All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

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The obvious question is;

Why would any group of people intentionally harm a schoolgirl for over 50 years for any reason?


Harvard University psychologists in 1960s headed by Stanley Milgram, conducting 'Experiments into Obedience' (above) would tell you if they could:

‘Because that group of people are dangerously psychopathic criminals. We discovered that about 65% of the population are potentially psychopaths willing to murder when placed in a minor position of authority over another person.’

1980s I passed with a distinction in a psychology course that was part of a personnel management TAFE certificate course there was no mention of Stanley Milgram and his Harvard University psychology team. That the Milgram experiments aren’t known to most people in Australia actually sets-in-concrete the Harvard-Milgram team’s findings that well over 65% of our government population are vampiristic psychopaths looking for their next victim to leach off in order to succeed in their chosen career.

Left: Circa 1960 Stanley Milgram (15 August 1933 - 20 December 1984).

I suspect, like Milgram and too few others, I was born a fearless political campaigner for the 'public interest'. When I was a schoolgirl, (left) I witnessed a serious crime involving children my own age, I didn't care that the offenders were amongst the local 'pillars' of my community, I outed them all anyway. Due to the tendency of all Australian officials to be terrorists against their own people in the 1960s I was publicly ignored but privately attacked by Australian Freemasons and their supporters until the Labor Party took over circa 1992.


I was surgically raped from 1985 to 2002. When I wrote to Prime Minister Howard my response came from someone who intentionally spelt my first name incorrectly, despite that it’s the same spelling as Janette Howard’s.


There is no chance officials in both Labor and Liberal camp didn’t have knowledge of my surgical rape and the 1984 Fathers’ Day Milperra-murder-fraud. They couldn’t care less because that’s how psychopathic Australian political party officials treat Australian people they perceive as inevitable political carnage, “Whatever it Takes” despite Australian law.


Left: (Black & white circa 1963, colour circa 2018) me, Janette Gail Francis, (and ALL photos below).

Who is your allegiance to, 'your favourite' political party or your country? If you answer is 'your favourite' political party, then potentially you're an enemy of your country, a terrorist.

Lets call a spade a spade. Terrorism by any other name is still terrorism.

A political party who routinely let it be known they will penalise or expel a member for speaking against a 'party' policy; or penalises or expels a member for speaking out against an action of a party Minister in parliament in performance of his or her duties – are in fact the definition of a terrorist organisation. As the Labor Party did to me when I publicly criticized BEASLEY on a national Sydney based TV news program when I lived in The Oaks, (Macarthur federal electorate) BEASLEY, (left) was the then federal Minister for DEET, (Department of Employment Education and Training) I outed BEASLEY on national TV for publicly promising jobs to apprentices in a political deal with the Master Builders Association of NSW when there never was any jobs at all. A number of very disappointed Macarthur local lads were the target of this political scam under the Paul Keating government circa 1992 being engaged by the Campbelltown TAFE for the Labor Party's callous political scam. The Labor Party through their supporters have criminally retaliated against me non stop ever since which includes denying me many my legal rights associated with my health and reputation and property. That's the definition of a terrorist organisation. Rewarded for his premeditated hurtful lies, BEASLEY had been the Governor of Western Australia since my birthday last year, 1 May 2018. One of the Labor Party child victims was my oldest son, another an older brother of Bargo murder victim, Ebony Simpson. They don't care who they hurt so long as the Labor Party come out of it looking like the 'good' people they will never be.

Left: circa 2018 ex leader of the Australian Labor Party Kim Beasely during the years I was surgically raped, evidenced in my forehead, below.

Above: video, "Moving illegal implant in my leg".


You can see here by the shine on my Medicare card was generated by the regular fixed central ceiling light in the room I was in.

This is one of many illegal implants that sadistic psychopathic medical doctors; and Australian government public officers criminally claim don't exist.


My complaints to our sadistic doctors and government officials in Australia about the illegal implants inside me resulted in them illegally imprisoning me under the mental health Act and forcing me to ingest their psychotropic drugs under threat of more physical violence if I refused. Police have refused to investigate this sinister crime.


I feel similar movement in my forehead; in my left shoulder blade on my back; in my abdomen; on top of my head; in my arms; in my hands; and various places along my spine.


When I lift my Medicare card off my leg you can see some of the burn scars on my previously perfect skin, burnt from being constantly irradiated or peppered with microwave energy as it accesses the illegal implants, which has also totally stopped all hair growing on my legs since about 1999. A doctor I'm currently suing in Adelaide Supreme Court, (file 400 of 2019 JG FRANCIS v ABJ COLE and GPAXIS PTY LTD) claimed in her “patient health summery” that there was hair on my legs, which is a provable lie the loose dry skin always on my legs proves the hair has not been removed artificially.


I say they should all go to prison for just as long as I've been forced to live with these illegal implants, from the very first one that's been since 1985, its 2019 now.

You can manipulate statistics by restricting the studied target included in the statistic, but generally statistics don’t lie. Based on ALL the medical doctors who have been wilfully blind to the evidence that I have been criminally attacked with illegal implants - the vast majority are Australian imports; not born in Australia. That all of them, (Australian citizens too) participated in activities to harm me as an Australian, (born) citizen and that harm was to deliver a change in the policy of Australian government despite the will of the majority people, by preventing even one Australian from access to their legal rights, (in this case just about everything in my life for the past 30 years not just removal of illegal implants); then that’s the legal definition in Australia of a political crime or an act of terrorism. Regardless of whether or not that political entity holds government it’s still a political crime and still an act of terrorism against an Australian. Political parties should be reminded that in an alleged democracy like ours no political party owns the government or their country, the people always do. The elected political government are caretakers for the crown, they are not the crown, the majority people are. That's why the majority want the government to be careful of who they allow to immigrate to Australia. It’s got nothing to do with racial discrimination, it’s all about preserving our current majority identity and acceptable universally applied laws.


Its always all about

Power Politics & Possessions.

Pursuant to Australian law a reasonable person, (logically thinking) doesn’t question a claimed outcome unfamiliar to themselves and rule it out based on their own experiences. To understand if the claimed outcome was indeed probable or not, the locally thinking person examines the steps that relate to an outcome in relation to each other and in reflection of the presiding law and any custom. However, a logically thinking person’s decisions are not influenced by any custom. Whether an irrational or illogically thinking person is also a sane person is a matter for public debate. Personally, I’m of the opinion they a person why lacks the capacity of both compassion in action and logical deduction is not a sane person.


Example: Or put another way, when a person or group (let’s call them a family or country) aids any other from another group, (family or country) despite that people from their own group, (family or country) are in dire straits and need their help but they ignore their own group, (family or country) then that’s NOT a sane person or group of people. As either they only act to help the outsiders for expectation of the rewards they will get, usually politically or financial; or they’ve been brainwashed.


Just because you've never experienced something

doesn't mean it’s not likely to be true.

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