Australia should be a community of legally equal citizens

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They fine me for driving to suit the road condition, but the same police refuse to investigate my criminal surgical rape evidently on bipartisan instruction of parliament, that's a crime.
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I'm not the only one, its standard practice to treat women badly. Right Click image below to open in new tab & read news stories.

Parliament deems Australian Men   

more important than Women

Petty theft & low level speeding  

more important than illegal Surgery

Above: Police refuse to do anything about illegal medical experiments causing aggravated assault and defamation campaign to financial benefit Australian political parties.


Left: Police spend big on petty theft crimes.


Right: Heavy police spending, low level speed fines.

Doesn't matter is your income is $50 dollars a week or $5,000 a week everyone pays the same $431 fine for low level speeding. That's not treating everyone equally. Speeding fines should be proportional to income. Poor people have the same right as wealthy people to own a car and drive on the roads. But our two party preferred politicians are so selfish GREEDY and power hungry, they don't think like a normal person..


This website contains TRUE accounts of what has happened to me in my country of birth, Australia. That I could have these atrocious events happen to anyone, let alone a totally innocent like me, back to back for my entire life and refused access to my LEGAL rights for the past 60 YEARS proves beyond any doubt that the people who run this country the politicians, judges, lawyers, police, you lot are the lowest scum that will ever exist for all time. The vast majority of my claims I can prove in my favour 100% with evidently associated stalkers following me on the internet specifically to criminally defaming me. the rest on balance of probability. My barrier is that Labor and Liberal governments refuse to allow Legal Aid and legal advice to sue the their government under Civil Law. Its no wonder children are killing themselves just to get away from you, you're 100% responsible because you refuse to allow Australians access to their legal right to GOOD GOVERNMENT, pursuant to the Constitution. GOOD GOVERNMENT doesn't mean good for the chronically brainless supporters of the Labor and Liberal political parties.


Perhaps even more important, we should specifically identify exactly which Australian registered medical doctors refused to assist me, and or gave an obviously intentionally negligent diagnosis, and the evidence that suggests they accepted a bribe to do so and breach their responsibility pursuant to medical negligence laws in Australia,

Labor Party & Liberal PartDictatorship

AUSTRALIA: Documented, Violent, Unprovoked, Recent History, Political Crimes against totally innocent citizens.

(that's a mouthfull) I have never committed a crime, I have never been involved with criminals of any kind, yet here I am a 100% innocent citizen criminally targeted by our criminally corrupt system of Australian Government.

I spent years trying to have these criminally illegal implants removed (see one of many in my forehead above) since I saw evidence of the foreign items undiagnosed in Adelaide's Ashford Hospital radiology in 2006. After 7 years with no success, I wrote to State and Federal (Labor and Liberal) parliamentarians for intervention to allow me access to reasonable health services through Medicare Australia, to have the illegal implants removed. In 2013 wrote to most of them, specifically my State Labor Party health Minister and my State health opposition Liberal Party parliamentarian. The Labor Party health Minister had me illegally detained on 22 January 2014 under the state Mental Health Act, prior to the last (2014) State Election in South Australia keeping me illegally detained until after last State election in March 2014. 

Numerous (Government Public Officer) psychiatrists informed me I imagined my audio video recording of the State Psychiatrist illegally detaining me, when they illegally held me in the Flinders Hospital Mental Health maximum security Margaret Tobin Centre, Bedford Park, Adelaide South Australia.


These government public officer, State employed and Australian registered medical practitioner specialists in psychiatry, criminally tried to convince me, brainwash me, to believe that I was merely imagining the moving sparking illegal implant (above) in my forehead and elsewhere.

These government public officer psychiatrists all knowingly and falsely diagnosed me with various different general psychotic conditions because I refused to accept the illegal implant in my forehead didn't exist.

These government public officer psychiatrists criminally threatened me with indefinite detention in their State's maximum security mental health facility at Flinders Hospital along side convicted murderers and sex criminals.

I was under threat of illegally forced electric shock therapy to my brain pursuant to the State barbaric and cruel Mental Health Act which they use as a political tool for criminal aggravated assault on political dissidents.


If I hadn't had the audio video recording of the illegal detention, as witnessed by State police involved in my illegal detentiuon, in possession of another, the worst most probably would have happened to me.

Above: Any sighted person with a functioning brain can see the illegal implant in my forehead.​


Labor State Premier Jay Weatherill sacked his Health Minister just before this current 2018 election.

I have the admission of illegal detention (twice) on audio video digital recording.


  • The Labor AND Liberal governments both refuse to allow anyone Legal Aid to sue them.

  • I need to sue the State of South Australia for the 22 January 2014 unlawful imprisonment, trespass to property, trespass to person (assault and battery).

  • I tried to file my Statement of Claim, Adelaide District Court Registrar refused to allow that.

  • I need an HONEST LAWYER, prove to Australia ''honest lawyer'' is NOT an oxymoron.


Janette Gail Francis, Born Cooma NSW 1956.

Wollondilly Shire Council, Local Government ''Independent'' Politician (Clr Jenny Hall) 1995-1999, illegally sacked April 1999 after events of illegal and political surgical rape ordered by the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party of Australia.


What sort of a teenage children of Sydney regional NSW ''tops'' cops rapes another teenager then claims the opposite to everyone in a perpetual boast? What sort of a medical doctor does this to another person? As seen in my forehead above which is a very small part of the total criminal surgical rape this Australian woman has endured in Sydney and Adelaide, Australia. What sort of a person goes out of their way to permanently harm another persons physical or financial status or reputation simply to secure personal benefit?​ What sort of a police officer further attacks the victim of crime when they go to police for help? What sort of a politician further assaults and defames the victim of crime when they go to them for help? What sort of a newspaper editor and television program manager refuses to expose these outrageously horrendous and extensive Australian government public officer crimes? I've seen them all they are the low life scum that have significantly physically and permanently harmed me directly secured unjust enrichment in order to gain wealth in Australia their own natural intelligence would not normally provide. And many are immigrants Immigration Minister Dutton.

But what sort of people keep voting these types of people back into power at every election?

21st century Australia is like Nazi Germany all over again,

Instead of standing by me my fellow Australians mock me, turn their back on me, knowingly falsely brand me crazy, and are happy to see me sadistically tortured every day of my life.

Welcome to Australia the land of wealthy criminally insane government public officers.

Insanity that presents as standard behaviour in humans is the result of decades of inbreeding. Many are inflicted in future generations very few are not. Its the same with the British and many other nations, they use politics as their tool of self-righteousness instead of religion.

That's my opinion.


I'm curious, how would you draw

The last politician on Earth?

​Would they be lying to themselves?

Would they be miscounting their own election vote?

Would they be giving themself a pay rise, no they already do that.

Would they be stabbing themself in the back?

Or would they be fucking themself over?

Wait no that'd be the last Freemason on Earth.

WANTED: One Good Lawyer


Only a mentally unstable Neanderthal would climb a locked fence with a sign NO ENTRY TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED then expect the occupants to open the door to him as he pounds on the house screaming out something barely coherent including the words ''mental health''.

He acted like an anti-abortion evangelist taking the law into his own hands backed by his 2 groupies watching their hero make another big move to support their political cause.


From the cards they left behind, looks like at least the one in the blue car (below) is a rep of my landlord, Housing SA. The whole video shows blue-car-girl had prearranged for white-car-pair to meet her at my house, to invade my property under the false guise of official business, without first making an appointment with me, in breach of state Residential Tenancy Act. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, especially when you're paid to know.

''Landlords have limited rights as to when they can enter a tenanted property. This includes any gardens, sheds or yards included in the lease agreement. In some cases written notice to enter the premises (241.1 KB PDF) must be given in writing before the landlord can enter. Landlords found to be breaching these conditions may be fined.'' SA.GOV.AU

The male is instructing them both on my personal ''thoughts'' for erecting the privacy screen, clearly he's criminally defaming me to the other 2. As far as I'm aware there never has been an issue with my 2017 erected privacy screen.

Her calling card printed with ''Housing SA' the camera saw her drop into my letterbox, it had no date, and no office. His card poked in my screen door when he broke and entered is printed with ''SA Health Noarlunga Emergency Mental Health Service''. Personality types are attracted to various fields of employment. I've noticed in mental health they tend to be quite a bit batty themselves, they don't believe psychiatry is a very fluid field of theory poor dears think its all set in stone.

As far as I'm aware there never has been an issue with my 2017 erected privacy screen. They clearly have issue with me and my life philosophies. I've had some Adelaide Mental Health staff  try to tell me I was NOT ever a NSW elected councillor, and my birth last name is NOT Francis. Must be the local inbreeding. My informative law topic, website also gets their attentions the name is on my gate:-

They mostly spent their 20 minutes paid employment in personal discussion on the footpath. I believe all 3 should have their government employment terminated for misconduct and abuse of their position of trust. That's my opinion.


I Need an INJUNCTION to make them obey the law

2018 Video above: SA Health male staff can't simply abuse his public office and jump my fence to harass me because I published a comment about him (then yesterday) identifying him very generally as a ''criminal psychopath'' on my Facebook page after he illegally harassed me and defamed me, and assaulted me, without legal excuse, wanting to tough me and come inside my house after a male neighbour  acted vindictively and falsely criminally defamed me to people on the emergency mental health line in 2016. His actions in trespass above prove he is a psychopath and NOT mentally fit to work as a mental health officer.

''Psychopathy: Sometimes considered synonymous with sociopathy, is traditionally defined as a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behaviour, impaired empathy, impaired remorse, bold, disinhibited, and egotistical traits.'' Doctor Google.

Most people just don't have the integrity to be a government public officer (GPO) integrity is not something you can learn at a staff training seminar. Integrity isn't something you simply forget to do one day, like a chesklist. You either have integrity or you don't have integrity. Integrity is in your DNA just like the colour of your hair or eyes. You can also fake having integrity.

These three have clearly demonstraated in that short video above, that they do NOT have the moral principals required under law for their current employment as Government Public Officers.

Integrity: quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change.

I believe every GPO should be wearing a body camera on duty, a missing body camera should be grounds for instant dismissal. In government employ or under contract it should be ONE strike and you're out. No second chances when you're working closely with the day to day lives of our citizens and the public purse a GPO must be as perfect as a person can be.

Normally you can't get an injunction against the Crown (government) however as they're NOT acting within the jurisdiction of their employment as they are acting in contravention of Australian law by unlawful trespass without a legal excuse, they have to prove in court the legality of their action in trespass, simply stating ''a Minister in Parliament said so'' is NOT a lawful excuse. The government can't legally authorise it's servants to break the law, (they still try it on for size from time to time) they're not acting on behalf of the Crown, so I can seek an injunction to stop them from harassing me, etcetera.

Above: Misappropriation of public money and Abuse of Public Office to cause Criminal Break & Enter, Criminal Defamation, Criminal Assault etc. Common Law Trespass to Property and Trespass to Goods, Assault or Assault and Battery and unlawful imprisonment.

All funded by public money to support a political cause for the Australian Labor Party during State Election time 2014 and 2018.

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