Dangerously Irrational

    In case you're saying, ''She must have done something wrong.'' The short answer to that is, ''No.''


    I've never committed any crime in my life outside of sharing a joint with a group of friends when I was a minor and a few speeding fines. That's it. I've never treated anyone disparagingly. I've never set out to harm anyone in any way whatsoever.


    Note: Not all psychopaths are murderers and not all murderers are psychopaths.


    The only thing that a psychopath would see as something they have to ''take care of'' is that I've been a witness to child sex crimes committed by Freemasons or their children.''


    That's why I've been targeted, I'm a witness to child sex crimes involving WHITE Australians in positions of authority in government.


    This matter has two parts. Government Public Officers are attacking me in two ways. They're criminally defaming me with a public funded character assassination claiming I've done XYZ to get others onside. The second facet it the physical attack. From my evidence the physical attack came first and the attack on my reputation was to cover up what they physically started doing to me. The illegal implants.


    Because my attackers are physically violent criminal minds they're intrinsically quite stupid intellectually and they're psychopaths who always put their own needs ahead of their target. Which makes them prove their crimes to others eventually.


    Person who never participate in organised crime know any violent crime would essentially hurt innocent people which is their motive to refrain. I'm not talking drug trafficking where people voluntarily take drugs. I'm talking upfront physical crime.


    Medical rape is the worst kind of physical crime, worse than murder. You may notice the medical industry claims only a very small percent of the total population are psychopaths. This claim has been proven false by my experiences alone.


    You hear for yourself the unfeeling tone in Simon James Spedding's voice as he refuses me penicillin for infection in my face, and refuses me medical aid for my spontaneously violently splitting finger tips. He's a psychopath. He's also a prime example of the general population of medical doctors.


    Every medical doctor I have consulted probably even as far back to the 1970s when I was still a child. All put their personal needs ahead of mine. To do this they didn't care about my physical suffering. They all knew I was suffering, they all had the power to stop my suffering with appropriate medical care, but they didn't care, they all refused me a minimal standard of medical care. One doctor gave me a placebo for tooth ache after I showed her I had no enamel on my teeth and had extensive nerve pain. This 1975 placebo cost me about $20 or $30 which was all I had until the next pay day. But she and the chemist who gave me the script knowing I had extensive tooth pain gave me the placebo. That's pretty sadistic and it proves they are both psychopaths.


    Every parliamentarian I have approached has refused to assist me in any of the hundreds of unlawful government procedures I've endured. I've had poor customer service from private companies. One Labor Party Catholic stole my 1987 Mazda 929 car after I took it to them for a quote circa November 1997. I'd just put a brand new engine in the car. They had it for a few days before I went back in person to see what was taking so long to do a quote. This Bowral mechanic falsely claimed it needed a new motor, they falsely claimed I authorised the repair without signing anything, and they claimed it cost them $5,000 to fix my car. They were friends of Michael Banasik who assaulted me in October 1997 at the New South Wales Local Government Conference.


    Later I discovered it was his sister who had befriended me deciding not to tell me she was his sister in order to learn my plans about the car. It appears my car was rendered 'broken' in a criminal act with the long term plant to steel the car from me. Police refused to take any action against the Bowral mechanic who was located in the lane opposite the old Woolworths supermarket you'll know who I mean if you live in Bowral. I've forgotten his name as all paperwork was stolen from me. I believe it was a father/son business and he lived in Moss Vale.


    Therefore on my experience alone the percentage of psychopaths in Australia equals the percentage of all medical professionals and all government public officers that there are in Australia and the percentage of Lawyers in Australia who refuse to defend me in a Civil Court under Common Law. That's quite a lot of callous people unable to experience emotional empathy and react ''normally'' which is humanely and not themselves cause me further suffering by their inactions.


    That's what a Psychopath does. But it doesn't end there by a long-shot. 


    Why did I have such rotten teeth? Was I a drug user? No, I was denied dental care after I wouldn't shut about telling everyone I'd witnessed the murder and rape of boys my own age at the Allman Street Campbelltown NSW Freemason Royal Arch Blue Lodge my dad went to along with men in authority in police and other government positions circa 1967.


    My teeth slowly went rotten some pulled out rather than fixing them. The rot set in after I was given an experimental drug after I contracted hepatitis due to the sewerage disposal for my NSW state government primary school in East Campbelltown being next to where we were forced to eat out lunch. I was off school for months and bedridden. Then I was forced to repeat 4th class.


    The government has done me wrong time and time again. Instead of taking any responsibility Parliament decided to attack me further with their grand plan to totally ruin everything in my life. For the greater good of their bank balance no doubt.


    I was forced to go through puberty with six lower front teeth missing and a top front tooth chipped in half. Still refused dental treatment I ended having all my teeth out at age 20. A lot of teeth were still good but there was too much pain for me to bear being given only placebos. I think they were trying to make me an alcoholic leaving me with only alcohol to numb the pain.


    The month after the birth of my third child in 1978, it was my 22nd birthday we had a small celebration during which I suspect someone poisoned me. I was violently ill for over a week. My parents took my three babies and left me to die with no medical care. I suspect they poisoned me. Someone gave my alcoholic husband a weeks supply of alcohol. He stayed drunk as I lay dying. It was only my nursing training in 1977 and an inner voice telling me to keep taking in liquids. Only thing I could keep in my stomach was very cold ice water.  I had to sleep on a towels I was sweating so much. The headache was massive.


    When I first started feeling ill the Campbelltown public hospital ER doctor sent me home claiming I was attention seeking. Its possible he thought it had something to do with the blood transfusions I had in 1976 after the Camden NSW public hospital, that was before blood screening.


    I had the blood transfusions in 1976 after I had a massive haemorrhage. Camden NSW public hospital maternity section and the then brand new Medicare system almost killed me with negligent infection after the birth of my second baby. They left the afterbirth inside me to rot for several hours as no doctor was there to deliver my baby as I was a Medicare patient. The infection caused a massive haemorrhage the morning after they discharged me six days later, despite that I was constantly complaining of belly pain. Below photo the day I was discharged. I asked my husband to snap the photo as I felt so ill I thought I was going to die. I wanted my babies to have a nice photo of the three of us.

    Dr Pate or Dr Guest told me I was just being a winger he refused to look at my belly he just yelled at me across the verandah my bed was on. The next morning when I got out of bed and put my feet on the ground I had the massive haemorrhage. Then I was instantly paralysed but I could still breathe unaided. Just couldn't move anything not even my head. The infection totally paralysed me for a few days. I heard the ER staff tell my family I would probably die. I know what it feels like to be a pin cushion. They worked their little miracle and saved me, despite every effort of many others to kill me.

    I was re-admitted through Camden ER to the the general womens ward. Soon after a female dressed as a nurse came in and changed my charts with data that claimed I was a cancer patient and scheduled me for a mastectomy. I was 19 it had only been 4 years since my statutory rape at 15 by children of Freemason police.

    Below me a few days before I gave birth in 1976.

    Children of the fuking Corn or what! 

    That's as they say is the tip of the political iceberg and proves my life was under threat at an early age. 


    Which includes the second prang I was involved in, in January 1977. The first was the day after my husband and I celebrated out wedding anniversary. My children were at my parents East Campbelltown NSW house for the night. I dropped Bob off at work at Camden and was on my way to collect my babies when a semi-trailer laden with a few ton of extra long steel rammed me from the rear on a downhill slope at the old temporary intersection on the Camden Campbelltown road after the new bridge road south of Camden NSW. I think that was a freak accident. The simi driver rammed my HR up the rear bending the tow bar tongue flat against my rear numberplate. I walked away with a scratch on my elbow from an adhesive cup-hook I used to hold the seatbelt out of the way. I had no major injury because I had just buckled up my seatbelt, before it was law. Had I not I would have been thrown out the windscreen and under my car that was shunted 2 or 3 spaces forward as I had my foot on the brake. I was stationary. I survived because I had my seatbelt on. I'd been frantically instructed about a dozen times to put my seatbelt on, by whomever it was who sometimes gave me news of impending disaster.


    The second premeditated attempt to harm me was about a week later. After the truck prang my nerves were shot so I wasn't driving. As passenger in the 1967 Holden HR Special, my husband and I were driving the streets of Campbelltown NSW when another car on our left lined us up and rammed the side of the car. In those days you had to give way to anyone on your right. I was watching his face as we approached. He was looking directly at our car. He rammed us intentionally. He would have been 30 something.

    I have been rammed from the rear 3 times. 1977, 1981 and 1987. On the evidence the 1977 side ram and the 1987 rear ram were intended to harm me. In the big one in January 1977 they did say in their panic, ''They're going to kill her'' when they were telling me to put my seatbelt on. But that reference to 'they' was probably to the fact there were two in the truck, not to the Freemasons.


    Yes there is a link in the fabric of time and other living matter I know it exists I've seen and heard it. For you the proof in in the fact I had my seatbelt on in that 1977 prang at Camden NSW before it was law and people like me had not been happy with that new law. No I don't 'need' you to believe me. No I don't believe in any 'God'.


    So ponder on all that for a while.

    Holden cars in the 1960s were all steel only plastic was inside the car.

    The below photos are my first 1967 HR, the doomed one.

    Julie Goodwin the Government Public Officers registrar at Bowral Local Court told me she couldn't file an order until I had a decision from the department of Fair Trading who had a 'special' branch to investigate shoddy motor vehicle repairers.


    Department of Fair Trading's decision was that the repairer was legally allowed to put a lien on my car. Despite that I hadn't signed anything and had recent and prior receipts for the exact repair they claim to have undertaken.


    Went back to Bowral Local Court where Ms Goodwin then said as Department of Fair Trading ruled in favour of the repairer she couldn't do anything.


    Bowral police parroted the exact same bullshit. I never got my 10 year old Mazda 929 back.


    All the above has little grounding until you know that a few weeks before the car was stolen by the lying repairer. One day when I was at council on council business a young male and Labor Party supporter friend of Michael Banasik, who was employed in the Works department at Wollondilly Shire Council stole my briefcase for a few minutes with my car keys in it. When I went to me car some time later there was a male with a pistol lying in wait on the floor in the back on my car. When I turned to open my door to get out of my car the young male who stole my bag and car keys and clearly let this criminal into my car, he was standing at my door preventing me from escaping.


    I was drugged and kidnapped and interrogated inside Wollondilly Shire Counsel. But when I was in the car the first thing the small fat man with white hair said to me when he pointed his police issue pistol at me was, ''Nice car, its too good for you, I want it.''


    On 10 January 2001 I walked into the Commonwealth Bank in Newcastle and who should be already inside waiting in line? The young male criminal accomplice in my kidnap at gunpoint in my car outside Wollondilly Shire Council. After he was sacked from Wollondilly he'd got a job in the Newcastle Council.


    I reiterate, police refuse to investigate anyone for ANY of the multiple crimes against me at ANY point in my entire 60 plus year life. It appears that because I was raped by a Freemason and the children of Freemasons as a child.


    Below a photo of me (top left) and fellow Wollondilly Shire Councillors 1995-1999 except to Liberal Party member Daniel Relyea who left in disgust.   Shane Appel threatened to physically punch me in front of suddenly deaf and blind witnesses at a number of Council meetings on the say so of Michael Banasik Labor Party's endorsed candidate for the seat of Macarthur in the 1998 Federal Government election. These people below are responsible for criminally assisting Labor Party supporters to criminally surgically rape me in 1997 and 1998.





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