Australia's governments are extensively corrupt they criminally use Politically Motivated Violence to silence honest citizens to get their own way that's fact not fiction

  • UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Parliamentary policy

    I wish to share something which corroborates my last story to the effect that police are not police for the people, they are like the police of the Australian Labor Party or Liberal Party of Australia are like the Germans political party Nazi Party, had their police also called the Gestapo.

    I'll prove that in 2 letters of correspondence here:

    The explanation for the legally ignorant, which is most of you out there:

    I got a low speed (70KPH) speeding fine where there are no houses and no other cars in the photo of my speeding incident.

    I sought to appeal it, which is my right under legislation passed by parliament. I sought to appeal under a provision of the Act being ''it was unfair in all of the circumstances''.

    The response I got back informed me that the Act means shit all as police refuse to entertain ANY appeal on speeding, despite the exception allowed in the Act, '' unfair in all of the circumstances''

    ''It is the position of South Australia police not to issue cautions for offences categorised in the ''fatal five'' (emphasis of unidentified police author) these offences include drink and drug driving, speeding, seatbelts, distraction, and dangerous road users''

    In other words they breach the Act and intend to refuse an appeal but still call it an appeal investigation despite they have a premeditated intent to refuse it by natural policy, that is in breach of the actual legislation they investigate the appeal under.

    I also point out their (unlawful) policy is related to alleged offences they raise money for the parliament's political party in creating.

    I say the parliament's political party because come election time the extra funds gives them the money to be able to make political promises they never actually keep as they end up doing something else that gives them a better political benefit. The police fines never benefit us alone, they always give first benefit to the political party.

    However, this proves that Australian parliaments, actively allow ''their'' police to work OUTSIDE Australian legislation and have a set of laws that is uniquely their own not made by parliament, but made by themselves.

    This takes the hate off the political party that allows this to occur and puts the hate at the feet of the political police. Who calls politicians pigs? Very few. In Liberal Party and Labor Party and Greens and any other major political party weaving their way to the top, they are all pigs in the urban slang sense.

    Note to self: Animal pigs are naturally quite sweet.

    Imagine if I used the excuse that I was running late to a huge drug deal. Do you think the ''unidentified person for manager expiation notice branch'' would have ignored that crime?

    Me neither. However when I told them in writing I had pain in my leg from an illegal implant and gave them this website address, they had no problem ignoring that crime.

  • Police Refuse to Arrest Violent Stalker,

    because he's an ex-cop

    Before I did my Family Tree online (2017) I used to think I must have the warrior gene from someone in history who was a great warrior as from infancy I have had the inner feeling of great resilience and quietly confident bravery when faced with an injustice, I possess unshakable dignity (I'll not lower myself to participate in the unconscionably underhanded tactics of my enemies in government) and a tincture of arrogance I believe I keep under control. My parents instilled a massive family allegiance without ever showing any of it to me making me a dedicated Clan member without a Clan.

    After I did my Family Tree I realised I was the culmination of many great warriors from history. I have always lived by the Campbell Clan motto but never knowing it was their motto, after several hundred years of continuous Campbell fathers in my pedigree I have the Campbell gene.

    After almost one thousand years of continuous MacGregor fathers in my pedigree, I have the **blind rage gene presumably possessed by the MacGregors that saw them declared outlaws in the 1600s when (historically) they slaughtered the Colquhoun's  who must have done something truly horrible to provoke the blind rage. My **blind rage came when I was 16 after 16 years of being treated like dirt by my sister, Sharon, I retaliated under the control of blind rage. I've been able to keep a lid on it by not getting angry, ever.

    After an unknown number of French ancestors, I have probably inherited my driving force that pushes me to see justice for all which begun when I was 2 years old. I feel it's not just me who wants to see Legal Aid funding for Common Law breaches, I feel many of my fellow countrymen have the same feelings. I stress 'countrymen' includes both men and women, as you see men is in both gender descriptions, just as man and woman both have man.

    Common Law actions under Legal Aid would not be limited to unlawful violence from police who are Public Officers, not Public Servants, would include breaches caused during the course of employment of all employees, contractors, or elected members of government, who are all classified under current law as 'Public Officers'. Presently we have to sue the Crown to get any justice where under Common Law we have the right to sue the individual for actions NOT authorised by the government under their respective job descriptions. That is to say, the government does not authorise police to assault people who are not breaking the law, politicians are not allowed to instruct other public officers to harm people in breach of any Act of parliament, a staff of a government department is not authorised to embezzle by instructing you to pay them sums of money you don't owe the government. You see what I mean.

    **Blind Rage: You see a single colour wall, your consciousness switches off, you have no memory of what you've done which is a violent retaliation against the person/s who caused your blind rage. Blind rage probably started the saying, 'you made me angry'. When I was illegally drugged and forced to evoke my blind rage against my will, when I came out of the blackout I saw the man's face bobbing up and down in front of me not realising it was my arms and hands that were smashing the back of his skull into the ground. Seemingly I was on autopilot. I was horrified when I realised what I had done, which according to his crying friends was almost kill (the demented lower end of five foot something stalker/attacker) who'd threatened to rape, intentionally provoking me into attacking him. The penultimate words I heard him say (before the rape threat) was, 'Lets see how good you really are' from his previous words I took it to mean how good I was at fighting.

    His assault was reported in the Newcastle, New South Wales Sunday paper in 2002. The three-inch-tall single column story went something like this. ‘Comancheros president of the 1984 Fathers Day massacre Jock Ross has been bashed and left for dead.’ Despite being drugged, I remembered the event beacuse my arm muscles hurt for days after, forcing me to remember what I was doing to make them hurt so much.

    Evil cousin Lindsay Simpson’s book, (Brothers In Arms, the inside story of two bikie gangs) says Jock Ross’ full name is William George Ross. When I went to the electoral office’s Wiseman’s Ferry listed address of a William George Ross (on three separate occasions) I found three separate males who all claimed to be the same Jock Ross. The second one I met is taller than me, I’d never seen him before, I believe he was the real McCoy.

    The first one at the Wisemans Ferry address was about my height (5'6") I recognised him as a resident in a house near my Torrens Title 39 William Street, The Oaks residence since about 1986 when he saw my family snapping photos on the front lawn he came over and offered to snap the photo for us so we could all be in the photo. He said to me something like, ‘You look exactly like my daughter.’ His house was on north-west corner of Mary and William Streets, The Oaks. That address was listed as the 1996 electoral office address of Robert Peter Bradbury, listed in electoral roll as a policeman, commonly known in The Oaks as Sydney police detective Bob Bradbury, who was described in evil cousin Lindsay Simpson’s book which reads more like the inside story of one totally corrupted police department in NSW.

    The third one owned a light blue 6-cylinder sedan with NSW number plates ‘WUG’ then 3 numbers, he is the man I bashed after he threatened to rape me in 2002. I saw his light blue car parked in the driveway of the Wiseman’s Ferry address driveway.  I note that in 1984, my then neighbour of 20 Wilkinson Street Elderslie NSW, informed me a man was parking a red sedan in my driveway after I left for work. Parking in a driveway doesn't mean residence.

    I saw him 2002/3 in the Target Cessnock NSW carpark inside his blue car watching me leave the shopping centre.

    I saw him again in 2003 when I moved from Branxton NSW (near Newcastle) to Goulburn NSW (near Canberra ACT) at the home of a public housing tenant (my back door neighbour) who claimed to be Jan Ross. I’ve also seen him in Adelaide SA, since I moved here in 2004 when he’s approached me pretending to be some other person. He drives a truck registered in South Australia. He’s been stalking me since the 1980s.


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