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Janette 16 April 1960, almost 4.

Janette has extensive Australian family with old British Australian presence in bush ranger period and country around Carcoar NSW and gold rush period and town of Charters Towers QLD.


Louis Marc Francois Gauvin is one of Janette, French Great Grandfathers, some of his carvings are currently in Australian National Maritime Museum.


Janette also has a very long and rich Scottish heritage with the union of two of the oldest Mac families in marriage on 31 December 1861 in Govan County Lanark Scotland United Kingdom. A linage that was enabled by the union of many Campbell women with many MacGregor or MacLachlan men. A quaint fact: Janette greu up from age 6 in Campbelltown NSW.


Right: Clan chief Euan Maclachlan of Maclachlan.

Donations to maintain the integity of MacLachlan castle can be made through the website.


Tracing her maternal linage has been difficult, it's stalled at Jane Michael birth unknown, she and married Thomas MacGregor were married probably on 18 December 1846 in Kilmarnock Ayr Scotland United Kingdom. Any leads on the parents of 1800s Jane Michael from Kilmarnock, Scotland, would be appreciated.


A popular family tree research website states this union gives makes her descendant from a similar linage to the current British royal family, with a number of ancestors in common.


This website researched by many other extended family members before Janette accessed it claims Janette is descended from many royals from many different countries in her pedigree, including early Irish, Welsh, Picts, Scandinavian, and Russia's early Tsar. They also include Janette's GG, Scotland's Rob Roy MacGregor (right).


Janette's closest (maternal) royal relatives are: 


16th great grandparents King James III of Scotland Stewart (1451-1488) and Princess Margaret von Oldenburg of Denmark Queen Consort of Scotland (1456-1486)


18th great grandparents King Robert III of Scotland John Stewart (1337-1406) and Queen Consort of Scotland Annabella Drummond (1350-1401)


20th great grandparents King Edward III of England  Plantagenet (1327-1377) and Queen Consort of England Countess Philippa D'Avesnes Hainaut of Holland (1314-1369)


The furthest notable ancestor in Janette's pedigree at the present dates to Ptolemy I Soter (Saviour) a mighty Pharaoh of Egypt circa 367-284BC, Janette says, she see's her DNA brother in the 'bust' face of Ptolomy I (right) who was proudly from Macedonia in Greece. Ptolemy established the famous library at Alexandria.

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