Police Rape That Never Ended

    Started with some stupid wild feral kids, turned into the entire state and federal police departments police department across two states. Only in Australia.


    The spineless sadistic waste of human space, who criminally raped me by penetrating me with their illegal experimental paraphernalia without my consent and totally outside Australian law, were reasonably fully aware the harm these items would cause me. This inferred intended harm is easily gleaned by the location of the items. It will probably be additionally identified by the types of items they used if and when I'm allowed access to my legal rights to have these criminal assault items to be removed.

    I've written before about the location of the Therapeutic Goods Authority's (TGA) high risk classified Active Implantable Medical Device (AIMD) items. I don't often discuss the potential other harms the government themselves has attributed as characteristics of these devices. They're classified as high risk as they carry a high risk of death by infection and only used on people with the medical need as a last resort. I've never had a medical need of anything apart from treatment for the physical harms caused by these illegal implants.

    I'm naturally a perfect specimen of health with fantastically healthy DNA. When my healthy life is denied me by vindictive sadistic cowards, that proves this assault on me as an action in a vendetta. So who in my past might went to harm me is the question? The answer always goes back to Freemasons and their family members who have harmed me for complaining about their sex crimes on members of my family. As I've said before Freemasons were when I was harmed in the 1980s and 1990s the majority of Australian police, and other Government Public Officers. Going back to 1971 when I was 15 and my rape was procured by the daughter of a Freemason police officer, because I retaliated against her once, for her perpetual physical assaults on me in the school-yard because I rejected her attempts to befriend me on the grounds that she was a bad mannered, aggressive, loud-mouthed, absolute bitch I wanted nothing to do with. Isn't that right Rhonda Wark / Brooks / Halls? During the period of time that Max Ehrmann's Desiderata was popularised on the radio by naturally romantic teenagers, as spoken by Lorne Greene and others, ''Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit''

    Above: 1970 Campbelltown High NSW, Janette (left) aged 14.

    Evidently Rhonda proceeded to lie to all and sundry claiming the opposite of reality. Her primary school friend helped her procure my rape, my fake high school friend, Elizabeth Francis Selsby, Francis is her middle name her father spelt incorrectly when he registered her name. Elizabeth's guilty conscious caused her to ran off to a catholic retreat during the school term, and despite that she was Church of England, (Anglican) telling everyone it was my fault she had to go to the retreat for a while the rumour around school was that I procured Elizabeth's rape. Meanwhile I suffered post traumatic forced amnesia. I was unable to discuss the rape in any aspect due to the ultimate betrayal of my group of best friends, most of whom were present in the next room when I was raped and did nothing to assist me.

    I pushed the rape into my subconscious because I was simply unable to process the betrayal and continue to exist knowing the rapists would never be brought to justice due to Rhonda being the daughter of a cop as she informed me from about 2 inches from my face. I was in denial for almost 30 years, and had buried the rape so deep that when the man who was the boy who raped me in 1971 apologised to me circa 1992 when he worked in my local Camden NSW supermarket, I had no idea what he was apologising for.

    To make matters worse I was raped again in 1973, this time it was a pack rape involving two sons of a policeman, the brothers had a sister named Sandy Harvey, (according to Elizabeth Selsby who went to primary school with the Harvey's) when Sandra Harvey was the name of the copyright author of the police book that used my stolen photo of my face as the visual identity of a murder victim on 1984, ''Brothers In Arms, The Inside Story of Two Bikie Gangs'' (This linked image is my cover of my copy of the book, my copyright photo of my cover was stolen by the NSW authors of the linked website) identifying my face as a bikie moll when I was the absolute opposite, clearly to protect DNA brothers Stephen and Wayne Harvey, fellow Campbelltown NSW high school  students and sons of a cop who all lived on the corner of Lindesay and Allman Streets in Campbelltown NSW. Chances are, one or both brothers grew up to become Government Public Officer police themselves like dear old dad. That's my considered opinion based on the facts. Brothers In Arms. 

    The 1973 Harvey pack rape also involved an older dark haired male who drove a white sedan with scripted text on the gutter side rear with the words like ''Neil Cassum'' who in 1973, lived in the Sturt Street Campbelltown NSW area with his wife and child, and took his child to the medical doctor on Lindesay Street west, near Chamberlain Street. He collected a script for the child from the surgery the April Sunday I was raped in 1973, which coincided with the date the Book Brothers In Arms was released in 1989, April Fools Day,  They could have kept on claiming I concented to ''sex'' right up until the point they stole my photo and used it for that book. Then it becomes a secret vendetta to protect their reputation despite that I had never reported them to police and never spoken about the rapes to another living soul, apart from in confidentiality to a government social worker when I applied for welfare payment in 1974. Boob boom.

    I didn't remember the 1971 Wark rape until well after I saw Rhonda again at the wedding reception for my oldest nephew, circa 1998 where she was yelling at me for having bullied her in the school yard. You can imagine the psychological harm I suffered that caused me decades of denial. Rhonda's brother was the best friend of my brother, Rhonda went out of her way to befriend my brother and his wife in order to criminally defame me to them. They believed Rhonda over me as being the youngest in my family meant that I was held in contempt and always treated like the naughty child I never was.

    What do these surgical rape items do to me?

    I know where they are because when the wireless radio/micro waves emitted by out mobile phone towers pass through me they attach themselves to these surgical rape devices. The pass through me as millions of stinging needles along the length of implanted cables in my hands, arms, legs, feet, around my head neck and torso and in my groin. Every place my skin is not covered with thick layers of material I feel the stinging of hundreds of needles 24 hours a day 7 days a week in this non-stop torture.

    So when I do anything physical, when my muscles are working, my moving muscles smack against the non moving surgical rape items causing perpetual internal impact damaging the muscles causing them to swell unnaturally. The movement of my muscles pushes my nerves against the non moving implants causing pinched nerves.

    So with surgical rape items over the top of my knee caps just under my skin, when I pedal a bicycle the non moving surgical rape items scrape under my skin as my bent knees move up and down.

    With surgical rape items over my knee caps, the skin over my knees is pinched from underneath when I kneel on a hard surface.

    With surgical rape items over the ends of my elbows, when I bend my elbow to lean on a horizontal hard surface the surgical rape items pinch the underside of the skin over my elbows.

    With surgical rape items over the skin of the bones in my arse, when I sit on a hard surface skin over my posterior is pinched from underneath.

    I can't walk with bare feet without the surgical rape items pinching the underside of the skin over the soles of my feet.

    With surgical rape items over the skin of my ears, when I wear my prescription glasses tI've needed from birth, he underside of skin over the top of my ears are pinched.

     Left: Visually evident, the surgical rape cable over Janette's ear.

    With surgical rape items over the skin of my gums that have been denude of teeth since I was 12 years old, the underside of the skin on my gums are pinched under the pressure of my plastic false teeth. Which is the main reason I stopped eating meat totally as I simply was unable to chew it due to the pain the location surgical rape items caused me in my mouth when that surgical rape occurred in 1997 in the days after I purchased a new set of false teeth when I was an electoral office elected local government politician.

    You can see the location of the surgical rape items appears to have been a premeditated intention to cause me daily pain.

    The surgical rape items in my hands make it difficult to grip a round door knob without acute pain as they twang in the palm of my hand when I grip. I still have a very strong grip because I don't have arthritis, I have surgical rape items in my hands.

    I note the surgical rape items have been identified in ultrasound of my knee. The radiologists were unable to name the device. Their simple minds refused to entertain the high probability that they were surgical rape items.

    I note the abnormal heat generated by the surgical rape items have been identified in Thermal Imaging using a cheap thermal Camera I purchased on the Internet. The high heat hot spots of the surgical rape items has been identified using this device, showing the hot white spots on my face and neck and hands and bony shins.

    The heat generated in the tops of my hands is so intense that I can't tough my hands on any part of my person without feeling the burning sensation on that other skin which is quite repulsive, (see thermal imaging below.)

    The only other negative action in my past was this:

    At his father's wake at his parent's outer Sydney NSW residence, I watched as  Jack Bassett's NSW police detective son pulled his police issue pistol from his chest holster and pointed it at my face, followed by words to this effect, ''My dad is dead because of you.'' The inference I got from my mother was that Jack Bassett suicided. His son the police detective who was criminally pointing his police pistol at me, was angry because I refused to cower to him because he had a gun on me. I basically told him to grow a brain. 

    Jack Basssett allegedly died on Sunday 24 April 1988, the same day I reported to Camden NSW Freemason police about my DNA father after I caught my father red-handed in the rape of my 3 month old baby, which caused me to instantly remember seeing the aftermath of my father raping all his grandchildren and my brother when I was a child.

    Jack Bassett was a Cooma NSW policeman, was the best friend of my father and fellow Freemason. Jack Bassett took illegal actions as a policeman to pervert the course of justice to protect his best buddy, my dear old dad, after my father raped me on 3 March 1959. I was 2 years and 10 months old. I needed several stitches to stop me bleeding to death. When I had stitches in the same general area in January 1974, I confronted my parents about that rape, their refusal to discuss it brought a thoughtless statement from me. I said to this effect, ''Well if you don't remember, doctor Bulloch will.'' He was the our family doctor in country Cooma NSW who stitched me up. Mt father responded in anger, ''We'll see about that.'' His reference was to his Freemason buddies Government Public Officers and other police. Doctor Bulloch died later that year. Take what you will from that.

    From my first hand expeience I see all Australian police as fitting one or the other catagory; either they're spineless lawless bullies, or spineless lawless cowards.

    The thing is, I'm introverted, which doesn't mean I'm weak, quite the opposite. An introverted person can possess the strongest character of all because they don't need the approval of any other to feel comfortable with themself. Its the extrovert who will often run foul of the law to impress their friends, not the introvert.

    Being introverted means I can exist happily without a partner, happily without the approval of friends, happily and mentally strong all on my own. Alone but never lonely. Which is a good thing, as you have learnt, the friends Australia has to offer me aren't worth a pinch of shit, they're that way because of the socially destructive culture of our government since Federation, that historically has provided unlawful impunity to Freemason police and other Government Public Officers for personally motivated crimes committed against innocent people and in breach of National Security.

    Below 2017: Irrifutable evidence. White areas are abnormal HOT spots - Janette with and without eye glasses in thermal imagery. Red square on her chin identifies location of a surgical rape that left visible external scars circa 1997.


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