Magnets and illegal implants


    Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed and Paul Charles Varley and Labor Party and Liberal Party in Sydney and Adelaide prove religion and politics do mix, but never in the public interest.




    Implants for therapeutic purposes have been in existence for many decades. Implants that are totally contained within the body using external parts to wirelessly communicate with the implant have been around almost as long as the first mobile phone. The first AIMD electronic implant occurred 60 years ago in 1958.


    My first mobile phone was aptly nicknamed a 'brick' and looked a lot like the mobile phones they used in mash. They still had a landline handpiece to hear and speak into. That was about 1989. My 1987 Mazda 929 also had a car phone with a handpiece that I was still using when members of the Labor Party stole it from me aided by Bowral NSW police.




    Mobile phone technology developed rapidly the brick was quickly made redundant. By the mid 1990s medical grade implants were using wireless technology just like mobile phones. I was surgically raped in 1997 and 1998 using the then new wireless Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMDs) for illegal purposes as they have no therapeutic value for me in fact they work the opposite. Australia's federal government classify any implant as ''high risk'' because they pose a high risk of infection to the host person.


    Below a photo of my face infected by illegal implants for which Adelaide doctors refused me penicillin on telephone instruction of South Australia's government of faceless cowardly people.



    The next time you go into a MRI machine take a thin magnetic bangle with you, preferably on your wrist. The magnetic bangle will vibrate on your wrist in the same way the illegal implants I have inside me vibrate. Then you can understand how tortious these implants are to me coupled with the excess heat these implants generate, either the vibrations cause localised friction or the implants heat when sending and receiving wireless signals cause excess heat, just like your mobile phone. I imagine the main ones are being recharged or originally work by my breathing as they are stronger after I'm forced to take in air vis the illegal implant in my neck and abdominal diaphragm just under my lungs. This set of actions closest resembles the actions of a Phrenic Nerve Stimulator (pictured below) these was being heavily researched when I received this illegal implant (October 1997).




    I feel an abnormal pulsed item in the side of my neck giving off 3 beats every 2 seconds much faster than my own healthy heart sending sparks into my neck and face, and feel what appears to be the power pack in my shoulder at the back on the same side as well as the connecting cable felt under my finger tips. You can see the bulge in my back (below) probably the radio receiver between the scar on my skin from the electrical impulses and the ''+'' shaped scar where it probably went in. (above)


    Some of the implants have stopped working due to battery failure I imagine, like the ones in the soles of my feet, but their presence still caused me pain. I suspect these implants are what used to be termed as hermetically sealed pulsing bionic neuron of BION trade marked by Gerard Leob which he claimed stimulated muscles making them grow. In my experience they simply shoot sparks into your muscles causing a painful obstruction when you need to use those muscles for their intended purpose. Which is why you don't hear about them any more, except from my, potentially many illegal experiment hosts.




    Back to the bracelet. These illegal implants inside me themselves vibrate abnormally to my natural body functions. Magnets in the wrong place near some of these illegal implants inside me cause them to vibrate excessively indicating some components of the illegal implants have magnetic metal parts small enough to still vibrate like a metal bangle. That must be the components that send and receive wireless data. However if I get a very strong magnet in the right place I can stop the implant for a period of time. Until my criminal stalkers increase the strength of the signal they send to these criminally illegal implants inside me.


    The apparent purpose of these illegal implants inside me is to stalk me and torture me. Preventing me from securing assistance to have them removed and preventing me from accessing my legal right to a court order to have them removed. Preventing me from having police assistance to investigate and discover the identity of the persons who illegally implanted these devices, my prime suspect is current Skin Cancer Clinic owner Dr Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed of 349 Welling Dr Mount Annan,

    Campbelltown NSW. He doesn't need a website or a waiting room full of customers, because he gets most of his income from illegal implant surgery. Muslim Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed used his religion on me as part of his medical practice informing me the ''prophet'' stands on your left side recording in the book of life so that's why I feel the constant tapping in my left shoulder blade, the place of the illegal implant he inserted only it took me over a decade to know it was an illegal implant.

    Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed secretly and criminally activated the illegal implant with an electronic hand-held wireless device he poked into the back of my neck without permission or explanation, when I was in a Medicare consultation in the 1990s. Its this implant that makes my throat vibrate and vibrates more stronger at night when I'm sleeping making me dry cough all night causing gross irritation to my throat. Doctors refuse to do anything about that pain and suffering because I stopped smoking over decade ago they claim the night vibrations are caused by me smoking over a decade ago despite having no other symptoms to link a cause to my long past history as a smoker.

    The Liberal Party government's Medicare Australia have allowed Mohamed Riyazuddin Ahmed to charge them for consultations in my name at his Mount Annan surgery, despite that I wasn't even in the same State, I was present and living in Adelaide 1,500 kilometres away.


    Doctors also refuse to investigate the cause of the blockage of food and water down my throat. Its as if I have a significant reduction in my throat that stops the free flow of any food and water I ingest. I often gag on food of any substance forcing me to eat slops as my now flat false teeth are the same age as the illegal implants I can't even chew bread properly. I can't get new false teeth as I've been forced into poverty and reliant of government dental handouts. They won't give me appropriate teeth for my mouth which has no gums due to having my adult teeth removed as a child. I need an implant tooth plate but the government won't fund that.


    When I swallow even water I can feel the dam like blockage in the middle of my throat where the Adams apple is located. There's a bone there that the implant is behind. Intermittently I feel sparks in my throat in this location. Adelaide Ear Nose and Throat specialist Paul Varley claims the electrical sparks are normal. I get the same from every other ENT I've tried to see.



    As if that wasn't enough torture, they put a second pulse generator in my lower left ribcage like this one (below) possibly inserted through my belly button one evening after I was illegally drugged and kidnapped like all other times, it has connecting cables that track diagonally across my lower back the bulge is now evident. I woke once with a bloodied belly button. It also had connecting cables wound around my legs like an electrical conductor. My legs have stopped growing hair since these illegal implant went in in 1997 cause vibrations to my lower torso and legs and had resulted in permanent nerve damage in my feet. Sydney doctors lied claiming the sudden onset of back pain (after one illegal implant procedure) was a direct result of a low speed car accident I had some ten years prior despite not suffering any injury at the time of the prang in Liverpool NSW. The also claimed my numb hands was due to the same lower back injury. Medical men like that require the death penalty for the safety of the rest of us.




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