard tangible physical evidence of this extensive criminal cover up involving South Australia medical doctors and lawyers in concert with state government public officers over many decades.


Even a child knows that's wrong.

Pictures are the universal language - you only need your words when pictures have been subjected to accidental or willful misinterpretation.

Goulburn, New South Wales, Local Court.


What came first, the chicken or the egg?


Circa 2004. State prosecutor for police approached me to introduce himself as Mr Winter then added that as he wasn't from around here he wasn't biased. Less than 30 minutes later he presented a photo to the court of the front windscreen of my 1998 Holden Calais, where in the corner of my windscreen was a small yellow rectangle sticker with black writing that read, “PROTECTED BY THE CLUB” the sticker had been provided free with my Club brand steering wheel lock. Adroit Mr Winter for the State of New South Wales told the magistrate that the sticker was proof that I was associated with outlaw motorcycle clubs. Magistrate Rabbage readily agreed with Mr Winter.


The case was a police application to the court for an Apprehended Violence Order against me to p[rotect an employee at state housing who had illegally broken into my state housing rental residence for the benefit of a member of her extended police family. Police applied for the order protecting the criminal in the equation because I'd complained about police corruption, in writing, to the police and that was the only claim made about my actions.


Children of the Corn Magistrate imposed a 5 year AVO on me to illegally attempt, gag me and prevent me from naming NSW Housing public officer, Ms Leisa Maree Bradbury, as the break and enter criminal; and her extended police family involving the Sydney police detective named as detective Bob Bradbury in the book “Brothers In Arms The Inside Story of Two Bikie Gangs.” Bob Bradbury also appears to be the person who stole the photo of my, (28 year old) face that was published in 1989 in the police book named, “Brothers In Arms The Inside Story of Two Bikie Gangs” as the face of a 14 year old murder victim and associated of outlaw bikers. Sydney defective detective Bob Bradbury lived near me at The Oaks NSW when the photo was stolen. His daughter was named Leisa, she had attended Chevalier College in Bowral NSW with my children.


What come first?


When I was a child I witnessed murder and rape of little boys, my own age, inside a FREEMASON temple in Campbelltown NSW. In those days, (1967) virtually all government public officers, including police, magistrates and lawyers were also FREEMASONS.


No person was eve charged for that murder and those rapes that I witnessed personally. I might add that I've also never been involved with outlaw motorcycle clubs, but I'll be damned if I'll go away quietly knowing this travesty of justice has occurred. That's why I've been made a victim of perpetuating GOVERNMENT crime.


Who could ever be afraid of cowardly pack rapists and child murderous? Not me. Who loves the actions of those 1960s child rapists and murderers? Every single current and past government public officer whose stood against me to pervert the course of justice in all these matters, that's who.


Time to rethink the 1966 disappearance of Beaumont children.

Janette's story is about an individuals rights to protection from crimes against humanity pursuant to **Australia's Criminal Code and other Australian law, verses a government's right to conceal past illegal medical procedures from the individual, by claiming political secrecy; or national interest; or greater good; or economic benefit; or medical research; or other privilege


  • In 2018 the new Liberal Party state government 'allowed' Janette partial copy of her alleged state mental health record created without legal excuse on 17 March 2006 by the Labor Party state government who had persistently refused to provide the record copy. There was no clinical data in the documents they provided. 100 pages were blacked grey A4 rectangles. All other pages were confirmation the Labor Party state government had been illegally stalking and harassing Janette and illegally gaining access o her personal information despite Australian law.

  • 10 were refused for “legal professional privilege”. (In medical records?)

  • 13 refused for containing “confidential material”.(They are Janette's medical record. Why would they be confidential FROM Janette? Under circumstance may identify the criminal sponsor of the already confirmed illegal implants defendants stubbornly refuse to acknowledge, despite the multiplicity of strong solid tangible evidence confirming that very real fact.) 6 refused for “personal affairs of a person living or dead”. (Which naturally includes Janette.)

  • 4 documents refused on “law enforcement” grounds. (Despite Janette wasn’t legally charged with a crime and police have refused to investigate these matters as crimes.)

  • 12 refused claiming they’re subjected to “secrecy”. (Under the circumstances either they identify to the criminal mastermind or they confirm Janette’s been forced to participate in illegal government human experiments in breach of Australia’s federal Criminal Code Australian law doesn’t allow “secrecy” in medical records from the patient, particularly a patient like Janette who is clearly of sound mind and clearly been illegally surgically assaulted and illegally identified as the face of a 1984 murder victim.)


** Australia's Criminal Code Act, Schedule 1, The Criminal Code, 268.13 Crime against humanity--torture;  268.20 Crime against humanity--persecution; 268.23 Crime against humanity--other inhumane act.

In life Keith Wilson was son and a NSW truck driver.

In death he's a symbol of hope for all Australians.


Fuller-Wilson v State of New South Wales [2018] NSWCA 218

Then deported if not born in Australia.


That's my opinion as an innocent victim of their insidiously cruel series of psychopathically criminally illegal human experiments for the past 30 something years.

The logic of people flocking to vocally oppose overseas human rights atrocities at the cost of failing to protect their own country's human rights, never ceases to amuse me. Australians act like they've been drugged through the water to be lulled into a false sense of security by politicians who say and promise only what the voting public want to hear, fully intending to metaphorically 'slit our throat' when an attractive financial opportunity arises.



I live about 9 kilometres from a hospital in a capitol city of Australia, but despite presenting with many serious injuries over the past decade or so, (2007 to 2019) the only medical service they've ever provided has been a criminally fabricated illegally enforced false imprisonment claimed valid under the state's Mental Health Act but all the Crown's men refused to intervene and facilitate my access to my legal entitlement to access life saving penicillin for visible infection in my left ear and left cheek.


In 2019 I can't drink the State government water that flows from the taps inside my State owned residential rental, because it smells and tastes like its been recycled from the sewer, since some time after State government installed underground purple recycled water pipes near my residence some years ago. I was never asked if I wanted recycled water for my garden.


Janette Gail FRANCIS

Attended Campbelltown NSW Australia government high school 1969 to 1972.

Children of the Corn

That South Australia, (SA) state health government public officers, (GPOs) identified Janette as; Janette HALL; and not Janette Francis from her Medicare record - indicates 2012 SA police told them Janette's last name was HALL and FRANCIS, (her birth name) therefore SA GPOs believed SA police over Janette's 'real' last name. That 2012 SA police used HALL instead of FRANCIS brings that matter back to 1989 when Sydney NSW Freemason police intentionally and falsely identified Janette's face as a 1984 murder victim so they could defame her as being a 'bikie moll' and 'friend of a paedophile' etcetera, those criminal conspirator Freemason police who were older than Janette, (she was 28 in 1984) were most probably dead or long retired from police service by 2012, therefore on balance of probability, the confusion over Janette's real last name arose amongst SA public officers who told Janette her NSW birth certificate, (for Janette Gail FRANCIS) belongs to someone else they probably think Janette is really Leanne Walters like a host of other GPOs in NSW did because criminal Freemason police, (like Sydney police defective detective Bob Bradbury Janette's residential neighbour in The Oaks NSW) told them so way back then see 'ears never lie'. Boom boom.

Dr CE Tildesley a 2011 Christies Beach SA medical doctor at 100 Beach Road told Janette, that her 'belief' she had been Clr Jenny Hall an elected member of NSW's Wollondilly Shire Council, (1995-1999) was a delusion requiring urgent psychiatric attention. Tildesley made sure she deleted some of the, (ABOVE) radiology letters from Christies Beach Medical Centre, (CBMC) record after Janette gave them to her to include in Janette's record at CBMC. We know who're the psychopaths are - we've proved its not Janette FRANCIS.

They shouldn't just be ignored or even simply banned for life ftom being medical doctors, they should spend 25 years in prison under national torture laws in Australia's Criminal Code Act, Schedule 1, The Criminal Code, thus;

  • 268.12 Crime against humanity--imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty; or
  • 268.13 Crime against humanity--torture;  or
  • 268.20 Crime against humanity--persecution; or
  • 268.23 Crime against humanity--other inhumane act.


Despite having no formal qualifications I am a scientist. I conduct mini experiments, intentionally to rule out the probability of something being true or false. One of my mini experiments resulted in my knowing an implant in my head is cochlear related. When I noted this to an Adelaide medical doctor he mocked me to his peers by saying I “believed” I had a cochlear implant which is evidenced by a large circular device you see attacked to the exterior of a person's head. The cochlear is not just an Australian government funded and researched implant to help some deaf people hear, the cochlear the NAME of a part of your ear. For the mocking doctor, that may prove he paid for his medical degree as opposed to earning it through knowledge.


Circa 1990 I saw a TV news program where a woman told of a new implant that made her voice hoarse, she added that when she didn't want the hoarseness all she had to do was put a magnet over part of the implant in her shoulder and the hoarseness in her voice stopped while the magnet was in place. So when I see a large MRI mass (5 May 2006) in my ear's cochlear region after feeling vibrations in my head around the same ear, vibrations that also make my throat quite hot and dry due to the friction of the vibration, (year 8 basic science) I experimented by putting a magnet over the cochlear region of that ear and hey-presto the vibrations I could feel and hear in my head stopped, after a little while I could feel the vibrations concentrated in my ear canal. To any scientist that's scientific evidence that I have an illegal cochlear implant in my left ear, probably funded under Australia's massive, (political) government funded cochlear implant research project that was also during the same period of time the cochlear implant was criminally inserted in my own cochlear without my knowledge and without my informed consent.


When you first learnt to comb your hair you may have noticed that, that friction can cause static electricity. For some of you that may have only been last week. What is dangerously interesting is that medical doctors have added to the long list of symptoms of MENTAL illness diagnosis, symptoms described by patients as "crawling" under their skin – which in reality is evidence of illegal implants being accessed by microwaves via mobile telephone towers - best demonstrated by the 5 May 2006 photo in Benson Radiology MRI of Janette's head that shows the bright lights on her nose (above or linked here) or circular shaped item that Janette feels moving under her skin and can be seen moving by others, (also above or linked HERE.) 


Gerard Leob is one of many foreign researchers who participated in the Australian cochlear research program, in Melbourne I believe, LEOB also trademarked an implant item titled a bionic neuron or BION as his Australian styled nickname and scientific evidence also suggests a high probability that I've also been criminally forced to be an unwilling host to many of LEOB's rather sadistic BION's, not one or two but many as seen in my candid photograph of my left foot emitting a glow from my foot as it painfully vibrated also with a strong pulse like the illegal implant in my left ear region of my head and also without my knowledge and without my informed consent. It may also be mere coincidence that Freemasons have a left-hand, handshake, but I doubt it.


They shouldn't just be ignored or even simply banned for life ftom being medical doctors, they shoild spend 25 years in prison under national torture laws in Australia's Criminal Code Act, Schedule 1, The Criminal Code, 268.13 Crime against humanity--torture. Then deported if not Australian born.

Recapping the relevant points; these 1980s and 1990s and 2000s criminally placed implants force Janette to suffer these effects of this organised Australian crime;

  1. debilitating paralysing pain due to the insertion of the implants against her spinal nerves; and

  2. resultant nerve death in her feet from the spinal attack; and

  3. damage to her internal structure causing hernias because the foreign items were illegally inserted; and

  4. the hernias themselves a major one between her chest cavity and her abdomen; and

  5. the natural reaction of her immune system coating these foreign items that now compress against her nerves, muscles, blood veins and her internal organs; and

  6. internal vibration at a level not natural inside a person; and

  7. abnormal heat generated from the friction of the vibration; and

  8. sparking generated from the friction of the vibration; and

  9. burns to her external skin from the microwaves sent from mobile phone towers to the criminally inserted implants; and

  10. debilitating paralysing pain due to tearing of internal skin tissue when the implant in her right knee moved in 2018; and

  11. disfiguring scars to her face caused by the insertion of illegal implants; and

  12. premature skin ageing caused by the abnormal drying damage to her skin from being low-level cooked by the microwaves; and

  13. damage to her scalp and body hair due to being exposed to abnormally high levels of microwave radiation; and

  14. perpetual nausea and headache due to all of the above; and

  15. multiple criminal defamations and false diagnoses from all levels of medical doctors keen to advance their career by participation in organised crimes partially funded by Australian Freemason and partially funded by criminally recalcitrant and recidivist government public officers wrongly in positions of power in our Australian government.

Only surgery I had as a child was in Canberra ACT Hospital to repair the puncture wound in my right eye and eyelid after I fell onto the sharp pruning of a chrysanthemum plant in 1960, (it never damaged my eyesight.) Because I was 4 they had to wash and dress me and knew I'd been sexually raped by my Freemason male parent, (3 March 1959) from the massive stitched tear scar I have that was only a few months old then but the bitch Matron told the nurses to remain silent. I can talk and write about it all objectively because I'm an a rare INTJ personality, and not because of any alleged mental illness as medical criminals in government might like others to believe for political reasons. The federal government owed me vicarious liability over the rape that occurred in a commonwealth building. The state government owed me a duty of care over the lack of police action in the matter despite knowing who the criminal offender was, moreover because they criminally harboured him 'because' he was a Freemason.


Only surgery I gave permission for as an adult was at Campbelltown NSW hospital under general anaesthetic to remove the last of my inexplicably rotting adult teeth in 1976; while awake under local anaesthetic in my then doctor's room at Argyle (cottage) Street Picton to cut an alleged cancerous mole allegedly growing over my spine at my bra strap level in 1991 when almost fiull term pregnant and where I now feel constant electrical spiking; at Camden NSW hospital under general anaesthetic to allegedly look for ulcers they said they were putting a camera in my stomach in 1996 and where I now feel constant vibrations and also sparking. I've woken other times in 1990s to discover unexplained puncture wounds all over.


Putting a large magnet against my diaphragm, (base of ribcage) causes the abnormal contractions of my diaphragm and the abnormal vibration in my stomach and spine at my bra strap area to cease. Its not rocket science, its surgical-rape. That, multiple medical doctors in Adelaide criminally conspire with government political entities elected into parliament, to falsely claim its in my imagination and reason enough to forcibly, (illegally) detain me under state Mental Health Act in 2014, on the, (illegal) instruction of a member in Adelaide State parliament, (in breach of the Act.) Can't help but wonder if there's a sarcastic reasoning behind calling Adelaide's brand new multi-million dollar medical research facility the Australian, 'Brag' centre.


The diaphragm vibrations also cause my throat and chin to vibrate resulting in painful irritation to my throat causing me to cough due only to the abnormal vibration in my throat caused by the illegal implants. All vibrations generate abnormal heat from the friction of the vibration its self, that's elementary science.


NB: the below SOC may change from time to time & does

 not necessarily accurately reflect a court filed document.