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Janette Gail Francis
Janette Gail Francis
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illegal implant over Janette's ear since 1990s when resident in NSW
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The purpose of this website is to attract people who give a shit about the fate of select Australian people so deemed 'calculated wastage' in the process of securing political power.


Or mabe attract professionals trained in court practices for Common Law torts, and people skilled in medical surgery, so I may freely access their services and encourage them to act for the common good by assisting me to regain what is rightfully mine, control over my own body and compensation from the government for their part in human trafficking involving me and my children as the trafficked items.


I need lawyers to sue the States of South Australia and New South Wales for medical negligence as my hand has been dislocated for over TEN YEARS after a (**court proven) illegal state police arrest in 2007.


I need lawyers to sue the State of South Australia for illegally holding me for (months) falsely using the mental health Act to politically silence me prior to the last State election in 2014.


I need medical surgeons to remove the illegally sponsored implanted medical research apparatus, then I'll need lawyers again.

My Story

Things haven't changed much in the ensuing years since Culloden and Australia's takeover by British citizens. Some of my own blood family have joined in on the inhumane political battle against me and my children to illegally suppress us after I publicly outed them for their inhumane crimes. On it goes the faces and clothes have changed but the fight for justice is still the same, res ipsa loquitur the facts speak loudly to verify the allergations.


Those geographically close to me in 1988, assisted by the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party of Australia, manufactured criminal defamations about me. These defamations were in retaliation to me taking legal action against m Freemason male parent in historically, a period when police were ALL Freemasons and most knew my male parent as a fellow Freemason.

See official New South Wales Attorney General's Department letters (left) dated from January 1989 to February 1990. The legal action was the AVO the Freemason Camden NSW magistrate illegally refused to hear my evidence for and illegally threw it out of the court because he had been a fellow Freemason at Camden Lodge NSW with my male parent, so the long-time Camden NSW Magistrate said himself in court on 6 March 1990. How else would I know that information!

The initial 1988 complaint and the 1990 litigation in Camden local court NSW was between my male parent and myself in my maiden name Francis. It NEVER involved my mother and NEVER involved my defacto. Joining everyone in close proximity is historically what our predominately Freemason Australian government has done to protect their fellow Freemason members from blame in the court process or anywhere else they have jurisdiction.

The Apprehended Violence Order application sought by me under the name Janette Francis against my male parent Mr Francis, because I caught him in the act of sodomy with my baby-in-arms in April 1988. I sought to protect my four children but the criminal paedophile supporting Freemason magistrate refused to allow my children that protection. The Attorney General wanted me to mediate incest and sodomy of an infant. Still makes my blood boil.

This Freemason Paedophilia link in the State court system is what Labor and Liberal government politicians and police have refused to investigate then, now and every day in between. 

That's why I was surgically raped, and criminally defamed on many levels, because I continued to speak out against the Freemason paedophilia secret since I remembered my own 1959 rape as a child after the birth of my first child. I've said it before and I maintain the stance that anyone who stands against me, supports these actions of government protected pedophilia which includes: Harvey and Helen and John and Kris and Trish and Mick demonstrated by their unreasonable Facebook comments on my post despite the evidence. Documents not limited to those published on this website, obviously to protect the innocent children which also unintentionally protects the guilty government public officers.


The local pedophile supporters, (Freemason extended families) include the people resident on the north west corner of William and Mary Streets, The Oaks NSW; police detective Robert Peter Bradbury and his family, including his wife who worked at Department of Social Security, Centrelink office in Camden NSW where she stole my file and replaced it with criminal defamations that persist today in 2017, and the people on Montpellier Drive The Oaks NSW known as Lorrie Armstrong and Lorraine Armstrong. Lorraine was seen by several people after her alleged car accident death on Looms Hill The Oaks, days before I had seen Lorraine in a Camden NSW supermarket and openly called out to her as I recognised her as Leanne Walters from my place of employment in 1984, at Visyboard Warwick Farm NSW. Leanne Walters is the faked person NSW Labor Party used to steal my visual identity for their fabricated story about the 1984 shootings at the Sydney south Beaconsfield pub known as Viking Tavern, near Milperra where the evidence tells us police unlawfully killed people and called it a bikie massacre. Lorrie Armstrong was said to be a teacher in panel beating at Miller TAFE NSW, in his shed in Montpellier Drive, he had the Pontiac hearse pictured in the book called, 'Brothers In Arms the inside story of two bikie gangs' that was written from a NSW police perspective, the book was authored by evil distant cousin Lindsay Simpson.


It became painfully obvious to me the government in South Australia was criminally corrupt when they refused to give me any paperwork for their involuntary detention of me at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (state government) on 21 March 2007, ending on 22 March 2007. I had shown Shane Goodyear the cable over me ear (see photo left) he had me and my teenage child criminally battered and pinned to the floor of the Ashford private hospital as we were trying to leave then he wrote the document dated 21 March 2007 which the South Australian government with held from me for (5) five years in criminal breach of the legislation under which it's authority is claimed as justification for my involuntary detention at Royal Adelaide Hospital on 21 March 2007, ending on 22 March 2007 - because they knew it was criminally defamatory (intentionally false). So all I had to do was prove the link to the government of New South Wales in this matter and I had proof of an unlawful conspiracy. I did that with the criminally false report of the Liverpool (state government) hospital radiology department on 17 March 2008, and they refused to give me that written radiology report for almost (2) two years.


As we know Australian police have been continuously evil and corrupt since well before the savagery at Ballarat VIC and the Eureka Stockade murders in 1850s and perpetually after Federation in 1901 to this very day in the 21st century. When I complained in 2004 that Leisa Bradbury had illegally broken into my public housing residence in Goulburn NSW after a criminal employed at the Goulburn office gave my ex-defacto a key to my residence, and he used it when I was home, I complained to Goulburn police, the home of the police training Academy in NSW, they arrested me with offensive conduct on false charges but the Goulburn magistrate honoured the police false charges and I was refused a lawyer. They ordered me to leave NSW where I had some support and go to Adelaide where I had none. In Adelaide the Labor party members and police continued to ambush and attack me and my children without any legal authority in the same way they did in NSW, but the Labor Party State public officers and parliament allowed it to happen and still protect these political criminals to this day in December 2017.

What many people don't realise because they do it by stealth, the medical industry in Australia is just as criminally corrupted as the police and the parliament. After one criminal police attack in 2007 I ended up with a dislocated shoulder when police officer and South Australian public officer Timothy Cooper pushed hand into the back of my head pressing on my elbow, and tore the AC joint in my shoulder (like left image) when he dislocated it. That was undiagnosed for 2 years, after diagnosis they refused to treat me. Likewise I also sustained a dislocated thumb in the same 2007 criminal attack (like the one left) which doctors refuse also to treat. The rare type of CNC joint dislocation, (thumb) was caused by Cooper pushing my thumb against my wrist until it popped out. It just keeps getting more painful as the years roll on and it's not arthritus exclusively, I can't grip anything significant with the dislocated thumb without excruiating pain, after doing anything moderate with the thumb it aches and has sharp stabbing nerve pain for hours after.

Evidently, the reason the government have refused to fix my dislocated thumb, and told private medical practitioners not to fix it, is because they put a tapping implant in the thumb side of the 'V' between my thumb and index finger, the sadistic government of politicians are probably worried that fixing my dislocation will damage their illegal experimental implant. So I've had to live with a painfully dislocated thumb joint in my dominent right hand for over ten (10) YEARS. 

I even went to the HAND CLINIC at the Adelaide, Flinders Public Hospital. The specialist saw the dislocation then blatantly refused to fix my dislocated thumb, telling me I needed to exercise the thumb, after I told her using the thumb caused massive pain. If I start to tell you what I treally think of these sadists, I may lose control.

During the entirity of the criminal assault, I had never resisted, and they had no legal excuse to arrest me in the first instance, (was deemed a false arrest by the court in the hearing they accused me of assaulting them). I was held face down, not resisting by Christine Neilson. They had falsely arrested me so the attack was a criminal one on many levels as I was not resisting, Cooper decided to systematically injure me intentionally. Sadistic mental retard, Timothy Cooper of Christies Beach police station punched my crying 15 year old daughter in the chest to try to make her go away so he had no witnesses. When I got to Christies Beach police station multiple uniformed police pushed on the back of my hand causing me further injury to try to flatten the dislocation for their finger print computer. The Labor Party State court, Adelaide District Court, illegally and unconstitutionally, refused to allow me sue the 'State of South Australia'  for that crime under Common Law Torts. Australian imported and native medical doctors refuse me penicillin and refuse to recognise other criminal attacks that left me a victim of crime with pulsating implants in my ribs and neck and other places which the Liberal Party and Labor Party both insist will stay inside me without any medical use to me and without any legal consent. That's the face of political crimes and terrorism in Australian politics, medical mutilation, like Adolph Hitler and his political gang of thugs. Doctors in NSW Liverpool Hospital and Adelaide all falsely claim my thumb is not dislocated. In effect they are criminally assaulting me themselves by refusing to give me access medical aid that everyone is supposed to get.

I only discovered this year (2017) my Scottish clan ancestry starting with my 2nd Great Grandparents, Scotland's James MacLachlan and Jane MacGregor, and includes 1,000 recorded years of continuous male MacGregors ending with my namesake, Jane and starting with Prince Gregor MacGregor MacAlpin born about 820 and a history back to BC Kings of Wales and Ireland, and includes about 800 years of continual male Campbells from Argyle.

My parents incorectly decided it was best I didn't know my maternal grandmothers maternal grandmother was Jane MacGregor of Kilmarnoch Scotland. Needless to say this ignorance means I have no clan to stand by me today in my time of relentless attack by recalcitrant governments and government backed parasitic residential neighbours in Seaford Rise,  Adelaide South Australia. I note that  my face makes me look more like the daughter of  Rob Roy MacGregor than the daughter of my English ancestor father. I thank strong Scottish genes for that. Perhaps in her own way my mother was trying to tell me by nameing me with a Gaelic sounding second name, Janette Gail Francis.

GG Rob Roy MacGregor's son Ranald married Janet Ghlun Dhubh MacGregor who was the granddaughter of Rob Roy's oldest brother John McConnel Glas  MacGregor, 20 years older than Rob Roy. These MacGregor's are traced as being descendant from early Scottish royalty the McAlpine clan. The mother of these MacGregor brothers was Scotland's  Margaret Campbell 1636-1691.

Similar with the Campbell's, at least twice a Campbell female married a Campbell male, after one married a daughter of Scottish King, GG Robert the Cruse linked to (William Wallace). This male line of Campbell's are also traced back almost 1,000 years ago to Sir Archibald Gillespic Campbell born about 1040, but that's another story.

This story the Australian news media refuse to make public in solidarity with Labor and Liberal parties. Since 1980s through to today in 2017, I've been treated exactly like my MacGregor ancestors when their clan name was outlawed by King James I of England. I've had my Torrens Title land stolen from me in The Oaks NSW. Been driven out of my NSW birth State by a criminally corrupt Labor government.

Been unconstitutionally denied my legal right to use my birth name by South Australia's Labor government public officials at an Adelaide motor registry. Been denied my legal right to medical services by recalcitrant Labor governments and supporting Liberal governments, I've had a dislocated hand for over 10 YEARS now and was refused penicillin many times for a long term infection.

Been illegally arrested and assaulted and defamed by the governments of Australian headed by Labor Party and the Liberal Party politicians in Australia. I stand strong despite their illegal efforts to crush me. My crime? I dared to complain of criminal activities in the government and had the hard evidence to prove it 100%.

Australia is NOT a democracy, it's an oppressive dictatorship masquerading as a democracy. Their activities include inhumane illegal medical experiments on unwilling Australians to sustain a political benefit for their political party in Australia. This I can prove 100%.

In 2017 I showed the Adelaide South Australia Office of Public Integrity for the Independent Commission Against Corruption the equal if a signed confession of criminal abuse of public office for political gain, and they claimed it wasn't corruption because evidently political motivated violence is exempt under the anti corruption laws implemented by the political arm of government.

An almost duplicate circumstance occurred in my complaint to the Sydney ICAC in 2003.

The truth is right here.

I believe everyone running for a position in government should publish their life story. This would have two outcomes or effects, people could know who the candidates are. Publishing their life story means they won't be susceptible to corruption from exposure of some dark secret.

In a TV interview some years ago, famous Australian author Colleen McCollough said she wrote her fiction books at least twice.

Left is my practice run. As my true life stories are naturally distressful to make I've written them many times to get the hurt out of me to try to make sure my telling of the facts are not tainted with hatred and anger and threats of murder as revenge for the intentional harms inflicted on me in the interests of furthering a profits or a political career in Australia.

My second and final copy is about 200,000 words, it's has already been published in draft on the internet, it will bring together all the matters I've previously published on the internet.

Matters for which I've been politically imprisoned many times since 2004 which included my political imposition of an illegal 5 year Apprehended Violence Order and 12 month GOOD BEHAVIOUR BOND against me in the illegal political court Goulburn NSW's Local Court for publicly naming and shaming criminally corrupt NSW police detective, BROTHERS IN ARMS Bob Bradbury who, intentionally, falsely identified me as an associate of the Rebels Motorcycle Club, (criminal defamation) during that court process the Crown successfully argued that my 'Club' brand steering lock sticker was evidence that I had outlaw motorcycle club affiliations as the sticker boasted 'PROTECTED BY THE CLUB'.

These illegal arrests include Goulburn NSW police illegally bursting into our home pointing their loaded pistol at me an my youngest child, then only 12 years old threatening to kill our kelpie pup, and the same child aged 15 witnessing me on another occasion being criminally beaten by other police from Christies Brach, South Australia, who were found in court to have illegally assaulted me but were never charged. With no history of mental illness in my family that child now has bipolar which is claimed to be caused by long term stress, to reduce their liability, after this child was diagnosed they illegally politically detained me, weeks before a State Election in 2014, under their mental health Act (see extract videos right from same event on 22 Jan 2014) which stipulates a person MUST be diagnosed before they can be detained, you hear in the psychiatrist's own voice her admission there was no diagnosis.

Two governments (South Australia and New South Wales) refuse to allow me my Common Law right to prosecute them for numerous assaults, battery, trespass, unlawful imprisonment, and defamations which started because I reported a Freemason paedophile to Freemason police in 1980s Camden, New South Wales, before my youngest child was born.

Matters the Australian press refuse to publicise on political grounds, like they don't matter to any Australian. 

The office for the Independent Commission Against Corruption & police refuse to look at the evidence of political crime (both states). The State & Federal elected members of parliament (both states) including Senators all shamelessly refuse to report these political crimes to parliament. And the Australian news media involving the duopoly Fairfax and Murdoch, shamelessly remain silent on political grounds. The closest thing to Australian law seen was the 2017 obscure sacking of the Labor Party health Minister who illegally ordered me to be politically detained in 2013/4.

I'm not the only one suffering political assaults


I fancy titling the final version of my book something like;

'BROTHERS IN ARMS Australian Political Criminals the Cowards Fight'

with an introduction something like,

'Like taking candy from a baby when there's no competition, when it's an unconscionable easy fight, certain seasoned Australian politicians are in the front line taking a hollow glory they publicly spin as a magnificent achievement for Australia and all Australians.

This sort of illegal immoral and undemocratic behaviour isn't restricted to me, you only have to spend minutes on Facebook to see it's happening in United Kingdom and America and elsewhere in Australia. The problem is the political parties have given themselves too much power. You need to remove that power at the polls and STOP voting the TWO major parties into office. You're the solution to this form of political bullying, politically motivated violence, you and you alone.

The best Facebook short video I've seen is this; 'Its funny how everyone who lies gets popular and everyone that tells the truth is a fucking psycho'


For the record, in case you failed to understand my stated or inferred sentiment, I have never and will never give my express or implied permission or consent to use any of the data gleaned or acquired from these medical experiments on me, whether a corrupt government deems them legal or otherwise. I'm 100% certain the Jewish people tortured or experimented on under Adolph Hitler would have felt exactly the same as me, any reasonable person would think that.


In 1990s I made an official police report to government public officers stating I'd witnessed and been a child victim of child sex crimes perpetrated by close associates of other government public officer police and judiciary who were member of the secret society called FREEMASONS. In response the police refused to write down my complaint, the magistrates refused to process my apprehended violence order, and I was surgically raped in a series of sadistically vindictive vendetta reprisals that are akin to actions of genocide. These reprisals have been harboured by modern day police, legal professionals, and politicians as Ministers in parliament and other sitting members who refuse to bring my plight into parliament, they retaliate against me TOTALLY outside Australian law (see videos left) indicating political involvement in my attacks in today's parliament in the same form the Freemasons were crooked in the 1980s. I note that ex-prime minister Bob Hawke of the Labor Party was an active Freemason in the 1980s. 


The Genocide Gene

I'm on a quest to find a surgeon who doesn't have the genocide gene as evidenced by the Battle of Culloden in 1746 where 1500 people were massacred, (most of them Scottish nationals) in a what amounted to a Civil War against oppressive English royals.


The genocide gene was evidenced again after 1788 when Australian natives were massacred in multiple attacks by a political army of another English monarch. I was brutally surgically assaulted from 1987 in multiple attacks by another political army of another English monarch during which they left behind various apparatus inside me that sadistically and perpetually torture me for their version of a greater good. When I tried to have the illegal implants removed after being lied to by numerous government registered Australian medical doctors who all evidently possess the genocide gene, I was again physically assaulted in 2014 shortly before the scheduled State election by another political army of Australians (see 2 videos left) which include numerous currently elected State and Federal politicians in parliament and who also, evidently, all possess the genocide gene.


Even in my birth family, we'll all very different. Personally I 'feel' no emotional connection to England despite that from England came the majority of my ancestors. I want to feel a connection to my French ancestry but it's just not there. I don't want to feel the link to my Scottish ancestors but undeniable it's the strongest. If I'm honest with myself I feel drawn to both the McLachlans who fled Scotland for Northern Ireland after Culloden to save their children from suffering any further trauma, and to the tale of the MacGregors who remained stoic and resilient against the hatred of a politically motivated, sadistically violent English King who had political support from some of my other ancestors, the Campbells. I'm not afraid to stand to face any opponent, but I'm also cautious about how I do that. My goal is longevity to make things humanely better, not going out in a hail of bullets for glory's sake.


1997: Janette Francis 

(ex Ms Bob Peters, then local government town councillor Jenny Hall, Wollondilly Shire Council, aged 41, natural mother of 5 Australian born children aged from 23 to 6 years old.

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2017 above:

Janette Francis aged 61, mother, grandmother, multi generation Australian citizen from birth on 1 May 1956 in Cooma NSW.

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