Living Outside Australian Law

    Soon after I first moved into my (current address) public housing residence my introduction to two of my current neighbours was seeing them each hiding behind plants in their own garden to catch a glimpse of their new neighbour. Creepy to say the least as they're both males.  Another male neighbour didn't waste any time as soon as the truck pulled up there he was wanting to see what we had inside. It was about 10pm. There was no garden in the front only grass I didn't have much spare cash so I started a basic garden in the corner of my driveway on the boundary line, nothing special, just dug out some grass. Immediately that day as I was still digging my first few shovel fulls a male person who'd just moved in around the corner driving a NSW plated car (everyone has to pass my house in our street) stopped his car got out approached me and in the most condescending tone I'd heard for some decades he said, "That's a nice garden." In a manner that indicated he believed I was a mental retard. So a few years later when nosy neighbour across the road said to me, face to face, "I can get information on anyone by their number plate." (Something many Labor party members had boasted in NSW.) I decided to test whether he was a true Labor party faithful, (a back-stabbing liar) and said (in writing) ok tell me about the person in number ## referencing the condescending male garden arsehole in the NSW plated car. Within hours the NSW arsehole was on the front yard of the across the road back-stabber arsehole, both looking at me in snarly faced conversation. I won't mention condescending male arsehole's street number as he has a very pleasant and well mannered adult son.


    All my life as long as I can remember I have always 'tested' the proverbial water to see where the sharks are. I let people be who they are in order to get what I need at some point in the future. Always served me well as you can see from my website.


    On 7 August 2016 I had hired a skip to remove unwanted items from my back yard of my Housing SA State government rental in Seaford Rise southern Adelaide, South Australia. The skip (above) was delivered into my driveway, within my then unfenced property line. The skip was in direct line of sight to the camera my 'over the road' neighbour erected (seen above) soon after State legislation was enacted by parliament early in 2016 banning surveillance of this kind. As you can plainly see, one of the neighbour's camera is fixed at a 90 degree angle from their house, which means it was intentionally directed down my driveway, which has a garage door at the end of the small driveway, and my front door. The other is angled but still captures the area near my front door.

    So they see what I do in my front yard, when I enter and leave my house, garage, car, property. Paul, the neighbour claims its not pointed at my house. A state department Housing Public Officer claims she looked at it and its not pointed at my house. Despite that it's illegal to use to keep me under surveillance, the police allow them to have it intentionally monitoring my movements on my property, in breach of State law. Surveillance Devices Act 2016 (SA)

    So back to the skip, one of the items I placed inside the skip was an old sign with my old website name on it. I put that in the skip and covered it with several other planks of timber before I took a very short trip to the local shops to buy one item. When I got back the sign with my website name on it was now lying face up on top of the entire stack in the skip. Which means someone knew it was in the skip, they knew where to find it, effectively hidden under many items. They illegally trespassed on my property and interfeared with my possessions to handle the sign and probably film it on their surveillance camera to post it on the internet or elsewhere. Paul told me he was streaming the video on the internet.

    As a result, I sought Paul's last name from our common landlord, Housing SA, for the specific purpose of bringing a Neighbourhood Dispute to the local court over the illegal Private Nuisance of the Surveillance camera that Paul was clearly using to monitor my every movement outside, and the trespass. As I previously noted, despite that the surveillance camera breaches Housing SA tenant policy, the Housing SA staff member responsible for our rentals, (Government Public Officer) who looks a lot like Paul's little sister and has the same first name, was 100% on Paul's side over the camera and the other breaches of Housing SA policy Paul had made which I canvassed with her asking if that was also legal. The answer, yes they are.

    The court hearing to compel Housing SA to provide me with Paul's last name for litigation was scheduled for Monday 12 September 2016. I was contracted by a Commonwealth department on the prior Saturday, 10 September 2016, arriving home at about 2:00pm and commenced the paperwork to finish the work assignment.

    The only time I was outside at home was to drive into my driveway and enter my front door. I noticed Paul was loitering in his front yard, seemingly waiting for my return by his subsequent actions. He begun a phone call after he saw me. At about 2:30pm staff from the State Mental Health department knocked on my door, they claimed Paul had told the I was ''out of control'' threatening him with a grass trimmer. (I had two broken electric grass trimmers against and inside my unlocked front fence waiting for a pre scheduled Council Hard Waste Collection the following Friday.) I'd started fencing my front yard because of Paul. 

    The State Mental Health staff were very aggressive and insisted (blatently lied) that several of my neighbours also claimed I was threatening them all with a grass trimmer. You can imagine in my mind is an image of being carted off to my doom on the false say-so of many, just like the Salem witch trials. The State Mental Health staff refused to leave when I denied the false and criminally defamatory claims. They only left because I pointed out that Paul has a camera on my front yard and if I had done what he said he would have video footage of that. Which he clearly didn't. 

    Something else I informed the recalcitrant SA Health Public Officers of, was that I can verify exactly where I was and at what time, as my work involved using an online interactive App in realtime at specific locations. Their criminal intention was obvious by the fact they declined to apologise. The male one kept asking if he could come inside, even after I refused him access multiple times. He had illegally trespassed, as he had no lawful excuse to be there. He was extremely threatening without lawful excuse. But as with ALL Government Public Officers, they know the government won't fund Legal Aid to sue them as a result of their reckless Criminal Law or Common Law breaches of law, so they act brazenly lawless, Living Outside Australian Law.

    Clearly Paul wanted to get me illegally locked up under the Mental Health Act this Saturday, with his false and criminally defamatory claims to stop me learning his last name in the court hearing the next Monday. I realised the criminal defamation was also a criminal conspiracy with Paul's two wives, when I heard the three discussing it on the street, soon after the State Mental Health workers left, not realising the wind was carrying their voices across the road to me. 

    Back to the skip, before I started loading the skip I told my helper I'd created ''a hole in the fence'' by removing the small one metre wide side fence next to the garage. 

    On Saturday 18 September 2016, one week after the State Mental Health assault, a policeman arrived at my residence claiming someone had made a complaint to Crime Stoppers number 298 on Monday 12 September 2016, saying I was growing large quantities on Marijuana in my back yard, and trafficking it to multiple visitors to my residence at all hours and in large furniture removal trucks via ''a hole in the fence'' The policeman said the complaint was made on 12 September 2016, presumably after I'd won the court case to learn the last name of my stalker neighbour, Paul Shildarien-Henly.

    So as I was next to my number 32 neighbour's fence, I can only presume he has an illegal listening device installed there to capture my private conversations with my family at my car and front door. I note my family are the only visitors to my residence, as I have perverts for neighbours I discourage my family from visiting me at home.

    Selling illegal drugs from a public housing property is an automatic eviction.

    Paul on the other hand has multiple young male visitors at his Housing SA rental residence all hours of the night. Making me suspect he's the local drug dealer. However I've never dobbed him in. I note that Paul has erected a number of items around and on his house and his friend's public housing rental house at number 32 that are forbidden by Housing SA, but Housing SA Public Officers have turned a blind eye to that. 

    These government recorded events prove irrefutably, the law is imposed on some of us while Adelaide South Australia, Government Public Officers, and their friends, exist outside Australian law.  So I've erected my own cameras.

    But is doesn't stop there, I live under the cloud of ongoing saga of Government Punlic Officer bullshit.

    I went to the Flinders University Legal Advice Clinic for assistance to complete my Neighbourhood Dispute for Christies Beach Magistrates Court, which is on their list of ''things they do free''.

    They emailed me their ''Legal Advice'' advising me they had already posted a copy tomy name at number 10 in my street, Paul Shildarien-Henley's address.

    In the legal advice, from the South Australia, State Government employed, Flinders University Law School,  Legal Advice Clinic, whose legal advice is overseen and approved by a South Australian certified and qualified Lawyer or Solicitor if you prefer that word. In their email attached to their legal adviceto me, they breached confidentiality to share with the other party, Paul (n breach of Australian law) they told me to go do something with a government entity that the entity advertises publicly on their website, they have no jurisdiction to do. They refused to assist me to complete the documents for the Neighbourhood Dispute. Needless to say, that State employed lawyer caused me a ''LOSS of CHANCE'' (tort) to file a defamation tort lawsuit within the required 12 month statute of limitations period set by the same State government, by their tort of intentional wrong, in their act of wilful professional negligence.

    But wait there’s more. I took Flinders University to Christies Beach Magistrates court to learn certain detains to prosecute them over their tort wrongs, when the Labor / Liberal Party South Australia State government bullshit waggon rolled in again.

    On 12 December 2016 Magistrate Koula Kossiavelos failed to step down as the magistrate in my lawsuit against Flinders University, due to her prier personal association with the university. Magistrate Kossiavelos abused her public office to make decisions in favour of Flinders University, despite that Flinders Law School State Government Public Officers breached my client lawyer confidentiality in the process of the Legal Advice Clinic (which is registered under a private name). Magistrate Koula Kossiavelos spent ten years establishing a Chair of modern Greek studies at Flinders University, raising money for her cause, and participating an conference/s for the University. No casual business affair, it was personal and private. Its no point filing a complaint to ICAC despite laws that would allow me, because Adelaide's ICAC is just as criminally corrupted. The parasitic immigrants come to Australia, become a citizen, then they shit all over long-term Australians as Labor Party and Liberal Party, and Nick Xenophon and the Greens, all stand back to let them so they don't lose votes, Living Outside Australian Law.

    That's Paul after I caught him perving into my back yard from the number 32's roof, when he saw me he turned to look at the TV aerial he installed on the centre of his mates tiled public housing rental roof, in breach of Housing SA policy.


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