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Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

ABOVE: In 1966, Janette Gail Francis aged 10 extract from Campbelltown East (NSW) state hovernment primary school class photo. The teacher, redhed Mr Peter Ellsmore of Inglewbirn was an identical twin, a Freemason, and an excellent sadistic arsehole.

Its EASY to connect a desktop computer to the internet using your mobile phone data plan. For personal safety NEVER put your phone near your head if you can use it any other way NEVER carry it in your pocket.

Why do we have those hard to set up NBN triple box and Broadband modem like units when we could just plug in a mobile phone styled, (potentially) NO VIRUS internet link for all desktop computers?

Its ALWAYS all about company profits. The boxes "look" expensive, so therefore they are.

Muslims as a group issued jihads or death threats to author Salman Rushdie over his 1988 anti-Muslim novel, The Satanic Verses. Christians in Australia's “city of churches”, (Adelaide) tackle criticism of their peculiar cultural practices a little different. Instead of death threats they “forge official government medical records” to force psychotropic drugs into their targeted person to silence them, (under threat of a physical beating if you refuse) and falsely declare "insane" and “imprison under armed guard” any person who criticise anyone from their professional Christian group, (which is what they did to me in 2014.) When you look at it on face value, Salman Rushdie is still alive, so from this example we can see which religious group are the biggest psychopathic “public threat” to basic human rights in Australia.

When people seek citizenship in Australia they’re asked to make a pledge to obey Australian law; what a joke that is when you realise almost no government public officer I’ve encountered have been forced to obey Australian law and recognise my legal rights as an Australian citizen. So where is this great Australian lifestyle the tourism industry advertises and millions immigrate to Australia for? I’ve been here for 63 years and I’m yet to experience it, quite the opposite every time I've worked hard to get somewhere in life government officials stepped in to literally steal it from me, then forged their records to make believe I’m the evil party. From my experience Australia’s run by a crime syndicate where only those in the inner sanctum get the benefits.

This is a TRUE story of people wilfully acting blindly like rabid pack animals, reasonably knowing they're causing serious criminal harm by acting with malice on false rumour instead of doing the only fuking job they're paid to do; its becomes a matter of; the Lunatics Have Taken Control of the Asylum or the Nazi-Party Revivalists

Q: what's difference between Muslims,

Nazis and other hard-right Christians?

A: The vowels.

Being a naturally logically thinking person I’ve discovered that most people will believe any bit of stupidity someone else has told them without using any logical thought from their own brain. My favourite example was when I got my second full set of false teeth in 1985 when I was about 29, (my first at 20 after having most my of my lower teeth removed due to government negligence when I was about 11 or else it was a long term plan to surgically rape me after I'd witnessed Freemason government sex rape and murder of 2 little boys my age.) The male dental technician from Liverpool NSW CBD told me, “Always clean your false teeth with cold water as hot water will destroy them.” I burst out laughing and asked him, “Do I take them out to eat hot food too?” Despite being extensively educated in Australia he had simply parroted what some other extensively educated idiot told him when he was being trained as a dental technician. Most people are exactly like that, parrots believing what they’re told to believe except me and very small percent of logically thinking others like me. Most of the parroting idiots have been employed by, or elected into, our governments taking illogical control of our lives. Is that what you expect of your government?

Shortly before 10 September 2012, I filed in the *EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TRIBUNAL some several civil actions. This was expert evidence in two MRIs of my head, (one above) had proved, (all now in state government records) the presence of a foreign item in me brain where I also feel constant abnormal sparking and vibrations. The Adelaide, AUSTRALIA, District Court decided that by parliament members instructing government or private medical persons to refusing me antibiotics and refuse to recognise the, (multiple) illegal implants inside me as seen in, (multiple) radiology films, these actions were NOT illegal and NOT evidence of me being discriminated against in any way pursuant to our Australian anti-discrimination legislation.


Evidently the Judge's decision was a product of him “misinforming himself” on obvious political grounds. I had filed multiple cases at the same time all under my birth name, Janette Gail Francis. The state health department decided to store theirs in a false mental health record they created for me circa 2008. Sixteen months later, (January 2014) the then state Health Minister sanctioned the Flinders Medical Centre to illegally imprison me under the state's Mental Health Act and forced me to ingest or be injected with psychotropic drugs I didn't need under constant threat of violence; and forced me to share a bathroom, (combined shower and toilet room) in their dual sex maximum security mental health ward with a male sent there on Criminal Court Order, who used the hand basin as a urinal and the walls as toilet paper.


*Reference THE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TRIBUNAL file 1403 of 2012 JANETTE GAlL FRANCIS v SOUTHERN ADELAIDE LOCAL HEALTH NETWORK INCORPORATED (t/as Flinders Medical Centre) State of SOUTH AUSTRALIA. See pages 11 to 17 of the criminal fabricated medical record in this PDF linked here, (&image @right). This is the order of the documents as sent to me, less than one year ago, September 2018.



Add a Pentecostal Revivalist to the mix as head of the same country then its becomes a matter of; The Lunatics Have Taken Control of the Asylum.

According to internet sources, the Pentecostal Revival movement started at the beginning of last century in the United States of America; then started in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia soon after. Its barely 100 years old.




Australia's current, (2019 Liberal Party) Prime Minister Scott Morrison demonstrates his potentially harmful American Influence in Australia as a Pentecostal Revivalist, with two feet planted firmly in the air in an 'other world' fantasy Pentecostal Revivalist's believe their "God" literally speaks through them. They speak in tongues. They go into a trance and let their mind express sounds they claim is an ancient language no one on Earth understands; that's what “receiving the Holy Spirit” means.


I know this to be true as when I met my husband in Geelong Victoria in 1974, he was a Pentecostal Revivalist and I went to a couple of their church meetings and heard the garbage myself. They also laugh at people outside their 'church' who are befallen with bad times on the grounds the outsiders are not 'one of them'. My husband was only going to the Pentecostal Revival meetings because his boss was a member. When we left the Pentecostal Revival church in Geelong Victoria his boss sacked him.


There's NOTHING good about ANY religion.


Lets look at the Christian Bible, King James version, re-written by an English King a few hundred years ago. The same Bible and same Christian religion the current British monarch is head of; the pivotal text in the “Holy Bible” says; “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth” extract from Matthew 5:5; yet the Christians set out on the Crusades killing millions because they were Muslim. Don't get me started on the Muslims. I point out that many of my own ancestors were in the bloody Crusades and many of my ancestors were Protestant, Church of England; and many Methodist. Being a logical person I turned away from the bloody cause of religion at an early age after I could see the contradictions in the “Holy Bible” and contradictions in the actions of self-professed 'practising' Christians..


So “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth” what does that tell you about Pentecostal Revivalist Prime Minister Scott Morrison as a claimed Christian, he turns a blind eye to the practice of his fellow Australians in forcing bloodthirsty and inhumane criminal medical experiments on me and probably hundreds or thousands or millions other Australian, British and American people? And turns a blind eye to his fellow **COAG members forging government dcumrnts to participate in serious crime?


Is this the New Crusades? Are we targeted Prime Minister Morrison, because we do NOT have a religion?

We don't need more "protections" for religions, we need more protections for those with NO religion;

That's proven right here on this web-page and in every page of this website.

**Council Of Australian Government; whose membership is restricted to the heads of all Australian governments; the Premiers of each Australian state territory and the federal government. COAG was established in 1992 soon after the illegal medical experiments begun on me, I call it for what it is; SURGICAL RAPE the first head of the surgical rape team was none other than (Labor Party) Prime Minister Paul Keating in whose federal electorate, (Blaxland) the Milperra murders took place when he was the Prime Minister in waiting; and where the falsely alleged 14 year old "Leanne Walters" was falsely claimed to have been murdered by outlaw motorcycle club members, when in reality the murder was faked by Freemason police and other government officials when Labor Party Freemason Prime Minister Bob Hawke had total control; FATHERS Day 1984.


Above: This criminally inserted implant that looks like a spiral, went into my Mastoid air space circa 1997 via a circular puncture wound just inside my ear canal, (that was left to weep freely) without my authority, there was NO medical purpose was/is 100% political terrorist attack by Australian government, politically organised officials, ergo, a political crime.


Now in 2019 its still there vibrating my life away whilst Australian doctors play politics with my life and pretend they can't see it; and Australian politicians take the stance that my life doesn't matter in the scheme of things so if I complain I should be locked up under the Mental Health Act, which they have in 2014 because I complained about THIS illegal implant as they too insist its not there; they're yet another Nazi Party revival but they're certainly not all-white; I'm not Jewish, I have no religion, perhaps that's why, perhaps on balance of probability they're anti-atheist they're pushing a new RELIGIOUS protection legislation through Australian parliament right now, its obvious that's caused by the USA influence as Australia already has ample religious protections in our Constitution. What they should be legislating against is POLITICAL discrimination and enforcing accountability for our existing ***political crime law; as that's what drove these political zealots to criminally assault me in the first instance that led to drilling their illegal implants into my skull.



The MRI, (linked with the report) and its Wilful Blindness report by the alleged doctor Claudio Coscia, (who should go to prison for his part in this sinister MEDICAL CRIME but probably never will) was funded by Medicare Australia at “Calvery Wakefield Hospital private Catholic hospital” on 11 July 2012.



***Schedule—The Criminal Code 1. Chapter 8—Offences against humanity and related offences.


Denying Australia's involvement in illegal MEDICAL experiments as Nazi Germany were; and England & United States of America still are, is like denying you were born.

Where am I ?


Due to the politics of my country I can't get medical attention to correct my thumb that was dislocated 12 years ago.


I'm in Sydney and Adelaide AUSTRALIA and its 2019.


Left: Janette Gail Francis in 2010.

Right: Janette's dislocated thumbs and knee implant.

Janette has been brutally forced to endure illegal implants in her hands, knees her head, (below) her spine, feet and abdomen; and everywhere else between due to the politics of her country by birth, AUSTRALIA.


1930s United States of America were having trouble arresting gangster Al Capone, until they realised, they could get him on federal tax law. I’ve been having trouble in the same way unable to stop the gangsters in our government, until I realised that since 2011, I could get our low-life scum government public officers on Australian Consumer Law.


I turned 21 in 1977.


When your government is secretly the enemy of its people such that it is in Australia you're forced to reconcile what you know with what you can prove despite your hostile government.


Australian officials have even brainwashed my own adult children to believe this illegal implant in my head, (left) is a figment of my imagination and separated us with false rumours, (divide and conquer) I fear they have one similar as they're not as emotionally strong as me, no person I've ever me is as strong as me. That's not boasting, that's a fact. I'm a Myers-Briggs INTJ personality, I'm incorruptibnle in every way possible; once they knew that they, (Australian officials) corrupted everyone who came into contacte with me to keep their perverted criminally psychopathic secrets.


When someone has been brainwashed to hate another, the brainwashed person will act angrily towards their target based on, implanted or fabricated false memories; that is- illegal mind control experiments, (another video).


I might have a better understanding of being brainwashed as I’m not prone to numbing my mind with alcohol or drugs like many other people are. An ingredient to my understanding might also be that I taught myself psychology as a child so that I could understand why most people were being really horrible to me and to others. I’ve never read a fiction book. I’ve only read books of facts.

When the male person who brainwashed me, I have named ‘fat-boy’ he told me to lock the memory he wanted to hide from me behind a door. I was very angry that he was trespassing on my private thoughts but as he must have drugged me, I could not muster up even a small amount of resistance to this criminal intrusion. Therefore, I knew I had been drugged as I’m a very strong-willed person who can’t be manipulated by another, unless I’d have been drugged. Because I’m strong willed in response to his instruction I created several doors in my minds eye the last one was especially ornate it had no handle and no hinge. I created it that way, so I’d recognise it at a later date. In the interim period I had a number of dreams of me standing in a long passageway that had multiple doors exactly the same on either side.

When I knew I had something hidden in my head I called on my inner mind strength using the memory of my grandmother to help me remember. Nana was the oldest of her siblings born at start of last century. After her Freemason dad murdered her mum, he and his sisters sold his daughters into prostitution in Charters Towers, Queensland where they lived. Nana gave birth to a child her own ***male parent fathered after he raped her many times at knifepoint in her early teens. Nana kept that child with her all her life. Nana was stronger than even she realised. As I was calling the memories of Nana, I saw in my minds’ eye the ornate door with no handle and hinges for a few seconds before it flung open. Like the pages in a book all the other doors behind it flung open. The Freemasons had brainwashed me many times as a child in 1960s.

The government in the 1990s thought they’d add to that, they told me everything they planned or had done to me believing I’d never remember, they stated that in spoken words. Being strong-willed I do remember. That was where ‘fat-boy’ came in. I’m sure others in the police department in Sydney region Australia know who he is, he was around my own age, older not younger, (born late 1940s early 1950s) short, fat, and arrogant; his male friends were also all dressed like police detectives with shiny black shoes tended to called fat-boy, ‘Boss’. I called him fat-boy out loud so I could remember what he looked like in the long term. Chances are he was also a Freemason, as last century ALL Australian police were.


***Freemason Oliver George Hussey, born 1 August 1875 at Ecchinswell, Hampshire, England. Christened 26 Sep 1875 also at Ecchinswell, Hampshire, England. Married 22 Sep 1906 to Jane Gauvin at Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia. Died 2 Mar 1958 at Machins Beach, Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Buried 4 Mar 1958 at Manunda, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

Another Freemason married my mother on a 3 March he too was an Australian government protected paedophile.

When I was 16 someone had tried to convince me to move to Cairns. I even bought a one way air ticket.

To encapsulate these events in 3 words I could say, “it’s a conspiracy” but to head off the politically or illegally employed nay-sayer spin-doctors in our government 'marketing' departments, I can describe the events correctly and link all the appropriate hard evidence, (elsewhere in this website) by using these words;

“It’s an intergenerational intra-government and intrastate perpetuated unlawful government and bipartisan political party criminal conspiracy; starting with Freemason brother and Cooma NSW police public office John (Jack) Frederick Bassett, (circa 1925-1988) and my Freemason make parent Aubrey Bernard Francis, (1925-2018) both Freemason associated with state and federal government public officers in Canberra and across Australia through their Freemason cult; that gathered momentum due to the suicide/murder/accidental death of Jack Bassett on Sunday 24 April 1988 after a pivotal and related event involving my male parent; and which provoked government officials to intentionally falsely identify my adult face, (since circa 1989) as a teenage victim of murder allegedly at the hands of, (innocent) outlaw motorcycle club members on Fathers’ Day 1984.

What's that you say Skippy? It isn't un-Australian its "normal Australian?" Well anyeway, despite the sensationalized defamatorily demonising, (pro-political-crime) false stories in the news media designed to paint conspiracy theorists as insane delusional fruitcakes or loonies, "conspiracy" to commit a crime is in itself a serious crime in Australia potentially enforced as criminal by a long prison sentence to allegedly rehabilitate even a career political criminal.

THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.

It was generally described in Sydney newspapers or by parliament as ‘Milperra massacre’ or ‘bloody Sunday’ or ‘Fathers’ Day massacre’; and which became motive for my, (criminally illegal) surgical rape with, (microwave telecommunications) active implants that physically torture me and presumably, (criminally illegally) monitor my every movement in breach of multiple Australian laws including but not limited to the federal ‘Criminal Code Act, Schedule’ prohibiting ‘Crimes Against Humanity; torture; persecution; and other inhumane treatment’ and every linked Premier and Prime Minister, (criminally illegally) protected the members of this unincorporated criminal terrorist organisation or syndicate, by remaining silent or wilfully ignorant to the ongoing serious harms happening to me as an Australian citizen living in Australia.” It's un-Australian.