Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

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When a woman is murdered its most likely those who believe in their own mind that THEY OWN HER  like her father or her husband or her ex boyfriend or her government.

A section 50 search is used to find beneficiaries of a deceased person's estate so that assets can be distributed. Under Section 50 of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1995 (NSW), a Section 50 search certifies whether or not the deceased person is recorded as being a parent of any children.

All Owen had to do was give me due respect and I would have stood by him as he didn't me.

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My children know, or ought to know, I love them all with all my heart and love them all equally. I have told them all many times to make sure they knew their mother loved them unconditionally. Even if their dad didn't. I never said their dad didn't love them, ever. I always encouraged my children to have a relationship with their dad but when they were in danger from him, the children came first.


This website is written for 2 reasons. So my family will know the truth, and so I have already logically ordered in my mind matters I need to take to court in the best interests of my family and in the public interest. Any comment anyone wants to make about this website will be totally ignored for the above 2 reasons. To requote an old movie line,

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."


Like the charecter, Rhett Butler, when you've had your 'heart' totally broken you become at risk of being bitter and hurtful or worse still, immune to any future 'true love'. Personally, I believe psychology should be the prime 'core' subject throughout school, from primary to high. Learning about the paramount influence in your life, people, is more important than learning about art or music geography, Knowing the psychology of people would allow students a better understanding of our history, our art, and our music. But most of all it would give them the tools to pick better partners and thereby reduce the rate of broken families and unhappy children who grow up into badly behaved adults repeating the cycle or poor choices.


Lets go public about my children's fathers so the lies won't continue. My oldest son was fathered by a teenage love who was trying to chalk up the number of girls he could get pregnant. He shall remain unidentified as we were both children and I was 17. The next 2 were fathered by my husband Bob, (William Robert Peters) when we were married. The last 2 were fathered by Owen Hall during our defacto relationship. 


I decided to have a one night stand after Owen, so that Owen would not be the last person I was intimate with before I died. You will be forgiven for thinking that Bob was the only one I loved. I fell deeply for Bob, that's true. But my first, (platonic) love happened when I was 15, he turned away from me after I was raped in September 1971 believing the false rumours I consented to being raped. He shall remain nameless. Which is why my 'heart' completely broke after Bob, my 3rd 'true love'. Soon after I met Bob, who I fell in love with 'at first sight' we heard the '12th of Never' song on the radio. I told Bob Peters that was how deeply I loved him and he said he loved me the same in return. I knew he was being honest from everything he did. But my Freemason dad was totally against our union. After we separated due to his sudden violence after being criminally brainwashed by a Freemason psychologist, my brain refused to 'fall in love' again, proving 'true love' is all in the mind. I rejected love mostly because I knew Freemasons tore Bob Peters and myself apart and started to suspect they had done the same with my last 2 'true loves'. Masons are like Muslims, they have a driving need to be in control of their women, as if that's the only reason for their existence.


Every man I met thereafter was compared to my first love aged 15. If I hadn't had my virginity stolen from me by my dad when I was 2 years old, if I hadn't been raped by another child when I was 9, if I wasn't raped by police children from Campbelltown High school when I was 15, I would have been more than a virgin in my 'heart' when I became pregnant to my oldest child's dad when we were 17.


Probably since 1980s my then defacto Owen Hall was spreading lies about me behind my back to cover up for what he was doing, in the event I found out. For instance, Owen knew I still loved my husband Bob Peters but that I couldn't live with him because he had a 'violent' alcoholic. I made no secret of that. I didn't continue the physical relationship with Bob in fact I hid from him as often as I could making the decision to stay off the electoral roll so he couldn't find me.


Owen pleaded with me to divorce Bob so we could get married. I wasn't convinced it would work not due to my personality, due to Owen's, he was 8 years younger in age and a lot younger mentally. I started to convince myself that if he was so keen then he would have my best interests at heart. That was my biggest mistake.


In 1987 Owen hid my contraception pills and in effect forced me to become pregnant. Then he used that to encourage me to divorce Bob. When the divorce process was in Family court I was heavily pregnant which for me was very humiliating. The divorce was granted after I gave birth to Owen's first child. We started making arrangements for the wedding after months had passed Owen made the announcement that he didn't want to marry me after all. I had not changed in any way. It was Owen's plan to get me pregnant so that I would divorce Bob, no other reason.


I got pregnant the second time in a similar manner. It was 5 years since we started living as husband and wife and 2 months after I birthed Owen's second child when I overheard Owen bad mouthing me to one of my older sons who was only 13. I'd had enough. I told Owen to pack his stuff together and get out. He'd only brought his clothes and a car to the relationship. I'd financially supported him during the first year as he was finishing his mining electrical apprenticeship with Clutha Limited.


Owen's only response when I told him to leave was in reference to money I was expecting, he expressed his disappointment that he would not get a share of that money. Indicating to me that was the only reason he was living with me. Owen had been illegally drugging me from the time I was pregnant to the time I left him eventually in 1996. Before that I was unable to get a clear head long enough to remember what he'd been doing and be able to focus to arrange the get away.


Owen got rohyptnol scripts from Dr MR Ahmed. I saw the name of the drug on a box from the chemist. At that time I didn't know what it was but had remembered that Owen had asked some of his more seedy friends in Leumeah for some roofies. This was when he was drugging me for pornographic videos after I refused to pose for them.


At the time I had no idea what he was talking about to his friends in reference to videos and the roofies. I never bothered to learn about illegal drugs as that held no interest to me. It happened some months before we finally separated permanently. My oldest son came back to live at my house in The Oaks and brought his teenage girlfriend, Angela, on agreement with her mother. From what Angela said to me it appears that Owen convinced her he owned my real estate, the house we were all living in. I told her that I owned it which eventually brought to light that Owen, then aged 31, had conned 17 year old Angela to have sex with him on the promise that she could share in the ownership of my real estate.


Let me repeat that another way. Owen seduced his step-son's live in girlfriend specifically to get her consent to predatory sex on promise of something he could not deliver to her. My son was devastated his world fell apart. Apart from the betrayal, I wasn't heart broken. My heart had already been broken by Bob and it never mended even still. I was outraged for my son who himself was also devastated by the betrayal of his step-father and his girl friend.


Some thoughtless relative made the out of character comment that Owen had to have sex with Angela after spending 10 years with me, considering I was 'so old' (39). Naturally I was left speechless after that. It was a time of back to back outrages clearly designed to make it impossible for me to know what was going on as well. The Brothers In Arms book with Owen's and my photos as murder victims. I'd overheard enough to be able to piece things together as the extra information unfolded over the years.


After 1995 Owen and Angela and went on to lie and lie their faces off about me and my children. Angela's mum worked at Wollondilly Shire Council. Her parents were separated and her dad, also a coal miner, lived at The Oaks with his new partner and frequented the local pub where I only went once. I suspect I was the only one who didn't knew what Owen was up to. The videos were circulated around the coal mines and the local police as far away as Sydney probably further who knows.


Few years later Owen married a women 5 years older than me he'd moved in with her 6 months after we separated in 1996. She too already owned real estate. In 2004 I moved 1,500 kilometres to get away from Owen's lies, but my heart remained in New South Wales with my older children.


In 2009 Owen's only wife, Robyn M Noonan Hall JP, wrote the criminally defamatory letter, (link) about me and my children, addressed to my youngest child's high school teacher in Christies Beach South Australia. I've titled 'Evil Step-Mother'. Until this website, only place I spoke about what Owen did to me was in Family Court as noted by the evil step-mother, Robyn M Noonan Hall JP.


I became acutely aware that multiple people were being brainwashed to harm me, when I tried to file subpoenas in Family Court to discover what was going on with my Torrens title real estate before I filed for bankruptcy. A female court staffer said to me, verbatim, “You just want to get back at him.” As if its any of her business. If I was filing in compliance with the Act any motive I have is irrelevant. Revenge was not my motive, justice in the case was and still is my only motive.


My lawful subpoenas were refused. Judge Lloyd Dengate Stacy Waddy a Freemason politician and royalist, refused me my legal right to property settlement on my real estate knowing Owen Hall had illegal possession, 100% in breach of the Family Law Act, that's evidence of a criminal conspiracy in my mind.


The Family Law Act said at that time, (1998-2001) that property settlement between defacto couple can be determined only when they had children, and matters concerning the children were before the court. Owen's application to the Family Court was to have a court order for visitation days.


Contrary to Robyn M Noonan Hall's lies, Owen Hall never applied for custody. He told me many times he never wanted to be a father. He told his children he never wanted to see them again when they were 5 and 8 just before he applied to the court to get visitation. He was using his children to harm me. The children, (aged 5 and 8) were waving him goodbye at my place about 6 months after we separated. They came in both sobbing their little hearts out both screaming to me at the same time with what he had just said to them.


Making me pregnant was just a necessary part for Owen to gain access to my real estate and destroy my reputation at the behest of police Freemasons associated with the BROTHGERS IN ARMS book, one of them lived a stones throw away from my house at The Oaks, (Sydney police detective Bob Bradbury.) I say Detective Bradbury was a criminal accomplice with Owen Hall to procure sex videos of me for the purpose of defaming me as I had no dark past. I say they conspired with their friends, (coal miners and police) to pack rape me after illegally drugging me.


I can remember only slivers of being raped by multiple strangers inside my own bedroom, and being posed naked for photos unable to move my body.


A neighbour told me they heard me screaming 'last night' and wondered if I was alright. Which explained why I woke with a soar throat, hopefully, the alternative is unthinkable. Helping me 'last night' would have been preferable. He said he knew Owen was there so he figured I was OK. He said he saw Owen come home with several others. He said there were a lot of cars parked at my house 'last night'.


This is only half of the trauma Owen Hall inflicted upon me. Its true I didn't love Owen with great passion, but like in any arranged marriage, I loved him enough, evidently more than he loved me. I supported Owen in everything he did that was legal. I encouraged him to better himself and make a life outside the coal mines. He repaid me by desecrating me in every way possible.


Unless I see his rotting lifeless body in a coffin, I won't believe Owen Hall is dead, especially after seeing a person his general age and build in my local supermarket months ago, (before Council election) a man who saw me in the distance at other end of isle and changed isles several times to avoid contact. I changed isles at the same time forcing contact. Fate caused me to see him getting into an old 1970s greenish coloured car. 


I have purposely not attempted to make friends in Adelaide every time I have it appears they accept some manner of bribe to be an arsehole to me, else everyone are naturally arseholes. You know who you are! So why would anyone avoid me unless they're part of the group criminally stalking me and believe I would recognise them if we passed in a shopping centre or in a supermarket.


My life proves that criminal conspiracies manifest from government public officers who are also members of a political organisation, a trade union, or vocation association, or masonic lodge, or religion, or any group where membership demands solidarity with the group, above all else.

The substance of the loan to Owen Hall was that is was an unsecured personal loan. I filed for bankruptcy because Owen refused to leave my house, police and courts refused to help me evict him. Physically Owen is much larger than me, (click here) I had no hope of personally forcing Owen out of my house and no brother or male friend who would stand by me. I needed to force their hand to find out what was going on as I didn't have all the documents you see here. I specifically chose ITSA because they were a federal government trustee in bankruptcy. Reasonably knowing that they would be able to address this real estate fraud and force police action. However that they did not proves that they joined this criminal conspiracy of which the intent was to steal my Torrens title real estate fo force me into homelessness and dependent on rental property for my long term residence eventually forcing me into the clutches of state government housing department so they can interfere with my day to day life whenever they choose. Which is exactly what has happened and is still happening almost 30 years later with my legal rights as a Torrens title holder and an Australian totally and completely out of my grasp at every stage because the persons controlling this Australia are criminally rotten to the core, res ipsa loquitor, the matter speaks for itself. The property was valued at $180,000 but ITSA sold it to Owen Hall for $25,000 in the year 2000 despite all my debts were covered by that illegal sale I was not released from bankruptcy for the entire seven years. It sold again in 2001 for $180,000 ITSA may have changed their name to AFSA but these federal government crime remains the same, premeditated conspiracy to commit real estate fraud, and real estate fraud, creating false documents, concealing crime, deceit, breach of public office etc.

When you see the evidence of what they've all done to me, all these people not directly connected to each other, then you look at our written laws, you have to come face to face with the reality that the people employed or elected in government are all full of shit, and Australian law isn't even any good for toilet paper.


Quick lesson on LAND LAW in Australia

  • Mortgagor is a debtor who grants the mortgage over their property as, eg: a Torrens title holder.
  • Mortgagor can NOT grant the mortgage over the property if they are NOT the title holder. Only the title holder can grant a mortgage over the property.
  • Mortgagee is a creditor who receives security for the mortgage, eg: bank, credit union, building society.
  • Mortgagee can NOT receive security of a mortgage from someone who is NOT the title holder of that security.


  • The TWO mortgage loans seen linked to images on the right granted by the Camden New South Wales branch of the then Macarthur Mutual Credit Union, staff, were BOTH unlawful, ie: there was no legal excuse to grant either mortgage loans to Owen Hall. Proof that Macarthur Credit Union general manager Graham Holby knew fully about these criminally illegal loans comes from the fax he sent in his own handwriting, as see in the last image link in red and confirmed in writing in 2010 by a representative of the credit union now known as 'The Mac'. 

Its hard for me to complete my law degree, insomuch that I'm forced to relive every evil deed done to me with most classes. But the circumstances demand that I do learn every legal perspective on just about everything in Australian law, in order to secure access to my legal rights. How absurd is that! My then defacto, (Owen Hall, deceased) refused to leave my real estate when we split up, (1996) ten years after we begun co-habitation in my Torrens title residence in The Oaks, New South Wales.


I suspect he was trying to secure 'adverse possession' as a squatter as he had some friends in the legal industry. He illegally changed the locks on my house denying me access.  New South Wales police department representatives allowed him to retain possession despite that I had complained he was trespassing. No lawyer would assist me to take out an unlawful trespass civil suit. There was no other way to get him out. When he obviously felt confident he was in full possession of my real estate he attempted to have the rates changed from my name, (Janette Gail Francis) to his name, this was when I was still a councillor in the same area, the staff informed me of his attempts. They thought it was very amusing that I was unable to do anything to regain possession of my real estate.


The State of New South Wales, effectively, through illegal enforcement of Australian law, criminally assisted Owen Hall in his theft of my real estate. Forcing me to declare bankruptcy, (1999) just to stop the lawlessness from continuing. His legal centre girlfriend, (Ms Robyn Noonan-Hall JP) wrote many false claims in her defamatory letter, (2009) to my children's South Australia, Christies Beach, school teacher including that 'no one forced me to leave' the abusive relationship.


Court resolution of this and many other legal wrongs have been denied me by Australian government public officers over the decades resulting in one long callous lawless vendetta against me and my children. But why? What is at the bottom of their insistence on denying me access to most of my legal rights? 


Evidence that my children have been brainwashed came from a photo I saw recently of Owen Hall with one of my adult children and their new born baby, circa 2008. Owen is not blood related to that adult child or the baby, that Adult child never sought to have a photo of me, the child's biological mother with the baby despite that I was the sole carer of that adult child from age 5 and that child used to adore me as their loving mother until one day in 1997 then everything changes without no event between me and that adult child. That was our last Christmas as a family. Now my adult children, (falsely) blame me for everything claiming I was 'bludging off' Owen Hall, and that Owen Hall was my 'gravy-train' and see thieving lying backstabbing Owen Hall, as a the perfect hero he never was capable of being.

Please read the text at the base of the Youtube videos, its the same for all 3 you'll see in my website I'm still paying a heavy price for being an unrecognised victim of serious crime perpetrated by government employees.