Freedom means access to your legal rights in court


Janette Gail Francis
aged 54 in 2010

Criminally illegal government human medical research

only to benefit the wealthy and

at the expence and physical suffering of the poor - without their permission

right here in mainstream AUSTRALIA.

A pig, the animal, has a reputation of being greedy with no respect for anything. That's probably why police are commonly known as 'pigs'. Whilst there is any unlawful conduct by any government Public Officers that could be addressed by police and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, then no police person or politician could possible be seen as honourable and law abiding. Politicians and police have refused to address ANY of the crimes proven in this website including the ones confessed to on video by the words or actions of Adelaide Australia Government Public Officers, DPP's Mission Statement "To provide the people of South Australia with an independent and effective criminal prosecution service which is timely, efficient and just" on what planet is that an "independent effective timely or just?" I've got to give them credit, doing sweet-eff-all is efficient that's for sure.

Many residents in the Adelaide region of South Australia could meritoriously qualify to embark on a multi million dollar Class Action against the State of South Australia for reckless indifference to inadequate emergency and mental health beds, and preventative surgery services, like the  $70Million dollar successful lawsuit for Manus Island RefugeesThe Crown Solicitor's Office of pre-programmed minions will continue to betray Australian residents in support of criminals in parliament, with THEIR calculated legal risk which deduces most people harmed by poor State health care will actually die or be too ill to sue them.

Unlike me who like my Scottish-Irish ancestors are stronger and more resilient than most which is why I persist with my one woman campaign - I HAVE extensive and comprehensive evidence to prove 100% they are remorseless cold-blooded political criminals.

The Australian Labor party and Liberal party of Australia members and supporters murdered Rita Ann Broadway and Crystal Jessica Ross with their power-hungry petty narrow-minded politics just as surely as they all put their hands around each women's neck and strangled them, and you all participated in my attempted murder by spitefully withholding penicillin from me knowing the lack of it would kill me, which is why Rita perished. They forced me into a mental health bed that I didn't need specifically to silence me for weeks on political grounds during election time, while seriously suicidal people like Crystal literally pleaded to get a mental health bed in Adelaide yet  denied that basic legal right to protection from herself, you incompetence caused her to take her own life in absolute desperation YOU pathetic excuse for human kind. You Labor and Liberal people callously murdered Rita Broadway and Crystal Rossand many others, you sicken me to the core of my existence I'd spit on you if I thought you had the capacity for remorse. You're sadistic soulless psychopaths who should NEVER be allowed into positions of power in government because YOU KILL innocent people begging for a health service. Honourable? The dirt you walk on is more worthy of that title than ANY of you scum. Only reason I'd want a god to exist is to see you bastards go to hell for an eternity.


Barrister Victoria Chapman refused to talk to Janette when she asked CHAPMAN for assistance in Feb 2014 when CHAPMAN was Shadow Minister for the Status of Women (from 2011 to 15 March 2014) which is apparently only for immigrant women. Now CHAPMAN is Liberal Party's state Attorney General (AG) since March 2018 election. Can't be because of to due diligence in her prior portfolios. Australian grossly negligent parliamentarians 'pick and choose' their tasks within their elected responsibilities, proved by Janette's plight and the shit many other Australians have to live with due to over 200 consecutive years of BAD government.

It appears CHAPMAN is keen to follow the lead of Labor Party's 60 year old outgoing John Rau (AG 2010-2018) and Labor Party's Michael Atkinson (AG 2003-2010) in refusing to take legal responsibility for criminal or tortious actions of her fellow Government Public Officers via DPP or Crown Solicitor. How's that 'GOOD GOVERNMENT' Prime Minister? Guess it's good for the political parties to disenfranchise and torture Janette, is that how your lawyers interpret good government? Should be a law against parliamentarian using old photos of themselves on parliament’s website. That's another deception they're so very used to, pretending to be younger than they really are.

Appears Australian government's 'best practice' is "no care no responsibility" you get a better warranty from a $7 supermarket toaster than you do from a quarter million dollar 'each year' politicianYou get toast from a toaster but you get toasted by politicians. NOTHING happens in Australia's communities that the politician's political party you voted to control your government doesn't want to happen. Absolutely nothing. Political parties have 100% control over making and enforcing ALL of Australia's laws. 100% control.

Janette's elected member in Federal parliament Amanda Rishworth and elected member in State parliament Christopher Picton (below) both historically intentionally recklessly incompetent within their elected seats, following fellow Labor Party John David Hill's expert guidance.

Circa 2012 in my anti-discrimination suits against South Australia Crown after police refused to charge numerous Government Public Officers for a series of my unlawful imprisonments and trespass to my person, an experienced Adelaide District Court Judge stated in open court words to this effect, “You can't be racially discriminated against in Australia because you're a whiteskin born in Australia.” The Crown agreed. That's the shit impoverished citizens have to put up with on a day to day basis from our lawless Government Public Officers (GPO). These two GPOs participated in an unlawful conspiracy to deny me protections of anti-discrimination law based on my race. Then they agreed to use my first racial discrimination in the face of the District Court, as legal precedent to defeat all of my applications against the Crown.

My member of parliament kept running a local paper advert claiming everyone n entitled to legal advice in South Australia through Community Legal Centres (CLC). State government advertised anyone could get legal advice from Legal Services Commission (LSC). Both CLCs and LSC in Adelaide and free legal advice centres in Adelaide SA, Newcastle and Campbelltown NSW have all informed me they won't provide legal advice to anyone on how to sue government under civil law which includes human rights law unless I'm an asylum seeker. A District Court Judge called me a lair in the face of the court because I repeated  the CLC refusal on how to sue government. So I went to Christies Beach office and recorded their refusal. Campbelltown NSW Legal Aid staff called the police on me (circa 2008) because I was writing down what she was saying she called that unlawfully "recording" the conversation. No bull. Campbelltown uniformed police escorted me and my young children from the building.

There's nothing about me that says I'm violent or even remotely dangerous. Evidently someone was/is telling people I try to get legal and medical assistance from that I'm a variety of “spontaneously aggressive violent mentally unstable and delusional” I say that because of how they react to me in contract to the actual situation. Often after a phone call. As I approached the Health & Community Services Complaints Commission office in Adelaide circa 2008, I saw the woman inside running from the door she'd just locked she hid behind the counter. I stood with my children, nose to the glass wondering what she was doing when a armed security officer arrived to tell me to leave. I gave him my completed complaint form they promptly refused to look at.

Four years later I discovered the State of South Australia and Crown Solicitor's office were harbouring criminally defamatory fraudulant document (for 5 years) that falsely claimed I'd assaulted several medical staff at Ashford hospital then threatened Shane Goodyear with a gun 21 March 2007. By 2012 I'd been denied natural justice and the right of reply to the false claim that was now deeply entrenched in the culture of South Australia's government. Because I've not been able to get that issue to court everyone has decided it must have been true. Police NEVER questioned me so I was totally clueless of the false accusation, exactly like when my stolen photo of my face was published by police as a dead person, same modus operandi. That's the face of political skulduggery designed to intentionally harm someone's reputation for political gain using the full power of a government as only a prominent parliamentarian can.

2010 Janette complained to medical doctor registrar about doctor at this Seaford SA medical centre (above.) AHPRA refused to look at Janette's evidence. 2011 Rishworth gave them a bag of cash. When Janette asked to see a different doctor at the same medical centre to get penicillin for face/ear infection, (see 2011 face infection photo above) they refused Janette access to any doctor, stating that because Janette complained to AHPRA about one doctor there, she was banned from seeing any other doctor there forever. In same week multiple doctors in Janette's local area had also illegally refused Janette penicillin for the same very visible face/ear infection.

Amanda Rishworth and then State Minister for Health John Hill, 3rd from left above, (Janette's then State member in parliament) both sided with doctors on Janette's penicillin ban - effectively a criminal political conspiracy to murder Janette where money changed hands. Christopher Picton had worked at Rishworth's office, he slid into John Hill's criminal mindset when he was elected on the back of the Labor Party in John Hill's old Kaurna State electorate in 2013. Only thing they're good at is that broad fake smile.

Janette had lodged official complaints with the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption in Adelaide South Australia. ICAC deemed no corrupt conduct. Police refuse to investigate falsely claiming Janette has mental illness and imagined these assaults. Adelaide civil courts refuse to allow Janette her legal to file common law civil suits against anyone. Adelaide lawyers refuse to represent Janette, including ex-senator Nick Xenophon's legal office. 

July 2018 Prime Minister makes a good move by calling for the sacking of someone who covered up child sex crimes for some decades. Doesn't that mean politicians who cover up serious crimes for political reasons should also get the flick? Yes it does.

Australia's news media refuse to publicise these human rights and 'public interest' issues involving politically supported criminal psychopathic medical staff entrusted with your life in Adelaide's health system. Political leaders of Liberal Party, Labor Party, Greens Party and One Nation Party all refuse to help Janette gain access to reasonable medical care and her natural legal rights in Australia. 

Its this poison politics in Australia that attempted to murder Janette Gail Francis in 2011 and 2012 and successfully murdered both Rita Ann Broadway and Crystal Jessica Ross in January 2015 by refusing to provide them both with reasonable medical services because the culture in Australian health care is that the health practitioner is ALWAYS right. 

Rita and Crystal both died in January 2015 due to the politically incompetent state of medical services in South Australia's capitol city, Adelaide. Both went to a public hospital literally begging for access to emergency life saving health services. Both had their life stolen because they were refused that life saving service.

These events are a direct result of the now dominant culture in Adelaide South Australia which deems servicing false-honest reputations for political parties and other corporations actually enjoys the highest priority for politicians, over and above the health, welfare and safety of non-party South Australians.

Adelaide politicians were already covering up serious Health SA crimes when I arrived in Adelaide some 14 years ago. South Australia's health ministers which includes John David Hill effectively pulled the proverbial trigger that took the lives of Rita and Crystal, and many others.

Adelaide police ministers ensure police never investigate political negligence and human rights violations as dominant cause of injury and preventable deaths in Health SA service provision. Sounds like Nazi party to me.

Adelaide's parliamentarians feel no remorse over the inadequate level of health services, proven by the longevity of the inadequate level of Health SA care. They've proved they're more interested in their own career, their own wealth creation, their own public profile and their own hero story, than the provision of the basic human right to sufficient emergency care, physical and mental health services in Adelaide, let alone the rest of the state. 


This is a social decay that's been allowed to fester for decades. Parliamentarians have criminally neglected their elected responsibility for political allocation of appropriate health services. Yet they have the audacity to put their grubby hands out to accept a constant flow of politicians pay increases, despite the constant occurrences of negligent death and negligent suffering of their non-party constituents. That's not the image of democracy.

Parliamentarians actively support criminal torture and other human rights violations by forcing inadequate medical services on residents.  Legally, that's either criminal negligence or intentional reckless indifference. 

The blame for inadequate emergency and mental health services rests 100% at the feet of Adelaide's politicians who allow employment of psychopaths with medical degrees in Health SA as direct result in negligent legislation. We all know I can prove irrational psychopaths are in the majority in our medical industry.

Parliamentarians should fund advertisements via mainstream news outlets to disclose to the electorate the whole truth about the state of State health services. Instead they intentionally lie. Despite knowing the system is in dire straits they incompetently allocate billions to a new medical RESEARCH centre instead of the new HOSPITAL making the new RAH just as shitty as the old one. Proving the RAH was a diversion for illegal medical research. 

Politicians are supposed to be the voice of the community in a democracy. Not the case in Australia here politicians are the fist of their political parties. 

The plights of Rita and Crystal are constantly repeated across Australia, due 100% to Australia's political-party-centered criminal based culture I've experienced for the entirety of my 60 something years. It won't change unless YOU do the right thing.

Clearly every Australia doesn't count, that's just another bipartisan criminal fraud carried by a neverending line of brainless politicians.

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Header Video:

19 June 2012 Janette Francis telephoned the electorate office of her elected member of state parliament, John David Hill. Janette told the first person who answered to call, her name and her complaint. The first person went away and got the older woman who, presumably, was also employed at John David Hill's Kaurna state area electoral office. The second electoral office employee is first person you hear speak and the one who admits John David Hill was too busy as three state parliament Ministers to represent his constituents in his state electorate in Kaurna, she hung up on Janette when the penny drops and she eventually realised that's exactly what she said as she continually spoke over Janette. See


Circa 20 June 2012 Janette published this conversation on her then current website (Skirts In Parliament.) John David Hill was also the state Minister for Health. 


21 January 2013 John David Hill resigned from politics securing a huge lifelong parliamentary pension. Securing considerable financial reward simply for being an irresponsible unconstitutional elected arsehole on an undefined seat in state parliament. His resignation meant his electoral office staff also got the flick. It could be argued that John David Hill's parliamentary pension is 'proceeds of crime'.


22 January 2014 state Health employees illegally detained Janette under the State Mental Health Act with no legal excuse which became the continuation of the criminal political vendetta against Janette by a never ending line of politically motivated Australian psychopaths.

See Some call them 'Minions'.


Janette's state and federal member of parliament are members of the Labor Party since March 2018. Even when they were both controlling governments they refused to represent Janette in parlaiment, just kissed babies and arses. Now the Liberal Party controlls both, Federal and State governments in her electorate, THIS is what the appropriate 2018 Liberal party Ministers (and Janette's Labor Party dominated residential communityhave to say about Janette's illegal criminal torture in breach of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) and Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1953 (SA.)

Decades of an illegal criminal political vendetta against Janette by Labor and Liberal party supporters and their politicians. I'd spit on them if I thought they had a conscience, in their brain the lights are on but no-one's home, they're alien to human emotions.

Drug addicts lie to get money for drugs. Politicians lie to get money for undisclosed purpose. Politician's lies are legal, even when they lie about where they intend to spend money that's not theirs. Tax payer money. The evidence in this website alone strongly suggests politicians, particularly Ministers, lie in parliament about where they have already spent tax payer money.

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