All that's needed to prove extensive AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funded TERRORISM is in the 7 links above.

Latin maxim “Quando aliquid prohibetur ex directo, prohibetur et per obliquum” means when something is prohibited directly, its prohibited indirectly.  Except in Australia where government public officers are largest organised crime network, they believe they're personally and individually above the law. Anticipating a long political career, parliamentarians became their unconstitutional accomplices in crime against Commonwealth enabling other public officers to cross the line from political policy into terrorism. Despite the illegality of their actions general news media silently support their government's terrorism in alleged democracies. That's something every person should be concerned about else one day we'll all be exactly like North Korea.   I don't mean ruled by man with bad haircut.

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Click symbol at left to read my email to a staunch Freemason supporter (this linked website) who falsely discredits Stephen Knight's book (link here).


As no Freemason has bothered with a written response addressing the issues EVER, just an illegal physical response, if I get a response from the blinded Freemason supporter I will publish that here also.


In my quest to understand why the then Minister for Health and my local member in parliament, John David Hill MP (pic left) was refusing to even talk to me on the subject of my criminal surgical rape let alone look at the evidence, I found this gem, linking the Labor party parliamentarian directly to the Freemasons and their funded medical research in partnership with our Australian governments.

One thing's to be said about Australians, they're fine with naming and shaming pedophiles in clergy and sex crimes in entertainment industry because they're minority groups - but start on exposing Freemason sex crimes and drunkeness with their members in majority government in recent past and they all get upperty about that and become quite violent and aggressive and defamatory with baseless false claims in public records that they have no way of proving.


The Freemasons meddling in my life to deny me self determination is something I recognised soon after I left high school on 3 November 1972. If these matters don't outrage you, you're already brain dead.


Circa 1976 during a consultation with a young female doctor she got a phone call. A very common occurrence when I had a medical appointment. As a result she prescribed me a very expensive placebo (sugar tablets) for major tooth pain where my lower teeth were so rotten they had no enamel at all against the gum. Due to Freemason intervention I was not allowed dental treatment to fix the rotting teeth and not allowed pain relief to treat the decay agony, so I decided to have all my teeth extracted including the good ones. That was done by a dentist in Campbelltown NSW state hospital.


Fast forward to 2014 Adelaide state psychiatrists and lawyers argued that I was a danger to myself because in 2014 because I had me teeth extracted way back in 1976. What a crock of bullshit that was but the state employee who decided whether I was to be detained under the Mental Health Act or not, decided that was a valid point. I was illegally imprisoned in a maximum security nut house and (criminally) forced to take drugs orally and by needle stick under immediate threat of being thrown to the floor and sat on to force me to inject the drugs or take the needle. A veiled admission by state government that their mental health process was severely faulty came soon after when they disbanded that illegal Star Chamber hearing process and formed the SACAT complaint system. No apology has been forthcoming, in fact the Crown Solicitor keeps bleating that the Crown is always blameless, which is a load of political and criminal bullshit.


In 1981 I separated from Mr Peters after the had attempted to strangle me, it was the second time in two months in out marriage of 6 years that he had struck me. I was not going to be another statistic, so despite that I still loved him I left with my children and never returned to our relationship. I left to my parents house falsely believing it was the safest place for my children and I. It was in this few months we lived with them that I first suspected something odd was going on but as the Freemasons had brainwashed (groomed) my siblings and myself we all had forgotten the sexual assaults we had suffered at the hands of our Freemason dad and his NSW Lodge mates in Campbelltown and Camden. I strongly suspect that's what happened to my mother who was on my side when I was little but sided with the Freemasons as I grew older. Mum was an emotionally week person and would have been easy to brainwash. I say this with full conviction in my belief as when Mr Bassett junior pulled his NSW police issue defective detective pistil on me mum shot out from nowhere and stood in front of me ready to take a bullet for me as dad stood behind Bassett muffling a constant laugh.


I had always told my parents that I hated the thought of child sexual assault so dad knew to keep a close eye on me so I didn't ruin his plans. It was in this time (end 1981 or early 1982) suspect I caught him in the process of molesting my then youngest child, a pre-schooler. So I went to the local police to report the incident. The corrupt cop indicated he knew my dad through the Freemasons, then told me to forget it and go home. He also told me dad I had been to the police.


Over a decade later, unbeknownst to me, the pre-schooler made an official compliant to NSW police who then came to me and claimed I had "told" them what to say. Totally dismissing any suggestion there would be a police investigation. Evidently because the sex offender was a Freemason charging a Freemason might make some Freemason politicians socially embarrassed. Probably a similar reasoning used by the churches when discovering paedophiles in their midst.


In retrospect the hard evidence in reflection of actual Australian law, proves beyond any doubt whatsoever that Freemason attacks have involved stupid gullible people all too keen to believe any far fetched rumour whispered in their brainless ear in exchange for some manner of consideration, (payment or reward.)


1984 never having it done before I decided I wanted to try false fingernails and went to a Camden beautician to get them done. The girl filed the surface of my nails thin telling me this was what she was supposed to do. This resulted in all the nails snapping off tearing the nail bed leaving all my fingers bleeding.


1982/3 I never went to hairdressers as I'd seen my mum disappointed with hairdresser done hairstyles over the years. I had long hair down to my waist and decided I wanted to get it streaked which was the fashion. I was working so I had made the appointment for a Thursday evening. The owner left a junior to do my hair. Streaking involves putting a rubber cap with many holes in it over your hair, pulling the hair through under the holes and dying them. The girl put the chemises on my hair wrapped it in plastic and a very hot towel then stood talking to a weedy male at the doorway. I kept calling out to her telling her it was burning my scalp, she responded with the claim that's what it was “supposed to do.” When she finally washed my hair all the dyed hair washed away. She'd melted my hair and burnt holes in my scalp and caused my other hair to be bleached also. That's why my hair was short and cropped close to my head for the stolen photo the Freemasons falsely publishing it in BROTHERS IN ARMS, as the face of a slutty girlfriend of a Liverpool NSW Rebels Motorcycle Club member. I had just cut out the last of the bleached hair the day before the photo that's who my hair had what looked like a 1970s 'shag' cut.


I knew a couple of boys in my class in high school who claimed to be members of Rebels motorcycle club and failed in their attempts to ask me out, but that's the closest association I ever had with the Rebels. I wasn't 'boy crazy' in my teens and I hated motorcycles. I'm a 'motorcar' person and I'm not a risk taker by any stretch of the imagination. I've never drank camel piss commonly referred to as beer. I'm strictly a bourbon and coke person, black label thanks and I've never been stumble drunk let alone legless. If I've been seen that way I was illegally drugged as I don't take recreational drugs either. If I've been seen vomiting and appear drunk its because I'd been illegally drugged then fed beer, it won't sit in my stomach, comes straight back out. I've had one short fat arseholes do that to me as I recall standing over his head and vomiting all over him on purpose after he gave me beer to see me vomit, after he and his cop mates illegally kidnappede me and drugged me in NSW. While were on it, I don't eat meat either I'm a vegetarian have been most of my life from infancy. My parents spent hours upon hours fruitlessly trying to get me to eat meat as a child. Only had meat in the house as I wouldn't force anything on my children, I always gave the the right to make their own mistakes. There's no way I'd ever be subservient to anyone, male or female and regardless of any self professed social status. I see us all as equal in every respect. I'm 100% not like the bikie moll the Freemason police friends of defective detective Bassett criminally defamed me as being in their book (Freemason) "BROTHERS IN ARMS The Inside Story of Two Bikie Gangs" (evidently written by under cover cops or stooges as falsely trusted members of the group.)


As a (separated) single mum I was working 3 jobs. One of those was at a restaurant near where Campbelltown Rebels Motorcycle Club members drank in those days at the Bradbury Inn. The hairdresser must have had an association with the Rebels as they came to my restaurant in a party of about 12, asked to be served by me, joined their table like a Viking feast then trashed the table throwing food and plates across the table and on the floor. The mongrel owner sacked me on the grounds “I was trouble.” So, that's the type of vendettas I've been subjected to in Australian communities. Nothing like the Australian TV serials that claim Australians are a friendly loving bunch. Generally the majority of Australians I've encountered in my 60 years of life in the many towns I've lived and visited in east Australia and Adelaide Australia are arrogant back stabbing dimwitted psychopathic mongrels who'll step on and crush anyone, man woman or child, to get whatever it is they want that week - I can prove that statement in the documents.


In the column right is the original (unaltered) 1998 issued 1988 birth certificate which proved to Janette that she and her children had been targeted by illegal multi Australian government Freemason crimes. Janette registered the birth soon after it occurred in January 1988 via in personal visit to Clerk of the court at Picton NSW Local Court who claimed he could register the birth through the Courthouse which is next door to Picton NSW police station and around the corner from Wollondilly Shire Council in you guessed it, Picton NSW. However the date of receipt at Births Deaths & Marriages office is 3 March over 8 weeks later. Third March is Janette's parents wedding anniversary and the same date in 1959 that Janette was raped by her paedophile dad when she was 2 years old a brutal infant rape requiring many stitches that Cooma NSW policeman Jack Bassett covered up in 1959. Then in 1984 PA302 was the file number the Freemason controlled Parramatta Family Court gave to Janette's originating process for her marriage separation from her husband Mr Peters lodged by Janette circa 1984.


Then in 1997 PA3302 was the number the same Family Court Registry allocated to the originating process lodged by Mr Hall, Janette's defacto in matters relating to their children. The numbers are too close despite being issues 13 years apart to be mere coincidence, particularly as Australia is a paternal society documents usually link to the male partner, not the female. To prove that when Janette allowed Mr Hall to live as her partner and joined their Medicare numbers, the federal government's Medicare Australia, in same department as Centrelink, issued the new Medicare card for the defacto family using Mr Hall's number pulling Janette's 4 children onto Mr Hall's card number despite that three of the children had no DNA or legal link to Mr Hall, discarding Janette's number and denying Janette acknowledgement that she was the only parent of her three older children in that family.


So. The 1988 birth certificate is a pivotal link as proof of the deeply entrenched system of illegal Freemason human trafficking in child sex crimes. But it doesn't end there, because Janette's male parent was an active paedophile for decades and a Freemason, he had been illegally protected by Freemason police from before Janette's 1956 birth. Its not just paedophilia he was protected for.


In the 1960s Janette was in the family car with her family on a dark rainy night on their was home to 43 Darwin Road, East Campbelltown NSW from 13 Florence Street, St Peters (Sydney) where her dad's elderly mum lived (Ruby EA Francis.) Aub Francis who was inclined to have chronic road rage when driving anywhere, overtook a stationary car at a pedestrian crossing in the rain late at night. The stationary car was waiting for a pedestrian to cross the road. Aub Francis impacted with that pedestrian on the crossing the injured victim rolled over the roof of their Holden sedan and plonked on the roadway. Aub Francis the Freemason drove away without stopping to render assistance to the person he had injured or perhaps killed. The adroit stationary car occupants took note of Aub Francis' number plate. Police arrived to arrest Aub Francis at his East Campbelltown residence but left alone because Aub Francis declared he too was a Freemason like the attending police. Janette knows it was a man hit because the police said so and they said the young man was in hospital as a result of the Aub Francis hit and run.


Concentrating on 24 April 1988 the evening Jack Bassett suicided after hearing that Aub Francis had raped another infant and had raped all his grandchildren and a host of stranger's children. Janette reported the rape of her infant to Camden NSW police. They refused to take her statement because Aub Francis was a Freemason. Janette took the baby to Camden state hospital, they refused to do a DNA rape swab on the grounds that they claimed only police could ask for a rape swab kit. Late that evening Camden NSW police detectives visited Janette's residence at 39 William Street The Oaks NSW and asked her to accompany them. Janette agreed. But it turned out not to be an official visit. That night Jack Bassett killed himself. So what happened when police took Janette from her residence? Put it this way, Janette would not have voluntarily attended Jack Bassett's funeral after she caught her dad red handed on the rape of her infant, she had evidence from her nephews that he dad had raped them also. So why was she at Jack Bassett's funeral wake? Good question. Janette doesn't know herself.


Janette does know that Jack Bassett had a son (name unknown) around the same age as Janette's older brother, and a daughter (Vayla spelling unknown) a bit younger than Janette herself. Janette had not seen the Bassett children since her own family left Bunyan in June 1962, when the Bassett's lived across the highway from her house in Bunyan. So why was it when Janette approached the wife and mother Irene Bassett, and her daughter Vayla Bassett at the wake to say hello, but they gave Janette a filthy snarl and walked away?  Why was it that the son Mr Bassett junior knew Janette by sight, but Janette had not known him? Why is it that he had a NSW state police detectives holster under his suit coat at the wake and pulled his police issue NSW state police detective's pistol from it pointing the gun at Janette saying words to this effect? “We've seen you here before, you killed my dad.” 


Evidently John (Jack) Frederick Bassett left a suicide note in which Janette was named. Janette has the right to know the contents of that suicide note. Janette would really like an official answer as to how Jack Bassett's son knew what Janette looked like despite that Janette had not consented to meeting with him since he was a child in primary school. But the police commissioner, plural, refuse to investigate these crimes in actions that further cover up Freemason human trafficking crimes involving young children forced to be exposed to Freemason paedophiles as child sex slaves compliments of the police department of New South Wales and parliament in Australia's corruption capitol, Canberra.


Samson (right) Janette's 10 year old kelpie cross was killed by Freemason intruders to Janette's residence, 39 William Street The Oaks NSW, on the 30 April 1988. Janette found him dead the next day, on her birthday, in the paddock across the road from the Mary Street The Oaks NSW residence of Bob Bradbury, a Sydney NSW police detective named in the book BROTHERS IN ARMS published for the first time in April Fools' Day in 1989, (the next year) specifically to defame Janette in retaliation for her being a victim of Freemason rape and government cover up when she was a two year old toddler back on 3 March 1959.


A final frontier - eradicating white Royalist

Freemason incest and other child sex crimes

In case you haven’t wised up yet; Australian Freemasons brought you another historical event involving hundreds or thousands of children, you know it by the tag, “The Stolen Generation”.