Home Truth: Australia's governments are extensively corrupt and Politically Motivated Violence against honest citizens is Parlaiment's best practice to get their own way fact not fiction

Born in Australia?

yes, Cooma District Hospital NSW

(resident Bunyan Post Office & Telephone Exchange)

Parents born in Australia?

yes, STRACHAN Halifax QLD & FRANCIS Sydney NSW.

Grandparents born in Australia?

yes, Olive HUSSEY Charters Towers QLD,

Ruby REID Rollands Plains NSW,

Herbert (Ray) STRACHAN Sydney NSW,

Authur FRANCIS Carcoar NSW

where Jack Peisley was a great uncle.

(step) Alfred BRIDGE Kempsy NSW & Waterloo NSW

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I believe Australia should be a legally equal community. At present it is not and has not been since Federation.


Common Law applies to everyone, however protection of the integrity of your person from assault and battery is accessible only to those who can afford to pay for it. Many Australians can't afford the cost of Australian lawyers in State or Federal courts. Legal Aid won't fund civil suits.


Therefore, Australia is not a legally equal community as only a small percentage of people are protected under Australian law whilst shockingly many others simply aren't.


To be a legally equal community in Australia, parliaments must legislate to provide an unrestrained budget for Legal Aid in the prosecution of any breach of Tort law against Australians, including breaches under authority of the Crown, where successful suits will have their legal fees paid back into the Legal Aid budget ensuring the community service is cost effective.


Janette Francis

South Australia

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