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I'm looking for copy of the full front page photo of myself and my then partner, (Owen & Jenny Hall) ran on, (I think) Wednesday 15 February 1995 in Illawarra Mercury; and the PUBLIC notice I placed in my then local "Southern Highlands News" paper circa June 1999, I offered a $10,000 REWARD for information leading to the existence of an alleged sex video of me. I hadn’t knowingly been in a sex-video but was 'informed' by a Labor Party left faction member, (who was also a fellow local government town councillor and a video shop owner) that he had a copy of this alleged ‘sex-video’ he refused to let me see; and that the alleged sex-video had been doing the rounds of the Australian government perverts. The same council, (Wollondilly Shire) ILLEGALLY dismissed me, (circa April 1999) from my democratically elected office of town councillor, (in Wollondilly A Ward electorate) after I filed a discrimination allegation with the ADB, (Anti Discrimination Board in Wollongong.) ADB refused to proceed with the sex discrimination and sexual harassment case on the grounds, "The Labor Party took care of that." So I ran the public notice offering the substantial reward but got NO response. The Illawarra Mercury in Wollongong took up the story and did a follow up story. Apparently, no one in government can find any of the published articles or photos that have the ultimate legal responsibility to preserve for history. Your Australian political government had made me disappear on paper in New South Wales.

When fat-boy attempted to brainwash me he told me "we're going to keep me in an information bubble" in walks the 'character' named Jan McConchie from state Premier's department. I'm the only person I've ever met whose real name is Janette but preferred to use Jenny.


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2009 Adelaide AUSTRALIA State government public officer


State Premier's department intervention advised they needed to re-program staff who allowed me to use my own Australian birth certificate to revert to my maiden name on my drivers' licence, then illegally cancelled my licence in 2018.


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2019 Wollongong AUSTRALIA State government public officer


(in local council) can't find the FULL front page photo of my then partner and myself (Owen & Jenny Hall) in one of the biggest stories to hit the area in years that saw the federal government part with millions to assist the workers; the Clutha Coal Mine closure announced in 1995. She sent me the page 3 story instead.

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2019 extract from


An internet marketing ex-spert worked for the state Premier's department as a SPIN doctor, (marketing) at relevant times.


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