Theory of Control More Fact than Fiction


    1. Did you know Parliaments have made it legal for politicians to lie to all of us?

    2. Electoral Commission has poured cold water on proposed truth in political advertising laws for ACT elections.

    3. No law could require that such statements actually be 'true'.

    4. So it turns out political candidates are legally allowed to lie to you.



    When I was in high school (Campbelltown NSW 1969-1972) my first Geography teacher was Mr Bryant. We never knew teacher's first names. I was a terminal chatter-box in class. Every report card I had from primary school said "Janette talks too much in class" I was just learning my way. Mr Bryant kept cautioning me to stop talking, often he'd ask me to repeat what he was saying as I was talking to my class friend. I was always able to repeat verbatim what he said. My Geography text book was full (LOL) of blank pages where I always intended to catch up on the writing but never did. At test time I was top of the class. I think some of you can deduce for yourself the point I'm making, I'm quite sure most will get it totally wrong. As I was chattering, I was learning to read people. Recently I discovered why I am like I am, I took a personality test. I'm somewhere between an INFJ and ENTJ as I'm not cold and calculating but I can be ruthless, I do look at what's best for everyone and that always includes the individual as part of a group, never only the group as a whole. I left school after finishing year 10 (4th form) I wanted to complete year 12 (6th form) but my Freemason dad (a carpenter) sadly refused me permission causing me great distress, as a child I always respected my parent's wishes. I don't think I have a high IQ I don't feel overly intelligent however I generally feel like I'm surrounded by idiots, especially in government employment. I suspect that's due to my personality type. I've come to realise most people don't understand the world around us as I do. Most people see three dimensions, I see four. I can hear the unintelligent Government Public Officer psychiatrists all pandering to each other with, "That proves she has a mental illness." Gotta love 'The Joker' they're great entertainment value. Their lack of intelligence (general population in government) is demonstrated by their incapacity to accept constructive criticism, (you see this on Facebook every day) they respond either by personal attacks on the person analysing their actions, (or comments) and they overtly ignore points of law noted in the giver's logical criticisms. I suspect Facebook is 'the' major platform for political parties globally. Commonly, which is why Party leaders say the don't care about 'opinion polls' as they know they're like their Party Branches, 'stacked' to influence the thoughts (brainwashed) of other participants in that group, be it pre-selection voters the Branch, or voters before a general election, or public opinion in the community all manipulated to suit the most powerful political opponent. Which is also why Australia's news media outlets refuse to tell 'all' relevant news, like mine and other kindred Aussies unconstitutionally silenced as I have been. If the government was 'transparent' and news media outlets 'honest' our political environment would be totally different to what we have today. If politics and governemtn wee a level playing field as Australian law insists, Labor Party and Loberal Party would not exist in the unlawful form that it does.


    Above: Janette in 2003


    After these Government Public Officers including retired NSW police superintendent Ron Stephenson or his twin brother (below) committed criminal break and enter / trespass without any legal authority in February 2018, other Government Public Officers decided to commit section 251 criminal Abuse Of Public Office and revoke my driving licence without any legal authority in April 2018 refusing to give me any reason why they revoked my driving licence in breach of the law they claimed to have authority to revoke my licence. These two illegal actions by Government Public Officers are obviously politically motivated crimes that have no basis Australian law or due process of law. These criminal actions have been approved and sanctioned by other Government Public Officers in higher authority, proving Australia is most certainly a dictatorship headed by lawless politically motivated Government Public Officers giving unconstitutional allegiance to a POLITICAL PARTY over Australia's Constitutional law.  Forget the Muslims Australia is already a Kakistocracy run by politically motivated criminals and terrorists aligned to the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party of Australia.


    Despite these and many other Medicare Crimes in Australia, government and news media are targeting people for minor sex crime allegations that often end up false, like fellow clansman, actor Craig MacLachlan. Looks to me like the two major political parties (Labor and Liberal) are stirring up false muck on others to take the criminal heat off them where sex crime prosecutions are always a vote winner for the women. No politician or journalist ever lets the truth get in the way of a damn good fiction story they can pass off as sensational fact to conceal their own misdeeds.

    My great grandmother Jane MacGregor married a James MacLachlan. Jane's older sister Elizabeth MacGregor married James older brother John MacLachlan. All 4 were born and married in Kilmarnock Scotland and emigrated to Queensland Australia mid 1800s with their father Robert MacLachlan who was born in Derry Ireland. All 5 are buried in Queensland. I'd hate to think actor Craig MacLachlan was targeted with false defamation for a perceived association with my MacLachlan family. Whether or not there is a family link, the illegal defamations to protect politicians is what the government’s own Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Fairfax Media's main goal, what they do as a matter of 'best practice' policy on a day to day basis. As I've written before Fairfax and ABC refused to publish anything about these illegal actions of Australian government and health industry which are by far significantly more evil than anything that might have gone on in the entertainment industry since TV started. I for one am standing behind actor Craig MacLachlan who I don't know personally or otherwise.


    I was born in NSW and lived there until Government Public Officers drove me out with their back to back crimes headed by criminal Freemason police who were/are tightly protected by parliament. The NSW Government Public Officer (police and their families) who criminally assaulted me in 1990s informed me they intend to harm anyone who might help me in any way. They have, NSW doctor Bullock was murdered, both my NSW partners are died young and 2 years apart, my children and extended family all estranged from me, I have not a single friend left, all for no other reason than their criminal interventions. In fact their continual illegal interactions in my life led to this story book about their illegal interactions, in my life.



    When Government Public Officer medical doctors and private medical doctors refused to prescribe me (Janette Francis) antibiotics for infections in my ear and face, that was an action of premeditated murder. If the culture in Australia was not to murder unwanted citizens through premeditated intentional medical neglect, then Rita Ann Broadway would not have died in December 2014 Adelaide Australia the way she did months after I too was refused antibiotics in 2011 and 2012 in Adelaide Australia then illegally detained under the Mental Health Act in January 2014 for complaining to my elected politicians in parliament and their political party ''brothers'' about my experience in their health INDUSTRY, an experience that almost cost me my life. I was probably detained because I was still alive, despite them. Yes, I too am a MacGregor.


    They probably did it to others before they did it to me. They probably have done it to many more after me. So here is the most important advice anyone can give you to prevent happing to you what they did to me and my minor aged children.


    1) Lock your doors and windows and roof access (ceiling man hole) from the inside of your house when you sleep with lockable patio bolts, not sliding locks a magnet can open them (I used to open our bathroom slide bolt with my brother's strong magnet when my siblings hid inside when we were playing hide and seek)


    2) Never allow anyone you don't completely trust to be inside your house with you (and your children) when you sleep, that may include your *common law partner (husband) or *parents, which was the case with me.


    3) Don't sleep with your window open.


    4) Never leave your spare keys inside your house when you leave, yes take them with you or lock them somewhere else secretly.


    5) Never leave your handbag or backpack with your keys inside in the care of anyone.


    6) It’s perfectly sane to trust no one. That's why we have laws, to control the majority of people who are intrinsically psychopathically dishonest, which means they were born nasty, they have psychopath DNA. It took an appropriate opportunity to bring out their criminal nastiness which was probably evident in childhood.


    7) If you have a dream or nightmare you can't control, it's not your dream or nightmare, you're being brainwashed, and you don’t have a secret evil self, nor do you get physical injuries in a dream or nightmare, that's someone else physically hurting you when they're brainwashing you.


    In 1990s and 2000s under brainwashing conditions they sadistically told me they were going to steal my ova (female reproductive egg cells) and fertilise them in test tubes to experiment on them with brain stem cell research, because I wasn't using them. They also tried to break me by saying they would take all my living children from me, which they virtually have through brainwashing them. I suspect from what else they were saying that they were attempting to make me suicide. This was at the time of the 2000 Olympics. They try to make you think they're your subconscious talking to you. Or they pretend they're your good friend. You can beat them by staying focussed on your true self, your core belief system. They’re the scum of the Earth. They also tried to convince me they were aliens from outer space. However, they are aliens, they're Government Public Officers who are alien to humanity, not from outer space, from right here on planet Earth.


    They illegally use hallucinogenic drugs and hypnotherapy without your consent to try to reprogram your brain to suit their political purpose.  The evidence of that external to me is the fact that we have so much mismanagement in government, yet the population keeps voting in the same group of people. Look what happened to the Nick Xenophon Team in South Australia on the back of criminal elder abuse involving criminally negligent staff at (Oakden and St Basil's where the criminally negligent staff were allowed to remain working) involving responsibility on the STATE Labor Party and FEDERAL Liberal Party health system, and my events that the news media refuse to make public. Logically there must be many more silenced victims like me as they've managed to silence me with little effort. Logically the greedy Neanderthals in Party politics must have a swag of accomplices in influential positions in Government Public Office and the health industry. Even Pauling Hanson's One Nation Party is too afraid to run candidates in South Australia.


    * Not trusting someone is multifaceted. Not simply a reference to people who are greedy for promised profit or other benefit (like my partner and my Freemason paedophile dad) but also includes people close to you who can't be trusted because they're not mentally strong enough to withstand professional brainwashing, the level of which I experienced last century where Government Public Officers used an illegal combination of drugs and hypnotherapy to manipulate their target victim. Evidently, I'm one of the lucky ones I'm mentally unbreakable because I have a rare personality type. I analyse everything looking for the interlinking logic, over and over, making it difficult if not impossible to fool me in the long-term. Until I encountered this group of Neanderthals I thought everyone did that. Recently I did a personality test discovering I'm one of a 2.5% minority that have a male majority. I love saying ''I'm special''.





    I make a habit of not just complaining, but also offering a logical explanation and a logical solution. Why would bionic neuron inventor Gerard Leob still be wearing thick lens seeing glasses as he looks at his criminal torture device he named, Bionic Neuron (BION) when laser surgery is available to cure eyesight deficiencies? Answer- eye laser surgery is not safe.

    By my observation (I rarely miss anything) when I was younger you hardly heard of anyone being ''medicated'' now just about everyone I've met socially from time to time are taking something to help them cope with everyday life. That's not right. Wouldn't the goal of a community be to make their members as mentally strong as possible? Not dependent on mind altering drugs to function. To stand back and look at this logically and hear the way these people talk, to see that they allow government to hurt people with gross professional negligence and accept that as excusable. As a 100% healthy mind free thinking individual I see that as a form of ''mind control'' of the masses. The prescription drugs to help them 'cope' appear to be an open door to the part of their brain that decides what's morally right and wrong in the operation of government.


    In South Australia and nationally the Liberal Party remain silent on the problems in my state's health system created by the state Labor Party as they know they would inherit the extensive political cultural problems in the state health system from time to time and vice versa, when Labor Party are the opposition or in government. Both Labor and Liberal act to protect their own interests and in a way act to protect each other's interests by covering up the crimes of the other. We the ''general population'' are not a part of their interests outside getting us on-side for the election. Who are the biggest employers in South Australia? That'd be the government.


    Whose the biggest employer in the governments in South Australia, (including volunteers)? That'd be the health department. So, the government staff and their families are the voting majority. The political parties don't want to irritate and potentially estrange their largest voter base. We the health consumer not in favour with government staff are at risk of being denied reasonable health care as Rita Ann Brodway was in 2015, I have been constantly since 1990s, and hundreds of other Australians have been in the past and will be in the future if the status quo remains. Reckless medical negligence seen by Rita Broadway and myself should be criminalised federally with mandatory prison sentencing akin to premeditated murder. With modern technology there is no excuse for medical negligence.


    As a health consumer and in reflection of our protections written into our legal system, I don't see the treatment of Rita Broadway as acceptable in any way whatsoever. Nor did the Coroner. Yet the government do. Why is that? Its political. They don't want to upset their employed voters, so they do nothing and let the employed voters kill health department customers when it takes their fancy. There is NO RESPONSIBILITY taken by the public health department staff. Which is why the Council Of Australian Governments (COAG) needs to fund Legal Aid for common law civil matters against their own staff. Because it's a political issue for COAG and their fellow elected politicians. Elected politicians can remain impartial while the harmed citizens can take court action to protect the ''general population'' against the recklessly negligent employed Government Public Officer who are a HUGE voter base for the elected politicians. It’s that simple Prime Ministers and Premiers. You get to remain impartial and we get legally enforceable protection. It’s not rocket science, it is pure and simple logic and its in the public interest that the public have unrestricted access to Legal Aid for Common Law breach of the integrity of their PERSON under civil law. That's a fundamental human right already written into Australian law.


    Let’s consider a scientific probability that actually has great potential and a high probability of fact. I'll spell it out upfront then ease you into it. The evidence suggests there is a section of our communities who use modern technology like the age-old confidence trickster, the travelling medicine man selling a cure-all elixir, a remedy for everything. But in modern technology they use obscure implants like the BION and mind-altering talk to convince us we need mind altering drugs manufactured by the big pharmaceutical companies with big ticket prices.


    This is NOT a conspiracy THEORY it’s a FACT I can PROVE beyond any doubt whatsoever.


    I've discussed the 60-year life of implants that started in the middle of the 20th century and discussed how magnets effect modern day implants. That's common knowledge even if you don't know about it, they joke about it on TV programs from time to time.


    We know that the government favour big pharmaceutical companies that's evident by their fight against us for use of medical marijuana in life or death treatments. Political party members would prefer to see citizens die than allow them to access free drugs from nature because there's no profit in that for the government and no kick back for the political party members from the pharmaceutical companies.


    Medical doctors would have no income if people were not ill. It’s in their best interests that you're not functioning properly. Notice that doctors rarely if ever take a day of work ill, despite being exposed to sick people all the time. Why can't the rest of the population enjoy that wellness? The simple answer is that the medical doctors the government and the pharmaceutical companies are intentionally making or keeping the rest of us ill. If a doctor asks you to come back in 'X' number of days, they not checking on you they're ensuring repeat business. Took me a few visits to the doctor to work that out when I was younger.


    Money is the sole notice evidence from the fact when governments do legalise marijuana for medical use they want to control it to tax it and get a profit from it despite that it is a free gift for us from nature. It’s like wanting to control and tax air and water. We know they already tax water use.


    We all know medical doctors get kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies when they prescribe drugs to their patients. Well you should know. Shame on you if you don't.


    So what if the pharmaceutical companies decided they weren't getting enough profit. All companies seek to increase profit. How do pharmaceutical companies increase profit, when their profit comes from sick people or at least people medical doctors have diagnosed as being sick and needing a drug to cure them.


    Instead of looking for the 'cause' of your symptom to halt the longevity or stop the reoccurrence of your symptom, medical doctors give you a drug or send you to a psychiatrist to help you 'cope' with your symptom. You know it, you've probably not said it out aloud because you think that would make you a bad person. Wrong. Talking about medical industry greed makes you a caring person.


    Imagine if you mechanic performed their learnt skills like your doctor does. How happy would it make you if your mechanic put banana peel in your fuel tank to stop smoke coming out your exhaust instead of fixing the cause of the excess exhaust smoke. That's exactly what your medical doctor does to you. Minus the banana peel I hope. Perhaps not.

    You let your medical doctor screw you over financially.

    You let your elected political party government screw you over financially.

    You let the pharmaceutical companies screw you over financially.

    But your mechanic, they get all your misdirected rage that should go to the others in proportion.


    Personal greed makes the world go around, not love.

    Your government doesn't care about you personally, not many people do, certainly no person in business cares about you personally, they only care about their income else they would give away their service FREE of any charge.


    So the challenge before the pharmaceutical companies and doctors is how to increase demand, and the political parties are keen to increase taxes to ensure their re-election, they don't care how that happens, same with your local GP the specialist in making their own life better.


    It’s in the best interests of the pharmaceutical companies that you and your family are kept as ill as possible without alerting you to their real intentions towards you.


    Again, the only purpose of any person in self-employment is to increase profit. There's not one company in existence that has your best interests at heart. If you think otherwise it’s time to wise up and grow up. Why would the pharmaceutical companies not use everything at their disposal?


    Why would the pharmaceutical companies not cheat to create a false demand? Other big companies do that with false testimonies. They buy celebrity sponsorship to con you. Why wouldn't the pharmaceutical companies use illegal implants to convince individuals they need a certain drug for the rest of their life? What is the illness that is the big winner for the pharmaceutical companies? What guarantees a lifelong commitment of injecting big financial outlay drugs into an unsuspecting community, drugs that have no real benefit and many bad side effects, benefits that could be gained by medical cannibals grown at home?


    Mental illness that's what. The invisible illness that medical doctors can fabricate a diagnose for on the fly on a million symptoms that are almost always something else entirely. You are keen to swallow that little pill of self-pity because if it 'feels' like your doctor cares about you that releases your own personal 'feel good' internally manufactured drug into your brain, serotonin


    Here’s some more FREE advice:

    If you need more serotonin watch some comedy shows even if you hate them eventually you'll laugh at their calculated stupidity, that's the point. Become a street performer and make other people laugh you'll see how easy it is. Just laugh at everything it really works, you don't even need to mean the laugh the serotonin is released because when you start laughing at nothing you start laughing at yourself. When you can laugh at yourself you never EVER feel depressed. I have never suffered a day of depression in my life because when all the shit falls at my feet I laugh it off.


    That's why there's that saying 'just laugh it off' laughing is the ancient remedy for sadness preventing depression, they didn't know it produced serotonin, they only knew it worked. I've been sad by loss but never depressed. If depression is a state of mind due to lack of serotonin isn't it best to replace that naturally! and FREE! You do know your doctor is giving an artificial serotonin that's breaking your bank, don't you! If politicians were serious about treating depression they'd be looking at the cure not the control of it. they'd be forcing doctors to send people to 'laughter school' a REAL 'funny farm' to make people laugh, not terminally depressing psychiatrists and psychologists who spend their entire day lying to people as they write an endless supply of prescriptions for depression drugs 99% of the population wouldn't need if their life situation was brighter. The expression 'happy wife happy life' is about mental health and life situations. Same goes for men. Put the money into community activities and community enrichment through gainful EMPLOYMENT not commercial orientated mental health INDUSTRY that only benefits the few who rake in the financial profits. Grrrrrrr.


    When I was illegally detained under an illegal Mental Health Act order in 2014 all they did was force me to take their drugs, all their illegal drugs did (illegal because they had no legal excuse to force them on me) to me was make the random swirl patterned floor look like it was crawling. So, their mental health ‘’TREATMENT’’ drugs were intended to me hallucinogenic nothing more. It would probably be classed as illegal without a script but in reality, it has NO therapeutic value, just makes you see things that aren't real. I'm pretty sure they were giving this profit-making hallucinogen to everyone by the way everyone looked at the floor and some were on their hands and knees trying to catch the moving floor. 


    The mental health INDUSTRY is about making PROFITS not making people well. The irony is I would not have any evidence to back that up if the political arm of government hadn't illegally detained me on politically grounds in a maximum security mental health facility at election time 2014. You got to love a political idiot. However, I truly felt for the people in there before me and still there when I left who had been often heard crying, ''Why aren't you helping me!''


    Its only cold hearted psychopaths who run ou mental health industry to profit big business, not the patient, but to benefit the psychiatrists, to benefit the pharmaceutical companies, to benefit the other government public officers by employed in that department, and to benefit the political arm of government by re-election for providing high rate of employment in a health department that would be a low employment need department if it were run with the intention to cure patients rather than merely treat them. Or causing the criminally medically negligent murder of people like Rita Broadway because the health department doesn't make a profit on changing a catheter.


    Are you starting to see why they hate people like me so much? I'm not afraid to speak the truth.


    Then you here all the true stories about people with real mental health issues who can't get treatment. They don't realise the treatment is only experimental drugs as the pharmaceutical companies actually use us in the community as their experiment lab.


    I know people allergic to ibuprofen, it reacts on their brain to make them artificially angry. How was that tested and approved to be safe for humans? It’s not really that's bullshyte we accept. I know people allergic to diabetes medicine, it interferes with their brain and makes them hallucinate to the extent they see life sized creatures walking around their house. How was that tested and approved to be safe for humans? We are the lab rats. I know someone who was given hallucinogenic drugs by psychiatrist doctor Helen Tingay (of Barrett House, 39 George St Norwood, SA 5067) to treat depression, causing the person to try to get themselves run over by traffic. Helen Tingay should be in prison for negligent attempted murder but she's not she's a favourite of the political government in South Australia. I was illegally detained in maximum security mental health facility in Adelaide on political grounds for some weeks but this person who was intensely suicidal was not. Proving most the mental health funds are for political purposes not genuine clinical purposes. The criminally negligent Government Public Officer psychiatrist who illegally detained me under the mental health Act in 2014, Georgina Ai-Chin Cheng evidently got the sack and went to practise her crimes. Georgina Cheng now practices her health crimes with health criminal Helen Tingay at Barrett House in Norwood, birds of a feather flock together. 2012 general medical doctor Celia Emmaline Tildesley at Christies Beach Medical Centre tried to ''force'' me to attend consultations with Helen Tingay because Celia Tildesley didn't believe I had been an elected politician in NSW in Wollndilly Shire (1995-1999 Clr Jenny Hall) amongst other matters of fact TILDESLY irrationally believed were false because Government Public Officers told her they were false, screw what her patient says. In 2018 had the misfortune to see CHENG at my local Woolworths in Seaford Meadows. Christies Beach Medical Centre were in government negotiations as the medical corporation who were awarded the contract to provide general medical services at the State and Federal funded GP Plus Super Clinic in Noarlunga Adelaide Australia. GP Plus CBMC banned me from accessing the government service after they had a diagnosis of my nerve damage in my arms from illegal implants, on the basis that I complained about their actions in medical negligence, to them. Still haven't had any treatment for my nerve damage which causes my arms to go totally numb when I sleep in a normal position. The numbness goes away instantly when I raise the effected arm above my head as I lay down, the position I would have been in when the illegal implant cables were criminally inserted in my arms without my authority (1990s). Everything provable but intentionally ignored by Australian medical doctors.


    If I tuck my hand in bending the at the wrist my hands go totally numb. On the tops of my hands is something else that vibrates and moving under my skin with sunken burn marks above on my skin, like you see on the sole of my right foot below and next to my forehead next the widows peak in my hairline with linked tapping and moving under my skin from my forehead lump above my left eye (the Cole Skin Condition) to the radiation burn mark at my widows peak to the fontanelle area on top of my skull where as well as vibrations there is a movable lump that throws off excess heat. Everything provable but intentionally ignored by Australian medical doctors.


    When I had a ultrasound on the tops of my hands at Adelaide State Government, Daw Park Repat Hospital in 2007 the radiologist refused to give me copy of the film for my hands despite giving me copy of the film for other parts she scanned the same day including parts there was no referral for, my wrist. The Daw Park Radiology September 2007 radiologist was Mr Michael Radford Sage (Emeritus Professor College of Medicine and Public Health, Flinders University.) Coincidently another radiologist refused to give me copy of my Xrays and report at Marion Domain Medical Centre (Adelaide) on my freshly dislocated hand (thumb) after I was criminally attacked by another government public officer on 2 May 2007, (Timothy Cooper Christies Beach police) that radiologist was also a Mr Michael Radford Sage.  Associated with the Flinders Legal Advice Clinic who who intentionally gave me wrong legal advice recently when I consulted the same State government's Flinders Legal Advice Clinic, is yet another very unwise Sage, Susannah Sage-Jacobson (Senior Lecturer College of Business, Government and Law). FLAC they even posted my legal advice to the person I was intending to sue under Common Law. I know that because they emailed me with a copy of the letter they told me had already been posted. When I took that to court the magistrate ruled for the State Government's Flinders University Law School who run the legal advice clinic. I discovered the magistrate (another state Government Public Officer) has a personal interest in Flinders University. Ms Koula Kossiavelos, Lawyer, Magistrate and Solicitor, is member of a long-standing steering committee which succeeded after ten years in establishing a Chair of modern Greek studies at Flinders University. 


    As if numb hands and arms aren't enough to keep me half awake and vigilant as I sleep every night, I have to make sure I lay only on my left side despite the agony of the implant cable under my skin over my left hip, to reduce the vibrations in the left side of my face from obvious implants there linked to the reoccurring infection in my face in 2011 and 2012. Everything provable but intentionally ignored by Australian medical doctors.


    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve. I refer to the web of extensive Medicare Australia bipartisan political crime woven (spun) by the government's own Spin-Doctors in party politics.


    In reality they only see you as a set amount of money, if that weren't true, medical doctors would charge the same amount for all consultations, or work from home and charge next to nothing like they used to in decades past. Instead they mostly all work out of larger partnerships to increase their profits and diminish their legal liability when someone has the money or tenacity to sue them for their everyday negligence.


    Here are some examples:

    Your think your skin is itchy, and you can't see what's causing it – oh you have mental illness.

    You think you can't sleep and you're a little depressed because your life sucks – oh you have mental illness.

    You think you feel your skin vibrating – oh you have mental illness.

    You think you were abused as a child – oh you have mental illness.

    You think you feel something moving under your skin – oh you have mental illness.

    You're a clairvoyant or you hear voices in the distance – oh you have mental illness.

    You think you feel hot spots on your skin – oh you have mental illness.

    You think you can see strange scars on your skin over where you feel a strange lump and electrical sparks – oh you have mental illness.

    You think you disagree with the government – oh you have mental illness.

    You think you have illegal implants – oh you have mental illness.

    You think you can disagree with a medical doctor – oh you have mental illness.

    You think a psychiatrist is a liar and have video evidence – oh no you have mental illness.

    You think the government is extensively corrupted and you have proof – oh you have mental illness.


    If Nixon's Watergate happened in Australia today the journalists would be locked up under the Mental Health Act.


    I'm sure you get the picture. Many of the above are the reasons why I was diagnosed with a mental illness I don't have. Because of my childhood where I was faced with life and death situations from an early age my mind protected me from mental illness. No drugs required. The more Australian government political terrorists and stalkers tried to brainwash and terrorise me the stronger they made me.


    With a relatively small initial investment. A secret illegal implant like a BION and or few initial drugs may be enough of a psychotropic to convince the majority of people they have a mental condition that requires indefinite use of an artificial drug.

    Gerard Leob claims to be the inventor of the Bionic Neuron which he trademarked as BION.

    The Alfred Mann Institute are associated with the early Bionic Neuron, probably the ones illegally forced on me.

    Advanced Bionics Corporation are the American manufacturers of the modern Bionic Neuron.



    You see that ALL medical doctors I have attended have tried to convince me I'm imagining the very real symptoms of illegal implants.


    An implant can be as small as the bionic neuron that is a hermetically sealed, or as useless as a small bit of gold inside someone allergic to gold in ear or body piercings, someone like you or me. The presence of the gold causes constant low-level infection.


    The presence of the illegal BIONs I have under my skin causes a scar on the surface of the skin like a surface explosion with a definite edge. That's the implant cooking your skin like food is cooked inside a microwave oven. In spots. I've seen these scars on publicly exposed skin on many people in the community across Australia. Mostly women.


    These flowery shaped scars are hard to photograph but not impossible when they are many years old like mine. The best one is on the sole of my foot as the sun has never seen this skin surface to conceal its location with freckles.


    Medical doctors tell me it's only ''mottled skin''. But refuse to look for a cause and refuse to treat these painful still forming scars because they know there from illegal BIONs, an aid to their own financial wealth.


    The digital photo of my left foot below has NOT been digitally altered in any way whatsoever. I snapped many consecutive photos of my foot this day on an early digital camera that cost me $1500 in the year 2000. I snapped the photos in a car park in Noarlunga as my foot was painfully pulsating making it difficult to walk. I had my left foot slightly raised off the bitumen. You can see the glow from my left foot against my right foot. Anyone can see there would be no other purpose for BIONs in the feet other than to criminally torture the victim.


    I could feel the heat the pulses were emitting so I figured it was a BION and reasoned to myself that the pulses must also be accompanied by light. I was right this is the only photo of the many in which I captured the real-time pulse of light. You know if you shine a light on your skin it glows red. This is a BION inside my foot, you can see the light is coming from inside my foot. I suspect there's two BIONS in each foot.


    The photo of the sole of my right foot was snapped outside the Woodcroft Library using the same camera. Likewise, this photo has NOT been digitally altered in any way whatsoever. In this photo even from the distance it was snapped you can clearly see the BURN scar on the sole of my foot from the pulsating BION. I took this photo of the bottom of my right foot because this foot was aching terrible from the pulsing BION.


    They have stopped pulsing in my feet, but they literally feel like stones inside both feet when I walk. I'd really like them and the many other BIONs inside me removed. The ones in my arms have a lot of natural body coating making them easy to locate, they still pulse they were inserted in 2000 when I was kidnapped from my residence in Branxton NSW. One in my face caused a skin cancer it as cut out a few years back, but the Adelaide South Australia specialist refused to give me possession of the BION.




    I had several illegal surgeries when I was pregnant in 1991, on separate mornings after going to sleep in my own bed I woke to find surgical stitches in the skin over my tail-bone, woke to find surgical super-glue holding a circular puncture wound over my sternum that covers my heart, and woke to find a surgical super-glue holding another puncture wound under the bone behind my left ear.


    For many years now, I'm suffering with abnormal vibrations where the stitches were on my tail-bone.


    For many years now, I'm suffering with abnormal forced contractions of my diaphragm under my sternum forcing air into my lungs to operate something vibrating in my throat which appears to in turn vibrate something in my abdomen.


    For many years now, I'm suffering with abnormal sounds coming from the bone behind my left ear where the clear intent is to make me believe I'm insane because I ''hear'' voices'' from the bone behind my left ear.


    Circa 1997 when an elected politician in local government I woke in my own bed with blood red eyes, after which my eyes have been constantly burning to the point I need ice packs on them.

    Now I feel electrical sparking in my eyes and have to bind my eyes when I sleep to avoid vibration bruising to my eyeballs that are permanently generally bruised looking like I have hepatitis.


    Circa 1997 I woke in my own bed with a bloodied nose and puncture wound on the top of my head.

    Now in both locations where I feel abnormal vibrations and cables under my skin and excess heat that often requires ice packs.

    These are but a few of the many illegal surgery events that I have been criminally assaulted with presumably under orders of the Australian Labor Party.


    What have they done, have they turned me into a surveillance human-droid? Have they used my ears to hear what I hear and talk back to me to scare me or attempt to drive me to insanity? Have they used my eyes to watch everything I do? The logical answer to every question appears to be YES for the simple fact that despite the extensive expert evidence and external evidence that supports my ‘’theory’’ I’ve been surgically raped they refuse to let me have the illegal implant items removed. Which serves to prove Australian Government Public Officers are a criminal party to these attacks on me which ARE actions of terrorists, motivated by political police or belief in breach of Australian law.

    Clearly these many illegal experimental implants I’m hosting against my will and in breach of Australian Criminal Law are intended to torture me and have been illegally used as a tool to diagnose me as insane in breach of my fundamental human rights.








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