Hindsight almost always delivers quite a few ''ahuh'' moments.

    In 1987 or 1988 my then defacto of three years bought an XT IBM compatible desktop personal computer second hand from a neighbour in our street. Owen sat at that computer for several months and wouldn't let me near it. When I did take a look I found a list of what looked like husbands and wives and some names like the ones mentioned in the 1989 alleged published Allen & Unwin 'Brothers In Arms The Inside Story of Two Bikie Gangs.' When I read the book I was struck by the multiplicity of writing styles which in reflection of what Owen was doing at the computer gave me the suspicion the paperback was written by several different people not exclusively the listed authors, Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey.

    Reflecting on the 1980s time frame, I recalled Owen taking me to see a husband and wife couple in Appin NSW south of Campbelltown NSW. The wife was my old schoolfriend Heather Mack. Heather and I stood next to each other in every school photo since we met in 1962. Now in the 1980s Heather was giving me the cold shoulder and I couldn't understand why. On this day I heard Heather's much older husband say to Owen, something like, ''Have you told her, she doesn't know?'' he was referring to me. Owen was supposed to have ''told'' me something and Heather's husband was very angry with Owen that he hadn't told me. That was the last I saw him. But from what I have gathered by slivers of information that were said in my proximity, Owen was pretty friendly with various 1980s members of the Sydney Comancheros Motorcycle Club and heather's husband was one of them.

    Another of my NSW Campbelltown High school friends, Sharon Love, has a common law marriage and a few children with a club biker and ran a Harley Davidson shop in Lismore NSW for some years. She also had trouble with her memory when I called on her circa 2001, and a number of symptoms I can relate to now.

    I suspect it's easy to see the innocent from the guilty parties by how their life has changed since interacting with me. Both my ex-partners are dead. My family is in tatters. I have no social network of friends or acquaintances to stand by me as I've not been able to secure a normal job since the Brothers In Arms book was first published, and the facts strongly suggest I've been actively criminally stalked ever since. Police refuse to act on the significant evidence I've been surgically raped and criminally defamed and assaulted many times with substantial value of property and possessions damaged or stolen, and then NO POLITICAL PARTY will stand by me.

    Another of my NSW Campbelltown High school friends, Debbie (Sawyers ) Fleming, had a common law marriage as her second long-term relationship and a few more children with a NSW Campbelltown Rebels club biker, left him then for her 3rd attempt married a cop in Goulburn NSW but refused to have a discussion with me about issues I hadn't defined when I asked.  When I ran into Debbie on the street circa 2003 she was overtly and obsessively interested in something on my forehead that caused her to grin from ear to ear. Now I know what she was looking at. With friends like Debbie Sawyers Flemming, Keen, Rideout, ...

    In Goulburn circa 2003 Debbie worked for the company that bought out GIO after NSW Campbelltown and Sydney lawyers and medical doctors forged documents to make out an insurance claim of an injury they said I had but didn't have. Her mother Dianne and step-father used to own the Dry Cleaners in Goulburn. Boom boom.

    Debbie's younger sister Kim (circa 2004) had an association with people in Battery World Goulburn who had also interfered with my Holden Calais, pulling it apart to do secret work on it that I had not requested. After this had the car tested as the batteries were going flat often. I was told the car was drawing a lot of power even when the key was out. Rumour had it Kim was also associated with a Campbelltown Rebels Motorcycle Club biker. So I went to their little clubhouse next to the servo in Blaxland Road Campbelltown, circa 2003, to see what they had to say about my face as their alleged Rebels biker moll Leanne. They declined to comment.

    I went to Goulburn NSW to live in 2002 with a 1998 ex Canberra ACT government Holden Calais that had been regularly serviced by the government and me. I left Goulburn in 2004 after having minor repairs and my radiator flushed but instead my air conditioner no longer worked, the radiator fan was always on high, and the ''traction control'' button had stopped working. I'd researched putting in a gas conversion circa 2000 but decided not to do it because they had to use the ''traction control'' cables as there were no other ancillary power. 

    So it looks like the Goulburn pigs, (which is a word I never used until I met the boys and girls in Goulburn NSW) The Goulburn PIGS had illegally planted something in my car that used the traction control, probably stole my air conditioner to replace one that broke in one of their private cars and did something to make my fan run on high and use more petrol that it should have. I can only guess  as every Holden dealer I went to was ''unable'' to tell me why the air con and fan were faulty and ''unable'' to fix them, (no wonder Holden Australia went bust.) Non Holden dealers refused to fix them as well, which made me suspect the Goulburn mob put a tracer on me. 

    A quick list of my most memorable interactions with Australian men in business since I became the 1989 face of Australian government's fake teenage outlaw bikie murder victim.

    Circa 2000, Moss Vale NSW Holden dealer actively (not passively) argued with me over the colour I'd selected for a new car. He said it would have low resale value, in a way that made it sound like it was a personal issue for him.

    Circa 2001 Newcastle NSW Holden dealer service department told me I had to change the brake pads every time I had a service, else my warranty would be void. The pads didn't need changing. They sold me an extended warranty then when I tried to use it for a faulty cigarette/power outlet that kept on shorting, they refused.

    Circa 2003 Goulburn NSW Caravan business sold me a sway bar system that I wanted for my box trailer. As he was fitting it he put a screw under my front tyre then got me to reverse over it putting a hole in my brand new tyre that I noticed as soon as I drove out of the business. Went immediately to the local wreckers, they told me they ''weren't allowed'' to sell me a spare tyre.

    Circa 2004 went to have the radiator flushed, came back early to see the entire dashboard of my car removed. No the radiator of the 1998 Holden Calais was not under the dashboard. That's when my working air conditioning unit was replaced with a broken one.

    Circa 2007 went to Christies Beach air conditioner specialist to have the AC serviced. Came back and saw a male that looked like one of the Goulburn pigs pointing a gun at the AC specialist in the workshop. He came to me at the counter to tell me he was ''not allowed'' to service my air conditioner. 

    You know how it is all pigs look the same. I'm sure the pigs and piglets can tell each other apart but us actual humans find it difficult to tell them apart, specifically as most of them have this huge patch of yellow down their back.

    Below: the bruise Christies Beach police left on my leg when they dislocated my shoulder and hand in retaliation for me mildly hitting Timothy Cooper on the knuckles in self defence after he pushed me for no good reason. An Adelaide Magistrate deemed that I had acted in self defence, so their arrest and assault was automatically illegal. Christies Beach police refused to charge those responsible (Christine Neilson who held me face down as Timothy Cooper systematically assaulted me) they said there was no evidence to support my ''allegation''.

    Cooper used his foot on my leg as leverage to dislocate my shoulder as he lay across my back with his testicles and dick flooping against my back. He did this in their false arrest. The held me in the cells from about 9am to 5pm, refused me medical aid, refused me access to a lawyer, refused me food and water. They falsely charged me with assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon, and took a sample of my DNA forcing me to open my mouth as they poked the swab stick inside my mouth. I felt violated again.

    Soon after the Labor Party's Brothers In Arms book of criminal fraud was said to have been published (circa April 1989) Owen went from being a clean shaven surfer looking dude, to a bearded biker looking dude who kept looking over his shoulder whenever we were in public, and tried to alter his expressions whenever he had a photo snapped. Owen knew that if I even suspected he was involved with bikers he'd be out the door before his next breath. 

    I left Owen in 1996. He started a very nasty Family Law case against me days after I challenged him about the reason why I left him. There was so much going on and I have been secretly drugged often, couple with the fact I get future premonitions, it was a challenge to keep my finger on what was going on secretly around me. For instance, I had completely forgotten two police drew their guns on me in a Toastmasters Meeting circa 1994 when police Detective Shiels shoved a copy of the Brothers In Arms bikie book in my face saying they believed I had faked my death, by the time I stood for election in September 1995. Shiels was mentioned several times in that book.

    Having a couple of police pointing their loaded guns at you isn't something people normally forget. That's where the secret drugging sessions came in to play to make me forget things I saw. Any shrink worth their degree will tell you the subconscious can't be permanently suppressed.

    So when I Michael Banasik shoved a copy of the Brothers In Arms bikie book in my face saying he believed I had faked my death. That was washed from my memory too. I only remembered when I started retelling the events relating to the Anti-Discrimination Board complaint circa 1999 as that formed part of the sex discrimination complaint against Wollondilly Council and Banasik.

    So two incidents involving that book and I had totally forgotten them when I found a copy of the book in a book store in Cessnock NSW in 2001. Since I was off Council my memory was not being interfered with. I had started bolting the house from inside so no one could get in when I was asleep. My Branxton landlord in near Cessnock, Harry Oosterveen, complained that I was bolting the rental house from inside. Why would that be?

    So after I bought a copy the Brothers In Arms book in 2001 there were many unfruitful contacts with police who now refused to talk to me on the topic of my alleged faked death. I took the book to the next Family Court hearing to see what Owen would do, as his photo is in the book next to mine, he's also labelled as a different dead person. When Owen was looking at me I held to opened cover over my fave for him to see it. What do you think he did. He never fronted the next hearing he had scheduled sending a notice he had withdrawn from his prosecution of me. Owen went from a claimed hard dune by dad who kept harassing me on the phone, to a person who refused to even talk to me and refused to see his children. 

    Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey totally refused to even talk to me on any issue.

    Just thought I'd put all that out there.


    Above my alleged best girlfriends Left to Right: (last day at Campbelltown High Nov 1972)  Debbie Flemming, Catherine Willis, Debra Soutar, Sharon Love. (group action May 1972 all my guests at my 16th birthday party) Lorna Simms, Heather Mack, Sharon Love, Elizabeth Selsby, Catherine Willis, Debra Soutar. I was snapping both photos, they are my copyright material (Janette Gail Francis).

    Elizabeth Selsby helped her friend Rhonda Wark organise my rape when I was 15, in 1971 at Sharon Love's house when Sharon's parents had gone out. Lorna was the only one who wasn't there when I was raped.

    Most of my school photos like this, and class photos, were stolen from my residence in recent years. Wonder why.

    I'm just an average kind-hearted fair-minded person who treats every equally. I was a good friend. I've not changes much since school but I trust far less. Like I said before the friends Australia gave me aren't worth a pinch of shit.

    This culture that is Australia isn't worth a pinch of shit because only SOME Australians are ALLOWED their legal rights, yours can be taken from you at any moment just like mine have been.


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