$5mil p.a. Centrelink Political Fraud

    Head of Labor Party, Bill Shorten's claim in Adelaide evening TV News yesterday, 30 January 2018 that he'll implement a Federal Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) anti corruption ''team'' into Federal government, just like the State ICAC ''if Labor is elected next Federal election'' is a 100% worthless promise. I've complained to two ICACs in two seperate States (NSW and SA) about extensive government corruption in these matters, both times the  Labor Party held that State government, both times the ICAC refused to investigate the complaints despite them being 100% government corruption. What ICAC do is they are against people talking about the corruption. The ANTI corruption Acts of Parliament, makes it an offence under that law to talk about ICACs refusal to investigate corruption. ICACs are a way for Parliaments to muffle discussion about, or further CONCEAL corruption in governments.

    So lets talk about corruption in Federal government.

    Circa 2010: I was called into the Department of Human Services, Centrelink for a ''work capacity'' assessment due to my long-term unemployed status and receipt of the NewStart benefit. I was asked if I had any physical disability that might hinder my ability to work.

    At that time I was still in considerable pain over the 2007 State Government Public Officer criminal attack that caused my dislocated right shoulder and dislocated dominant right hand. Which you know private and government doctors still refused to diagnose and treat. So naturally I mentioned that. As a result the Noarlunga Centrelink Public Officer recorded in my Centrelink file that I was unable to work more than 15 hours per week due to mental health issue involving an unspecified PSYCHOSIS. That criminally defamatory false claim has been perpetually published to my job network provider who are supposed to assist me to find employment by recommending me to prospective employers. You guessed it, they've NEVER found me work. 

    So I said to Centrelink, ''if I'm not able to work full time by your assessment, then that means I qualify for a disability pension'' They told me I needed a medical practitioner to sigh off on that as their assessment officer was NOT a medical practitioner, they were a social worker. A social worker who officially ''diagnosed'' a medical condition of mental illness when told about government corruption. Yeah, what the fuk.

    18 January 2011 at MADEC Australia Noarlunga Centre SA: When I told a male who came from NSW specifically to head a course to help long-term unemployed people (employment accelerator program) that I had a MR licence in view of getting a bus driver certification, he laughed at me claiming that was a ridiculous idea. I complained to the department, they did nothing about it.

    Circa 2013 at Workskil Australia Seaford SA: This group refused to assist with preparation of my resume and refused to refer me for full time work based on the Centrelink's false and criminally defamatory ''diagnosis'' in my Centrelink record, published to all my Job Network providers.

    Circa 2016 at Workskil Australia Noarlunga Centre SA: When I told the heavily accented British immigrant worker employed by this (my) Job Network provider, that I was now enrolled in University to study law and going onto the Centrelink study benefit, she openly laughed at me and called me a liar. That action in Tort was supported by the office manager in the Noarluinga TAFE building.

    I you follow the links above you'll see based on what they've done to me they make false promises, exactly like Australian Liberal Party and Australian Labor Party.

    I've applied to Centrelink many times to have the false data removed but they refuse. I've asked to look at the data on my file associated with this illegal medical diagnosis, in a Freedom of Information (FOI) application, they refuse that with words to this effect: 
    ''Due to your mental illness, we will only release the documents to a psychiatrist, you will have to visit a psychiatrist of your choice to view the documents, you can't have a copy.''

    to see the Centrelink FOI decision above

    You may need to copy & past this link as the the website server won't support Box hyperlinks in all web browsers.

    If I play the game and go to a psychiatrist to access the record they'll record that I have consulted a psychiatrist, to further cement their criminally defamatory false record.

    Its a waste of time asking my political member in federal Parlaiment, a Labor Party person, as the LABOR Party politicians historically, all REFUSE TO SEE ME in South Australia and in New South Wales.

    So it's legal in the federal Department of Human Services for unqualified Government Public Officers to impersonate medical doctors and prevent you from assessing documents about that criminal activity, in your Freedom Of Information application with that same criminal activity, because the FOI legislation passed by Federal Parliament allows for that crime to be perpetrated.

    The federal Centrelink agency wouldn't need security guards if the federal Parliament had not supported long-term government corruption, specifically written into in their own legislations. That's what's pissing off the citizens in Centrelink officers across the nation, the systemic bipartisan corruption, actively SUPPORTED by Bill Shorten and his Labor Party two-faced cronies, and the Liberal Party Neanderthals.

    I'd make an excellent POLITICAL JOURNALIST as I actually do my research, however Mary Fairfax's grandfather's John Fairfax Holdings and Rupert Murdoch's News Limited won't hire me because I tell the whole TRUTH.



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