• Criminal Defamation by Alison Barbara Jane Cole

    When your government is a Krakistocracy you must defame yourself by publishing a document that criminally defames you in order to protect your reputation by publicly addressing a matter of criminal defamation. This is one of those 'times'. On the basis of this unlawful medical report Jean Phillips Manager, Licence Regulation at Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure caused me licence to be suspended - without legal excuse. Delegate for the Registrar, Jean Phi…

  • Psychopaths in Medicine

    That's what a psychopath with a Bachelor of Medicine sounds like in Australia.

  • Dissidents Stephen Knight a brave hero

    I owe an eternal debt to Stephen Knight He brought me from the dark into the light allowing me to link my childhood memories to criminal modus operandi of current Australian government officials. He died aged 33 soon after ''The Brotherhood'' his exposé book on global Freemasons. Despite the official cause of his death, in my mind responsibility will always rest at the feet of the Freemasons who control all aspects of government in our allied countries, falsely alleged democracies.

  • Unconstitutional Policy

    Australian police enforce unconstitutional political party policy over and above Australian law, like the Gestapo for the German Nazi Party. Police ignore complaint of illegal implants instead of investigating criminal assault police take steps to deny the victim of crime any mode of transport.

  • Crown Criminal Trespass - Again

    A new CEO for SA Health, because there was no one good enough in Australia. Or no-one despicable enough. The jury is still out on that one. Janurary 2014 state election period criminal trespass, false imprisonment, criminal defamation, assault and battery, abuse of public office, etc February 2018 state election period criminal break and enter, criminal defamation, assault, abuse of public office, etc 23 Feb 2018 Dear Crown Solicitor and CEO SA Health, RE: Crown Criminal Conspiracy to…