Labor and Libreal show ponies the only difference between them is the colour of their tie.

I have literally hundreds of years of Christians in my ancestry. I was raised in the faith to a certain age. I was also brought up to believe I had 100% English ancestry.


It confused me that my favourite dress as a child was orange and green and I cry when I hear old Irish music. I was a natural at tap dancing as a child and secretly yearned to play the violin as my parents couldn't afford to buy one. I simply can't start a fight with anyone but I'm a natural unyielding defender of the truly oppressed. I love the sound of a Scottish accent because it feels like home. I feel at home with the sight of green rolling hills and totally flat land which means I detest the city I'm a green hills farmer at heart. I love the cold and the rain and the sight of freshly fallen snow and I hate the historical English for what they've done in history to people they considered to be native on lands they claimed as their own; Ireland, Scotland, and Australia.


I have no ill feelings for the current royal family.


That's not an advert for a dating site either if I have a religion that's mine, total freedom to live as we were meant to without all the political parasites that have totally ruined the pure joy of human existence for most of us. They call that progress. How it be progress when fruit and vegetables that used to taste fantastic in the 1960s now taste like crap and I have to boil my Adelaide South Australia water in my modern housing development to take the bitter taste and putrid smell out of it before its palatable. That's not progress. That's politics.


I was one of the little rebels who innocently challenged the scripture teacher on the many contradictions in the bible. Personally I don't worship anything man made (false idols) that includes all religion. If there's a spiritual entity in the universes we're all a part of that with no overlord and no dictator. That I've gleaned from my experiences as a seer of both future events and earth bound entities usually called a spirit or soul.


The first epiphany I can remember was when I was almost three years old. Something dramatic happened and I suddenly realised I'd lived a life before. I can state many events that indicate we live in a separate level of consciousness, for want of a better term, a few can be verified by others but only a few. The most dramatic for me was just after my maternal grandfather died when I was eight. I walked past the room that was his last bedroom and felt a hand rest on my shoulder and a presence behind me in the one instance. I'd been sobbing constantly after he died. His oldest daughter, my mum, had similar experiences. I told my family as soon as the event occurred.


I don't know who I was or even what gender therefore I can't be falsely accused of having 'delusions of grandeur' which is a modern terminology to declare one a schizophrenic. Known to the rest of us as the tall-poppy syndrome, the modern way to discredit someone who has lots of self-confidence because the government want to 'control' people suffering depression and anxiety so if you're mentally healthy they try to make you mentally unwell. Also described in court recently by actor Rebel Wilson in her successful defamation case. I can safely say I am just me, I have always been just me and will continue to be just me for all eternity. However being just me is also pretty damn awesome  :-P


The scariest was when I was about fifteen (1971) some of my friends had been taking competition ballroom dancing class for years, they were on TV at for something around this time. It was in the old town hall building I think it is in Campbelltown NSW, opposite the now gone GI Hotel near Bradbury Avenue. They were rehearsing upstairs. I felt drawn down stairs into a small room that looked like it had been a tiny kitchen when it was newish. It had a very large window which I suspected was modern. The reeds were tall and brown outside the window as I stood trying to imagine the view of yesteryear I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Never felt that before or since. I felt the presence behind me. They don't talk but they can tell you things. They were angry that I was invading their domain. I have never been as sacred before or since. I apologised and left. This is the same building that a male worker died dramatically during renovations in later years after my experience. I'd say he got a shock which caused his accident. I purposely went into many old buildings after that but never felt the same hateful presence. I told my friends what had happened.



The most unbelievable for me was the one I saw. In early 1980s I woke in the middle of the night unable to breathe gasping for air. Next night I woke with indescribably consuming pain in the top of my head. Some time later I woke feeling a strong presence over me and saw a woman bending over my husband in bed next to me, he'd just had a hernia operation. Just like they tell you, she floated. In a flash she was over by the doorway I sat up she was still there just as stunned as me I guess. I rubbed my eyes and she vanished. She told me who she was but moments later when I was telling my husband I couldn't remember. My best guess is that it was my husband's mother Dawn Williams. My husband William Peters had very little contact with his family. We discovered over a year later that Dawn died of a cerebral haemorrhage she was living in Ballarat Victoria when it happened and it was the same month I had the night events. They said she almost died the night before she did. When I saw a photo of her at a younger age about a year later, in my memory she was the woman in my bedroom looking at her oldest child. I had told my husband what I felt and saw.


Sadly my most common premonition is death. I've seen a lot before they happened. Tends to be the last time I saw the person even if their death was years later and I only ever saw them once. I've only ever told about one person's death before it happened that didn't work out well for anyone. These things are why I go out of my way to try not to be too emotionally attached to anyone. I'm a sponge for emotions. I see someone in pain I feel their pain. So I try not to look too hard.


On the other side of the proverbial coin I know when someone is fake crying. Rex John Walters.


This is my message page I say; congratulations you lot after 5000 years of recorded human history an unknown amount of unrecorded time people have not been able to manage the simplest task of all, functioning as a co-operative peaceful society. The human race is a dysfunctional family. We owe it all to politics. A group of sadistic self-centred greedy psychopaths who're rewarded with wealth and power for never changing.


Every now and then someone like me comes along, a mutant gene produces a totally sane and incorruptible person giving the human race hope, another chance to become the one thing they have failed, to be as perfect as a human can be. Despite that I have truth and law in my corner against my corrupt governments there's no one so far willing to stand by me. What does that say about you? What does that say about all you Christians who believe there will be another rebirth of their Christ I don't profess to be that, but how can they be certain I'm not their perfect Christ?


Look what I've endured and remained psychologically unchanged. What hypocrites you Christians are including you politicians who attend church services on political grounds.


I really don't want the headache of seeking redress in your dysfunctional court system about your dysfunctional political representative system and your dysfunctional executive system controlled by your other dysfunctional public officers in your totally incohesive Australian governments.


I'm publicly asking historically recidivist public officers in my government's NSW and SA state crown solicitor's office and the AGS office to address this situation humanly rationally and legally in the humanitarian spirit in which our English Australian laws were written.


I'm publicly asking as asking them as asking privately has produced no damn answer at all, they've ignored me as if they believe I'm a disposable human liability that's when politics becomes a religious cult.

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