Some Pigs Web of Lies

    You think you've heard it all before. Think again. 

    As you may have read, since circa 1984 Australian governments participated in politically motivated violence to falsely claim my 28 year old face (above) as the face of a murder victim aged 14 or 15, (they never actually honed that one) when I was known by my legally assumed (by Statutory Declaration) defacto last name Jenny HALL.

    Well in 2009 when resident in Adelaide, South Australia, I decided to revert back to my maiden last name, FRANCIS, which is lawfully recorded on my lawful New South Wales official birth certificate as exactly stated in official government record, Government Public Officers in the Christies Beach Department of Transport Motor Registry, (RTA) informed me of their firm belief I had ''stolen'' my birth certificate, they said, ''That belongs to someone else, not you.'' When pointing to my own official Birth Certificate.

    I went to another RTA in Oaklands Park at the Marion centre. Showed them the same documents and after some discussion they agreed to change my last name back to my maiden name.

    I wrote to the Department who informed me by letter dated 16 Audust 2010, that my last name was changed illegally. If it was they had the authority to reverse the decision but they didn't as they know I'm right. They just wanted to create a criminally defamatory story to continue the perpetuation of my identity theft from the 1980s. 

    In 2011 I consulted medical doctor Celia E Tildesley at Christies Beach medical centre in 100 Beach Road, Chrisites Beach SA, about symptoms associated with my political surgical rape in NSW and other symptoms from my criminal assault at the hands of local Chrisites Beach police. Tildesley informed me I was lying about everything I told her and informed me I had ''imagined'' being a local government politician in Wollondilly Shire Council 1995-1999. Celia E Tildesley is now in Victoria 

    You can see below, compared to most others, I have a very small head, no one else in my birth family has such a small head. The size of my head and my young looking features helped them convince gullible people I was younger than I was. Now my face skin looks 30 years older due to the effects of their illegal implants. My skin looks older than my grandmother when she died aged almost 90 because the implants make my skin painfully dry and very thick. When I had a foreign item cut from my face circa 2008 under local anaesthetic, the surgeon told me my skin was over double the thickness it was supposed to be, making it harder to remove the item.

    Tildesley's criminal defamation conspiracy with the Labor Party and Liberal Party that I have faked my identity, on many levels. False and defamatory claims about my true identity probably harmed my stand for election in Onkaparinga City Council the Christies Beach area Local Government council. 

    When I was elected in 1995 my next door neighbour created a scene at the primary school polling booth around the corner from our residences in The Oaks. He claimed I was not who I said I was and called my nomination a fraud. Criminal Defamation from the resident at 41 William Street The Oaks, the son of the local Post Mistress and a member of a motorcycle club. Probably the Rebels.

    My 2002-2004 neighbours in 80 and 55 Gibson Street, when I was in 53 Gibson Street Goulburn NSW both believed I was not who I said I was and hung red and white striped colours of the Rebels Motorcycle Club in their windows. My neighbour in 80 Gibson followed me from Branxton NSW near Newcastle. Sat out the front of my house in his car for days on end circa 2002. Weeks later the people across the road moved out, he moved in. I told Goulburn NSW police he was stalking me, they told me I had no proof. I thought that was their job. Evidently not. I suspect he had worked at the Branxton Post Office circa 2002, probably as sorter as I saw him out the back when someone called him to the counter just to look at me when I was there. He looked like one who worked at Bowral NSW Post Office when a specific parcel was stolen, along with a number of complaints about the missing parcel, circa 1999. Since 1984 when I lived in 20 Wilkinson Street Elderslie NSW I've been followed by a group of people setting up near wherever I moved. I moved radically many miles just to test that theory.

    In 80 Gibson St, directly opposite my 53 Gibson St, he was often pacing on his patio watching my house while hitting the top of his head, as if he had illegal implants too. He came to my gate one day to 'blah blah' at me over something. When I moved closer to him he ducked suddenly as if I was going to hit him.

    His reaction and the unguarded look on his face led me to believe he was the one who criminally abducted me from my residence at 21 Cessnock Road Branxton NSW with his buddies, drugged me to illegally interrogate me, then threatening to harm me by wanting to ''fight'' with me (he a man, me a woman) saying, ''Lets see how good you are'' followed by, ''I'm going to rape you'' causing me to have a blackout in anger while having no inhabitions due to being illegally drugged, during which time I evidently bashed the living daylights out of his head almost killing him. His buddies who had left the room for this event, came back in as I was still boom booming his head on the hard floor of the Branxton Golf Club social area private room. They saw me going boom-boom with the back of his head and cried, ''You've killed him.'' I looked at his head bobbing up and down in front of me not realising it was my hands holding the head  and boom-booming it on the ground.

    Since I was 16 I became acutely aware I was susceptible to ''blind rage'' when I'm pushed to anger my consciousness switches off, I act out the anger and return to conscious state with no memory of what I had done. Might be a genetic transfer from my MacGregor ancestors who slaughtered the Colquhouns in the 1603 Battle of Glen Fruin, Scotland. With little hesitation my other ancestors the Campbells acted to gain political weight over the MacGregors encourcging their alcoholic King to pass a law that made it legal to kill MacGregors on sight if they wore their ''colours'' or used their last name. MacGregor women were branded on their face. Sound familiar?

    My Kilmarnock Scotland ancestors Jane MacGregor and James MacLachlan immigrated to Australia in 1864 with daughters Jane and Mary on the ship, Earl Russell, baby Mary died onboard ship.

    So I have dealt with my blind rage problem (no ones perfect) by intentionally never getting legless drunk or taking social drugs, so I'm always in control, so I can make sure I never getting angry.  I used to joke with my children to stop them being annoying, I'd say, ''Don't get me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry, I turn green like The Hulk.'' 

    When they drugged me and threatened me with harm, my subconscious took over, I had no control whatsoever. They knew all that they just wanted to see for themselves, treating my involuntary blind rage as a party trick for their entertainment. They deserved everything they got.

    So. I find myself in a similar position to poor-old Tony Abbott and the dual citizenship debacle, having to prove the absurd.

    There are probably so many Australians who themselves are criminally corrupted and or have faked their own identity, they are happy to believe I have too. 

    Here is redacted copy of my official Australian Birth Certificate as at 2009 purchased from the Wollongong NSW BDM registry in 2004, and copy of some other official government documents that all prove my identity. 

    I remind you that the government has NEVER done me any favours. If they had they would have stopped my Torrens Title property (which was my residence) being stolen circa 16 August 1991 by my defacto Owen Hall and Macarthur Credit Union General Manager Graham bloody Holby, days before I gave Owen Hall the second of our two children.

    Kell, Heard, McEwan & Lough Solicitors in Wollongong (Labor Party heartland) were the solicitors acting for and on behalf of the Macarthur (Mutual) Credit Union, Argyle Street, Camden NSW in 1991 while I was the NSW Torrens Title holder as Janette Gail Francis. The Guild Pioneer loan they mention was in my name as as Janette Gail Francis since 1985. Guild Pioneer used to be located in the south east end of Elizabeth Street Sydney CBD NSW. All property searches, as any conveyancer knows MUST reference the DP number and Lot number, this letter failed to do that. The Credit Union faxed the 17 Oct 1991 letter to ITSA they BOTH knew the letter was a forgery.

    Macarthur Credit Union and their legal team jointly owe me a Torrens Title real estate property equal to today's value of my old 1/4 acre Torrens Title DP22265 , plus interest from 16 August 1991. You can see why these financial service criminals removed ''mutual'' from their company name. It was all done behind my back, I got copy of that letter when I was forced into bankruptcy after Owen refused to leave my property and police refused to evict him and local lawyers refused to assist me to recover my Torrens Title.

    Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia (ITSA) a federal government department was handling my bankruptcy and simply rubber stamped this politically motivated and backed real estate scam intended to render me homeless and impoverished. I was illegally forced to be financially responsible for thousands of dollars of personal debt in the name of ''OWEN HALL'' in the carriage of my 1999 bankruptcy by ITSA under my birth name Janette Gail Francis.






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