Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

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Quote: “The mastoid is an uncommon site for foreign bodies to impact. A rare case of foreign body right mastoid, which had exposed the sigmoid sinus and presented after eight years.” Source:

That's the same as my 2006 MRI scan of my head but mine was NOT reported. In medical industry "research" there are no coincidences. So lets look at the sinister similarities:

In above story relayed by a Dr Ahmed from India  the patient was male aged 33 in 1988 working in coalmine when foreign item exploded into his head lodging in his right ear mastoid. His head was not scanned in CT which was available then. The item was removed in 1998 without any further drama some 10 years after it occurred but was reported as 8 years presentation to doctors and despite the obvious prior injury his head was not properly examined for 2 MORE YEARS.

In my own story I'm female aged 32 in 1988 when I was the common law wife of a coalminer and when I was surgically raped by a Dr Ahmed from India who later participated in the 1998 illegal implantation of a foreign item in my left ear mastoid that's still there today despite my efforts to have it removed and Dr Ahmed's (terrorist) efforts to have me indefinitely and illegally imprisoned by criminally false use of the Mental Health Act after I presented to doctors 8 years after the event for the MRI in 2006 that was falsely reported with no foreign item and no infection its now 22 years after my criminal assault injury and I'm no closer to a resolve than in 1998.

No I don't live in communist Russia or China or an impoverished 3rd world country but I can imagine the government medical officers typing on their internet social media sites that I should swap my life for someone in a 3rd world country because they'd be glad to be me. Sure. I'd like to see them swap their life so we'd be rid of the lowlife parasites in Australian government public office. Or just piss off back to whence they came. Yes I just wrote that. This has probably been "my country" for much longer than its been yours. I arrived here in AUSTRALIA at the Cooma NSW port as “crew” on a vaginaboat back in ye 'old 1956.

I discovered my left ear mastoid infection on 5 May 2006; some 8 years after a series of government "terrorist sponsored" illegal implant was inserted in my head circa 1998; yes, to accomplish a "political cause" without any legal authority whatsoever and supported despite The Criminal Code by government public officers in positions of authority in both ensuing Labor and Liberal controlled governments. That's homeland terrorism and it's happening right now in 2020 Australia.

Refer to the business card images linked here: NO "blind faith belief" required the facts prove the accusation.

Domestic violence from government public officers is the personification of TERRORISM.

What public officers in Australian governments are doing to me is EXACTLY same as being in a very violent domestic relationship, only there's too many of them to hide from and here's no one to go to for help. They are the doctors, the police, the court staff, the health department.They have had NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to do anything they've done to me, yet this has been going on since the 1980s. They've stolen my Torrens Title residence, with State police assistance they illegally changed the locks to refuse me access and and refused me State compensation by refusing me access to legal advice. They stole my Mazda 929 it was insured but not for Labor party organised crime which included local police and the NSW Fair Trading department. They sexually assaulted me and my children and told me I had to "mediate" with the "assailant". They stole all my possessions twice once inside my Torrens title then inside a storage unit some years later. They stole my right to have a driving licence. They block my access to medical services so I've NEVER got treatment to correct the physical injuries inflicted by State police when they arrested me illegally because I slapped an undercover cop on the hand after he pushed me on the shoulder into the door of a female public toilet in 2007 the day after I turned 51.

Others arrested me multiple times when I was in my 40s because I complained State police illegally ransacked my home after using State housing to illegally force entry. Then they said in NSW housing Tribunal that was all OK to deem I'd abandoned my occupied residence because “one day” I was going to vacate the house, that's literally written in the State record. He dislocated my shoulder and thumb and tried to snap my forearm as his girlfriend held my arms and he'd straddled my back, with my face to concrete.

As a State public housing resident they've recently and repeatedly attempted to use physical force and legal process to make me to have a face to face consultation with State housing and mental health staff, alone, inside my residence claiming its in their fictitious illegal lease. The illegal expired STATE GOVERNMENT lease also dictates the “types” of plants I have to buy for the garden of my house in Seaford Rise Adelaide. The alleged lease that's in breach of the Act also says I'm not to complain if the State decide to tell me any number of strangers are going to share my house. On 24 February 2020 they tried to evict me because I persisted in refusing their “social” contact inside my State housing residence they claim its in my lease that I have to let them inside my residence for social ONLY contact. They secretly 100% fabricated a mental health condition in State health records because I started a private lawsuit. They imprisoned me under mental health Act and forced me to take their drugs to scare me off taking legal action. The court has acted unconstitutionally with direct bias when I've taken them to court, (Health Department, Police Department, Transport Department through their private doctor on a work visa when they illegally cancelled my driving licence because I asked police to investigate medical crimes.) They use my State housing “police protected” neighbour across the road to harass me on a personal basis and unlawfully keep me “under surveillance” so I never feel safe even inside my own home.

They are hundreds of spineless cowards whose affiliations are with the Liberal and Labor party separately, spineless criminal aggressors who hide behind the skirts of parliament, not one has the courage to face me in a legally convened State civil court, because that creature doesn't exist when the defendant is the State, or another government who insist Australian residents don't have any "constitutional" rights whatsoever to object to being surgically raped for a "political cause" and target of repeated terrorist attacks as the government's "Irish Patsy" even pulling out the outrageous 2017 claim my paternal great grandfather's last name was (Irish) COFFEY not FRANCIS and his male parent was a Sydney policeman. All dogs like to piss on stuff to mark a claim of territory. So, where's my alleged NSW “police Coffey family” to support me against terrorist police? No doubt full-of sadistic narcissistic bullshit like the rest of Australian police public officers.

Domestic violence from government public officers is the personification of “terrorism” and “they” each should be imprisoned for the rest of their individually totally worthless life.

Infection around the illegal implant in my head next to my left ear is a silent killer. All I’ve ever felt when it’s been infected is mildly dizzy. I feel that now and am faced with the unreasonable task of finding a doctor to give me a script for antibiotics for the infection around the illegal implant the medical community refuse to publicly acknowledge due to pressure from our psychopathicly sadistic TERRORIST Australian governments in 2020.

I started my Adelaide Supreme Court civil lawsuit in May 2019 Proving her participation in the conspiracy to murder me, Judge Katrina Bochner decided in about October 2019 she would refuse to acknowledge me as a human person with rights to integrity of person and refused to acknowledge my evidence that I've been surgically raped with illegal implant in my brain and had infection in my head.


The court appointed a junior judge to this important human rights anti-terrorism civil suit against their own government, proving the Chief Justice's own participation in his government's  conspiracy to murder me.


THIS LINK Janette Gail FRANCIS v Alison Barbara Jane COLE and Gpaxis Pty Ltd. stored in the 4 folders are my documents JUDGE KATRINA BOCHNER unconstitutionally REFUSED to acknowledge, in her document and the documents put by the defence that were baseless which she criminally accepted, as a participating TERRORIST inside government, as ALL the facts she needed to decide my application under Australian law to the highest State Court.



THIS WEBSITE REQUIRES LARGE MONITOR - NOT SUITABLE FOR MOBILE PHONE VIEWING.                                    Definition of a Australian terrorist activity defined here.

You know when you’re being “targeted” (fuked over) by an Australian State government with terrorist assaults when the State health department and the State court says its ok for doctors NOT to follow federal government protocol for medical examinations.


This link is COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA health department’s expected outcomes when you have nerve pain; and this is my saved PDF of the page in case it changes.

In 2019 went to a Seaford Heights SA doctor (Ms) Anh Mai Duong, I had extreme nerve pain in my back forcing me to walk with 2 walking sticks, when I was able to walk. I had numbness in my foot, she discovered I had no nerve reflexes in either knee and ankle, she thought I was faking it so I looked away as she bashed my legs looking for a response and found none. Still this sadistic bitch did nothing apart from scripts for mild pain relief and telling me off for taking them as she directed when I went back for another script. I asked her to refer me for a MRI but she refused. She wanted me to have Xrays or CT which is stronger Xrays but I refused on the grounds I have already been overexposed to Xrays by other equally criminally negligent medical doctors in Adelaide.


This link is COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA health department’s expected outcomes when a doctor examines your mental health; and this is my saved PDF of the page in case it changes.

In 2018 I was "ordered" to the Seaford Meadows SA doctor (Ms) Alison Barbara Jane COLE for medical examination or loose my driving licence if I refused. COLE told government she believed I had mental illness, but she did that without conducting even this basic test. She conducted no test at all. She just looked at this website and claimed she couldn’t see anything abnormal in the images of me on the outside and in MRI in the header of this page. COLE “diagnosed” me as “delusional” because I “believed” I can see abnormalities in the images. COLE was a UK doctor on an Australian work visa. I suspect she has full citizenship buy now after having agreed to participate in terrorism against this Australian citizen. You don't need to take my word that COLE didn't examine my mental health as the federal governmentb expects, COLE filed copy of her examination notes via her lawyer, LINKED HERE she's the 1st Defendant.

South Australia government illegally and permanently cancelled my driving licence I’d had since 1973 with no incident because I “believe” I have had an unreported infection around an illegal implant and an illegal implant and that can be seen in MRI and I “believe” I have other implants as evidenced by my nerve pain in my spine and lack of notable nerve signals to my knees and feet.


As you can see from the FRANCIS v COLE, folder link the South Australia government also illegally supports TERRORISM, TO ADVANCE THEIR POLITICAL CAUSE.


Under Australain law a "terrorist act" means an action or threat of action where (that): 

  1. causes serious harm that is physical harm to a person; or
  2. causes serious damage to property; or 
  3. causes a person's death; or
  4. endangers a person's life, other than the life of the person taking the action; or 
  5. creates a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a section of the public; or
  6. seriously interferes with, seriously disrupts, or destroys, an electronic system including, but not limited to:
    1. a telecommunications system or;
    2. a financial system; or
    3. a system used for the delivery of essential government services; or
    4. a system used for, or by, an essential public utility; or
    5. a system used for, or by, a transport system.