My inability to secure continual employment in the 1980s to this very day, initially coincided with my vocal split from my Freemason dad on 24 April 1988 after I witnessed his child sex crimes. Crimes that Freemason police refused to take any action on, simply because my dad was a Freemason.  From that day forward I was ejected from Australian society, pushed to the lowest class possible, branded a non-person, someone who is to be refused ALL legal rights when anyone whatsoever personally or financially harms them. That's the true face of Australia. 


    This ALL TRUE story proves centuries of inbreeding has created a human species where the majority are naturally insane sadistically obsessed demented perverted parasitic whores, who derive great pleasure from inflicting pain on others as a group like wild pack animals with rabies, and they quaintly call that, democratic government. Before anyone looks down their nose at anyone else, historically, it was common practice to marry your first cousin or sibling (globally) in order to keep your family ''pure''. We've got proof of that in the Pharaohs' tombs. Proof in recorded history of the marriage of English royals to their cousins. England's Edward III is is one of my distant great grandfathers who married his 9 year old cousin. People still think it's ok to mate dogs and other animals from the same litter then wonder why they have physical or mental problems, or don't care.


    Personally, I've been forced into not seeking close personal relationships after I left my last partner in 1996, for fear that anyone I want to get close to will be harmed by the psychopaths who were stalking me at that time presuming police would investigate but they never did. Thinking it was safe to look for friends again I started a social group in 2016. Within months I was harassed by the second woman who joined the group who had informed me her son was a local detective from the group who had criminally assaulted me in 2007. I never mentioned what they did to me to her. I overlooked her relationship reasoning perhaps she wasn't unaware her son is a corrupt cop. Then she made a point of repeating to me something that I told my son in absolute privacy days before. I was forced to disbanded the group. That's another definition of torture, denied fulfilment of the basic need for fellowship and companionship. Then government psychiatrists can label you a loner, therefore they reason you must have a personality disorder knowing that impoverished people (like Janette) are not allowed to sue the ruling government under Common Law for any reason whatsoever. 


    Snapshot - Some examples a regular day in the life of Janette Gail Francis living in her birth country Australia. Janette is a female Caucasian and multi-generation descendant of British subjects who immigrated to Colonial Australia in the 1800s on her mothers side and who were probably Colonial prisoners in the 1700s on her father's side. Current surviving politically bipartisan criminal culture in Government Public Office in Australia (since 1770) to this day in the 21st century, is that;

    Despite Australian law that provides intentionally reinforced Acts of Parliament that deem otherwise. Australian doctors refuse Janette penicillin and other life saving medical procedures because there's no enforced law to stop them. No person has ever been charged or stopped from physically attacking Janette anytime in her 60 years of life. If Janette complains to health or police parliamentarians she's assaulted with illegal imprisonment and forced to ingest drugs. 

    1.  If Janette doesn't bind her face suitably when sleeping she wakes with fresh blood in her injured sinus from the hours of harmful abnormal vibrations in her face from illegal implants. 

    2.  For over a decade Janette was unable to walk very far due to illegal implants that Australian criminal doctors falsely diagnosed as prolapsed vertebra in Janette's lower back that also miraculously caused Janette nerve damage in her arms and vanished just as mysteriously as they occurred.

    3.  When Janette drives a normal motorcar it feels like her accelerator shin is being beaten from the inside from illegal implants. When Janette rides a bicycle it feels like her knee caps are being beaten from illegal implants. 

    4.  State police took action after Janette formally complained of assault by illegal implants, by informing state driving licence people who insisted Janette have a medical to see if Janette is a danger to others on the road when she drives with illegal implants. 

    5.  The cheap-import British doctor performing Janette's licence-medical on Janette's legs, deemed the externally lumpy evidence of another illegal implant in Janette's face was evidence Janette has severe mental illness preventing her from being able to drive, the quack added the forehead lumps are a Clayton's skin condition the quack refused to treat.

    6.  Federal police tell Janette it is legal for quack doctors to criminally defraud Medicare Australia when it involves Janette's illegal implants. 

    7.  Janette cut an illegal implant cable in her gum in 2008 causing harmful vibrations in her jaw to cease, as a direct result in 2014 a seasoned government lawyer argued Janette was a danger to others because she might try to remove more illegal implants causing the judge to rule Janette should be (illegally) imprisoned for the duration of the upcoming State election.


    I want to personally thank Richard Linklater, for proving the other condition of illogic perfect stupidity which is best defined by his movie that took 12 years out of his life to make a film that proves beyond a shred of doubt the majority of males in our species are imbecilic sadistic power hungry overbearing self-centred worthless than women morons who believe they are the superior species expecting all female partners to suffer the foul temper of a male with no self-control, while waiting for that male, the husband or dad to develop a sense of decency and responsibility and simply grow-the-fuk-up. That he called his movie ''Boyhood'' and not childhood is a Fruiedian slip that expresses his motive and his troubled state of mind. I don't know whether it was because I'm female or that I hit the DNA jackpot when my brain escaped the current societal pandemic of ancient incest acquired mental instability (from generations long past) but when I was still single digits old I was grown up enough to know it was in my family's best interest when dad got drunk to hide his rifle and shotgun bullets that were twice as big as the palm of my hand, so he wouldn't threaten to blow my mum's head off the umpteenth time. She stayed with him but he never grew up, you can see how bad it turned out for me, his youngest child.


    Children are best kept away from destructive negative people Richard Linklater, else they will mimic them and grow up that same way. Which also explains why so many children of government professionals are also perfect sadistic illogical parasites, and why our society generally is the angry place it is, all problems start at the top of the chain-of-command, 'rubbish in, rubbish out'.


    My surgical rapes happened 1988 to 1998 a period of time when doctors were never questioned about their methods. I started nurses training in 1977 Liverpool Hospital NSW Australia we were actually taught that doctors have always had this false belief they are God like, totally above the law. I fell at work in 1977 breaking my arm which was covered under worker's compensation, but the Xray was done at work, Liverpool hospital where they claimed my arm was not broken yet I couldn't move the entire arm and the pain was massive, I had to stop nursing because of it. In 2008 I had my second Xray at Liverpool hospital on my dislocated hand, once again they falsely claimed I didn't have a dislocation, you can see otherwise in these pages. Australian medical doctors still believe they're above the law in 2018.


    My 2007 dislocations were caused by a government public officers which is another Common Law liability for a government. Problem is in Australia parliaments happily allow medical doctors to be hardened psychopathic criminals harming their patients, when it's in the best interests of the political arm of government for doctors to be that way. Reflect on England's Harold Shipman who became a medical doctor in 1972, in 1999 he was convicted of 15 murders, the total number was well over 200. Like my surgical rapists, Shipman was around my age, a baby-boomer, the 'White Australia Policy' was still enforce in 1970s so essentially we were Britain on a larger island. That old school 12th century feudalism mentality has survived into the 21st century because its in the best interests of the political arm of Australia's governments if you're not in the 'click' you're a slave in Australia, a serf with no land and no rights other than what the gentry choose to toss your way from time to time, under serfdom the people had no access to Common Law exactly like impoverished Australians in the 21st century. Welcome to Australia.


    Despite my actions of constant lawfulness I've been treated like a criminal because I spoke out against Freemason child sex crimes to Freemason police, thereafter the course of my life was steered by Freemason criminals.


    Lets Get Things into Perspective
    Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH)  

    section 274.2   Torture A person (the perpetrator) commits an offence if the perpetrator engages in conduct that inflicts severe physical or mental pain or suffering on a person (the victim) the conduct is engaged in for the purpose of obtaining from the victim or from a third person information or a confession or for the purpose of punishing the victim for an act which the victim or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed or for the purpose of intimidating or coercing the victim or a third person or for a purpose related to a purpose mentioned in subparagraph (i), (ii) or (iii) and the perpetrator engages in the conduct: in the capacity of a public official; or acting in an official capacity; or acting at the instigation, or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.
    Penalty:  Imprisonment for 20 years. 


    section 9.3 Mistake or ignorance of statute law, A person can be criminally responsible for an offence even if, at the time of the conduct constituting the offence, he or she is mistaken about, or ignorant of, the existence or content of an Act that directly or indirectly creates the offence or directly or indirectly affects the scope or operation of the offence.


    section 11.1 Attempt, A person who attempts to commit an offence commits the offence of attempting to commit that offence and is punishable as if the offence attempted had been committed.

    section 11.2 Complicity and common purpose, A person who aids, abets, counsels or procures the commission of an offence by another person is taken to have committed that offence and is punishable accordingly.

    section 11.5 Conspiracy, A person who conspires with another person to commit an offence punishable by imprisonment for more than 12 months, or by a fine of 200 penalty units or more, commits the offence of conspiracy to commit that offence and is punishable as if the offence to which the conspiracy relates had been committed.


    Australian Government Public Officers have illegally refused to make good their ''Protection Obligation'' to me which they owe to me under Australian law, specifically in the provision of services performed under the Medicare Australia program where the federal government themselves insists, (quote)

    ''Fraud against government programmes and business disadvantages Australians who rely on the effective and efficient delivery of services''
    My ''protection rights'' are guaranteed under Australian federal law, (no bill of rights needed) stated or inferred by;

    • Migration Act 1958 (CTH) section 36 Protection visas,
    • Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) Schedule, The Criminal Code, Chapter 8 Offences against humanity and related offences, torture or other inhumane treatment.


    So, what sort of a human parasite is unable to live their life participating in their social (political) activities without ruining the lives of others around them. Why that'd be Australian Government Public Officers. If that statement offends you or you strongly disagree, then you're one of the AGPO parasites for there's no way anyone could exist as a GPO without knowing the rampant culture of  wilful lawlessness that exists around them in any Australian government. The presence of the GPO lawless culture is evidenced by the fact there is NO Legal Aid funds to keep GPOs under control with Common Law redress. Which means impoverished or low income Australians, the group who have the most contact with our lawless GPOs, have no means of prevention or redress from criminal assault or threats ot any other lawless action harming them in any way involving GPOs or their private business accomplices in crime.


    One example I can give is the fact my NSW government guaranteed Torrens Title (residential house and land) was stolen from me 2 days before I gave birth in 1991, and I was not allowed any avenue whatsoever to get it back so I had to declare bankruptcy to remove my property from the hands of the thieves. I've been forced to live in rentals ever since unable to fully secure my home from GPO criminal intruders, as you see in video in the Time Line: 


    Youtube ''Election 2018 Actus Reus Guilty Act Mens Rea Guilty Mind''.


    Freemason Monsters police and judicial protected Australian Criminals

    These attacks on me started when Freemasons were in control of government. The present government has illegally, carried over this one sided criminal vendetta against me that started because I refpoted sex crimes of Freemason/s to Freemason police.


    Many people have written about evil Freemasons since young Stephen Knight who died aged 33 shortly after his tell-all Freemason book was published in 1984, ''The Brotherhood, the Secret World of the Freemasons'' Freemasonry was / is just as rife in United Kingdom where it has its roots, as it is in Australia. Below is a quote from the linked PDF chapter, THE DISSIDENTS you owe it to yourself to read the 'Time Line' linked PDF.


    'You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a crank, one of those nuts who think the whole world is a conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon. By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of a person's life. If they give in they go under. If they don't give in it's only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the people around them that there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat. The newspapers will not touch them. 'There is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists.'


    While many people I knew well acted terribly to me, I believe, for some, there is an underlying reason beyond their control, which is why I've always protected them by not telling others horrible things they've done to me. Even though I'm the youngest in my birth family, I always knew I was emotionally the strongest.


    When I was a child in infants and primary school in the 1960s, I witnessed many sex crimes involving Freemasons and my dad, Aubrey Francis, who was ''chair'' of his southern Sydney Australia Freemason lodge in 1973 and member of the Camden NSW Freemason Lodge. Australian Freemasons their families and their bribed supporters have made my life hell since I was a baby in arms aged 2, when raped by my Freemason dad as punishment for yelling at my Freemason dad not to hit my mother.


    Local police were members of our dad's Freemason lodge, virtually ALL POLICE were Freemasons in Australia up to the Police Federation of Australia was created in the 1990s after Freemasons were forced to take in female members. In the all male Freemason lodges, the members consisted of a 'whose who' of local men in employment areas that could cause you a great deal of strife if they chose to go rogue, act contrary to Australian law to benefit their group, the Freemasons, as they ALL did.


    Last century Australian state and federal government public officers made up the bulk of the fraternity of Freemasons who called each other ''BROTHER'' and all refuse to let me access my legal rights TODAY and my paedophile dad was perpetually protected by police DESPITE Australian law.


    Labor Party ex-prime minister Bob Hawke was a Freemason, they are all sworn to secrecy about the activities of fellow Freemasons like the Muslim faith they consider their group above Australian law. Considering their members were magistrates, judges, politicians and police, they enforced their special authority and ''club'' secrecy about their crimes, being no better than the KKK in America or Hitler in Germany. 


    What is a Psychopath?

    Simply, a psychopath is someone who knows you're suffering but doesn't care, they actually take pleasure in knowing your suffering particularly if they believe they will derive a benefit from your suffering which could be as simple as approval or mate-ship from other psychopaths in authority.


    A psychopath is not necessarily also a murderer, but anyone who approves of another person being tortured, for ANY reason is a psychopath. No psychopaths SHOULD be in government, however the majority of Government Public Officers ARE psychopaths evidenced by the continuation of homelessness, deaths in custody, preventable medical deaths, known child abuse not curtailed, on and on the list goes.


    A psychopath will impress on you ''its for the greater good'' a psychopath invented that phrase. Every person has the right to equal treatment, there is no greater good than humane treatment of everyone.


    Despite the claims of health professionals, psychopaths are most probably 40% of the population, not 1% of those 40% most are employed in the medical industry or are Government Public Officers, (which includes police, judges, parliamentarians) evidenced by the high level of under-employment, unemployment, poverty, and difficulty to access your basic legal rights guaranteed under the Magna Carter.


    Freemasons traditionally include politicians, police, judges, medical doctors, and many other Public Officers. Freemasons and are exactly like Muslims and their sharia lore. You won't accept Sharia lore so why accept Freemason lore just because it's secretly been adopted by mainstream Labor and Liberal politicians, this Freemason lore is not constitutional, and not fair and just, its politically motivated violence. I'm one who can speak out because my DNA made me strong of mind, but there are literally a huge majority of harmed people who are not strong like me. Standing verbally as one against those who commit crimes against us will ensure our legal rights. I'm not advocating violence, just unity. Freemasons believe Freemason lore is superior to Australian law, during 20th century all politicians adopted this Freemason management style that existed in out founding country (England) before Federation. England is where Freemasons started.


    Freemason affiliation has been replaced in recent years by political party affiliations which accommodates both sexes in government crimes. Their psychopathic status is affirmed by refusal to allow a person their legal rights despite knowing that person is suffering by blocking access.


    This is what sadistic psychopathic Australians and or their CORPORATE SPONSOR of the illegal implants inside me do to me every day when they decide they want me to wake up, they switch me on, like a mobile phone when they want to use me for their entertainment.


    1. In the early hours every morning I hear my bedroom's ceiling and wall boards and large furniture items crack around me as the communication waves painfully pierce my skin to access the illegal implants inside me. The motor inserted in my diaphragm area enlivens sending torturous electrical sparking vibrations thought me that eventually force my diaphragm to violently contract and my entire torso and legs to sharply jerk in union. These mentally defective, parasitic psychopaths, most probably officially deem these painful perpetual assaults on me as harmless, whilst being 100% aware they are inflicting extremely painful long-term torture on me. They are criminals who have no self control, they should be locked up for the rest of their life to protect the rest of us from them. Their medical community secretly harvesting illegal implant subjects using any of the many hallucinogenic drugs they have free access to, are more likely than not to be 100% responsible for the firm belief of many people that they have been medically or sexually raped by aliens. What better cover? Its true in effect, psychopaths are alien to the humanity of rest of the human species. They're a singularly successful argument to bring back the death penalty, I'd volunteer to flick the switch on my criminal assailants.

    2. When I move my bed to another room I get peaceful sleep for a few days before the psychopathic illegal sponsors of my illegal implants, my criminal stalkers, can locate me motionless in sleep inside my house once again. On that basis there is obviously some sort of computer programming needed to access my physical location which inevitably can be traced.

    3. It feels like a motor has been switched on in the area above my navel. I have low blood pressure so the abnormally strong rapid pulsing over my lower ribs is totally foreign for the first months it was terrifying not knowing what it was.

    4. The area around my lower rib cage physically expands, near where a foreign item has been seen in multiple Xrays but never identified and looks like a PULSE GENERATOR implant in radiology. Doctors falsely claim it's a bubble in my stomach despite that it's been seen in the same shape in the same spot in Xray and CT years and months apart. One Christies Beach area doctor stole one Xray sheet showing the item.

    5. I feel pressure on my lungs that makes me breathe faster.

    6. A chunk of energy races up the left side of my neck to the top of my head.

    7. From the top of my head it races down my back into my legs.

    8. After a minute or so I feel a strong contraction in my diaphragm near the item in my lower rib cage, this forces my lungs to involuntarily inhale with a mechanical force.
    9. This electrical energy ravages my person until some time after I manage to fall asleep.

    10. I know the path of this electrical energy not just by the electrical current movement, but also by the sudden uncomfortably high level of generated heat that accompanies it's movement through my person.

    11. Some times they only allow me 3 or 4 hours sleep before they start me up again, by switching on this illegal implant inside me.

    12. That's the definition of physical torture.

    13. These actions describe the operation of a PHRENIC NERVE STIMULATOR

    14. An item that was researched after Christopher Reeve fell of his horse and become paralysed in 1995, the Phrenic Nerve Stimulator was implanted in Reeve in 2003.

    15. I've had this illegal experimental item inside me on my lower left ribcage since 1997.

    16. The electrical ravaging has been evident since I was hit by a huge force of energy in the back of my neck on

    November 17 2005.


    These CORPORATE SPONSORS should be in prison, but Government Public Officer and medical doctor supporters of the Labor Party and the Liberal Party in Australian criminally protect these medical criminal SPONSORS by claiming I'm mentally ill for believing I have these illegal implants that clearly can be seen and heard vibrating their sounds inside me. That's like saying you're mentally ill for believing you have a broken leg, when you have a broken leg.


    The Break and enter to my property by the man that looks like Freemason Ron Stephenson (below) is the real and obvious link to the identity of the medical criminals who illegally implanted me in 1997 because I wouldn't shut up about the multiple Freemason Government Public Officer linked child sex crimes I witnessed as a child growing up with my Sydney NSW Freemason dad, who was the 4th child of his mother.


    I often forget my paternal grandparents 3rd child, Harriet Jane Francis who died in 1916 aged 5. From the diverse stories I was told about her death I suspect she died after being raped by her father, he died aged 42, when my dad was 2 years old, and of whom my grandmother said, ''If he hadn't died I would have killed him myself.''Jane and her dad are both burred, side by side, in the Rookwood cemetery. My grandmother died in 1972 she was also burred in Rookwood, but separately, far away from them and despite that she often went to visit Jane at her grave.


    Australian Freemason child sex CRIMINALS have been perpetually illegally PROTECTED by Freemason POLICE including police superintendent Ron Stephenson, (seen in Time Line).


    The intrinsic insanity evidenced in these pages has also been demonstrated by individuals who placed ''porn star'' stickers over my 'no trespassing' sign on my fence, individuals who must be based close to my residence as they take every opportunity to toss fast growing prolific tree seeds over my fence, (front and back) in the dead of night and in great quantities. Perhaps sourced from a council park across the road or their own front yard. Sometimes they poison my plants (front and back) that's something that's been happening for the past 30 years indicating they're the same 'family' or they're copycats after trolling through my prior published story for hours on end. Its more likely than not they are abnormally obsessed, criminally defaming me (and other targets) to friends or casual acquaintances with outrageous fabrications they spend most of their waking hours inventing and convincing themselves its true. Their combined psychopathic mental function doesn't even equate to one properly functioning human brain. The really 'sad' part is this throng of losers actually believe they're clever. They're almost always male. It's amazing that after all these years they still spend most of their life trying to spoil mine. That's what any sane person would call 'insane'.




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