Unconstitutional Policy

    Australian police enforce unconstitutional political party policy over and above Australian law, like the Gestapo for the German Nazi Party. Police ignore complaint of illegal implants instead of investigating an OFFICIAL report to police of serious criminal assault police take steps to deny the victim of crime any mode of transport.

    Can you think of any other crime police want you to walk into the station to report. Say someone was dealing heavy drugs, would police expect the drug dealers to give police the evidence that they're selling illegal drugs? No they'd get off their fat arse and go after the drug dealers because there might be a fat promotion in that.

    I'll prove that in 2 letters of correspondence here:

    The explanation for the legally ignorant, which is most of you out there:

    I got a low speed (70KPH) speeding fine where there are no houses and no other cars in the photo of my speeding incident.

    I sought to appeal it, which is my right under legislation passed by parliament. I sought to appeal under a provision of the Act being ''it was unfair in all of the circumstances''.

    The response I got back informed me that the Act means shit all as police refuse to entertain ANY appeal on speeding, despite the exception allowed in the Act, '' unfair in all of the circumstances''

    ''It is the position of South Australia police not to issue cautions for offences categorised in the ''fatal five'' (emphasis of unidentified police author) these offences include drink and drug driving, speeding, seatbelts, distraction, and dangerous road users''

    In other words they breach the Act and intend to refuse an appeal but still call it an appeal investigation despite they have a premeditated intent to refuse it by natural policy, that is in breach of the actual legislation they investigate the appeal under.

    I also point out their (unlawful) policy is related to alleged offences they raise money for the parliament's political party in creating.

    I say the parliament's political party because come election time the extra funds gives them the money to be able to make political promises they never actually keep as they end up doing something else that gives them a better political benefit. The police fines never benefit us alone, they always give first benefit to the political party.

    However, this proves that Australian parliaments, actively allow ''their'' police to work OUTSIDE Australian legislation and have a set of laws that is uniquely their own not made by parliament, but made by themselves.

    This takes the hate off the political party that allows this to occur and puts the hate at the feet of the political police. Who calls politicians pigs? Very few. In Liberal Party and Labor Party and Greens and any other major political party weaving their way to the top, they are all pigs in the urban slang sense.

    Note to self: Animal pigs are naturally quite sweet.

    Imagine if I used the excuse that I was running late to a huge drug deal. Do you think the ''unidentified person for manager expiation notice branch'' would have ignored that crime?

    Me neither. However when I told them in writing I had pain in my leg from an illegal implant and gave them this website address, they had no problem ignoring that crime.


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