Visual ID theft and Defamation

    After just being censored by Facebook for posting NEWS events of criminal conduct by Government Public Officers which was caught on camera, I started looking for reasons why this would have occurred. Then I came across this website link

    Which discusses this link:
    Which is about an Australian government entity presumably launched last year (2017) to combat sexually explicit photos or videos of victims of crime. Interesting I thought considering although NSW Freemason Police had copies of a video that was filmed in the 1990s showing me drugged and being raped, all NSW Police ever did was pass the RAPE VIDEO around the various police stations. 

    Yes I know the following looks disconnected but read on anyway.


    which proves Freemasons did previously have significant influence in police. Freemasons had the same full police control in Australia in at least 1988 when I tried to report sex crime I witnessed involving my high profile Freemason father, who used to be Chair of his Lodge in Campbelltown NSW circa 1973 before he joined the Camden Lodge after the Campbelltown Lodge was closed down, hopefully due to me telling everyone about the rapes and murders of boys in Campbelltown Blue Lodge in Allman Street circa 1967.

    Appears Freemasons in Adelaide still do control the police and many other government departments, including state parliament judging by my recent lawless treatment by government public officers. Freemason Grand Lodge HQ is right here on North Terrace in Adelaide South Australia and explains why I'm still denied my legal rights as the child witness of many Freemason sex crimes.

    So, in 1994 a Camden NSW police detective Paul Fryer/Friar the Dick, (Dick is slang for detective due to Dick Tracy cartoons) falsely accused me of distributing sex video/s, of myself from my small sole trader business, as evidently Dick Paul figured most women did that. My business was Datamouse Computers then located at 195 Argyle Street Camden NSW, which is the front of the AH&I Hall, not the Crown Hotel next door at 193 Argyle Street. I registered the business name Data Mouse Computers with the State government in 1989 using my defacto's last name, HALL and my abbreviated first name, JENNY. Changed it to Datamouse Computers a couple of years later.

    The name Jenny Hall could never be mistaken as being Owen Hall. In 1989 women had their own legal identity 100% free from the constraints of male dominance under NSW law in 1984. I was never married to Owen Hall so he never could claim any legal authority over me anyway, yet in 1999 the Federal and NSW State governments allowed Owen Hall to take my NSW Torrens Title guarenteed, residence from me, legally and without my authority, and forced me to be responsible for debts in OWEN HALL's name only, as well as my own debts in my May 1999 bankruptcy under my birth name of Janette Gail Francis. Presumably aided by criminal lawyers from the historic Marsdens Law Group who attempted to bankrupt me with a petition to the Sydney Supreme Court I believe it was, soon after I was elected onto Local Government in 1995 which would have meant an automatic expulsion from elected office presumably to assist his son Matthew Searle in his sex rape crime/s. See last images which indicates John Marsden only fought for his own civil liberties, not those of others. certinly not mine.

    Why do I think the Liberal Party got involved in this predominetly Labor Party vendetta? Perhaps there's something in the association of ex Liberal Party Premier of NSW, and qualified lawyer, John Fahey. According to his parliamentry entry:  John Fahey was Previously senior partner in John Fahey, (Ken) Searle and Co, solicitors 1975 - 1986, and consultant to Marsdens Legal Firm 1986 - 1988. Also in Camden NSW, where he was a footy hero in his youth.

    After doing my own detective work I proved to Camden NSW police detective Paul Fryer/Friar that my then defacto Owen Hall (allegedly deceased 2010 but I thought I saw him in disguise at Seaford SA shops in 2018) had something to do with that not me and that Ian Wolf and Matthew Searle were some of his accomplices. Camden NSW police detective Paul Fryer/Friar (probably a Freemason) suddenly lost all interest.

    I proved to Camden NSW police detective Paul Fryer/Friar on documents than came into my possession, that Ian Wolf (the only son in Tony Wolf & Son Printing then and now in Narellan NSW) had criminally created a website using my business name (DATAMOUSE) without my Sole Trader authority with clear intent to criminally defame me, by publishing the RAPE video and associated still images on the then new in Australia, World Wide Web.

    I proved to Camden NSW police detective Paul Fryer/Friar that Matthew Searle had edited and produced the RAPE video from his step-brother's business Natural Symphonies 10 Broughton St, Camden, NSW without Ian O'Hare's authority, Matthew Searle's maternal step-brother (effectively break and enter and trespass to property and goods) Matthew Searle is the DNA son of a Marsdens lawyer Ken Searle the current Partner in Charge of Marsdens Camden NSW office.

    How else would I know all this information if I had not asked Ian O'Hare about a 1994 phone call I received at my shop, Datamouse on a weekend day from a ''Matthew'' claiming to be from ''Natural Symphonies'' informing ''Owen Hall his video is ready'' around the period of time I received an invoice to Datamouse from Ian Wolf on Tony Wolf & Son Printers letterhead advising me it cost about $200 to create the website DATAMOUSE (without my authority).

    Ian Wolf told his dad Tony to tell me Owen asked for the website. Ian Wolf did the job illegally for Owen knowing that the Sole Trader business DATAMOUSE was in my name only. Ian Wolf refused to come from out back of his dad Tony's business to tell me face to face.

    To top it off a customer of mine informed me his teenage son found pornographic photos of me having sex with men on a website named DATAMOUSE. Ian Wolf must have uploaded them. Camden NSW police detective Paul Fryer/Friar didn't think any of this was worthy of investigation. When I lodged a formal complaint to police they claimed Paul Fryer/Friar never worked in Camden at that time, which was bullshit, police detective Paul F was a local newspaper police story whore.

    I was falsely branded a prostitute in my local area for being a victim of sex crimes that police refused to investigate, my business went downhill fast. When I joined NSW Narellan Rotary another Marsdens Lawyer resigned because he deemed I wasn't a fit person to be a Rotarian, evidently based on the pornographic images/video passed around my local area or on the internet under my business name as police refused to close down that website.

    When I walked into a NSW Camden Rotary meeting as a fellow Rotarian visitor, all the men looked at me as if I was the night's stripper. 1995 I stood for local government and my new next door neighbour protested at the local polling booth at The Oaks primary school claiming I wasn't morally fit to be an elected local government Councillor / Alderman probably based on the drugged and RAPE video they all believed I freely participated in.

    Based on that the Labor Party had me falsely elected so they could further ''get to me'' to assault me, (as I was a recluse and never socialised apart from my computer shop) when I was a Councillor I was extensively assaulted and kidnapped when on council business, and police refused to protect me by investigating and charging the criminal assailants.

    Recently in Adelaide South Australia medical doctors informed me I had ''imagined'' being an elected councillor, and deemed me as psychotic needing forced ''care'' under the Mental Health Act. If you know anything about English history, you'll know deeming women mentally ill is the historic method doctors have used to dispence with any woman who accused their father/dad of incest and rape.

    Also in Adelaide South Australia government public officers in the local Christies Beach motor vehicle registration branch of department of transport, refused to accept my NSW Australia Birth Certificate, informing me Janette Gail Francis is not my birth name. If someone else claims to be Janette Gail Francis born in Cooma NSW 1 May 1956 --- let them go public and face me with that claim instead of hiding in the background criminally defaming me.

    Presumably they believe my name is really Leanne Walters the teenager who faked her death at the 1984 Fathers' Day shootings. On and on the bullshit wagon rolls with government public officer police holding the reins.

    Ken Searle looks like a specialist doctor I've been forced to see under the NSW lawyers and medics fraudulant insurance claim in the 1990s, involving the Government Insurance Office of New South Wales who don't have a record of my claim. Someone paid me $190,000 in 1999 after I was forced into bankruptcy by the organised government theft of my Torrens Title residence and my Mazda 929 luxury car still under loan.

    I informed Camden NSW police detective Paul Fryer/Friar that my RAPE video/s was being distributed to police by police and persons in the CFMEU Mining and Energy the Labor Party union and Australian Labor Party and the legal fraternity including persons FAMILY associated with Marsdens Law Group even before John Marsden (deceased) was the president of the NSW Law Society, and by a Sydney police detective Bob Bradbury from his 39 Mary Street The Oaks NSW address

    and probably my defacto Owen Hall an electrician in the Burragorang Valley mines at that time and member of the CFMEU. 

    Bob Bradbury is published in ''Brothers In Arms The Inside Story of Two Bikie Gangs'' THE BOOK that used a photo of my 28 year old face, stolen from my residence in 39 William Street The Oaks, as the face of a murder victim during the bikie shootout in Viking Tavern Beaconsfield near Milperra on Fathers' Day 1984.

    I was criminally defamed when I was an elected politician on Wollondilly Shire Council, by the false accusations that I ''really was'' the said murder victim who faked her own death, (a teenage child her alleged parents were happy to have labelled as a whore in THE BOOK) and my real identity was said to be a fake which means they believed I was 14 years younger then I really am and I had committed election fraud. But I was never charged with any of that. I was charged in New South Wales (Australia) with complaining about police crime associated with my criminal defamation, and charged with mental illness for complaining about the associated criminal assaults in Adelaide South Australia.

    This criminal defamation by Government Public Officers was fabricated specifically to defame me for dobbing in Freemasons, (fellow Freemasons to NSW government employees) associated with NSW police on child sex crimes.

    Owen's photo was used as the face of a man my character in the said book was supposed to have caused to suicide. In real life ex-police officer Jack Bassett to suicide in April 1988 when he realised he has assisted his fellow Freemasons to participate in decades long organised crime involving child sex crimes that I had informed him about. Jack Bassett was best mates with my Freemason dad, my male DNA parent.)

    I discovered circa 1999 that my RAPE video/s were being criminally distributed by Michael Banasik who owned a video shop in Thirlmere, and that Local Government Minister Ernie Page a Labor Party member, was fond of Banasik's X rated illegal sex videos particularly my RAPE video. 

    As usual in government many criminals get public adoration because the police NEVER charge them, but their victims of crime get dispossessed of everything and driven out of the state, as I was, along with my CFMEU member children.

    I knew video store owner Michael Banasik as a fellow Local Government Councillor at Wollondilly Shire. Banasik indecently assaulted me at the 1997 Local Government Conference because he believed the bull about me published in the Bob Bradbury book, Brothers In Arms The Inside Story of Two Bikie Gangs, first published in 1989 by Allen & Unwin staff (and probably also some criminal others) who bought to company as a consortium. Police refused to charge him saying ''You probably did something that made him think it was OK'' (to assault me in my sleep)

    April 1999 I was illegally dismissed from my political elected office and the State of New South Wales also refused to investigate that crime against me, in fact no Australian government has investigated any of a multiplicity of crimes against me despite that I have irrefutable evidence of those crimes. That's because Australia is a disgusting free range criminal organisation of sadistic political criminals who openly breach the legal rights of it's citizens who speak out against these sorts of MANY VICTIM crimes.

    Ask yourself, why did Ernie Page resign as Local Government Minister in 1999?

    But it didn't stop there. As I stated or inferred, all through my time as an elected Councillor staff on Council and my fellow Councillors from Wollondilly and other areas, were routinely implying or stating outright that I was a first class whore, was a bikie moll, and was a porn star on video.

    So after I was maliciously illegally sacked from Council, after I was criminally forced to declare bankruptcy, and after I was allegedly paid a $190,000 insurance claim from GIO Australia who had no record of that payment, I took that opportunity to advertise a $10,000 reward in the local paper paid  to anyone who gave me or the police, information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for making or distributing any pornographic video featuring me, I believe I signed that Jenny Hall, wife of Owen Hall a coalminer from Burrogorang Valley or something similar. I paid an extra amount, several dollars, for a post box return address at the Newspaper office in Bowral NSW so I didn't have to use my home address at 5 Tulip Close, Bowral NSW.

    When the Newspaper advertisement was printed, they printed the wrong post box number. When I contacted the Newspaper, they told me these words almost verbatim,  

    ''Sorry we've made a mistake, that post box is owned by a truck driver from Ingleburn named Rex Walters, do you know him? You'll have to ask him for your mail. Do you want his phone number''

    I didn't know who Rex Walters from Ingleburn NSW was at that time. Si I rang him and told him what happened and asked for my mail. He promised to send me any he got. I never got ANY response to my advertisement, NONE. Not even anyone trying to con me.

    When I went to local police about that, surprise, surprise, they refused to investigate.

    In true Freemason style, me ex-defacto's mother, Janet M Hall JP, submitted an Affidavit to the Family Court accusing me of ''disgracing her family (Hall's) by my advertisement for the $10,000 reward.'' The Freemasons ALWAYS make the bullets but get others to fire them. Translated that means they convince (brainwash) unlikely people to do their dirty work. Usually they pick women to attack other women. Owen's mother was a life long women's liberation supporter so it clearly didn't fit.

    The Judge at NSW Parramatta Family Court, I suspect was a Freemason, readily accepted that Affidavit into court record, which was itself out of line as it had no bearing on the case before him.

    Lloyd Waddy who stepped outside the protection of a Judge when he acted to benefit the Labor Party and the Freemasons by confiscating my diaries I kept when on Council (90% of the diaries were for Council appointments) In the 1997 I recorded exactingly the events of my indecent  sex assault by a fellow Wollondilly Shire, male councillor, and prominent Labor Party member who had been endorsed by Labor for the seat of Macarthur in the 1998 Federal election against John Fahey (Liberals).

    Waddy lied 100% about what I had recorded in my diary. Waddy took selected extracts from my diaries to distort the truth of every event he pretended to retell in full. When you read the court transcript extract below you can see Waddy's ''tone'' in this sentence describing me which was his modus operandi for the entirety of the transcript;

    ''be it fantasy, concoction , delusion or fact...''

    Waddy uses three negatives to describe what he wants the reader to think followed by one positive to attempt to make his biased statement look impartial. The only true fact in this extract are the names. I NEVER had any ''affair'' my sexual activities (if any) are not to brought into Family Law matters since the 1995 changes to the Act. At any rate I wasn't married to anyone, and had never been married to Owen Hall. To accuse me of a ''lurid affair'' is nothing but intentionally false criminal defamation with calculated intent to harm my good reputation in a government record for all time.

    None of Owen's diaries were confiscated. Owen's mental health was never discussed. Owen's relationships with his parents or siblings were never discussed. Owen's out of wedlock sex life with multiple women he picked up in the Campbelltown Catholic Club after we separated was never discussed by Lloyd Waddy. All of that from my life was discussed in great detail by a humongous chauvinistic pig named Lloyd Dengate Stacy Waddy.

    Waddy took exception to a joke I wrote in MY diary. He chastised me for writing this joke in MY diary. That proves what an TOTALLY sexist and biased pig he was in my court case. I heard the joke on the radio and wrote it down as soon as I could. The joke;

    Q: What's the difference between a man and a pig?

    A: a pig doesn't turn into a man when its drunk

    Federal Court Judge Lloyd Dengate Stacy Waddy, evidently an alcoholic, spent MOST of my Family Court hearing DRUNK at the bench in court, and I purchased the multi thousand dollar, (Auscript Pty Ltd) transcript that proves it you motherfukker.


    Rot in hell Lloyd Dengate Stacy Waddy






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