All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

unplug from the Matrix

Actor Mick Molloy claimed he was 'only joking' when the appeal was lost on prior court's ruling he'd defamed Ms Michelle Cornes during the TV show. Molloy worked on Tripple M Breakfast radio show. Tripple M's Adelaide program doesn't hold a candle to Sydney's original Tripple M Radio. Adelaide has too much ambiguous football change room smut, perfect breading ground to continue sexist thoughts against women into the next generation og football loving males. Demonstrated by Molloy who appeared to think sexist smut about women was 'normal'. Like that retired footy star caught talking dirty about women on radio when he thought the microphone was off. But Tripple M absolved him 'boys will be boys' and all that bullshit - last time I tuned into Tripple M since its 1980 launch, "because your ears have brains"

I received a request recently to 'like' a Facebook page. I always skim to see what the current content is before I like. This content was overtly class orientated and racist jokes. One being inference from a police highway person that when someone gets 3 speeding fines the government gives them a bicycle. Its about as funny as the millions of Dingo jokes after baby Azaria Chamberlain was mauled to death by a Dingo near Alice Springs.

Publishing defamatory comment masked as humour intended to incite hatred contempt or ridicule of a person or group of persons, on the grounds of their gender, race or socio-economic status or culture etc, is not humour when it comes at the expense of someone else. Anyone else. Its not about being politically correct. Its about being 'respectful' of everyone's differences.

Remember this: potentially to the majority of people on this planet, you're seen as the odd one out, the one they want to to ridicule.

t takes the courageous to step up and stop the customary abuse of our fellow residents on this little planet, for the entertainment of others with a bit more localised power than the target group.

Even mocking someone whose got a speeding ticket may be defamatory if they have a reasonable excuse for speeding. Police aren't employed to dispense their personal opinion.

Police are employed to enforce Australian law. All Australian law not only narrow section of it, and enforce the law against all Australians, not only people who are NOT their friends, associates, or relatives.

Mocking any person because they claim to have been subjected to something you have never encountered shows you up and no one else other than YOU as the uneducated narrow minded maleficent fool.

They're like the Nazi party, except there's two parties acting as one, Liberal-Labor. Their actions are the same despite which party is in government and despite which member's the minister today. 

I tried to sue both (Labor and Liberal) political parties (unrepresented) in 2006 (case 1245) but their lawyers (Piper Alderman, Colquhoun Murphy, Hunt & Hunt) with one spokesperson for both defendants had my suit dismissed on the basis, “they (the political party in government) have no control over what the government does.” The Magistrate in Adelaide Magistrates Court agreed. Perhaps coincidence they got a promotion short time later.. The court was packed with other cases waiting to be heard.

Multiculturalism was never canvassed as being more than one law for everyone. If Sharia law is legalised in Australia, that opens the floodgate to parliament and the courts permanently turning a blind eye to their current secret 'political party' law. Here's one of many examples of their secret 'PP' law that still harms my day to day life, where Australian officials openly and illegally force their oppressive unwritten 'PP' law onto me,  a law that's totally different to written Australian law:


NSW lawyers (including Law Society president, John Marsden, deceased) created a fake motor vehicle accident claim from Government Insurance Office of New South Wales (yes the state government owned it). John Marsden withheld from me a admission from the other party that they were at fault and other documents were destroyed. I know because one of his employees gave me copy of one of the hidden documents. That person suffered greatly after (police and other crooks) illegally drugged me to get their name. In 1999 Mr Robert Johns (Moss Vale NSW) and Mr Robert Colquhoun (Sydney barrister) settled for me with the GIO. They reasonably knew the evidence was fabricated, just like the reports in this website. JOHNS & COLQUHOUN falsely insisted the medical evidence proved I had spine injury in 1990s from an 3 April 1983 very low speed car accident. JOHNS & COLQUHOUN claim GIO settled for $190,000 (plus legal fees) In 1990s I'd been acutely paralysed with back pain unable to sit or walk. Acutely means suddenly. I was with JOHNS & COLQUHOUN (both older than me) in 1999 when they took me for a walk through multiple arcades in Sydney when we allegedly made the agreement with a female who was supposed to be a GIO representative, (the office had no name sign). - The fake GIO claim had a Supreme Court case attached to it (Francis v Batalla file S11125) and was obviously intended to mask the fact I'd been surgically raped multiple times between 1987 and 2002. GIO told me in 2000s they had no record of my claim filed via the lawyers. 


A bit of trivia: My first full time job from November 1972 was as a clerk in Elizabeth Street Sydney, in the old Sydney Sun newspaper building. My employer - Government Insurance Office of New South Wales. Robert John's wife's first name was Elizabeth.


Since our British ancestors set foot in Australia there is yet to be a general consensus of decency amongst the ruling elite. So much filthy shit has happened to Australians in the ensuing years because the people who run the country are savages. There were multiple lawyers with the name Robert or John linked to this fraud. Robert Colquhoun bears a striking facial resemblance to my ex-husband William Robert Peters. Peter/s is a sept for Clan Gregor, I'm an 8th great grandaughter of Rob Roy McGregor, (1671-1734) our ancestors got into a lot of strife for a barney with a few Colquhouns in Scotland in what's known as the 1603 battle of Glen Fruin.


On 18 June 2013, Keith Wilson was killed in a motor vehicle accident. In February 2014 the plaintiffs, who were members of Mr Wilson’s family, visited the accident scene. They claimed to have suffered psychological injury as a consequence of discovering parts of Mr Wilson’s foot and ankle, as well as remnants of clothing containing his remains, at the scene.  

Fuller-Wilson v State of New South [2018] NSWCA 218 

There's a few sources for this information but as the matter is still hearing its second effort after a horrible judge dismissed the first hearing in favour of the NSW government purse, so the outcome is still up in the air. Do you think police owe us a duty of care to make sure they remove all the body parts of people after a fatal motor vehicle accident? If the answer is yes, re-post this story from its link and talk about it in your social media websites. Keith Wilson deserved to be treated with respect, as we all do.


The fashionable word group this decade has been “moving forward.”


Described by 'onpoint leadership' as Moving forward means leaving some things behind. Generally they mean people, leaving people they see as dead-weight behind so their group can prosper even more. They blame the homeless for not having a home. They blame the unemployed for not having a job. When I was homeless for 2 years living in my car with my children we got there due to a series of illegal - criminal actions against us - and the government refused to let us take the issues to civil court. We were one family of thousands just like us. Doctors and government public officers falsely recorded in their records that I had "substance abuse" and "mental health issues" to falsely justify why we were homeless. It was political. Homelessness is always political and always due to chronically incompetent parliamentarians.


When the government 'move forward' you'll notice they actually move backwards with wage rates, working hours and conditions, access to jobs etcetera. You're being conned into believing that the corporate “moving forward” is actually moving forward onto better and improved things.


You'll notice virtually every global corporate and government group use the word group “moving forward” whenever they're trying to impress you and literally brainwash you into giving them your trust without doing anything to earn it.


I suspect our government use the phrase as they want us to forget all their many broken promises and fatal errors during their term of government.


The popular word group in the 1990s was “dysfunctional family.”


This word group was used to destabilise the family unit and secure public support for additional social and mental health services that simply would not have been needed if we had a functional government.


Seriously where in the world is a “functional family” where everyone has enough time, energy and money to do what makes everyone in the family happy every hour of every day.


The pity is the general public are not psychopaths but most government public officers are. The GPOs count on the general public being empathetic, sympathetic and gullible enough to trust all the psychopaths that the government employ based on personality testing to make sure they select only the psychopaths.


What is a psychopath?


Rarely a murderer as your government would have you believe that's for sure. In fact psychologists globally boast the best corporate leaders are psychopaths because they work for their company not their people.


Psychopaths in your community are the ones who promise to fix your very serious problem but never intent to. They're they ones who are happy to take a pay rise in parliamentary office while millions of their country people are homeless or impoverished. They're the ones who advertise on TV they'll help you with X Y or Z personal or family issue, but in the real world they never do. They're the ones who allow an incompetent health care system that refuses to address serious health problems with waiting lists for specialist doctors or surgery mounting to months or years instead of days. They're the ones who refuse to fund civil cases in court system so that the problem will escalate to a criminal law matter and violence or death. They're the ones who criticise, ridicule, defame or punish you for not earnestly looking for work when they know there is no job for you. They're the ones who know they're lying when they say you can get anything in Australia so long as you're willing to work hard to get it. Need I go on.


Now that “moving forward” has been flogged to death, wonder what the word group will be for next year or decade or century? Cut the welfare bill, “Euthanize seniors” ??????


Maybe they'll run a campaign to install programmable functions into people via brain implants to streamline government services, by avoiding contentions issues brought about by those bothersomly dysfunctional radicalised free-thinkers, anti-government terrorists who demand that the government adhere to the principals of the old, dysfunctional, Australian Constitution.


In true 'Children of the Corn' mentality, when we were allocated a public housing rental in April 2008 the parts of the government who had caused us to be homeless indicated their displeasure by refusing us access to gas services for our cooking in hot water by unlawfully having it turned off without legal excuse for the first year of our occupation, after I refused to sign up with the NSW government owned company ORIGIN ENERGY. In their psychotic rage they also started the unlawful and 'fake' mental health record as seen under the link to the YELLOW card (Witness page). Despite that the actions of the government's staff as seen in the RED card and YELLOW card links (Witness page) are 100% unlawful the government's Crown solicitor have indicated they will expend more public money to defend the unlawful actions in civil court, so they can attempt to refuse to pay me my legal right to compensation for their multiple breaches of my Common law rights. Exactly how is any of that the effective use of government resources?


From my experience and knowledge of criminal law defamation, assault and conspiracy offences, the named and linked government public servants and other public officer staff in Adelaide's health, housing and police should be in prison to protect the rest of us from their psychotic episodes. That includes Crown Solicitor themselves and specific elected public servants in parliament. No one is above the law.


FYI, just because you unlawfully stop an intelligent person from securing gainful employment and create fake records to discredit them doesn't make them less intelligent, and just because you perform criminally illegal brain surgery on someone doesn't mean you'll get the outcome you want if the driving force of the universes has other plans for you.


Janette is brutally honest:


“If you can't see from this extensive evidence that I've been criminally (phisically) attached and falsely defamed by criminals employed in the police, health and housing departments, and their equally criminal motive, then you don't deserve to have your brain.”


You'd think that after 50 plus years of research, experimentation, and implanting of electrical sparking microwave active medical implants that the medical profession would be on the ball and positively respond to claims of illegal implants, in the best interests of their patient, they'd investigate the claims urgently and openly. But no. They refuse to entertain any prospect that there's been illegal experiments of people. Which proves by default they know there have been. Australian medical doctors refuse to instruct a radiologist to look for illegal implants.


They refuse to search in any logical way for the reason for the VIBRATIONS in my skull, neck, torso, arms, legs. They refuse to link the vibrations with the total hair loss on my legs and partial hair loss further up my body. They refuse to make any association between the vibrations and the shaking of the ears of domestic animals in my presence as I feel the sparking along raised tracks in my legs. They refuse to learn why I have an ever increasing number of burn scars on my skin along those sparking raised tracks, evidently caused when the microwaves burn my skin on their way to my illegal implants.

They have conducted NO TESTS whatsoever to look for illegal active implants.


In 2006 I went to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist complaining of vibrations on left side of my neck and around my left ear. He ordered a MRI scan of my head. The 5 May 2006 MRY was performed at (Adelaide Australia) Ashford private hospital by Benson Radiology and Bill Loftus (William Kingsley Loftus) who was clearly criminally bribed to not report the abnormalities despite that the images clearly show the vibrations in my brain, (link A) and above my left ear inside my skull, a huge foreign item, (link B) neither were mentioned in the bland one sentence report (link B). This is the link to that image and report. All subsequent police, health experts and members of parliament refuse to look into this serious crime – DESPITE AUSTRALIAN LAW that demands they do.


When I started showing them my proof of illegal implants, instead of looking at my proof to discredit it, they pulled out their mental health card on me. Their overt refusal to concede any potential for wrong on the part of any other person linked to medical research is a gobstopping eye-opener to the potential reality of the huge numbers of illegal human experiments that most probably have been conducted globally to perfect (government classified) active implantable medical devices, AIMDs potentially that's the only reason mental health industry got increased funding because there are so many people dying for lack of mental health services, yet there I am not in need of that service but have it illegally thrust upon me in 2014 on the illegal instruction of a politician, in criminal breach of the Act itself. 


Even more telling, the TV and printed news media outlets refuse to print any hint of illegal human medical research despite that I've personally provided them with this irrefutable evidence provided freely to you on this website - IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.

"since the 1970s, spinal cord stimulators have been continually updated and improved ... electrodes are surgically anchored and the battery pack and generator surgically implanted under the skin in the abdominal area or buttock, so that all wiring is internalized. Because the battery pack itself shifts while the wound is healing, the sensor stimulator is not programmed until a month after surgery."


As a group, how do you totally discredit someone whose intelligent and squeaky clean? Others will believe you if you claim a squeaky clean person has a mental illness. You don't need proof because you're a group. If you're employed in government, all the better as everyone trusts the government even after they've been caught out on blatant lies. Generally the greater public are a gullible flock of sheep looking for a leader to tell them what they want to hear, even if its all bullshit.


Janette has a rare personality type, INTJ, fewer women than me have this personality type. Knowing her personality type doesn't make her a smart arse, she just took the test, she didn't write the review. The last time she was tested in April 2013 she posted her results on her Facebook page to see if she could snare a shark with such a juicy morsel of bait. Soon after government public officers decided to commit a series of crimes to illegally hold Janette under the mental health Act in January 2014 shortly before state election period and illegally imprisoned Janette during that election process. The criminal actions were illegally sanctioned by a health Minister, a sitting member of parliament standing for re-election and the support of his political party. They tried to repeat their crimes for their 2018 election which proves that as the Minister got the sack the party were behind the crimes again Janette in the first and last instance and every step in between.


Janette modestly knows she in more capable, than most but she still believes everyone is equal and everyone has the right to respect because they are a living creature, despite their intelligence, lack of. With respect given by a human comes a duty to reciprocate, generally we label respect for each other as our system of laws and our indicidual right to protection under our laws.



As a new adult in the 1970s I actively supported the abolition of the 'white Australia policy' which opened immigration to people of colour means other cultures come here and respect our existing culture, and our existing laws. Which means my legal rights and my English Irish Scottish culture is respected just as much as any other. Which means Scottish people are respected as having a culture distinct from others. However my legal rights have been ignored in favour of someone who breaches the law, viz my foreign neighbour. My Scottish people in Adelaide have been refused cultural event funding by our existing racist government public officers on the basis of our Scottish race, which is in breach of our Constitutional rights to equality and non discrimination under anti race discrimination legislation. Its sad for me to say 40 years later that I live to regret supporting the abolition of the white Australia policy. Australia's multiculturalism experiment failed because at the end of each day one group is still plotting to dominate others, despite Australian law, because there is no law against secret political discrimination by our major political parties. There is no law to prevent them from lying to you in the interests of politics. There is no law to make Liberal or Labor party faithful honest, they support each other in all crimes proved right here in this website.



I'll always support our indigenous (first) Australians.



Have you noticed that in the 21st century people in control still tackle problems the same way as our ancestors who first started making written records that actually survived the test of time.


Instead of putting leaches on our skin to suck out our blood and allegedly fix our medical problems our modern medical practitioners are themselves the leeches sucking us dry.


As a single group of communities our collective public humanity extends to only wanting to treat the symptoms of a problem because, commercially, the symptomatic approach is more profitable and provides more employment opportunities than treating the cause in view of prevention.


To expand on that, its politically advantageous to treat the symptoms of a serious problem, as the symptoms occur, as then it looks like something is being done about a problem. Take away the problem and no one gets to pat themselves on the back for a job well done in treating all those nasty symptoms.


Domestic violence could be prevented, but no its better to treat the symptoms. Provides jobs in the prison system, and associated social welfare organisations. Provides a demand in the mental health industry and other associated welfare organisations.


Same goes for any other problem you can imagine. Like my problem of surgical rape. I've been told I have arthritis in my knee because it hurts for me to walk on it. So I'm offered treatment like physiotherapy and other arthritis based symptom treatment. However they choose to be blind to the fact that I have a full range of movement in my knee including being able to ride a bicycle. The medical industry can't get repeat payment if they fix the real problem in my knee.


I've been told I have arthritis in my thumb and again all I need is physiotherapy. They ignore the fact that I have full range of movement in my thumb however when I put pressure on the thumb you can see the joint slips as its dislocated, not arthritis. But the medical industry can't get repeat payment from fixing a dislocated thumb.


I have quite a few untreated injuries that are not caused by my misadventures, and totally caused by being a victim of political violence in the stealthily corrupt Australian government, the proverbial wolf in the fairy tale. When you tell a medical doctor you've been attacked by a Government Public Officer they take the point of view that you've done something wrong (when the reality is the opposite) and side with your attacker refusing to treat your injuries as if by treating them will be detrimental to the government and falsely label me as delusional. But you don't need to take my word for any of the above, I have all the proof right here in this my website book true crime story of facts.



From the 1860s on, the colonial press – with a distinct mix of moral approbation and lurid detail – regularly reported on ‘wife-beating’.

‘Wife-beating’ endured as a common term for violence against women well into the twentieth century, later joined or replaced by ‘battered wife’ to refer to both a category of person and a syndrome.

These terms remind us that domestic violence has been historically gendered female, and normalised, pathologised and sensationalised accordingly.


How much is the health industry worth?
In fact, researchers predict the healthcare analytics market will have a value of 18.7 billion dollars by 2020, up from a size of 5.8 billion dollars in 2015. Apr 24, 2018


See Cornes v Network 10 (and Mike Molloy)

The Adelaide Supreme Court rules, 'humour is no defence in defamation'. In my opinion Mike Molley's TV and radio career should have ended once the decision was handed down. Instead all reasonable people offended by Mike Molloy's, below the belt, taste in 20th century sex jokes about women, are forced to keep looking at his very offensive presence on Australian TV etc. Boo hiss Mike Molloy.

Perhaps just as bad was the report in the press, insomuch that the Editor indicated their belief that the case was only worth reporting because Ms Cornes was a "former federal Labor candidate" as if that's the main reason the public should be outraged. Or that's the only thing this woman has done in her life worth a mention. I was at the appeal hearing and never heard the political reference in the evidence - because its NOT relevant.

The only "progress" that's been made socially in the last 2,000 years is that the scum overlords are now called politicians they're more organised more able to communicate and have better technology weapons to harm us in our day to day lives. They're still spineless cowards who need an army of drones around them to make them feel tough, the poor are still marginalised and still treated as if they have no value as humans, only the wealthy in every country have access to benefits of advances in medical research or other technology. There's still hoards of chronically homeless people, still communities starving to death, still people in mainstream cities encouraged by the rulers to be psychopathically insane for the leaders political gain, still very little general decency globally. The status quo remains, same old bloody same old.


Quote: " 'Education and mental effort are bad for women's health.' The view of the new disciplines of gynaecology and psychology."

Youtube 'Britain in 1900' (43:15


100+ years later the medical industry is still blowing smoke up our arse inventing out of thin air claims about our mental health to suit their own political ideals and goals. Hearing that sort of rubbish over and over again across the centuries is enough to make modern women sick to death of all the crap tossed at them by tiny-brained idiotic little men obsessed with the thought of unjustifiably increasing their own personal power at the cost of suppression of over 50% of the population.


That's unjust enrichment.

THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.