Too Much Power to Police

    Discretion: the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation.

    Don't swallow the bull spin doctors, academics, and politicians churn out, police discretion is NOT merely a decision based on evaluating the circumstances. Police discretion is the power to make the 100% intentionally wrong decision with 100% impunity.

    Police should NOT have to power to decide whether or not to arrest someone when a crime has been committed. That's how corruption of the police department is encouraged and maintained to this day.

    There have been a multiplicity of crimes that have been inflicted upon me, 90% of them are proved without any great time spent in investigation. I have video proof of crime being committed but even then police refuse to investigate. More interesting is that police have NOT investigated ANY crime I've witnessed, including the ritualistic pack rape and murder of boys my own age during a Freemason Lodge meeting circa 1967 who had their membership drawn from police, politicians, various members of the law fraternity, and other falsely claimed 'pillars of societyincluding many Liberal Party, and Labor Party members and supporters. Did I mention prominent Labor Party member Bob Hawke (ex Prime Minister) was my Liberal Party stalwart pederast's dad's hero as a fellow Freemason.

    Perhaps the June 1988 Kiribilli agreement was the bribe for Keating to remain quiet. The timing of my early drugged interrogation sessions is right just, that was after career Freemason policeman Jack Bassett suicided or was murdered on 24 April 1988 after I told Jack the honourable thing would be to put a bullet into his head because his efforts to protect my dad after (dad) brutally raped me on 3 March 1959 when he (Jack) was the local cop and they were best buddies (Cooma NSW they both often went to the Canberra Freemason Lodge) allowing my dear old dad to go on and sodomise every one of his children and grandchildren as well the rape and murder of the boys in 1967 in the Freemason Temple and highly likely a host of others --- when I was being illegally interrogated by a bunch of Freemason cops who had criminally drugged me and criminally kidnaped me from my residence at The Oaks in the night of the day (24 April 1988) I caught my father sodomising my (then 3 month old) baby in arms earlier that day, after I reported the baby rape to more of my dad's old fellow Camden NSW Freemason Lodge ''Brothers'' at Camden NSW Local Area Command detectives at the John Street Camden NSW police station, immediatly after I caught my dad red handed but the cops REFUSED to investigate my baby's rape BECASUSE my dad was an ex-Camden Lodge Freemason just like them.

    I know I witnessed someone's murder shooting by my interrogators one time I was criminally drugged and kidnapped. I also know deep down Jack Bassett was a decent person more so in his mature years, I believe he would have planned to take action and was murdered for telling them, hypnosis would bring that out of me as I have a clear but distant memory of the sight of exactly that. Which makes this person seen here breaking into my property on 22 Feb 2018 a ''person of interest''

    Allen & Unwin published Brothers In Arms, 12 months after Jack Bassett's suicide with a copy of a photo of my then recent adult face as the alleged murdered teenager who caused someone to suicide. The subject matter, the (Beaconsfield) Milperra Fathers Day 1984 shootings happened in Paul Keatings electorate so police killings motorcycle club members in an election year was bad politics for Pauley.

    Circa 2010 an alleged Adelaide South Australia Crown Solicitor argued in Adelaide District Civil Court in FRANCIS v STATE of SOUTH AUSTRALIA that ''Police don't have to investigate crime if they don't want to.'' Then he cited a very old precedent in England involving the Yorkshire ripper. The criminally corrupt Judge agreed with the crown solicitor. He resigned as a judge a few years later now he's a Queens Counsel in Adelaide.

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    1. Police discretion called ‘cornerstone of justice system’
    2. Police discretion is a vague term that has an appropriately vague definition. It is defined as the decision-making power afforded to police officers that allows them to decide if they want to pursue police procedure or simply let someone off with a warning. How it looks in practice is different from situation to situation. 
    3. Law enforcement officers possess enormous amounts of power, which can be used against citizens to deprive them of their freedom

    I went to the Australian Federal Police in 55 Currie Street Adelaide Australia a few years ago asking for them to investigate the illegal implants as an act of terrorism and a breach of Medicare Australia procedure. But they refused to investigate treating my like I'm an idiot. My local community are just as supportive. Not all but some of my neighbours fully support the government telling anyone who comes into out environment that I'm stark raving mad, despite the evidence that says it's THEM who are the psychos.

    I can get lots of mileage out of the illegal implant in my forehead (above) because anyone with eyesight and a functioning brain can see that. I have no actual knowledge of the ''purpose'' of these illegal implants, I can only guess. My guess it they are designed to keep me under surveillance for medical research and to keep me in an communication bubble of sorts, preventing me from accessing to my legal right to have these illegal implants removed. One of the ways they obstruct my right to have the illegal implants removed is by falsely criminally defaming me as crazy.

    But this time I'll speak about some of the illegal implants out government have classified ''high risk'' and ''Active'' implants that include ''transceivers'' you can't see easily. The ones that impinge on my ability to have a restful sleep. Naturally these ''Active Implantable Medical Devices'' AIMDs use the wireless network and emit a MEASURABLE ''electro magnetic field'' EMF. See independant medical website image below.

    In the 1990s I noticed that the exterior of my ears were protruding more that they normally did, I noticed them as it had suddenly become painful to wear a loose beanie, with the beanie resting on the protruding items in my ears. What I also noticed since the unknown people caused the deformities to my ears was that when I put my ear on a pillow I can hear a screaming that I never heard before and a rapid pulse that was too fast to me my normally slow heartbeat. If I was to guess, based on the extensive evidence, I'd say the items around my ears was part of a unit that is stealing whatever I personally hear and relaying that to a remote party.

    The below image is my left ear today. You can see many things. Despite that I have not used the infected earring piercing for decades, it's infected, I suspect it's infected due to it's proximity to the illegal vibrating implant. I'm also allergic to gold in my skin, the gold causes my skin to be constantly infected. I don't know if they used gold content implants. The green pointer is locating the part of my ear that has been abnormally protruding since the 1990s sometimes it hurts to touch the protruding area. What else you can see if the crease in front of my ear, it appears that the illegal implant surgery included punning my naturally flat ear forward, evidenced by the forward crease. Evidently this is the make my naturally flat ear a better cup shape and sound receptor for the criminal medical stalkers who performed the illegal surgery. Which also indicates they're receiving a transmission from me. Which also means they can be TRACED.

    Now 30 years later, it's very painful to lay my ear on a very soft pillow due to the protruding illegal implants therein. When I walk fast I can hear the wind whistling in my ears, (like it does around buildings) caused by the artificially causing my ear to be pulled forward in the cup shape. The screaming in my left ear only is now constant 24/7, if it is Tinnitus its been indiced by the implants as the sound from the implant behind my ear begun as distant noise that used to make me turn around looking for it's origin circa 1998 after an open wound appeared overnight behind my left ear.  Before that I have better then average hearing due to the fact I have naturally poor eyesight.

    Below is the illegal implant behind my left ear (right in MRI)

    Below is one connecting cable above my ear from the outside that appeared circa 1990s on my ear overnight.


    Below is the same connecting cable above my ear from the inside in CT scan

    The sound as I said is behind my left ear only, it changes pitch, higher or lower, gets suddenly louder and sometimes it stops completely for a few seconds before it starts up again, (as if there's a microphone next to a compressor and that sound is being sent via radio waves into my ear) but mostly it's a very high pitched scream accompanied always by the 100% constant allegro digital type pulse. The pulse I can actually feel under my skin behind my ear on my neck near the base of my brain and on the cheeks of my face. Also on my face at the location of the scars around my mouth and two large scars on my chin, is another centre of stabbing vibration, no its NOT shingles Imy fingers can feel the vibrating lumps UNDER my skin and I have NO scabby soars or blisters anywhere. The location behind my ear has a higher temperature than the surrounding skin which is an indication that this is a location of an illegal implant that is either a pulse generator, or a transmitter or receiver or transceiver. I feel the path of energy from the implant through my body in the same place every day.

    Below is my chin today 20 years after my surgical rape the consecutive Australian governments and Government Public Officers refuse to admit occured, despite the mountain of evidence to say it did and deem me insane instead.

     Again you can see many things. I'm pointing to the two scars under my chin which are accentuated when I pull my chin up, top photo screwd up chin, lower photo relaxede chin. The scars appeared overnight (around the days Princess Diana died) when I lived in Moss Vale Road Burradoo near Bowral NSW. I was an Australian politician, elected onto Wollondilly Shire Council then known by my defacto's last name HALL from September 1995 to April 1999 so it was an attempted assassination for any reason.

    The scars when fresh were weeping blood, and shaped as perfect circle holes the diameter of a biro ink tube. Perfect microsurgery scars or microchip injection size holes. (see other image below) Similar holes were in the two corners of my lips. My lips were swollen for ages and since then I've been able to feel the cables that were evidently planted there at that time. You can also see around my chin scars the hair on my face is smaller, no I don't shave, and the hair is quite soft, the lack of hair is because of the excess radiation to that area. I have reduced hair all over but I'm not showing you that. The scars in my chin are centres of strong sparking vibration which produce the further scars higher up my chin towards my mouth.

    Under my nose is a sort of a connection cable that vibrates causing the entire base of my nose to insanely itch. The vibrations under my eyes make my eyes constantly gluey, I cover my eyes when I sleep which prevents me waking almost blind from the night vibrations. I can't show you what they did to my eyes but in the same time period (1997-1998) my eyes were always burning so hot I had to put ice packs and anything I could get my hands on to stop the heat pain. They were also bruised dark red, my eyesight became acutely very poor, so I suspect they had been removed from the sockets or otherwise illegally interfeared with. When I close my eyes now I only see a blanket of bright white where I used to see black before the illegal eye surgery. 

    I have to lay on my left side as there is a pulsing item there that generates a pulse vibration that I can reduced to physical impact on me by laying on. Unfortunately there are also connection leads across my left hip that dig into my skin when I lay on them, but I have no choice if I want to get any sleep at all I have to reduce the vibration by laying on my left side.

    Like sounds at night carry further. When I lay still the vibration from another implant from my left kidney area to my tail-bone is felt stronger across my lower back and in my pubic area and all down both my legs and curiously this lower back vibration is directly linked to a stabbing vibration in my back above my left shoulder blade (scapula), no its NOT shingles. I my fingers feel the cable just under tmy skin. and I have no blisters. To combat that I have to locate a strong magnet on that vibration centre which indicates the item is electronic. I use a magnet from an audio speaker, but I have to leave the frame on it else it moves when I relax. So I'm constantly thinking of the location of that magnet when I sleep to ensure the vibrations don't send me insane as they tell my brain I'm being constantly sexually raped. Specifically the ones that make by vagina pulsate involuntarily sometimes causing me forced orgasm just as in a normal physical rape. Its disgusting to be forced by your government to live like this.

    If I was to guess I'd say the items near my kidney and tail-bone was part of a unit that is like a PHRENIC NERVE STIMULATOR generating power for the other implants via my breathing by forcing my to take involuntary extra breath when I sleep, because as we all know our breathing becomes shallow when we sleep.

    Back to my forehead, I have to keep strong magnets on the three circle cluster shape on my forehead to stop it from making my brain vibrate. If I was to guess I'd say the forehead item was part of a unit that is stealing whatever I personally see and relaying that to a remote party.


    I'm constantly woken through the night by being forced to take extra breaths with involuntary contraction to my diaphragm. This is linked to the medical research that was aimed at helping paralysed people to breathe. And I'm often being woken by people asking my questions as if I'm their toy to play with when I'm sleeping.


    This indicates to me that the item in my forehead may not be an eye centre thing, but it's linked to the divot scar in my hairline that leaves me to deduce I've had an illegal lobotomy for brain research and that's why I was unable to speak when they returned me after the 1998 kidnapping from the Camden NSW Council Chamber during my first MACROC meeting. That's also why, since then, I reverse things I mean to say, and have trouble with the written word, they the freaks that are the political parties DICTATING to us on everything we do in this country, have directly and intentionally caused me brain damage trying to stop me remembering the Australian Freemason child sex crimes I've witnessed.


    That's Politically Motivated Violence ex-PM Tony Abbott.

    I can't allow myself the luxury of being angry at the mindset, that creates the political inequality in enforcement of Australian law by the sadistic arseholes or persons with lack of intelligence, hired by other Government Public Officers to be our law enforcing police but giving this group exclusive license to individually or collectively choose the definition of a criminal offence in direct conflict with the Australian law, and allowing them to live outside Australian law themselves harming whomever takes their psychotic fancy, as I may never recover from that emotion.




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