Freemasons Akin to Klu Klux Klan

    They believe that everyone who isn't a Freemason is inferior to them. I know as I am the daughter of a Freemason. As a child I saw and heard my father pace around our house chanting the ritualistic speeches he had to learn off by heart. My father was/is a Freemason my entire life.

    Freemasons are responsible for the British Commonwealth / Australian law that saw women and children owned in slavery by men right up to circa 1984 in New South Wales at least as that's where I lived, I remember when the law changed. Its under the cloud of this law that Government Public Officers have denied me my legal rights right up to 2018, and allowed others to criminally illegal medically/surgically rape me as seen in my forehead and a multiplicity of locations through my person.

    The British monarchy is the head of Freemasons traditionally. But don't be fooled into thinking all Monarchists are Freemason supporters. Traditionally Freemasons brainwash people with stealth to get their support. Labor Party Prime Minister Bob Hawke is my father's age and a fellow Freemason.

    You think I'm a conspiracy theorist I suspect. I work on pure facts. I've been targeted by Freemasons for brainwashing. During my Family Court Hearing, if you read the transcript, the Officers of the Court referred to each other as 'Brother Waddy' and 'Brother Dunkley' in the same way Freemasons all refer to themselves, Judges do/did it because most or all Judges were Freemasons when I lived in my father's house. Traditionally Judges were male and Freemason. Traditionally police were male and Freemason. Traditionally doctors, lawyers, politicians were male and Freemason.

    Since the 1980s laws that took power away from Freemasons the people with this mindset moved into other areas to reform. John David Hill, the male politician who was my State member in parliament and the health minister until recently, supported the criminally illegal medical assaults on me by doctors in NSW, he was a supporter of Adelaide Freemasons where the Grand Lodge is located on North Terrace. The Grand Lodge is essentially Australian Freemason headquarters. My father came to Adelaide to visit members of the Grand Lodge in March 1971 shortly before I was raped on the instruction of the daughter of a Freemason policeman in September 1971. 

    Freemasons are more dangerous than Muslim suicide bombers, as they use brainwashing to get others to do their deeds, thereby their identity remains secret to the general public. So I say beware of someone who wants to stare deep into your eyes, that's how they start.

    Modern drugs make it easy for someone to render you defenceless. I've been illegally drugged so many times by people I was supposed to be able to trust I couldn't count the times. But as I've never been legless drunk or tripping on drugs, I remember details from each time, including faces.

    Freemasons are responsible for making people around me believe absurd things about me or others. They made a step-child believe they were blood related to their step-father in order to get the child to turn against its mother. They make people forget about their childhood sexual assaults by their Freemason fathers, even after they are remembered in adulthood. The turn siblings against each other to harm an outspoken sibling who seeks to discredit a Freemason father. They will happily criminally defame an innocent child to protect a fellow Freemason, which protects the reputation of Freemasonry globally. 

    A long-winded example; I was aged 10 in 1966, in those days school teachers hit us with the cane or a ruler on the soft muscle of our lower leg. My father hit me with a wood coat hanger or his fat hardened carpenter's hand if I didn't drop what I was doing and come when he called, even if I was on the toilet. My mother hit me with the cord from the then common electric filament water heating jug. The majority of parents hit their children and expected strict obedience. Society was a very cruel and hostile place for children when I was a child. Children grew into adults with tenancies to hit their children. This is why women's liberation took on like wildfire.

    When I was 8 years old, I promised little me that when I grew up I wouldn't treat my children the ways myself and other children around me were being treated. I suspect many others my age felt the same.  

    As a young adult I craft coated wood coat hangers with padding or bought plastic or wire hangers so I wouldn't be manipulated by subconscious triggers from my childhood of my father hitting me. I tried not buy the toasters or hot water jugs that used a detachable electric cord like the ones my mother hit me with. I bought lots of wood spoons when my (1974-1978 born) 3 sons were naughty I'd hit the furniture and sometimes break a wood spoon on the furniture so I didn't hit my children, to break the habits learnt when I was a child. I succeeded. 

    Automatic toasters with fixed cords, drip coffee maker with fixed cord, and microwave oven were in supermarkets and department stores by the early 1980's I had them as soon as they hit the shops, so I had no detachable jug chords, but may have had one or two wood coat hangers to remind me I had overcome my childhood brainwashing. Laws came into effect to prevent teachers from hitting school children, I informed their teachers if they hit my sons I would take them to court for assault. 

    I bought my house at 39 William Street The Oaks NSW in 1985. When my 3 sons were now teenagers, (circa 1991) local Freemasons who wanted to harm me after I went to local Freemason police about my Freemason child rapist father and my ''memories'' of what he did to all his offspring. They trespassed onto my property to illegally ''plant'' an old 1960s jug cord in the old ramshackle unlockable shed in the back of my unfenced yard in that quiet country village, and trespassed on my children to criminally brainwash my teenage sons into believing that I routinely hit them with that old jug cord they found in the shed. They were convinced it was true because they found the old jug cord in the shed, they said they had ''memories'' of me hitting them with it. They believe that brainwashing to this very day in 2018. It's impossible to get through the brainwash barrier.

    I say Sydney police detective Bob Bradbury of about 39 Mary Street The Oaks NSW was responsible for that series of crimes, along with Freemason police at The Oaks NSW, Camden NSW, Picton NSW, Campbelltown NSW, and other parts of Sydney NSW.

    I was aware of what they were doing early enough to protect my younger children when they were little, and came to Adelaide believing brainwashing Freemasons were a local NSW insanity. In Adelaide, one of my children was brainwashed at their State high school when they were due to be a witness against the police to my 2007 criminal bashing by lawless Christies Beach police which resulted in my dislocated hand and dislocated shoulder that Australian doctors have refused to diagnose and treat to this day in 2018, and the Adelaide Judge refused to allow me to put before ''his'' court. The only teacher who was friendly towards this child was sacked.

    A teacher at Camden NSW State High School, Mr Peter Woods, illegally ignored my refusal to provide a permission slip for my son to attend an excursion, he sent my son on the excursion against my instruction and paid for the excursion from his own pocket. He was sexually preening my son at the school often getting the child to sit in his car with him. I was powerless to stop it as Freemason police were also Freemason paedophile protectors.

    I had / have NO legal identity in the eyes of Australia police, politicians, doctors, lawyers, Judges, journalists, newspaper editors, TV producers.


    Afterthought: Like I wrote elsewhere, they / Freemason brain washers, lawyers, police, and others they work on a person's fears in order to control them. I used to have a fear of spiders, even daddy-long-legs, they tried to use that fear so often when attempting to brain wash me they helped me overcome my fear of spiders. Jolly.

    I guess I've been helped by my ''gift'' I'm like the ugly blind man in Viking TV series, if someone pushes into my personal space sometimes I see their future, often I see their death or some other bad thing in their future they intend to do to someone else. Not a fun trait to have, I don't advertise. Sometimes I see other random meaningless future events or things. Maybe Leonardo da Vinci was also a seer (see-er).

    They never succeeded in my long-term brainwashing, they got me a couple of times in the short-term but not for long. I presume they brainwashed my ex-partner Owen Hall when they gave him a key to my NSW State housing rental at 53 Gibson Street Goulburn NSW, they did the same trick on me the year before with a key they said was for the house at 77 Walmsley Street Wiseman's Ferry NSW, circa 2002. I never used the key. I was inside my house and behind the front door when Owen used my key someone from Goulburn NSW State Housing office had illegally given him circa 2003, but my door was bolted from the inside. Leisa Maree Bradbury, Bob Bradbury's daughter worked at the Goulburn NSW State Housing office, and she criminally abused her public office to illegally break into my State rental circa January 2004. Local police supported that crime and charged me for complaining. Ms Chenoweth from Wollongong NSW for State Fair Trading Residency Tenancy Tribunal wrote in her Reasons For Judgment exonerating Leisa Bradbury with words like this: '' As Janette intended to leave the property at some (unplanned) time in the future, Leisa Bradbury was within her rights to believe Janette had abandoned the property after Janette was seen by neighbours leaving the rental with a covered box trailor in tow behind her car.''


    2004.PDF copy & paste below link

    Chenoweth wasn't brainwashed. I saw and heard her accept a criminal bribe before the hearing from a male who identified himself in hearing as a Crown solicitor representing NSW Department of Housing. In premeditated breach of State laws, Goulburn NSW police used documents I gave the Crown solicitor for DOH during the court of the Residential tenancy Tribunal, as evidence for police prosecutor Sargent Winter to illegally prosecute me in Goulburn Local Court on criminal charges in yet another fabricated breach after which the corrupt Magistrate Mr Rabbidge, accepted the unlawful evidence outside Australian law, to impose a criminal penalty on me circa June and July 2004, after police had illegally stormed my residence the night prior, illegally trespassing on my property to unlawfully arrest me, threatening me and my 12 year old daughter with a loaded pistol to arrest me unlawfully, and leave my school aged children home alone as they kept me in Goulburn NSW police jail all night on a fabricated criminal charge for an action that was in compliance with NSW State law. They used the illegal court hearing to order me to remove the writing from my car in breach of my right to freedom of speech, and order me out of New South Wales in breach of my implied Constitutional rights of Freedom of Movement. They're so brazen its all in their own documents.


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